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  1. RT @ShyThugg: 50 cent would’ve found Drake son, took him to Chuck E. Cheese, and posted a pic on Instagram.

  2. @Longevi_T big facts, blue lives ain't a race

  3. RT @vanessagezari: Lesley Stahl asked Trump in semi-private meeting why he’s always attacking the press. His answer: “I want to demean you…

  4. RT @Game_Phreak845: This your fault @kobebryant

  5. @AJTheManChild @scmills @CraigMalRob @boxand21 That's the trade: you get both Clippers lottery picks for #9.

  6. RT @Marmel: "Be Best." Maybe look over your shoulder, Melania. Via Tom Adelsbach. https://t.co/j6Mzo69ag7

  7. RT @TCisBAD: @NYSportsGuys5 Is this serious? He isn’t even top 5 to wear #1 for the Knicks lmao The only blessing is that you can scoop t…

  8. RT @JoshEberley: Warriors assembled a team of four All-NBA players to keep him down. FOUR https://t.co/FAMlI4uCzu

  9. RT @nowthisnews: This dad took beauty lessons so he could do his daughter’s hair — and now he’s teaching other dads to do the same https://…

  10. RT @NBADraftAddict: @NYSportsGuys5 I just don't believe in this Cavs team in general. We are better than last year, problem is the mental a…

  11. RT @murphy333: @NYSportsGuys5 Would love for the Knicks to draft this guy

  12. The pitch has been sent y'all ?

  13. RT @jharlen00: @NYSportsGuys5 Amazing. Simply amazing. Wonder what Kenny's record is coaching in the analytics era and how he relates to…

  14. RT @NYRfan36: @Mets Mood: https://t.co/UwnUYnkvRX

  15. Lmaooo https://t.co/sZheOcs9CY