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  1. Thanks! I tend to like brighter schemes in general too, but this is one that just seemed to fit for me. Here's a look at brown & red, just for fun: Thank you! Personally, I'm hesitant to add yellow into the look, just because I don't feel that it would fit, but I could maybe try other ways to break the dark colors up. Thanks. I have a feeling when the Phillies come up, those vibes won't be there quite as much anymore Here's a look at a "Cleveland" script on the road; although I like the block letters better still, this look isn't half bad either:
  2. Next up, here comes the Tribe! The main striping for the set is based on the sock stripe which has been popularized in recent years, as well as old Cleveland BP jerseys. I figured that by filling in the middle stripes, the Adidas three-stripe comparisons would be diminished a little bit. The number font is based on Tribe Type, which is the font used in Cleveland's style guide. The color distributions on the home & road are flipped, with the away wordmark based off of the very arched 1920 wordmark. The away has a *slight* navy blue tint to it. I decided to keep the mainly red accessories for the home uniform, as that's a look Cleveland really could (and in my opinion, should) own. The main cap is basically the same as what Cleveland has decided to go with this year, just with a white outline for better readability. I flipped the colors of the wordmark on the red alternate for the same reasons. The navy alternate most explicitly references the BP jersey (while also referencing some of Cleveland's original uniforms), with the block C replacing Chief Wahoo. The BP cap is based on Cleveland's earliest caps. The Turn Back the Clock uniform is essentially a mix of Cleveland's off-white home alternate that was worn in the 2000's and some of the earliest Cleveland uniforms. For Cleveland's Part II, I could have gone with brown & red (I do have set prepared with that color scheme, if anyone's interested) which has been tried before, but I wanted to go in a bit of a different direction this time. Although it is still blue & red, maroon & navy would be a scheme that has not been tried before and would fit Cleveland nicely with the Cavaliers. Maroon replaces red in all instances, naturally creating a darker, more old-time feel to the set. I think Cleveland can afford to be simple with their logos, and yet with a few updates to striping and color distribution still have a classic set. I'd love to hear what you all think!
  3. I guess so Maybe it could work as a sleeve logo or something of the like, but regardless I just thought it was a cool idea.
  4. I... actually really like this. I don’t think it works as a football logo (wouldn’t really fit right on a helmet) but it is a creative way they (whoever did this concept) fit the “NY” into the jet shape. The roundel is probably unnecessary.
  5. Alright so here's a full update for the ChiSox: I decided to go for the new number font, as it feels more in-line with the White Sox current Gothic identity. I also decided to add a gray outline around the logo on the main caps for more consistency. Following @coco1997's suggestion, I decided to show what the BP cap would look like paired with the black alternate. I really like how it looks, and it made me realize that the white cap is pretty unnecessary, so I decided to drop it. The BP cap could also be occasionally paired with the home jersey, maybe as a Sunday alt or something of the like. I'm pretty pleased with how this update turned out, it makes the set more consistent throughout and gives the Sox a distinct identity. What do you all think, any thoughts before we move on to Cleveland?
  6. Thank you all tons! I really appreciate the feedback. Most of your suggestions ended up being very similar, so let's address them here: The home uniform shows what a more blackletter number font would look like. I like it personally, any thoughts on if this should be the new font for the set? The away is now primarily paired with the black cap, I agree that it does look better. It would have been worn often on the road anyway I figured. But now the white cap will be reserved for "clash" games against other black-heavy teams (the Giants and Pirates, for example). Although the alternate would mostly be paired with the white cap, here's a look at it with the black cap as well. I added a pinstripe cap for the throwback set. I'm a fan. I also decided to remove the sock stripes for a bit of a cleaner look. Also, what would you all think about me adding a gray outline to the caps? Thanks again for the feedback everybody, it really helped with this set a lot! C+C is appreciated.
  7. Yea, the white “Fury” wordmark didn’t work as well as I expected. Honestly, of all the options I think the original is the best. The Sacramento Giants and Athletics look great! I particularly love the striping and the away wordmark on the Athletics, to echo @coco1997. Great job as always!
  8. Sorry for the bit of delay, but here are the White Sox! The number font is a modified version of this throwback font that the White Sox have worn on throwbacks in the past. I felt it fit good with the Gothic "Sox" logo, while also differentiating from the Red Sox and the Tigers in style. I decided to take the pinstripes off of the home for a cleaner look, although the pinstripes are great, I wanted to differentiate a bit more from the Yankees and make some changes, since that is the purpose of a thread like this after all. The two-stripe motif seen currently on their road jerseys makes its way throughout the set, including the sock design, which was inspired by @SFGiants58's take on the grayscale Sox. The road features an anthracite shade that bodes well for flipping the colors of the wordmark, creating a uniquely White Sox element of a white wordmark on the road. The black cap could also be worn often on the road, I just showed it with white here. The same goes for the black "White Sox" alternate. The BP takes design inspiration on the cap and jersey from the famous 80's design. The Turn Back the Clock design is based on early White Sox road uniforms, I felt like the inverse pinstripes were a good fit for them, it's reminiscent of the uniforms that Vanderbilt wears on occasion. Let me know what you guys think about this set, C+C is truly appreciated!
  9. I know what a gradient is (I just used it as a design element in my Rays set), it’s just not clear to me how you would like to see it applied, whether it be on the striping, the entire jersey, the logo... Regardless, I don’t think gradients are an element that would fit within the Red Sox traditional brand.
  10. Thanks. Yea, it’s a close one for sure. For now, I think I’ll just stick with the “Boston” script, and wait for you all to see Cleveland. I’m sorry, I’m not sure exactly what you mean, could you please explain? The White Sox will be up in a little bit!
  11. I love this design! Everything looks great, honestly no complaints from me. I can tell you put a lot of effort in paying attention to every detail, this is wonderful work!
  12. Thanks! Yea, I definitely wanted to avoid messing with their current scheme, as it's simply a beautiful set, but I also wanted to offer something interesting beyond their usual uniforms! Here's what I came up with! I went a bit of a new route by going all-in on the Canada aspect by following the BP template, thus avoiding the "Red Jays" problem. While we're at it, here are two variants of a Red Sox "B" alternate, one with red and one with white striping. Surprisingly, I think I like the white better (it sort of reflects the classic socks, and makes the jersey more different from Cleveland will be), but I'd be curious to see what you guys think.
  13. That would be a perfect reason for them to rebrand.
  14. I would flip the white & black on the red alternate. Otherwise, this looks good! Definitely has a similar feel to the 00’s Astros. The throwback-inspired alts were a nice surprise! Great job!
  15. Finishing up the AL East, we have the Toronto Blue Jays! Not many changes necessary for the Jays, the away has a light blue tint to it reflecting the original powder blue roads. The Turn Back the Clock design is also based on the early powder blue sets. I didn't originally plan to have a Part II for the Blue Jays, as some of you might have noticed: they weren't on my list of blue & red teams to begin with. However, I figured I might as well try and offer an interesting spin on a set that is already a modern classic as-is. For the alternate take, I went with the 2000's color scheme like I did in my Redesigns series, but this time I decided to put some more emphasis on black, keeping a co-balanced color scheme of black and bright blue. The away has a black tint to it, reflecting the graphite Jays road prototype from that era.