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  1. Royal blue instead of navy is a huge improvement for the Brewers' set The CC cap with their regular logo + the flag design is such a smart choice, improving the (imho) rather awful MKE design, and the brick pattern on the wordmark is a nice touch!
  2. That's a great solution for the Nats! Personally, I love their new home alt with the navy sleeves, but not the template used by Nike, so I think the main set is perfect
  3. Perfect set for the Tigers! The tweaks made to the main set are really clever and improve their current look. I'm glad for having helped with the CC graph! I think the orange really pops on the navy base, and that cap is a beauty
  4. Great work for the Mariners! Your set is just perfect. Also, the red looks great on the City Connect uni! The Reds' designs also look really good. I love the home uni with pinstripes and the tweaked CC wordmark.
  5. I really like the idea of making the Rangers a red team at home and a blue one on the road, specially with the powder blue uni! Also, I'm a huge fan of the Pirates sleeveless main set, great job!
  6. Amazing combination of eras and styles for the Angels! The result is just stunning
  7. Congrats for finishing the series and great start for a new one! Brilliant idea, as usual These 4 first teams all look great, specially the Nats. Given the Expos' name, what about using the Canadian pavilion for the home and alt unis?
  8. Really nice homage to LV's first team. The colour scheme along the double border for the wordmarks and logos look fantastic! Also, those stirrups look gorgeous
  9. Big fan of an all-vest set The acorn inside the sleeve patch is such a nice detail! Would you mind sharing a larger version of it?
  10. What a great series start! I'm a huge fan of the ear of wheat under the Braves' wordmarks. Fantastic job with the Stars' identity Looks very Hollywood-ish while keeping the Dodgers style. That road wordmark is a thing of a beauty!
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