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  1. Yea, to be honest, it’s a trend I’m not a fan of, as I think the belt should almost always match the socks. I’d be fine with lighter color belts, as long as teams were willing to use those lighter colors more throughout the rest of their set. I’ve seen a lot of Twins players alternating between red and navy belts since at least last year, for example: On the positive side though, I absolutely love these powder blue uniforms for the Twins. I was happy to see them coming back when they were unveiled, but now they’re easily one of my favorite Twins’ uniforms of the past few years, and in MLB in general.
  2. Here are the San Francisco Giants: Logos I went back to the more upright 1994 wordmarks, and dropped gold from being an accent color. Beyond that, and a new primary logo, pretty much everything else remains the same. Uniforms I gave the uniforms a new patch based on the 2010 World Series Champion logo. I also added a fourth stripe on the socks to be inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge. The orange alternate features the orange brim, and the black alternate removes the gold dropshadow. The Cooperstown Collection keeps the "SF" away alternate with the headspoon piping, as a fauxback to the late 80's road uniform. The Spring Training set adds an orange cap for home games, and the team would use the gray crown cap for away games. That's the Giants, the Seattle Mariners will be up next.
  3. I'd love to see them adopt a design inspired by these BP uniforms! The Giants will be up momentarily.
  4. Yea, I’ve done concepts as recently as this year using the cap D, and have expressed liking the switch in the past, but now seeing them side-by-side something seems inescapably “right” about the old logo. I’d love to see it return.
  5. Here are the San Diego Padres: Logos Now that the Brown is Back and better than ever, there was no way I was trying anything else. No real changes to the logos beyond the addition of Cooperstown Collection designs. Uniforms Now that we've seen them in person, there's honestly no doubt in my mind that this new Padres set is a top 5 uniform in the league, at least. So no main changes to the main set, though the sand uniform they've designated as the "Away Alternate" becomes the primary road. The brown alternate follows the striping template from the previous set, one good thing to hold over from the navy years. It's complete with the new "SD" on the chest, as well as plain pairs of white & sand pants to go with it. The Cooperstown Collection throws back to the 1978 design. The Spring Training uniform embraces the gold and puts the Swinging Friar logo on the cap. That's the Padres, the San Francisco Giants will be up next.
  6. I know the Twins official shade of off-white that they used to use for the throwbacks always was a bit different than the Giants or the Phillies, for example. I imagine the colors of the actual jerseys were the same, though, along with this new Brewers jersey. I just don’t picture the jersey manufacturing having more than one shade of off-white when they’re nearly indistinguishable. The cream is also probably my favorite of the Brewers’ new jerseys, it’s a shame it’s underselling compared to the rest of the set.
  7. In honor of Opening Day (Take II), here are the Pittsburgh Pirates: Logos No notable changes to the Pirates classic logo set, other than the primary "P" becoming black with a yellow outline. Uniforms The Pirates primaries are among the top in all of baseball, so no significant changes here. I loved the road uniform with the "Pittsburgh" block font to match the home, but now feels like about the right time to go back to the script. As a small touch, the pirate's bandana is recolored yellow on the patch. A yellow alternate is added into the rotation, and the black alternate replaces the yellow outline with a solid yellow script. The double-outline cap is also dropped. A yellow cap is added as an occasional home option, and I'd love to see a gray crown cap at times on the road. The Cooperstown brings back the mustard/old gold for Sunday afternoons, and the Spring Training utilizes the pirate logo on the cap. That's the Pirates, the San Diego Padres will be up next.
  8. I suppose one solution could be to have separate home and road caps, like so: I do like the way this looks quite a bit.
  9. All things considered, I’m fine with this and saw it coming, though I am a bit surprised that they were even able to implement this much change on short notice. I like the font they’ve unveiled, though it reminds me quite a lot of the Rams’ new wordmark. I could see it transferring over seamlessly to either a Warriors or Redtails name. As for the seeming striping inconsistencies: I really think they will end being the same as last year’s uniforms, the only difference being the wordmark on the front. Until proven otherwise, I chalk it up to Photoshop inattention to detail at this point. Since it’s clearly a temporary identity, I’m fine with it looking jumbled and “out of place.” That way it’ll be a strange blip in history & I won’t miss it when it’s eventually replaced.
  10. I’ve gotta be honest, I’m one of the people that liked the volt... As @the admiral said it was modern and dynamic in a way that felt befitting to Atlanta, especially on that first City jersey. The triangle pattern might have been a bit overdone, but the color scheme and the fonts I really enjoyed in general. Despite that, I will say that this is a nice looking set, even if it goes in the complete opposite aesthetic direction. The basic template of it would be a nice set for the Rockets, I think, and I am also surprised the Hawks beat them to the punch with red & yellow. I am glad at least one team has the color scheme now though, as beyond the NFL I’d say it’s quite underused. My favorite part of the set is the unique striping pattern, for sure. Like @SFGiants58 I would have maybe liked to see the old font stay, though I can see how that wouldn’t help to complete the “throwback” look of this set. I’d also like to see the white & yellow flip on the red jersey, so as to not be as sore on the eyes. Overall though, I think this is about as good as a red & yellow set could have turned out for the Hawks.
  11. I tried that originally, but didn't like it as much as without the outline. Here is a look, however: I can definitely understand that view, I was just hoping to try something different in order to diversify the red & blue teams in MLB, especially since I had the Reds going back to strictly red & white. Also, I appreciate the feedback, but if you could refrain from quoting the images that would be appreciated, just to declutter the thread. Thank you again!
  12. Here are the Phillies: Logos The main difference to the logo set is blue's increased use in the color scheme to a primary color nearly on par with red. Uniforms I added a blue brim to the primary cap to distinguish themselves in a league with the Reds and the Cardinals. The away uniform also has blue outlines instead of white, similar to the 1940's uniforms. The red alternate is now in the rotation full-time, with white letters for increased visibility, and the cream alternate stays for Sunday afternoon games, with increased blue accents. The Cooperstown Collection of course goes back to the beautiful maroon and powder color scheme, while the Spring Training focuses more on blue, like the team used to do on occasion. That's the Phillies, the Pittsburgh Pirates will be up next.
  13. Thanks! I felt like it fit pretty well within the entire branding. The Phillies will be up shortly.
  14. Here are the Oakland Athletics: Logos The most noticeable difference is the return to kelly green, specifically the shade on the new alternate. Uniforms I added a simplified striping pattern inspired by the old Northwestern stripes. The numbers are based on the font from the team's primary logo. The gold alternate stays, and the green alternate is modified so that yellow & white don't touch. The Cooperstown Collection retains the brighter kelly, with gold letters inspired by the Kansas City Athletics. The Spring Training jersey is a different green top, with a white cap featuring the elephant logo. That's the A's, the Philadelphia Phillies will be up next.
  15. Here are the New York Yankees: Logos The primary logo is re-colored to be more navy-centric. I edited the away wordmark so the line weights would be more even. The digitalization of the cap logo comes from @SFGiants58. Uniforms Other than the tweaked road wordmark, no need to mess with the most iconic uniform in sports. The Cooperstown Collection is based on the 1912 uniform, which the team threw back to in 2012. The Spring Training jersey brings back the BP design from the late 90's/early 2000's which I love. That's it for the Yankees, the Oakland Athletics will be up next. I hope you all are doing well!