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  1. I'm a novice and all I want to do is take one of the NFL uniform templates and add my own colors, but I'm completely lost.

    Okay...what program do you use?

    Adobe illustrator

    Okay, then look for .ai or .svg templates. Download those, and open then in Illustrator. If you need any help, try google searching illustrator tutorials.

  2. I think the helmet look much better. But I think you need to mimic the pants stripe. The helmet looks like 3 stripes, all the same width. The pants looks like the white is 2 or 3 times thicker than the red.

    I'd agree with that, but I'd say make the pants stripes mimic the helmet stripe. The helmet one looks more like regular brashier striping.

  3. Can I buy this somewhere? I have an NHL one. Want all 4 leagues.

    don't bump old threads.

    So I should make a new topic on something that already has a thread? Search --> reply is standard forum fare.

    No, it is against the rules to bump a thread that hasn't been posted in for more than six months. Check out the Forum Guidelines thread.

  4. I'd have to agree with those, but I've also always found Miami difficult. There are names like "Marlins" and "Dolphins" and "Hurricanes" that make sense, but those are already taken, so when creating a team I find Miami hard to find a nickname for.

    For me, there are some teams that are just the opposite. There's Seattle, New York, and DC when it comes to that.

  5. the blue is still really weird. it doesn't have to be royal, but it can still be improved

    Ya, I don't care for the blue very much. It almost looks like there is a layer of dust on the blue. Other than that it looks really good, especially your helmet stripe compared to their current one looks a lot better.

    All right I can see where you're going there. I'll try a brighter shade of blue.

  6. I've wanted the Tigers to add an orange bill to their home cap for years. (Best I could find...)


    However with the Astros, Giants, Mets, and Marlins all adding orange-billed caps in the last few years, it may be seen as trend hopping. But I thought of it before all that :P and it would really liven up their classic dull home look.

    The reason they don't do that is because they don't use orange at home, they do on the road but not at home. It does look nice though.

    The Mariners have a teal-billed cap, if only they would use it more often!

  7. I'm just gonna throw out the MLB Turn Ahead the Clock uniforms, even though they were atrocious and meant to be ahead of their time (and well probably never see anything like them again)

    Not sure of that counts, they were meant to be ahead of their time. They weren't regulars either, they were one-time deals.