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  1. Thanks! Up next are the Baltimore Orioles: ORIOLES HOME ALT (1963-65) ORIOLES ROAD ALT (1963-65) ORIOLES HOME/ROAD ALT (1968-70) ORIOLES ROAD ALT (1975-87) C&C appreciated!
  2. Dodgers and Seals look great! Maybe a modernized version of the Seals should include an outline around the "SF" monogram? I also really like this take on the Giants. One suggestion I have is to replace the gold trim on the alts with cream. The gold doesn't contrast particularly well against the orange and black backgrounds, and the cream would pop better.
  3. Stumbled upon this on eBay. Any chance it’s legit?
  4. Well, it’s historically accurate:
  5. Hi everyone! I hope you're all staying safe and healthy during this strange, uncertain time. Since I've had more time on my hands than usual, I decided to revisit an extensive MLB project I began a while back. The premise is simple: What if each MLB team (except, of course, the Yankees) began adopting alternate uniforms starting in the 1960s? Rather than just choose an arbitrary year, I decided on 1963 as my specific starting point as that was the year the Kansas City Athletics introduced their solid green and gold uniforms. Some designs will be inspired by teams' era-appropriate batting practice jerseys, while others will be completely original. Also, teams with co-dominant colors (such as the Pirates and their black and gold) will get multiple alternates, one for each color. I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, but if I neglect to include a particular look from any team's post-1963 history--no matter how brief--please do not hesitate to point it out. I briefly considered posting teams by era, but given how convoluted that would become (some teams might introduce an alternate in the '70s and wear it for 20 years, while others might have one for only two or three seasons in the '60s, for instance) I ultimately decided to just go team by team in alphabetical order. Since the D-Backs were born in the era of alternates, we'll start instead with the Braves. C&C appreciated! BRAVES HOME ALT (1966-71) BRAVES ROAD ALT (1966-71) BRAVES HOME/ROAD ALT (1972-75) BRAVES HOME ALT (1976-86) BRAVES ROAD ALT (1976-86) BRAVES HOME ALT (2000s)* *The Braves introduce a gold home alt in the 2000/2010s because why not? I think it looks cool. I didn't do any late '80s-early 2000s alternates as they would look more or less the same as their current alternates. C&C appreciated!
  6. The new navy Angels alt is a welcome change! I like what you've done with the Rangers. I agree with @Yee Yee Go 'Stros! that you should use the block "TEXAS" on the road set. Other than that, everything looks great!
  7. I really like that powder blue alternate, but unfortunately I think it clashes with the cream colored pants. If the pants were plain white, it'd look great. I also wish there was a way to incorporate powder blue into the cap design. For the Kasota gold set, I agree with @MJD7 that the non-pinstriped home uniform should be the primary home set, as the pinstripes with drop shadowed scripts is too busy looking. Also, I don't know if this would look any good, but what if you flipped the trim colors on the red alternate's script? Gold outline with navy drop shadows? Overall I like the Metrodome set, and the alternate with the "M" logo is coincidentally very similar to a concept I have planned for an upcoming series. Looking forward to the Marlins!
  8. One nitpick: the first alt has double outlines on the script but only a single outline on the front numbers. I'd also make the script on the first alternate navy. I think the whole red on red look has really gotten stale and needs to be freshened up. And this is just my opinion, but I don't think any team needs two alternates of the same color. I know you really want to embrace the red, but I'd make one of them navy.
  9. I’d still keep the navy, but think about using a brighter shade of teal, as @QCS suggested. There needs to be more contrast between the navy and teal since they’re co-dominant colors. Love the updated Colt .45’s! The navy and metallic gold fit well with the Old West, gunslinger identity. However, I would add a white outline around the cap logo since the gold is so dark, or go with a lighter shade of gold.
  10. I actually think the flipped outline colors on the D-Backs are an improvement, but different strokes, I guess. The Braves also look great!
  11. Nice start to this series! I really like what you've done with the Astros. Combining their 2000s "railmen" scripts with their modern colors is a nice idea and makes for a clean, fresh look. The A's look pretty solid, too. Unfortunately, the M's don't really do it for me. If you really want to use powder blue, I'd just make the road set powder blue instead of gray--the powder trim doesn't look good against the gray road jersey. I'd also make the Mariners cap logo white (instead of teal) with a light blue outline. I'd then make the script on the teal alt navy with white trim. Keep up the good work!
  12. Small suggestion for the sand set: Flip the turquoise and black outlines on the numbers and scripts, since the turquoise bleeds into the sand a little.
  13. Love the idea of a “Cooperstown Collection” alternate for each team, and it works really well for Arizona given the popularity of their original look and colors. Really digging the new template, too!