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  1. How about the Orange County Angels?
  2. Thanks! And yeah, that sleeve patch design is excellent. Tonight we have the Toronto Blue Jays! BLUE JAYS HOME/ROAD ALT (1977-88) BLUE JAYS CANADA DAY ALT (1977-88) BLUE JAYS HOME ALT (2004-11) BLUE JAYS BLACK ALT (2012-Present) It blows my mind that for eight seasons a team called the Blue Jays didn't wear an actual blue jersey, so I've rectified that. Also, I decided to give the current Blue Jays set a black alt as a nod to their previous look. I think it works. The Nationals/Senators are next, followed by the '90s expansion teams. C&C appreciated!
  3. Great work on the Cascades! I love the double green. I agree that just purple and gold would work best for the NOLA team, based on the preview you posted.
  4. Thanks! Thank you! Tonight we have the Texas Rangers! RANGERS HOME ALT (1974-82) RANGERS HOME/ROAD ALT (1974-82) RANGER HOME ALT (1983) RANGERS ROAD GRAY (1983) RANGERS ROAD GRAY (1984) RANGERS HOME ALT (1986-93) RANGERS ROAD ALT (1986-93) RANGERS HOME ALT (1994-99) RANGERS ROAD ALT (1994-99) RANGERS HOME ALT (2000-08) RANGERS HOME ALT (2020-Present) I decided to work up a BFBS-style alt for the new Rangers set. It was tough balancing black, red, royal blue and light blue, and I'm not sure how successful I was, so let me know what you think. The Blue Jays are next!
  5. Oh definitely. The blue top could certainly be worn at home, but I figured I should designate at least one alternate as the away option. Thanks! Up tonight are the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cards have maintained a fairly consistent look over the years, so the alternates reflect the switch from a pullover design in the '70s back to the traditional button down style in the early '90s. CARDINALS HOME/ROAD ALT (1963-70) CARDINALS HOME ALT (1971-91) CARDINALS ROAD ALT (1971-91) CARDINALS HOME ALT (1990s-Present) CARDINALS ROAD ALT (1990s-Present) C&C is appreciated. The Rangers will be up next!
  6. Thank you! Up today are the one-season wonder Seattle Pilots! PILOTS HOME ALT 1 (1969) PILOTS HOME ALT 2 (1969) PILOTS ROAD ALT (1969) Despite only existing for one season, I decided to give the Pilots plenty of alternate options. C&C appreciated! The Cardinals will be up next.
  7. Excellent updates all around. Looking forward to whatever’s next!
  8. I agree with everything @MJD7 said about the Rebeldes. I don’t mind the face logo, but especially in today’s climate, I can guarantee someone would find reason to take offense to it, no matter your intention. I love your use of color, however.
  9. Thanks! After a bit of a delay, we are back tonight with the Seattle Mariners: MARINERS HOME ALT (1977-80) MARINERS HOME/ROAD ALT (1977-80) MARINERS HOME ALT (1981-86) MARINERS HOME/ROAD ALT (1981-86) MARINERS HOME ALT (1987-92) MARINERS HOME/ROAD ALT (1987-92) I apologize for the long delay. C&C appreciated, and the Pilots will be up next!
  10. A very classy, timeless looking identity. I really like it.
  11. Great work on the Redlegs. That “Cincinnati” script is beautiful. Curious to see a modern day White Sox had they kept their original “White Stockings” nickname.
  12. Apparently there’s a baseball team in Montreal called the Patriots, and their uniforms are pretty sharp.
  13. The new Padres roads look fantastic, and removing the white trim from the Yankees’ and Tigers’ sets is the way to go.