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  1. https://twitter.com/Muzixndmd/status/1404573136436273152?s=20
  2. Exactly-- I thought it was interesting because of that
  3. I get that, but I was speaking about the emphasis of the devil ray alt hat vs the TB hat vs the BP Sun ray hat
  4. Are they the (Devil) Rays or Sun (Rays)?
  5. Shameless plug for my MLB redesign series which I did this cap in a different font.
  6. Since when is this a logo that the A's wear? (I'm not against it at all though)
  7. This is awesome! What font are you using for the jersey numbers?
  8. I’ve had this thought for a bit, but I’m not nearly talented or have enough time to do this- North American Football League. NFL+CFL (and a Developmental League where it’s a giant player pool, meaning that every team would be able to pull a player from any team). What do you guys think?
  9. All of them have launched, and most are last's years, except for the Padres and maybe Cleveland? https://imgur.com/a/GLJcUvh
  10. Is this the first full(ish) body look we have at the new Rams logo?
  11. This is exactly the route I wish they would have gone when they rebranded.
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