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  1. My Ideal Buffalo Sabres: My ideal Sabres jerseys are their classic jerseys. The only noteworthy change I made was matching the hem stripe to the sleeve stripes on the road jersey. New Look Buffalo Sabres: For this concept I was trying to see if the Sabres "B/Sword" logo could work as the primary logo (I'll let you judge how well it worked). I also brought back the Buffaslug as the secondary logo.
  2. This is an awesome idea for a series, I especially like the random founded years. The logos for all three teams look great, and the only jersey I'm not a fan of is the Squatches white jersey, I think the green and black should be swapped.
  3. Awesome job on the Seals, I really like the sublimated whisker stripes and the arrows formed on the arm and hem stripes. The angled chest stripe on the third jersey looks great as well. If you want a weird location, how about a team in outer space, like on the Moon or Mars.
  4. I'd apologize for the amount of time since my last concept, but it seems I always take this long nowadays. My Ideal Toronto Maple Leafs: I don't dislike the Maple Leafs new jerseys, but they're not my ideal look for them. If I was in charge, I would base the Leafs' jerseys off of their 1958-67 set. I choose their new number font mostly just to try it out. New Look Toronto Maple Leafs: For some reason I had the idea to add giant leafs behind the sleeve numbers. Then I added more leafs lower on the sleeves, and on the pants. I decided to make the hem stripe straight across on this concept since the sleeves stripes are straight across.
  5. All three Montreal jerseys look great, but I especially love the third jersey. The overall design pairs nicely with the home and road, while the double stripes add something new. My only complaint is that the sleeve stripes are thinner than the chest stripe, I'd prefer if they were the same size.
  6. I didn't notice the similarity to the Bruins Winter Classic jersey until you mentioned it, but yeah this is essentially just that jersey with the arm stripes moved. The Leafs probably wouldn't like that. Here are a couple versions with the hem stripe at the bottom, both curved and straight across... No problem. Lucas isn't the worst person in the world to be confused for.
  7. Toronto Maple Leafs 2016-17 Prediction: I'm taking a quick break from my NHL Double Series for a Maple Leafs prediction concept. This is my interpretation of the rumoured details posted on the SportsLogos.Net homepage. The arm stripes are from the Leafs schedule release graphic. Thanks for all the comments on the Avalanche concepts, I'll get back to the Double Series soon.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, here is the next team. My Ideal Colorado Avalanche: I don't know if this exactly is my ideal look for the Avalanche, but it would be something similar with a mountain striping pattern. I don't think their current colour scheme is perfect so I used burgundy, navy, and a light sky blue instead. The number font is from their current third jersey. This is actually an update of an old concept of mine. New Look Colorado Avalanche: The idea for this concept started with the double sleeve stripes. I then added a sublimated pattern, made up of the the C from the Colorado state flag, to the yoke area and back numbers (I was inspired by the national anthem design on Slovakia's Olympic jerseys). I also wanted to use more black to tie into their black equipment, so I originally had the collar and cuffs (and hem outline) on the white jersey black as well, but I decided burgundy looked better. I'll try to use this style of 4 less in the future.
  9. adidas

    I love the creativity of the Canucks concept, the sublimated design looks great. However I'm not a fan of the V combined with the orca logo.
  10. Great series, New Spain is probably my favourite so far! I also like Sweden/Norway, the vertical chest stripe looks very nice.
  11. Hello! For this NHL series I'm creating two concepts for each team, one concept will be my ideal look for the team and the second concept will be something new. The Oilers are up first. My Ideal Edmonton Oilers: I didn't change much here, the biggest difference is the collar which is based off of their 1982-96 jerseys. The overall thickness of the stripes is also a bit larger. New Look Edmonton Oilers: The second concept includes an oil-drop shaped shoulder yoke, which droops down to contain the sleeve numbers. The number font is also new (for the Oilers), and I tried something different with the pant stripes. Which concept do you like better? Any comments are very appreciated. By the way, it might be a little while before I have the next concepts ready.
  12. All three jerseys look great, I love the arm design. And I actually like the fact that the primary jerseys don't use any maroon, even with the maroon third jersey. The only thing I'd suggest tweaking is the numbers, I think one outline on the back numbers (matching the sleeve numbers) might look better, and I think the third jersey's sleeve numbers would be better blue or maroon. Good luck!
  13. This is awesome! It's definitely the cutest logo I've ever seen, it be great for a little kids team (like 5-8 year olds). I'd love to see this done with more logos.
  14. I love the striping pattern on the Berlin Thunder jerseys, especially the side panel stripes. The Stockholm Vikings look good too. This whole series has been great, some of the most creative concepts I've seen.
  15. I have to disagree with Hockey Week, that Erie Otters concept is great, way better than their current jerseys. Yes there's piping, but it's integrated into the design nicely (unlike say the Flames or Sabres). Just because Erie is an "old, traditional city" doesn't mean every Erie Otters concept needs to be boring, I'd much rather see a creative concept like this one. The Barrie Colts concept looks good too, I especially like the third jersey.