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  1. Changes made: -eyes resemble a cougar more and show more emotion -pupils are looking at the viewer -snout resembles a cougar more -added asymmetrical shading -added the inner ears
  2. I was not aware of the old Victoria Cougars, I just picked it and thought it stuck. Another reason I chose Victoria was because I wanted to work with V and C in the secondary logo. Also as for the asymmetrical shading, I'll try it out. The pupils have been changed and will be in the next updated version.
  3. Tried it but personally I don't like it, I'll play around with it to see if the pupils can make a more noticeable improvement.
  4. I decided to make a front facing version as it may work better on a jersey or in use with a wordmark.
  5. Changed the shading so that a few parts of the face have more depth
  6. I'm thinking of basing the team out of Victoria, BC. Victoria Cougars seems like a good name and I could make a nice VC secondary logo.
  7. I see what you mean now, I'll figure out a new way to do the shading so it makes certain parts pop out more.
  8. Yeah that's a good point, I haven't been sticking very strictly to reference images but I'm moving in that direction. I have thought about whether to make the ears like a real cougar but at the same time I still want the cougar to look aggressive.
  9. My updated version is on the right: I closed the mouth a little, remade the eyes and made the ears resemble a cougar more. Comment and criticism is appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the ideas. I completely agree the mouth is open too wide for the size of the face, I'm not sure what you meant by your second comment though.
  11. Thank you! I've been thinking over some ideas to give it more depth and remove some of the flatness. I'll definitely be updating it this weekend.
  12. I would like to stress that this is my first mascot logo I've ever made, so please go easy on me. I made it with a cougar/mountain lion in mind. I thought it would be a good logo for a minor hockey team. However I couldn't decide on the colours. I am going for something unique so these colour schemes aren't very traditional. Feel free to suggest your own colour schemes though.
  13. I really like the PHI/DET jerseys, but the logo not so much. I think the logo needs more lines or "wings".
  14. I really like this identity swap idea, cool to see what teams might benefit from a new look.
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