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  1. Help with a Rattlers logo...

    I can't find this logo of Rattlers. I've seen it before. Did a search for it and I can't find it. Weird. Can you help? The logo is used by North Canyon High School of Arizona.
  2. Helmet decal wallpaper idea

    Red Sox Celtics Patriots silver Patriots red Bruins Sweet! Thanks!
  3. Helmet decal wallpaper idea

    Awesome work! Can I request 5 wallpapers? 1280x800 size. Red Sox - on a navy blue background Celtics - on a green background Patriots (2) - on a silver background on a red background Bruins - on a black background Thanks!
  4. Bills confirm new uniform for 2011

    I really like this. Looks iconic and traditional. I don't know where the picture came from but the shades of blue are different from the facemask and the stripes/logo. Make all the blues Royal Blue and it's the perfect Bills helmet.
  5. Bills confirm new uniform for 2011

    Red and blue have similar grayscales, which causes no end of confusion for people trying to colorize old photos. That's the major issue I have with the idea. That's true, but would this be a concern in 2011 and beyond? The NY Rangers and Pistons have had no trouble wearing lots of royal and red together with white as the tertiary color. I think the Bills could make it work, especially seeing it on a real player instead of just a concept template. You can't really compare the Pistons/Rangers colors to Bills red/blue concept. Background of the playing field, either on ice or on a basketball court makes a big difference. Red/blue on a green football field just wouldn't work.
  6. Bills confirm new uniform for 2011

    Yes, LA lost 2 teams because of inadequate stadiums. For years, both the Rams and Radiers (in Oakland too) asked and asked for new stadiums. LA and state politicians refused to fund a new stadium with taxpayers' money. So they packed up and moved out. Today, a new stadium is ready to be built with 100% private fundings. All they need is a green light from a NFL team ready to move. It's highly unlikely the Bills will move there. But Toronto... maybe. Chargers and Jaguars have a 50/50 chance of moving to LA. Vikings will get a new stadium in Minnesota.
  7. Bills confirm new uniform for 2011

    We're NOT Jacksonville, we've always supported the BILLS during good and bad times. All thru the losing years like in the 2000's, late 90's, mid 80's, and early 70's that team has been supported. The Toronto deals brings in as much revenue in that 1 game as does the other 7 home games combined. Having that agreement helps keep the team in Orchard Park more comfortably. People forget that Green Bay gave 3 of their 8 home games to Milwaukee until they built the new baseball stadium there, and Milwaukee is 125 miles south of Green Bay that wasn't exactly a great football park, both teams sharing 1 sideline. If Wilson did left the team to his wife or daughters they would struggle to pay estate taxes -- 45 percent of the value of the franchise -- on the team valued at about $600 million. He does not wish to have a minority owner who can takeover upon his death similar to what Art Modell did in Baltimore. There's plans that are in hush-hush mode to keep the BILLS in WNY once Ralph is gone, and NY State cannot afford to not have their 3rd team leave the State of NY. The BILLS have as strong a fan bases as the top in the NFL. Any city they play in there's thousands upon thousands of BILLS fans at those road games and although the WNY population has dwindled over the years a good amount of the home base flies into Buffalo for each home games in addition to the fans already residing in the Buffalo/Rochester/ Southern Ontario area. Whoa. I never said there are no support for the Bills. I'm a Patriots fan. I want to the Bills to stay. What I'm trying to say is that Buffalo isn't exactly a cash cow. Owners like Ralph Wilson are a dying breed, loyalty to a region. Nowadays, it's all about the Almighty Dollar. You made my point, Toronto deals brings in as much revenue in that 1 game as does the other 7 home games combined. If a new owner is brought in for the Bills, it'll be very difficult for him to ignore Los Angeles or Toronto, which both cities are in the Top 5 media market.
  8. Bills confirm new uniform for 2011

    I'm glad they're changing and I'm not a Bills fan. Good riddance! But the timing is odd. Owner Ralph Wilson's one foot already in the grave and no one in his family will take over the ownership, is this the right time to do the uniform changes? Despite the rabid and loyal fanbase in Western New York, the Bills could be bought by an outsider, move the franchise, to either Toronto or Los Angeles. They would probably have to give up the Bills name and colors, a la Cleveland Browns/Baltimore Ravens route. The economic climate there barely can support the Bills. Why else they have a "home" game in Toronto?
  9. Name That Font!

    I'm trying to recreate the logo with the "Green Wave" font. What is it? (Ignore Dover). Thanks!
  10. Name That Font!

    Closest thing to a font I have is Impact. But it's not close enough. From Independence High School , 1989-1990... The Broncos below is the same font as the Patriots'.. (from pro tuff website) They don't have the Patriots which is odd, considering they have the Broncos'. I'm hoping to recreate the Patriots with the right font.
  11. Name That Font!

    Anybody willing to help me with the fonts on the football helmets I posted earlier?
  12. Name That Font!

    A few more... South Mountain 2007 Rincon 2007 Cholla 2006 & 2007 (Both probably are the same font) Buena 2007 Buena 2006 Thunderbird 2007 (It may not be a font. Could be a logo. I think I've seen the T before somewhere)
  13. Name That Font!

    As you probably know from my sig, I run a website of the Arizona High School Helmet Project. I'm pretty good at identifying logos on helmets. But if it's a font, I don't have a clue. Hope you guys with your laser-beam sharp eyes can tell me what are the fonts on the helmets. Hope you can help out. Thanks. Sahuarita 2007 (yellow helmet) Moon Valley 2006 (The MV in the circle of the NFL Titans logo. It's probably too small to see though) Mayer 2007 Marana 2007 Kofa 2007 (It looks like a Red Sox font) Blue Ridge 2006 Ajo 2007
  14. Name That Font!

    What's the font for he Flash (DC Comics) ? I googled everywhere for the Flash fonts. Nothing. Hope you can help.
  15. Name That Font!

    What's the font for he Flash (DC Comics) ? I googled everywhere for the Flash fonts. Nothing. Hope you can help.