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  1. First, thanks to everyone for the constructive feedback. I didn't consder that this is the exact Penguins colors. I did intend it to be Gold, so I'll try to adjust that so it looks less like Tan. I'll have to try a dark purple in place of black, too. Thanks, again!
  2. Hello, so here's the first concept I've completed. I found this forum when searching for the Kings logo. I've been mostly lurking here, and I've learned alot in the process. I got this idea when looking at My old Kings jersey and my NO Saints jersey hanging next to each other. I have an idea for an alt, but it hasn't come to fruition yet. All comments welcome!
  3. I have known a: Howard Stern ("Shock jock") Randy White (70's Dallas Cowboy DT) David Bowman (character in 2001 movie - "What are you doing, Dave?")
  4. Thin out and multiply the checkerboard pinstripes like below and you're on your way. I doubt it would work light checkerboard on dark jersey. a blown up old photo the slightly easier to see rendering 1917 HOF Brooklyn Uni's
  5. The Kings jersey itself is real circa 88/89 by the CCM logo. The letters and numbers are likely aftermarket - right style, except the "Z" in Gretzky. The 75th patch is obviously wrong for that year. See for good Kings jersey pics. Apparently for 88/89 they were not set on the captainship (plus Taylor only played in 58 games) and the C's and A's were velcroed on that year The 2 color letters and numbers last year was 90/91. The 3 color numbers, "C", and "A", and 1 color name seen on many Reissues did not start till 91/92. As a youth I saved my money and bought a replica 89/90 Kings then had a local shop do the Gretzky letters and numbers. I was crushed when they changed lettering next year because my jersey wasn't ?correct? anymore, and I wouldn't wear it. Friends and family just looked on puzzled, silent. (even then they knew...)
  6. <PSA> "Oriental???" I'll presume no offense was intended, but in 2006, this word is offensive - check any dictionary. I do not wish to be the PC police. I have known many Koreans, Japanese, and Filipinos who all objected to the "Oriental" label for various reasons. </PSA>
  7. Love the NHL 95 style, Mr. no funny nickname. Only thing with all these brackets though is that, unlike March Madness, the NHL reseeds each round. So however you arrange it, you might have to go back and redraw afterwards. For example. if in Conference A teams 1, 2, 3, and 4 advance, then 1 plays 4 and 2 plays 3. But if teams 1,2, 6, and 4 advance then 1 plays 6 and 2 plays 4 (which is what happened in the Western Conference in 2004)
  8. Hello, frequent lurker, first post. I can tell you that Ebay will not pull listings of questionable copyright infringement unless reported by the copyright owner, not when reported by a third party. I used to deal in musical instrument parts. For every genuine Fender guitar decal on eBay, there would be 20 fakes. I used to report the fakes, but I would just get a canned response from eBay and the listings would continue ($$$$).