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  1. The Alpine Cowboys play at Kokernot Field, built by and named after the family that owns the "o6" ranch. The "logo" is the brand of the ranch and the Kokernots. Fitting that a team named Cowboys would have a cattle brand as it's logo. The logo of the Trinidad Triggers is just that, a baseball and a gun trigger.
  2. MLB Changes 2017

  3. New Navy helmets for Army-Navy Game

    Am I the only one who's bothered by the fact that the aircraft carrier is a mirror image?
  4. Major League Soccer unveils new logo

    Well yeah I couldn't care less who they would use for the silhouette. Why not Donovan? Too much forehead?
  5. 365 Days of Baseball

    Any chance we might see some uniforms without long-sleeve undershirts? That's my only complaint so far.
  6. Home, road or 3rd?

    HOME: Boston, Carolina, Detroit, Edmonton, Florida, Los Angeles, Montreal, Nashville, New Jersey, Islanders, Rangers, Pittsburgh, San Jose, Tampa Bay AWAY: Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Minnesota, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Toronto, Washington, Winnipeg THIRD: Anaheim, Calgary, Colorado, Columbus, Ottawa, St. Louis, Vancouver
  7. 2013 MLS kits

    Sleeves are white. Shirt is .
  8. 365 Days of Baseball

    God how I wish that Astros set was the primary and not the alternate! This is an amazing undertaking you have here and the work is phenomenal. Like others have said, this is the first thread I look for everyday and I have never been disappointed. Keep up the great work!
  9. 2011 MLS Kits

    Doesn't the MLS have a rule that sponsors can only be in black or white, or a team color?
  10. EPL numbers and fonts versus UEFA CL fonts

    The rule either got scrapped for this season or AC Milan are ignoring it. They wore the striped red/black without the single-color back panel (as they had in previous seasons). AC Milan v Marseille - UCL Matchday 5 They ignored it. Article 19.01 of the 09/10 Champions League Regulations says that "the UEFA Kit Regulations (2008 ed.) apply to all matches in the competition", and Article 10.03 of the UEFA Kit Regulations says "single-colour background."
  11. Arsenal Wallpaper

    Looks good despite the team. My only nitpick is the uneven spacing between the red areas.
  12. Victoria Generals of Texas Collegiate League

    I only have two comments about this. 1. Other than being another in a long line of Texas teams that use the "red, white, and blue", I kinda like this set. I agree that Texas teams should show more originallity and move away from the colors of our flag, but sometimes it just works. I can't see this working with any other color scheme. 2. I live in Victoria and didn't even know we had this team. Its nice that we're getting more sports teams in town, regardless of what they look like. Besides, what they look like doesn't matter as much as how well they play. There is very little for families to do together and a day at the ball game is a great addition, and I can see this team being successful in our community. Now if we could only give Riverside Stadium a renovation so all our local baseball teams can have a home stadium they are proud of, V-town will be on its way.
  13. Soccer Kits

    Nice work as always Brian. One thing I noticed, on the West Ham primary, the back numbers aren't solid, you can see through to the shirt pattern. Other than that, nice work!
  14. Football (that's fĂștbol) Poster Series

    I know this is asking alot, but is there anyway you could turn some of these into desktop wallpapers? I don't think I'm alone in thinking that would be an awesome thing to do. I would even be inclined to buy one off of you if need be.
  15. Football (that's fĂștbol) Poster Series

    Amazing as always Brian! As for Houston Dynamo, might I suggest using "Forever Orange." That, along with "Dream. Scream. Believe." seem to be the two mottoes the front office is trying to push and the two you see plastered on almost every piece of Dynamo regalia. Keep up the great work!