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  1. I created a separate thread for uniform rankings in the General Discussion Forum: I’m curious to hear others’ thoughts as well.
  2. A lot more good than bad for me: Create your own here: https://tiermaker.com/create/nfl-logos-wash-update-193711
  3. I think the perfect black Mets cap would be a combination of the two: the logo with the white outline of the top version, and the blue brim of the bottom version. That way, the insignia matches the coloring of the wordmark, but the cap has enough blue to not feel quite as BFBS.
  4. The segmented horn really is the worst part about the new design. Looking at the new horn without the segment, it’s actually quite nice, even though I’d probably prefer it to have that final spiral, despite understanding the functional difficulties of it. Still, I like how the new horn shape (unsegmented) “descends” in thickness throughout, and it at least still registers as a horn, something the current helmet doesn’t have going for it. Those mockups would have been perfect for the Rams, though. Add in a yellow alt with white pants, and they’d be set. I wouldn’t even mind if they threw in blue pants, on rare occasion, if they wanted to stay a bit more modern.