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  1. e_gossage

    USBL--St. Paul Loons Posted (24/24)

    No complaints on the Dusters. I think they look awesome! I noticed Hubbard and Gray on two of the jerseys. Are they named after Jon Gray and Trinidad Hubbard?
  2. e_gossage

    MLB Football helmets

    Nice job! Love the Rockies helmet!
  3. . like this? Now I think you might have a winner!
  4. I think you might have a winner!!!
  5. It's looking good Wally. Make the lines on the teeth as "strong" as the rest of the lines. The top of the black nose could use a grey highlight to make it stand out a bit and separate it from the black of the eyes. I agree. Put a highlight on the nose and let's see how that looks.
  6. e_gossage

    Lycan38's NHL - Senators Added

    As an Avs fan I have to say I LOVE the alternate jersey here! Great work! One little thing though, Landeskog is the Captain, where is the "C" patch?
  7. e_gossage

    Hand Drawn Baseball

    Since every team in Pittsburgh is black and yellow I would maybe stick with that tradition and change the colors. I don't think Pittsburgh when I see grey and green. Love the name by the way!!!
  8. e_gossage

    Hall of Fame Plaque Caps

    I'm sorry but Braun will never get into the HOF.
  9. e_gossage

    Air Force Falcons Football - Brand Identity

    As someone who is born and raised in Colorado Springs I have to say I LOVE the logo you made! The unis and helmets I wouldn't touch. I already like the unis and helmets Air Force has because they are so simple. Maybe add a small beak to the falcon in the logo??? Awesome job on keeping the lighting bolt in the football!
  10. e_gossage

    NCAAF Domination Series by JCR - finished looking for c/c

    Would love to see what you come up with for CU and CSU!