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  1. I like the retro-ish approach to the Cardinals set, I think you perfectly combined that style with the Tritons colours. The Toreros' colours really fit the Padres. That away uni is abeauty!
  2. Wonderful job! I think both Indians, Marlins and Twins sets look like a "natural transition" for the teams, with the colours really fitting them. I also like the use of the Bears' scheme for the Cubs, not only for the combination itself, but also because of the name similarity Keep it up!
  3. Top notch work! I think the Rays and D'Backs design are at another level, stunning work. I love the solution for the Rockies as well. Keep it up!
  4. Good to see you've kept up the good quality! I specially like the Twins and the Mets I can't wait to see more!
  5. Great start! I think some teams might get tricky, since some of them have followed the same colour scheme throught (almost) their whole history. I really like the unique main colours for the Brewers, Pirates and Cardinals I also think the mix of eras (at least for the Brewers) is a great touch.
  6. Good to see some love for the powder blue! Great ideas overall, but I specially like the D'Backs teal uniform. I'd love to see them going for that route if they end up jumping in the powder blue bandwagon.
  7. Wonderful job all in all. @SFGiants58's "New York" wordmark is the icing on the cake, and the home throwback looks great!
  8. Great tweaks for the Marlins! Now the cap logo is clearly visible, and the pink colour pops more than the current red-ish shade. Solid job for the Cooperstown Collection design as well!
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