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  1. On 11/23/2018 at 9:07 PM, jn8 said:

    Dear Oklahoma,


    You’re a classic team with classic uniforms. Your alternates are pretty good for one-offs, but for a prime time game on Thanksgiving weekend, please stick to the primaries.



    Some random guy on the internet 

    OU seem to always wear those jerseys against WVU, with the exception of last year, and our first two years in the Big 12.

    2016Image result for wvu vs oklahoma 2016

    2015Image result for wvu vs oklahoma 2015

    2014Image result for wvu vs oklahoma 2014


  2. A- Egypt(my personal favorite), Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay

    B- Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Iran

    C- Australia, France, Denmark, Honduras

    D- Argentina, Iceland, Nigeria, Croatia

    E- Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia, Brazil

    F- Sweden, Mexico, Germany, Korea Republic

    G- Panama, Tunisia, England, USA

    H- Senegal, Poland, Colombia, Japan

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