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  1. I normally view it as a red sock with two separate white/navy/white stripes, but I could also see it as navy/red/navy in a white field. As is often the case with stripes, you can view it whichever way you want to, I’d say. Oddly enough, for the Rays I think I like it better as a white field with columbia/navy/columbia stripes. For the Cardinals I could go either way.
  2. Hello there! Next up we have the Texas Rangers: This design derives its inspiration from the Rangers' former alternate logo, a personal favorite of mine. The stripes in the logo translate into pinstripes on the uniform, with the red "Rangers" wordmark arching boldly across the chest. Red is injected elsewhere into the set in order to keep balance with the abundance of blue. Let us know what you think!
  3. I love the emphasis on teal as well as the number font!
  4. Great cleanup of the Cowboys identity! You took all of the best elements & put them into one set. Nice job!
  5. I might’ve said this before already, but since there are a multitude of NFL teams already opting to wear white at home, I’d say that white should just be the designated home uniform, with the colored jersey the away (like the NBA should be). There’d be more synchronism among the leagues of teams at white wearing home, and that way the home fans would get to see a different colored uniform every week. On that same note, I’m growing more and more bored with gray uniforms for away teams in MLB. I know it’s based on decades of tradition, but it results in bland looking matchups in my opinion. I’d rather see colored uniforms as the away options for most if not all teams across the league.
  6. Thanks, you're right! Completely unintentional, but the looks are very similar. Although I have plenty of alternate color schemes that I mocked up just for fun, this series would continue forever if I tried showing them all. So I've decided on just a few of my favorites I wanted to show you guys, and here they are! Baltimore Orioles: A simple swap of brown into the current scheme, inspired by the St. Louis Browns. Charlotte Knights: A black & carolina blue scheme to have some more brand synchronism with the neighboring Panthers. San Diego Padres: With the long-awaited upcoming return to brown & yellow, this is my one last attempt to salvage the navy, complete with the "SD" mark on all the jerseys inspired by the 2016 ASG uniform. Tampa Bay Rays: A double-green attempt on my current design of their set, resulting in an undoubtedly unique scheme. Texas Rangers: As recently suggested by @jacobrgroman in the 2020 Padres thread, here is a brown & powder blue take on the Rangers, an idea which I quite like. I'd be happy to take some suggestions if anybody has them, but if not, that'll do it! Thanks to everybody who followed along at any point in the series, like I've said before this is probably the most fun I've had developing concepts, and I hope you enjoyed checking it out too. I'd love to hear any favorites you had over the course of the thread! Sincerely, MJD7
  7. Thank you! I appreciate it. I think the Mariners font fits pretty well as-is, but another option for a font couldn't hurt! Wrapping up the fauxback options, we have the proposed expansion teams: Charlotte Knights: A more 80's-fied version of the home, as well as a teal iteration of the Hornets fauxback uniform. Mexico City Diablos: A uniform inspired by the Diablos Rojos' red alt with the Mariners trident, along with three 80's Padres-styled fauxback iterations. Nashville Sounds: Orange and red versions of the current fauxback, complete with a new Tennessee flag cap. That's about it for the expansion teams, as most of them (especially the off-white ones) didn't really need a different option. If you have any suggestions though let me know, if not I have just a few alternate color schemes I'd like to show you all and then we'll wrap it up!
  8. Thank you! Now we'll move on to the National League! Arizona Diamondbacks: Based on Arizona's original home uniform, complete with the off-white cap option. Atlanta Braves: Home version of the 70's feather uniforms. Chicago Cubs: A uniform based on the 1957 full-team-name uniforms. Cincinnati Reds: 1936 and 1967 fauxbacks. Colorado Rockies: A fauxback based on the Denver Bears' "Strike Zone" uniform, utilizing a script created by Jesse Alkire. Miami Marlins: Previously seen 50's and 90's fauxbacks, along with a new teal option. Montreal Expos: Two light blue alternates inspired by @SFGiants58's beautiful take on the team. Philadelphia Phillies: An all maroon set like the uniform they wore this year. San Diego Padres: A couple more 80's fauxbacks, one based on the home uniform and one based on the yellow BP jersey. San Francisco Giants: An inversion of the orange fauxback, an alternate road option based off the late 80's set, and a San Francisco Seals fauxback. St. Louis Cardinals: A fauxback based on the 80's BP set. That's what I've got, any & all feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The expansion teams fauxbacks will be coming up next.
  9. I could be wrong, but yea it looks like the pointed “serifs” at the ends of the letters are gone, or at least more rounded-up in a @SFGiants58 mission-type fashion. If that’s the case, I’d be all for it.
  10. Alright I'm gonna start off showing you guys some outtakes, beginning with some alternate Turn Back the Clock Options, first off with the American League! Chicago White Sox: A couple of designs based on the famous 80's "SOX" set. Cleveland Indians: A design based on the red-heavy 60's look, and one based on the Major League racing stripes. Oakland Athletics: A couple of vest looks, as recommended by @coco1997. Seattle Mariners: A couple of similar fauxbacks based on the Mariners' 1978 uniforms. Tampa Bay Rays: A full set of the 80's fauxbacks, as well as a navy iteration of the gradient TBTC uniform. Texas Rangers: Based on the Rangers 1994 (I believe?) fauxback to the Senators before they moved to Arlington. That's all I have prepared for now, but please feel free to suggest any fauxbacks you would like to see! Also let me know what you think!
  11. This is a cool idea for a thread, I’ll definitely be following it as the season goes on! If that Saints-Rams matchup happened in real life, it’d automatically be matchup of the year in my book.
  12. I'm gonna go ahead and post the final expansion team, so here they are, the Diablos del México! The identity is based off of the Diablos Rojos del México of the Mexican League. Athletic gold is promoted to a secondary color in the main set (inspired by this uniform), to distinguish from the Reds and create another unique color scheme in the league. The striping is based on the curvature of the wordmark, and there is a small arrow at the bottom of the pants stripe to match & tie into the theme as well. The red alternate is based off of this uniform and this cap, while the BP cap takes its inspiration from this Diablos Rojos cap. The Turn Back the Clock set is based on this Mexico City throwback. The Mariners-inspired cap logo comes from this alternate. The Country Pride Alternate derived its design from this uniform as well as the Mexico flag. And that wraps up the expansion teams! I'd love to hear what anyone thinks. I have a few outtakes to show you guys and then we'll be done!
  13. Glad to see this is back, this is one of the things I look forward to with the start of a new NFL season. Though I agree with the opinions above about Rams-Panthers being higher (it was a great game to watch on TV, for me at least) and Saints-Texans being on the worst list just for it’s blandness, it’s still nice to see the differing opinions we have. Looking forward to Week 2’s list.
  14. In a division where they already have another team with a red home jersey & dark helmet, the orange-heavy creamsicle set would go a long way in setting them apart in that regard as well.