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  1. Thanks! I never would've thought of putting pinstripes on the Friars' City Connect, but it's an interesting idea. I used navy, both to balance out the vibrance of the mint green, magenta and yellow, and because it's a past team color: Let me know what you think! TORONTO BLUE JAYS HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT: ROAD ALT: CITY CONNECT: Notes: - The Blue Jays have a near-perfect set, but I’m not a fan of their “new blue” introduced a few seasons ago; the blue is too saturated, which forced the addition of navy to the team’s colorway to balance it out, so Toronto’s original, paler shade of powder blue--complete with white wordmark and numbers--returns in its place. - Softball tops don’t really work with powder blue pants; therefore, the powder blue set becomes the new home alt, and the royal blue jersey is now designated as the road alt, with the wordmark and numbers recolored powder blue. - The Jays’ new Spring Training cap becomes the alternate cap here. - I actually like Toronto’s City Connects, so my only goal was to fix the legibility of the wordmark, which is now outlined in red with a blue insert, mirroring the back numbers. C&C appreciated!
  2. How would it look with Timberwolves green in place of red?
  3. I think this Twins set is less than the sum of its parts. The cap logo is cool, but it's too busy to work as a cap logo. The front of the jersey feels like it's missing something. How about putting "10,000 Lakes" on the jersey and moving either the "MN" or loon logo to the cap?
  4. I actually see three shades of blue: navy, royal, and a medium blue shade around the MN logo.
  5. Thank you! SAN DIEGO PADRES HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT: ROAD ALT: CITY CONNECT: Notes: - Of any MLB team, the Padres are probably the most warranted in their use of camo, San Diego being a big Navy town. Still, I find camo jerseys tacky in general and would much rather the Friars have a gold home alt instead. - The bell-shaped gold front paneled cap returns for the road and road alt. - I swapped out the “San Diego” wordmark for the monogram on the road alt and dropped the white trim for a cleaner look. And, since I’m not big on teams having pants specially designed to be worn with an alternate, the jersey is paired with the pinstriped road pants. - Count me as one those who LOVE the Padres’ City Connect set, so the biggest change I made here was switching to a white front paneled cap with magenta bill, the solid mint green look being a little too “fashion cap” for my tastes. The back numbers also now match the style of the wordmark. Everything else stays the same. C&C appreciated as always, and have a great weekend!
  6. The tweaks to both versions of the A's are big improvements!
  7. For what it's worth, the Reds had player names below the numbers in 1964: I think I find the "42" above the wordmark more jarring, to be honest.
  8. Dodgers’ new City Connects will apparently have player names below the numbers…
  9. Thanks! I think the racing stripes along the jersey sides are necessary to maintain the continuity of the look from the collar down to the ends of the pant legs. WASHINGTON NATIONALS HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT: ROAD ALT: CITY CONNECT: Notes: - Prior to this offseason, the Nats had a solid if not unremarkable identity. The totally pointless and HUGE downgrade to their road jersey made them a necessary inclusion in this series. - Washington’s new white pullover is simply not good or interesting enough to justify sacrificing their red alternate. That being said, I’m intrigued by the idea of a modern-day team in raglan-style sleeves full-time, and why not the Nats? Raglans would go a long way towards helping them be more than “just another” RWB team, so I kept this look for the primary jerseys. - A new red alt features the team’s block “W” Capitol building cap logo, which replaces the Walgreens “W” across the board. - The Nats have one of the few City Connect sets I initially didn’t like but eventually came around to. My original tweak featured a “The District” wordmark and matching numbers, but here I’ve restored the jersey’s actual “WSH” wordmark and beveled numbers. I did, however, keep the dark gray pants from my original tweak. C&C appreciated!
  10. Eh, to each his own. I personally think the "A" is strong enough to work on the front of a jersey, a la the D-Backs' black alternates. But here's how it would look with the wordmark: BALTIMORE ORIOLES HOME: ROAD: HOME ALT: ROAD ALT: CITY CONNECT: Notes: - I feel at least one AL East team should sport a vintage, off-white look, and, other than Boston, the Orioles are probably the best candidate. - The classic mid-50s to early '70s striped socks return, except on the home alt, where they threw the color balance off. - “Baltimore” replaces “Orioles” on the black alt so that three of the team’s four jerseys don’t all use the same script. - This is a really small detail, but it's always bugged me how the middle stripe on the sleeves of the team's home alt is orange and not white, so I've corrected that. - Now that the O’s have switched from black to white pants (except for, apparently, road games), their City Connect set just looks like a variation on their regular black alt, which feels like wasted potential. Inspired by something @raysox posted on Twitter a few years ago, I went with a brightly colored yellow, red and blue scheme based on the iconic Old Bay Seasoning can design. - The colorful neighborhood patchwork is now fully visible on the sleeves and pants, unlike the real-life jerseys, which hide it on the interior of the sleeves. - It might be a bit much having two teams in the AL East whose City Connect jerseys are bright yellow, but I would point out that three of the four teams in the division have either solid black or solid dark navy-blue designs. C&C appreciated, and I hope everyone had a great weekend!
  11. Been meaning to comment on the last few teams: - Sacramento's "Kings" script lends itself perfectly to a baseball jersey. The primary logo, however, is a little busy looking for a cap design. How about going with a white front panel and using just the "SAC" from the logo but in purple, sort of mimicking the '83 White Sox caps? - Toronto's set is just about perfect. I might add a white outline to the maple leaf cap logo, so it picks up some of the white from the jersey. - The yellow piping almost completely disappears on Utah's road jersey. I'd make the piping black instead (and subsequently add a yellow outline to the wordmark) or use black-yellow-black triple piping like the Braves have. I also think the two alternates look a little too plain without any trim whatsoever. - I wonder if you could add front numbers within the bottom horizontal stripe of the Wizards' jerseys. White for the home and road, and navy for the home alt? - Portland and San Antonio looks great! Congrats on completing this series!
  12. Twins and Dodgers have designs coming out in June, and any team who debuted theirs in 2021 or 2022 is eligible to introduce a new design next year if they so choose, though nothing has been confirmed. The Nationals have already announced this will be the final year of their cherry blossom uniforms, so it’s a safe bet they’ll be introducing a new design in 2025.
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