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  1. 12 hours ago, jus2damcrazey219 said:


    I'd rather them be connected Lebron than look like Knick Jr.


    Like the Heat look like Bulls Jr. and Mavs look like Magic Jr.? Not sure I understand your logic. The Knicks are not instantly connected to orange/blue. The Florida Gators would be the first team I would think of. With LeBron gone for good, I think Cleveland should embrace the Price/Daughtery/Nance era once again. They are a complete disaster right now.

  2. The Tampa Bay Rowdies unveiled their 2018 kits last night. I'm loving the new white kit and the yellow socks for their reversed-color kit. I bought the new classic home version kit and the white one and noticed the Rowdies chest logo is now a raised label (feels like velvet though of course it isn't) and is attached to the jersey versus screened on like in the past. Is this a new Nike thing? If so, has anyone heard of it peeling off?





  3. The Cleveland Browns should never have a logo on their helmet. The blank helmet has been their identity since their beginning in the 1950's. I do believe they should adopt some sort of logo that is either a "C" or utilized that elf with an updated look. A dog logo doesn't work for me because I do believe the dog represented the fans during their late 80's/early 90's AFC Championship runs that were thwarted by the Denver Broncos. As for their uniforms, they are one of the teams that should have the basic (generic) classic uniforms such as the Packers, Bears, and Steelers. Their current set is an abomination.


  4. 2 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:

    That's because it's not silver... it's that new semi-useless darker gray they're shoehorning in.




    Dear gawd that is awful. The Detroit Lions' silver is beautiful. Nike needs to stop pushing their basic color templates on teams; especially when it isn't even one of their official colors.


  5. 8 minutes ago, FinsUp1214 said:


    I know "they never should've changed" is a phrase that gets tossed around a lot, but....


    ...the Magic never should've changed.


    Strongly disagree. Iconic because it was their first ever uniforms? Sure. But other than that, those uniforms always looked like a generic mobster Halloween costume.



    Those uniforms never looked like a professional sports team.  I prefer their more simple look that they currently wear.



  6. 4 hours ago, Gothamite said:


    For a long time, Nike made the best kits in the sport.  They're on a very bad run now, but there's hope they'll regain their form. 


    So true! That PSG new top is horrible and Nike has taken a major step back lately.  I never thought Under Armour would become my new favorite.


  7. Yes, it is a snakeskin pattern. I would have also preferred a striped pattern.  But there are tons of rattlesnakes down here, so at least it is somewhat-themed to the area.  Overall it is still a beautiful alternate uniform for them to wear a couple times this season.



  8. Attended the Tampa Bay Rowdies kickoff party this evening and they rolled out their new alternate uniform.  I was afraid they were going to have a black alternate since that is a very Nike-thing to do, so I am extremely pleased to see this white version with gorgeous new socks.  The retail version I purchased is equally as nice.



  9. 8 minutes ago, insert name said:

    They ripped off the Postseason patch and replaced it with the World Series patch. 



    Baseball players are extremely superstitious. I'm pretty sure he didn't want a brand new hat for the World Series.

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