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  1. The sad thing is I thought this could have been legit at first glance.
  2. This one doesn’t do it for me, either. As said before, it is pretty “desolate, dry, and devoid of life” even though the video would have you think that was exactly what they were trying to avoid. The fact that there aren’t sand pants to match makes this set seem even more half-hearted. So far, the only City Connect I’d consider to be worth keeping in the regular rotation would be the White Sox. With that track record, I can’t say I’m optimistic for the future of this program.
  3. One of the centerpiece attractions at the Jacksonville Zoo is the jaguar exhibit, which is supposedly the largest in North America, although I’m not sure if it opened before or after the team was founded. Your overall point still stands though.
  4. Eh, this is a no thanks from me. Although the cap, dark pants, and light blue sleeves improve the overall look a ton, the base idea is still too bland to begin with. High socks also greatly improve the look, although I wish Stance would go away yesterday. Even though the Wrigley sign was originally blue (something I did not know before that image was posted), it probably would have been better to focus on the iconic red that it is now if they wanted to go in that direction. It is interesting overall though to see MLB open up to the idea of dark monochrome uniforms more, it definitely opens up the design possibilities.
  5. In all likelihood, I do imagine this is probably similar to how it actually went down (@andrewharrington, did you help out with the design? If so, kudos to you). I truly don’t think there were any ill intentions with the design (at least, I hope not). Considering the Sox have had that blackletter style in their regular identity for over 30 years now, this new design really doesn’t seem like a stretch from that in the slightest, unlike the Clippers. I know it seems like I’m not really taking any sort of hard stance either way on this, but I really do see the perspectives of both sides, and they both make sense to me. Overall, from a purely aesthetic standpoint though, I’m just glad to see reverse pinstripes make it to the majors, and I really love this new number font, so overall in that sense I’d say it’s a win, personally. I was going to suggest this, as well. “South Side” in the font of that new script would be a perfect combination of those two ideas, and would look quite nice I’m sure.
  6. I should probably clarify that I was speaking from a purely aesthetic perspective in my original review of this uniform. While the Clippers’ City jersey definitely felt exploitative right from the outset, I’ll admit this one didn’t immediately strike me as such, probably because the Sox drew from blackletter iconography they already had in their logo set. I do see where @the admiral and @SFGiants58 are coming from, though. That being said, replacing the wordmark & cap logo with the regular “Sox” mark would probably be both an aesthetic and “social optics” improvement, in my opinion, although it wouldn’t really be a “City Connect” jersey anymore, for whatever that’s worth.
  7. Alright, I honestly love these. I'm so glad to see a team finally adopt the reverse pinstripe look, and the Sox were the perfect choice for it. As was said earlier in the thread, it's a perfect way to maintain the "innovativeness" their brand used to have while sticking close to the classic look. They should switch to this number font full-time tomorrow. I love it, it's easily my favorite part about the uniform. I'm not a huge fan of the minor details like the pattern or the cap logo, and the wordmark is alright, but in the bigger picture, this is easily my favorite of the City Connect jerseys so far, staying close to the recognizable brand while bringing baseball's aesthetics more into the present day.
  8. This seems to be an unpopular opinion, but I can’t say i’m a fan of this City Connect uniform for Miami. Honestly, on a purely aesthetic level (i.e., not considering the Red Sox storied history), I like Boston’s set more than this one. Sure, the use of brighter colors is a welcome change, but I haven’t been a fan of the Marlins embracing red since the unveiling of their current set. Moreover, this cap logo is too busy to be discernible from any distance. It’s nice on a conceptual level that the Marlins were able to tap into the city’s Latin American heritage some more, but that was really just something they should have done when they unveiled the regular set by truly embracing their “colores.” I don’t know, this one just doesn’t do it for me, I guess.
  9. I think the date you’re referring to, May 21st, is probably when they’ll unveil the uniform, as opposed to when they’ll first wear it. At least, that’s how I interpreted this schedule Nike put out:
  10. Probably a hot take: the current set is the best the Pats have ever looked. Bringing back a pair of gray pants would be an added bonus. The classic red is a close second, but the Patriots work better as a predominantly navy team, for me. If the blue & red on the classic set were flipped, and the blue darkened to navy, that would be a nice option, too.
  11. I believe that’s just the angle of the jersey. I’m almost positive the bottom of the 1 is flat. EDIT: Yep.
  12. This is interesting, since it definitely looks like the thicker red stripes that would be part of the new set. My only concern is, if I remember correctly, the team got all the way to the testing stage with gray pants, but decided to drop them. Maybe that’s where these came from? I can’t say I’m optimistic about this yet, but I do hope you are right. EDIT: Yep, you guys beat me to it.
  13. If I remember correctly, there was talk here last year about how they switched to the sand pinstripes as the “primary,” pretty early on in the season I believe, after seeing all the positive reaction for them. I presume they went with the safer pick at the unveiling of the brown jersey because the sand pinstripes were a bit more of a risky, “out-there” design. But I’m glad they seem to have made the switch.
  14. The stripes would be limited to the sides of the pants, in my hypothetical. The stripes on the current version register as being confined within a panel, which is strange since they didn’t do that anywhere else in the set. I think they could have fit the stripes within the same amount of space, but still make it look like they were free-flowing, if that makes sense.
  15. Not many surprises to be found here, as the important reveals really came from the leaks. I’m really happy with how these turned out though, they’re so much cleaner and easier to look at than the previous incarnation. The big surprise, though, is obviously that the third pair of pants are not orange, but instead an alternate white pants design. To be honest I don’t think these have any place in the set, as any combo that uses white pants would look better with the ones that simply have black stripes. I’m also somewhat disappointed the stripe design is still pretty similar to the previous pants, in that they still appear as they are contained within a block. Trying some “free” stripes similar to the jerseys would have been more ambitious and probably helped the design flow better. Comparing the retail jerseys, it looks like the shade of orange has indeed darkened, which is also a bit disappointing. Still, these are an immense upgrade without a doubt. I just hope they drop the white pants with the orange stripes sooner rather than later, they really don’t need them at all.
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