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  1. NHL Double Series

    Hello! For this NHL series I'm creating two concepts for each team, one concept will be my ideal look for the team and the second concept will be something new. The Oilers are up first. My Ideal Edmonton Oilers: I didn't change much here, the biggest difference is the collar which is based off of their 1982-96 jerseys. The overall thickness of the stripes is also a bit larger. New Look Edmonton Oilers: The second concept includes an oil-drop shaped shoulder yoke, which droops down to contain the sleeve numbers. The number font is also new (for the Oilers), and I tried something different with the pant stripes. Which concept do you like better? Any comments are very appreciated. By the way, it might be a little while before I have the next concepts ready.
  2. Atlanta Thrashers Redesign Entry

    All three jerseys look great, I love the arm design. And I actually like the fact that the primary jerseys don't use any maroon, even with the maroon third jersey. The only thing I'd suggest tweaking is the numbers, I think one outline on the back numbers (matching the sleeve numbers) might look better, and I think the third jersey's sleeve numbers would be better blue or maroon. Good luck!
  3. Pittsburgh Baby Penguins Concept Logo

    This is awesome! It's definitely the cutest logo I've ever seen, it be great for a little kids team (like 5-8 year olds). I'd love to see this done with more logos.
  4. I love the striping pattern on theBerlin Thunder jerseys, especially theside panelstripes. TheStockholm Vikings look good too. This whole series has been great, some of the most creative concepts I've seen.
  5. I have to disagree with Hockey Week, that Erie Otters concept is great, waybetter thantheir current jerseys. Yes there's piping, but it's integrated into the design nicely (unlike say the Flames or Sabres). Just because Erie is an "old, traditional city" doesn't mean every Erie Otters concept needs to be boring, I'd much rather see acreative concept like this one. The Barrie Colts concept looks good too, I especially like the third jersey.
  6. Local hockey team rebrand - Romford/London Raiders

    I love the pirate pilot (that be agreat team name, the Romford Pirate Pilots). Bothlogos are good, I like how you combined the pirate and aviation themesand added the local elements. The jerseys are good too, Ilike the colour scheme with the minimal use of navy blue.
  7. World Cup of Hockey '16 (Installment 2/4)

    All three teams look good, especially USA.I love the arm stripes based off of the flag.
  8. LA Kings Concept (Updated)

    Ask and you shall receive (althoughit might not be exactly what you wanted). I don't think the purple and yellow colour schemework with their current logos andfonts, so I used vintage versions. And here's the same conceptusing a darker purple and silver.
  9. NHL Worst to First

    That Avalanche concept looks great. It reminds me, in a good way, of the Starscurrent jerseys (or the Hurricanes road jersey) with the more traditional striping, no-outline numbers, and yoke on the road.
  10. The new colours look great. I like that there's no white, it makes the logo more unique.
  11. LA Kings Concept (Updated)

    I was watching a Kings game the other day and for some reason I got the idea for a Kings jersey with two arm stripes, and this is the end result. Let me know what you think.
  12. 2017 NHL Winter Classic Logo

    It looks good. I wouldn't have guessed you were "prettynew with designing new logos". My one suggestion would be to make the Winter Classic part of the logo a bit bigger. It looks too small when comparing itto past Winter Classic logos.
  13. Pittsburgh Penguins 50th Anniversary Logo Concept

    Looks good, big improvement over their actual logo (which I don't like).
  14. Toronto Maple Leafs New Jersey Exploration

    I like it, very creative. I agree with the other comments, moving the sleeve numbers down would help the sleeves look less bare, and the blue jerseyhem could use something. Even if it's just a thin white line along the hem, like the yellow along the hem on the all-star jerseys.
  15. Florida Panthers Logo

    Those new eyes areperfect. Overall,a great update of the Panthers original logo. My only concern is the shadows on the Panthers left paw (our right), it seems like the shadows should be on the inside instead of the outside.