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  1. It's been a while (sorry about that), but I'm finally back with a new set of concepts for this series. My Ideal Anaheim Ducks: This may be unpopular, but my favourite Ducks logo is their current primary (not the beloved Mighty Duck mask). I also went with their current number font and colour scheme, and then used a striping pattern which combines their different eras. New Look Anaheim Ducks: I also wanted to try the Ducks in a double green and orange colour scheme, so that's what I did here. Their Mighty Duck logo returns as the primary logo, although it's now on top of a chest stripe (otherwise the green triangle blended into the green jersey too much).
  2. I can confirm he's not me. I don't know why he always used GRANT 94 on his concepts, maybe it was just a coincidence.
  3. The Blackhawks are up next... My Ideal Chicago Blackhawks: The only modification I made here was adding laces to the collars. Their current jerseys are probably my favourite set in the NHL, hence the lack of changes. New Look Chicago Blackhawks: This concept started with just the idea of red pants with a black jersey. I tried to make the road jersey fit with the red pants as well, but then decided two pairs of pants was the best option. The striping pattern of the jerseys is somewhat inspired by their jerseys from the 1940's. The primary logo uses their old roundel but without the outer ring, just to try something different.
  4. My Ideal Vancouver Canucks: The Canucks are my favourite team, so I've thought a lot about their uniforms. If it were up to me, I'd stick with their current striping pattern (but slightly tweaking the thickness of the some stripes), then I'd promote Johnny Canuck to the primary logo, switch to a block font, and add green to the collars. New Look Vancouver Canucks: My more experimental concept uses the two shades of blue from the Canucks 1997-2007 jerseys, a striping pattern somewhat influenced by their infamous "Flying-V" jerseys, and Johnny Canuck once again as the primary logo.
  5. Happy Boxing Day! Here's a bonus Stadium Series concept. 2017 Stadium Series: You might recognize the design of the Flyers jersey, as it's basically just a recoloured version of my "New Look" Flyers concept. The Penguins jersey is based off of an old concept of mine as well, but that concept is from way back in 2013. Also, I hope to get back to my NHL Double Series soon (I already have ideas for a couple of teams).
  6. viva las vegas

    I quite like the castle pattern, but I think the home jersey with it's gold shoulders is too similar to the Penguins.
  7. I love how Dallas' star pattern looks in white and green! As a colour rush jersey it's already perfect, but I also think it could make a great full-time jersey, just add green gear and a matching green jersey.
  8. My Ideal Minnesota Wild: The Wild's road jersey has quickly become one of my favourite white jerseys in the NHL, so I kept it basically unchanged (the laces are different) and then altered their green jersey to be a better match. New Look Minnesota Wild: Since the Wild have used both red and green as their main colour in the past, I decided to create two jerseys that use red and green equally. Both striping patterns are based off of their primary logo, the jagged lines on the home jersey are inspired by the logo's jagged outline, and the road jersey uses the trees from that logo. By the way, it may be quite a while before I get to the next concept in this series (even longer than normal), but I continue with this series at some point.
  9. That updated Islanders concept is perfect, it's unique but not too crazy. I also like the Sabres curved stripes and I'm intrigued by the yoke design, but I think the yoke is a bit too busy as is with the stripes, logos, and the wordmark next to the collar.
  10. Thanks for the comments! And sorry it's been more than a month since the last concept, I'll try not to let that happen again. My Ideal Philadelphia Flyers: I think the Flyers current jerseys are some of the best in the NHL, so I barely made any changes. The biggest difference is both jerseys now use a white nameplate, so it only contrasts on the home jersey. I also made the collar inserts the same colour as the rest of the jersey. New Look Philadelphia Flyers: The New Look concept provided a bit of a challenge, because I didn't want to use their normal sleeve design, but I still wanted it to fit the Flyers identity. I decided to take their contrasting nameplates and make it part of the striping pattern. I then made the end of those stripes match the shape of the wings in their logo, and did the same with the horizontal part of the four.
  11. I'm liking the updated logo and colour scheme for the Colts, they're much classier than their current look. The jerseys look good too, the one on the right is my favourite because it reminds me of the Canucks 2001-06 gradient third jersey (which I have some nostalgic fondness for).
  12. My Ideal Los Angeles Kings: These are a different take on the Kings current uniforms. The piping is shaped like the yokes on their 1980-88 jerseys. New Look Los Angeles Kings: For the second concept I wanted to try a purple and white colour scheme. The crown is from their 1988-98 logo.
  13. I wonder how the logo would look if the T extended above and below the arena (it would need an outline), it feels a bit constrained right now. The jerseys look good as they are.
  14. Thank you both for the feedback (and sorry for the delayed reply), here is a version with more hem stripes and no Buffaslug. This was the best I could do adding another set of hem stripes. I'm not completely sold on them, I almost think there's too much yellow now. Maybe I'm wrong though. I completely agree with you that the Buffaslug shouldn't return in real life, I was just curious how it would look as a shoulder patch so I used it for the concept. For the update I choose the Sabres current logo as the secondary, because I'm not a fan of either the goat-head or the white buffalo on its own. Hopefully I'll have the next team done soon, I've already finished the "New Look" concept.
  15. This is magnificent! And until now I've never liked any Wild/Northstars mash-up concepts. I think it might be better suited as a secondary logo though, especially since the Wild already have such a nice primary logo.