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  1. No complaints on the Dusters. I think they look awesome! I noticed Hubbard and Gray on two of the jerseys. Are they named after Jon Gray and Trinidad Hubbard?
  2. It's looking good Wally. Make the lines on the teeth as "strong" as the rest of the lines. The top of the black nose could use a grey highlight to make it stand out a bit and separate it from the black of the eyes. I agree. Put a highlight on the nose and let's see how that looks.
  3. As an Avs fan I have to say I LOVE the alternate jersey here! Great work! One little thing though, Landeskog is the Captain, where is the "C" patch?
  4. Since every team in Pittsburgh is black and yellow I would maybe stick with that tradition and change the colors. I don't think Pittsburgh when I see grey and green. Love the name by the way!!!
  5. I'm sorry but Braun will never get into the HOF.
  6. As someone who is born and raised in Colorado Springs I have to say I LOVE the logo you made! The unis and helmets I wouldn't touch. I already like the unis and helmets Air Force has because they are so simple. Maybe add a small beak to the falcon in the logo??? Awesome job on keeping the lighting bolt in the football!
  7. Would love to see what you come up with for CU and CSU!