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  1. The patriots don’t care about conspiracie theories they will be in blue for the super bowl
  2. The patriots superstitions is the catches that will happen at the end of the game
  3. The way the superbowl logo is setup with the light bluw I really think that the they will wear white bc it won’t go with the navy blue
  4. Belichick doesn’t care what brand he wears if it says patriots on it he is gonna wear it
  5. Zoom in on it it shows that peice of the sock u were talking about and its white
  6. Can someone please tell me what color socks they r wearing it looks like white socks but i don’t think that’s correct though
  7. Those 2 were against the same team but they have also won 2 in a row in blue. But their undefeated in white
  8. Best uniform matchup will be titans vs patriots if titans wear Columbia
  9. I like the fact the browns kept it simple with the uniform matchups they wore their brown pants what once or twice at least they didn’t have a different uniform combo every week
  10. This would be the perfect opportunity for texans to go all red or at least wear their red jerseys a 2nd time this year
  11. They must like the Black better if they wear black again week 17 then im gonna have to say they switched to that
  12. I think teams should be able to wear there alternate jerseys as much as they want