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  1. I will never be able to unsee how disjointed the old logo is now. Still not a bad logo, but that’s a detail that will bug me for sure. I was just going to say that a combination of the two logos would be ideal, and this does that pretty great. I would maybe add some white in the eyes and make the jaw look a little bit more like the current version, but other than that this would be a perfect middle ground.
  2. I never minded the teal-flake helmet, but this photo comparison convinced me. The logo really does look so much better on the solid black background.
  3. I actually really like the B logo, I’ve never really understood the dislike for it. I do agree the bengal head logo is better, and would probably prefer them to just have the wordmark above the number, as the B takes up too much space, however.
  4. I couldn’t agree more. Here’s to hoping the Bengals end up being an analogous case to that of the Vikings: a formerly over-busy Reebok design that gets simplified and modernized down to the essence of what’s important in their brand.
  5. If the Bengals uniforms turn out anything like the Vikings uniforms did, I’d be more than happy, personally.
  6. I think as of right now, I prefer the current logo set, while obviously still wanting them to go back to maroon & powder. However, if they updated the swirly P logo a la the Brewers, Blue Jays, and Astros to fit a more modern identity, that could probably change my mind.
  7. Preferably, yes. Although I don’t mind white pants with the teal jersey, I like the black pants significantly more.
  8. I’ve long thought the Jags could get away with not having white pants at all in their set, if they really wanted to.
  9. Honestly, the Jaguars current set has grown on me quite a bit since it was initially unveiled. Sure, it is a bit simplistic and may at worst even look somewhat like a "practice jersey," but as @oldschoolvikings said, that isn't really much to complain about given some of the uniforms we've gotten over the past few years. Having teal as the primary is absolutely a huge upgrade, as wearing the combos that include teal really improves this set. Not to self-plug, but I think a combination of elements from each of the Jags' past sets (except the Reebok piping years, I didn't like those at all, beyond the helmet) I think the Jaguars could come upon a perfect set for themselves. Using a number font similar to the 2013 redesign, the striping from the current set, with the inclusion of bits of gold from the inaugural uniforms, I can't think of anything else I would change:
  10. I’ve always thought teal over black to be the Jags’ best home combo. The black pants balance the helmet better, in my opinion, and since their main colors are teal and black, they might as well embrace them both as much as possible. White over teal would be my ideal away combo, with one home game each for the black jersey over teal pants and for all-black.
  11. Yea, I figured the other team wearing white would be fine, but I just wasn’t sure if that was the opposing teams’ (the Chiefs & 49ers, in that case) reasoning for wearing their home jerseys. It’s a shame that, if the Rams are in fact the next team to wear a yellow/athletic gold jersey, that it probably won’t turn out that great, judging by the current template. Here’s to hoping that it would be a throwback if they do decide to go that route.
  12. Looking at those videos, I honestly really like the look, and bet it would look even better with HD TV. The only concerning thing about it would be that both opposing teams had to wear their color jersey, implying that yellow wouldn’t provide enough contrast against white. I’m more than happy with color v color matchups, but I just wonder if it would work for the Rams as an alternative to WAH or if they would mostly wear it on the road. I completely agree though, blue should be the primary home option, and white the away. It would be nice to see yellow as an alternate once or twice a year, however.
  13. The top color looks nice, but the bottom color looks too sickly to me. It’s a fine line for sure.
  14. Yes, looking at those digital versions, I honestly really like the new blue & yellow. The yellow is just warm enough for me, and the blue is nice and bright. However, when translated to on the field, the yellow pants (and sleeve stripes) end up having this almost greenish tint to them, making them look sickly instead of warm. Although I appreciate the effort to try and brighten things a bit, they probably should have just played it safe and stuck with the original colors.
  15. Also, I forgot to mention it but the only time the Rams’ yellow looks like highlighter to me is on the pants. The yellow they went with actually looks really nice in digital applications and on the helmet and jersey. To me the mismatch the pants have seems to be a manufacturing problem more-so than a deliberate design decision.