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  1. Toronto Maple Leafs New Jersey Exploration

    I like it, very creative.  I agree with the other comments, moving the sleeve numbers down would help the sleeves look less bare, and the blue jersey hem could use something.  Even if it's just a thin white line along the hem, like the yellow along the hem on the all-star jerseys.
  2. Florida Panthers Logo

    Those new eyes are perfect.  Overall, a great update of the Panthers original logo.  My only concern is the shadows on the Panthers left paw (our right), it seems like the shadows should be on the inside instead of the outside.
  3. San Diego Gulls jersey concept

    That's awesome.  The seagull striping pattern is very clever, and it looks great.  The rest of the jersey is good too.  I kind of think the waist stripes would be better with black and blue switched, but it doesn't look bad the way it is now.
  4. NHL Super League

    There's not a single jersey I don't like out of the latest batch. My favourites are the Senators home and road, and the Flyers third jersey.
  5. I like the jerseys for both the Flyers and Sabres, they're very unique.
  6. Version 4 for the Stars is perfect! I'm not a fan of version 3 because I don't think gold works with their new logos. Also congrats on finishing this series, it was great seeing such quality hand drawn concepts.
  7. KHL Stadium Series - Admiral Vladivostok

    That sash looks great! It goes nicely with the angled sleeve stripes. This is a cool series, although I don't know much about the KHL.
  8. NHL 3rd Jersey Series - 27/30 (Winnipeg)

    Option two is my favourite for the Blues, but I think they both look great. Although I'd rather they have yellow numbers (the white numbers don't look bad, but I like the Blues tradition of using yellow numbers).
  9. The revised 67's jerseys look great, those sublimated barber pole stripes are the perfect way to give the team a fresh look. I'm a big fan of the rest of the series as well, I especially liked seeing the centre ice designs.
  10. NHL Super League

    This whole thread is amazing. I really like how creative the jerseys are, and the logos look great.
  11. Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (Logos and JERSEY Ideas)

    I really like the changes you made to the features of the Penguin, but I think there are too many outlines.
  12. The NHL... A What If? Series - Part I: Colorado Rockies

    These are great!!! The way the jersey designs follow actual trends make this very realistic.
  13. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    To copy and paste, try right-clicking near the bottom of the image. I can't copy and paste when I click near the top of the image, but it does work for me near the bottom.
  14. Bmac Does the NHL

    That latest update for ST. Louis looks great!!!