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  1. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    EDIT: The Royals post duplicated, for some reason.
  2. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Kansas City Royals Instead of a plain block for the away wordmark, I went with a stylized font that closely matches the "KC" logo, and matched the number font accordingly. I didn't like the choice to go with navy for the longest time, but I have to admit it's grown on me. Plus, I wanted to avoid having two separate royal blue jerseys. I added a powder blue brim, and the number font & stripes now more closely match the logo.
  3. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    I very nearly went with a darker red as the accent instead of navy, inspired by @colinturner95's wonderful Angels design, but I just couldn't get the maroon to be dark enough to contrast the way navy does. Going with just red & yellow would be nice, but it doesn't work all that well with the current wordmarks & logo set. I actually like the Angels being "Los Angeles" as opposed to Anaheim, it has the fun quirk of the Spanish translation being "The Angels Angels," and it just sounds better, to me. As for the red text on the red background, I used to not like it, like most, but it's honestly grown on me, it's an element unique to them. I think the abundance of outlines helps it to be more readable. I had thought about adding a white front-panel cap as an alternate option, inspired by the City Connect and the 2014 All-Star Game, where Trout won MVP (and I was in attendance). Here's a look: Thank you very much!
  4. I’ve tried a similar idea in the past, but if I’m being honest, the City Connect program almost certainly blows a throwback program out of the water in terms of sales, and certainly in terms of wider cultural impact. Throwbacks, or even throwback-inspired original designs like I’ve done, simply wouldn’t merit the same amount of attention & marketing, nor would they get the general public as excited. Plus, teams get to sell throwbacks anyway without having to wear them. Overall, I really think City Connect Round 1 was ultimately a success. I’d be fine with most of them sticking around as permanent alternates. Whether Nike can keep that up with successive installments remains to be seen, although I can’t say I’m optimistic, given the NBA’s track record.
  5. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Los Angeles Angels I cleaned up the logos and wordmarks by removing the Western "spikes" and bevel, and I added athletic gold back in as an accent color for the halo. I went with sleeve stripes similar to the old California Angels. Their City Connect is my absolute favorite, so no real changes.
  6. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Yeah, that's a fair opinion. My thinking was more that if the Dodgers have to have two road grays, this is how I would handle it. I didn't think I'd like the thinner script as much as I do. I might have to save that idea for a future redesign series.
  7. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Los Angeles Dodgers I made the "Dodgers" away uniform more of a throwback by adding stripes and white outlines, so that it's more distinct from the "Los Angeles" road uniform. I stuck a bit closer to the Dodgers' actual City Connect this time around. I imagine this is roughly what the Dodgers would look like if they changed their uniforms more often over time upon moving to LA.
  8. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Thanks! Thank you very much! Yeah, I think those simple adjustments would take what I think is a kind of mediocre uniform and elevate it to be among the best.
  9. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Miami Marlins I tried to split the difference as best I could between "Miami blue" and teal, resulting in a true aqua color that feels quintissentially Miami. I also added in a throwback-style vest in the new colors, dropping the road gray. The City Connect retains the "Miami pink" & "Marlins aquamarine" of the main set, and I added in the 1950's AAA Miami Marlins logo for the cap and sleeve patch, since I felt it fits with the overall aesthetic.
  10. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Thanks! Yeah, I love when cities do that, too. I've thought about doing a series like that, maybe I'll get around to it at some point. I do think a forest green could look really good for the Brewers. I might save that idea for an eventual Redesigns series. For now, here's the Brewers' set with Packers' green instead of navy: As far as which shade of gold to use, I tend to side toward the athletic gold, since it actually looks closer to the color of beer. With the A's going back to kelly green in my designs, it wouldn't be the worst thign in the world to have two green & yellow teams in the league. Thanks!
  11. Agreed on both counts. Overall I liked the uniforms last night, with the obvious caveat that the special uniforms ought to remain in the Derby. I agree that the flourescent orange and the aqua blue definitely gave more Marlins vibes than Rangers, but I liked the khaki for the AL, and the NL overall looked really nice. I also couldn't escape a "Whataburger" association with the AL, which given the Texas connection I suppose makes sense. If they had gone with maybe a burnt orange for the AL, and maybe more of a powder blue or royal blue for the NL, I'd say they'd be pretty near perfect. The batting helmets were pretty cool, too.
  12. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Happy All-Star Game day! Based on a combination of the Futures Game and real-life uniforms, here is what I would do for this year's game (these would obviously be reserved for the Home Run Derby).
  13. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Milwaukee Brewers Like the Twins (and Padres), the Brewers' 2020s rebrand was an absolute home run. No major changes beyond putting the City Connect sleeve striping on the navy alternate. The Brew Crew's City Connect is alright, but could be great with the addition of powder blue pants and a tri-color hat with a People's Flag of Milwaukee ball-in-glove logo.
  14. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    I'll respond to each individual point (just for the sake of discussion): I've tried giving the new script a navy outline, but it just hasn't worked well, in my view. When it first leaked that the script might be red with no outline, I honestly didn't believe it at first, but quickly grew to love it. Having no outline really allows the red to "pop," in a way that containing it with a navy outline simply doesn't allow for. Not that red outlined in navy is a bad look by any means, some of the best identities in baseball employ it, but when 5 out of 6 of the other navy & red teams go that route, I'm happy with the Twins doing something a little different. I personally love the new M cap, but I get that. A lot of Twins fans have seemed to share a similar sentiment. I never really liked the old, bubbly M cap, I think the only reason fans are nostalgic for it is because of the 2 World Series wins (which, to be fair, is a significant enough reason). I've just never liked how it looks design-wise, so this new one is a nice change of pace. I thought that it needed a bit of red when it was first released too, but now I love it with just navy. Don't get me wrong, I love the cream pinstripe throwback, but there's something about the clean & simple navy & cream that I've grown to love. It's probably still my least favorite of the 4 jerseys, but that's only because I love the other 3 so much. As you alluded to, I think it's a much better "City Connect" than our actual one. I did find it a bit strange that they kept the "hooks" on the jersey numbers as well, even though it looks unmistakably "Twins," but those hooks are still present in the "S" of the current away wordmark, so it fits. Just for the sake of it, here is what your "perfect Twins set" would look like, albeit with the modern logos & wordmarks. I naturally don't like it as much as what they actually went with, but I think a lot of more firmly traditionalist Twins fans would be pleased with something like this.
  15. MJD7

    MLB by MJD7

    Minnesota Twins As I'm sure I've made clear by now, I think the Twins' recent rebrand is essentially perfect, the best they've ever looked, & they're now among the best uniforms in baseball. So, no major changes beyond adding a home alternate cap inspired by the batting helmet. I tried to have my cake & eat it too with the City Connect, combining the baby blue often-requested by Twins fans (including myself) with the 10,000 Lakes theme.
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