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  1. Great job! That home set is an absolute stunner. P.S. I love the updated Astros road set with the "Houston" wordmark.
  2. The Astros look sharp! Love that you went with the dusty cream look for the roads. The numbers style fits them perfectly. Any thought given to using a "HOUSTON" wordmark in the same style as the "ASTROS" one for the road?
  3. Nice work on the Brewers and Cards!
  4. Love the Phillies. Always great to see them in that retro color scheme.
  5. I'm not feeling the underscored "C" logo from the first set...I think it worked on the "M" logo because the underscore follows the curve of the bottom of the "M," but the "C" doesn't have that same curve. The "Carolina" script from the second set, on the other hand, is superb! Looking forward to finally getting to the Expos!
  6. I think there's some potential there with a black/white/green color scheme. Maybe once you finish the series you can revisit the idea?
  7. It looks like it’s got a slight blue tint to, but I wasn’t sure.
  8. You’ve definitely put your own stamp on the Twins! I love the red heavy home set. Just curious, is the road set supposed to be powder blue?
  9. Great job on Cleveland! I really dig the navy/maroon combo. I think you could lean into the Cavaliers look even more and add a splash of yellow-gold to break up the dark colors a bit.
  10. God, I hate that black sleeveless alt.
  11. Yep, I’m pretty happy with how the Sox turned out!
  12. Great job on the Royals. I really dig that Monarchs-inspired alt. Very creative!
  13. Here's one that was definitely new to me. Apparently when the Padres were to move to D.C., one of the names they mooted was "Pandas."
  14. I like what I’m seeing!