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  1. Absolutely. This is sick. As I'm looking at it, if you moved to a darker blue and explored the contrast between the green and blue you may have unearthed something on another level. It's like the perfect blend of throwback retro and the modern branding.
  2. All great designs!!!!! Nice work. Here are my opinions/thoughts/ideas: Kings: Wow, so much to love here. I love the treatment on the chest. The Kings would sell SO many of these if these got the green light. No changes. Pacers: Good not great, it's a nice design with a nod to the 90s but it needs something else. Two suggestions. Maybe try to create some movement with the numbers by matching the italic font or look at the Pacers jersey from 85 - 90. That wordmark across the chest could set this baby on fire. Suns: This has major potential. Couple of ideas here: Pay attention to how the orange chest stripe across the front finishes under the arm since there is no side stripe. It might look strange if it just stops. Also, try to find more assertive peaks on the McDowell mountain graphic. If you are doing a silhouette skyline it has to communicate mountain range even if they have never seen the McDowell. Might be cool to play with a cactus in the design somewhere. Pelicans: The NBA requires a player to have a number on the front. Not a huge deal for a concept but thought I would mention it. Nice touch on the socks. You nailed the colors but I would tweak the chest design. There is so much history and culture to pull from in New Orleans. Blazers: Solid design, but almost exactly like every other one of their jerseys which I think was the point. For a concept though.......I would push the limits a bit more. Magic: This and the Kings are the best in this series so far. Phoenix has potential to be on the same level as well. Outstanding. I might try a slight stroke in black the MAGIC font on the front so the white doesn't get lost in the blue during the transition. (it may already be there and I can't see it) This jersey is absolute fire. One idea though: I'd try to transition the black on top to the back neckline like the current Timberwolves jersey does with the blue. Nike loves to use design features that highlight that new jersey construction but I actually think it would make this design a little more unique. This one would also fly off the shelves. Heat: Not feeling this one. I would go deeper into Wade's connection to the franchise and community. Not sure how. I do know what needs to go on the jock tag line: Miami-Wade County. Hawks: Is it just me or does anyone else hate the Hawks highlighter color? This design is really solid outside of the colors. I love the line/bird design on the shorts. For a city edition, would love to see a version of this in the 70-72 blue/green alternates with blue as the primary. Nike really likes to keep these outside the traditional team color palettes. Overall I love these, amazing work!
  3. I really appreciate you saying so. I'm super excited to hear that. I was bugging all my Knick friends for a couple weeks! They were like dude.......just post it.
  4. Appreciate the feedback! A few days after making this and letting it breathe I started thinking the same thing. It feels a little chunky on the belt. I was definitely trying for a Rucker Park pick-up game vibe a little too aggressively on the shorts! Great suggestions. I’ll try out the angles and see how it looks. I’ll post the updates after a few days. I have a couple more upcoming. I have uberdope Raptors jersey I’m excited about that’s getting close. I’ll probably create a series out of these if you guys are digging them.
  5. I purchased the base template from but I’m slowly tweaking it. I love the material textures, it can bring the right design to life but the template is expensive. Also it’s not based on the current Nike NBA jersey construction so I’m in the process of modifying the template towards the Nike version as I do more of these.
  6. Hey everybody, I'd love to get some feedback on this one. This would be considered a "City Edition" NBA concept so that allows for some play outside of the traditional colors for the Knicks. I've always loved the Knicks secondary logo for a ton of reasons so I decided it base a jersey on it. Inspiration: The “Empire City” concept jersey makes use of the “Subway Token Logo” secondary which debuted in 1996 and was designed by one of my favorite designers, Michael Doret. The letters “NYK” represent the city and the team’s nickname New York Knicks. Michael's design drew its inspiration from the old MTA subway tokens and elements of it crept into early concepts of the Knicks’ primary logo. The Knicks have been using as a secondary logo since 1995. It's graced equipment and merchandise since then, and was featured on the back of the uniform until recently. Michael's design drew its inspiration from the old MTA subway tokens and elements of it crept into early concepts of the Knicks’ primary logo. There is awesome post with hand drawn concepts of some of Michael's potential knick logos here if you are interested. Jersey Design features: -The lines across the chest extend to the sleeve holes to mimic the angles one would experience standing on a street corner in New York. -The belt buckle graphic proudly features the NYC initials. -A nod to New York’s famous nickname is printed above the jersey's jock tag. -The shorts feature a cascading design inspired by the ceiling at Madison Square Garden, the iconic building in which the Knicks have played basketball with the initials MSG at the center. Here is a link to the reference images I used for my design: This is version one, if you have any other color requests please post em. I've got a few more I'm working on if you guys are interested in seeing some more. I REALLY appreciate your thoughts, reactions and input. Please don't hold back. Thank you so much!!! Adding a Raptors concept: Been super busy as of late with other projects but I finally got another concept fired off. I love the OG Cartoon Raps jersey but the casual fan might not rock the Dinosaur like a die hard as awesome as it is. I came up with a mid-level OG throwbackish design that would appeal to both new/casual and older Raptors fans that featuring the Toronto skyline (I know, I know it's kinda my thing) over a maple leaf. Let me know what you think! Also in Black:
  7. Thanks for the feedback, it's my first post on here. My favorite jerseys all have simple 2-color schemes. Boston Celtics are one that come to mind. How were you thinking of incorporating the secondary blue?
  8. If Nike and the Dallas Mavericks decided to go all in on the Skyline design this season...... Special shoutout to Riley Gisseman for the jersey template. Please let me know what you guys think!