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  1. Thanks! We've reached the final team in the series, the Houston Astros! ASTROS HOME ASTROS ROAD ASTROS HOME/ROAD ALT Despite not being much of a football fan, I’ve always loved the Houston Oilers’ uniforms, and for some reason their logo left a huge impression on me as a kid and helped spark my interest in sports design. Because in my re-colored universe both the Cubs and Tigers wear navy and orange, I decided the Astros would require a very different color scheme. Also, I figure one of the Texas teams should sport red, white and blue, so Houston it is. Therefore, in my recolored league, the Rangers look like the Spurs and the Astros look like the Rangers. C&C appreciated! I'll post the Rangers in Dallas Stars colors next.
  2. Thanks! The green and red touching is exactly what I was trying to avoid with my design, so I'll probably keep it as-is. Thanks! I'll work on tweaking the Mariners. And once I get through the last couple teams, I might go back and try the Rockies in Nuggets colors. Up today we have the St. Louis Cardinals! CARDINALS HOME CARDINALS ROAD CARDINALS HOME ALT CARDINALS ROAD ALT I wasn't originally going to touch St. Louis, but @TrueYankee26's suggestion to put the Cardinals in the colors of the St. Louis Blues--specifically their mid-90s look, because you can't have a team called the "Cardinals" without at least some red--earlier in this thread changed my mind. I like the idea of emphasizing yellow a bit more for the Cards and using a non-navy shade of blue. I decided to give the Cards contrasting front numbers and two alternates, a red one which would be worn at home and a blue one that could be worn both at home and away. And with the Cubs sporting navy and orange in my recolored league, there'd be no visual overlap between the two heated rivals. C&C appreciated. The next and final team is a surprise, and then I'll post the Rangers in Stars colors and Yankees in maroon as @Megildur requested.
  3. I figured with the red on the socks, sleeve patch and cap logo there's just enough red so that they don't become the Green Sox. Any suggestions on where else I could add some? That wasn't deliberate, just an oversight on my part. Good catch. Here's the corrected road uniform with the corrected script: Thanks! And speaking of the Rockies... ROCKIES HOME ROCKIES ROAD ROCKIES HOME ALT ROCKIES ROAD ALT With the Phillies donning Kelly green and black (coupled with the fact that I increased the number of purple teams in the league three-fold) I figured it left the door open for another team to own the burgundy and blue colorway. I put the Rockies in the colors of the Colorado Avalanche, trying to balance burgundy and steel blue while using silver as an accent. Blue is the dominant color at home while burgundy is emphasized on the road. C&C appreciated! I'd also love to get some more feedback on the Mariners. The Cardinals are up next. Only a few teams left!
  4. Good job! I would suggest that the script on the home and road jerseys should be orange, though.
  5. Thanks, man! I have the Rockies ready to go, but they won't be in Nuggets colors. I might try them in Nuggets colors sometime down the road. I remember those. Much more muted green, so the red touching green actually worked on those jerseys. Up today are the Seattle Mariners! MARINERS HOME MARINERS ROAD MARINERS HOME ALT MARINERS ROAD ALT At this point I may as well have titled this series "Recoloring most of MLB" because the Mariners again are not a blue and red team. I do, however, feel their current look has gotten a bit stale, so I decided to bring back the more streamlined early Griffey era look and combine it with the colors of the Seattle Kraken. If the Marlins refuse to bring back the teal, then maybe the Mariners could own this shade. C&C appreciated! The Rockies are up next.
  6. The Padres look good! I would incorporate orange into the pinstriped road set, since it shows on the other three designs.
  7. Today we have the Boston Red Sox! RED SOX HOME RED SOX ROAD RED SOX HOME ALT RED SOX ROAD ALT This one is a pretty straightforward swap of Boston's navy for Celtic green. The key rule is to not allow red and green to touch (except, I guess, on the cleats) so no outlines on the home and road primaries. Red is emphasized at home and green on the road, although I suppose the green alt could be worn at home, as well. C&C appreciated! The Mariners are next.
  8. I've often wondered what MLB uniforms would look like in the fictional timeline of BTTF Part II. Nearly every other aspect of fashion went off the rails in that film, so I'd have to believe that baseball uniforms would have been no exception...
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I never thought of those colors together for the Royals, but I guess they could work! And I'm glad I'm not the only fan of the volt era Hawks. Thanks again! The anti-Spurs colors for the Rangers message is coming through loud and clear. I'll be uploading a version of the Rangers in Stars colors at the end of the series. This evening we have the Milwaukee Brewers! BREWERS HOME BREWERS ROAD BREWERS HOME ALT BREWERS ROAD ALT This is probably the most '90s concept I've ever done. Again, the Brewers aren't a blue and red team, but I wanted to inject some more green into MLB, so for the Brewers I looked to the mid-'90s Milwaukee Bucks. I made the home uniform cream ("Cream City") and used wheat as a trim color. The home alt is probably my favorite of the bunch. Let me know what you think! Speaking of green, the Red Sox will be up next! P.S. With all these new purple teams in the league, maybe I'll have to tweak the color scheme of a certain historically purple team...
  10. This is one of my favorite concepts you've ever done. Seriously, the colors, the cap logo, the scripts. Ticks every box.
  11. Look on Page 1 page and you'll see I already tackled the Rangers, Cubs and Dodgers. I won't be changing the Jays since they really can't be anything but blue.
  12. Decided to go back and make some tweaks to the Nats. The primary home now uses the "W" crest rather than the "Nationals" script, I lightened the road gray and flipped the colors on the second home alt and the piping/trim is changed across the board. NATIONALS HOME NATIONALS ROAD NATIONALS HOME ALT NATIONALS HOME ALT 2 NATIONALS ROAD ALT Let me know if you think this is an improvement or not!
  13. You're both right! As promised, today we have the Washington Nationals! NATIONALS HOME NATIONALS ROAD NATIONALS HOME ALT NATIONALS HOME ALT 2 NATIONALS ROAD ALT The '90s Capitals' and '90s Wizards' colors schemes are nearly identical--both using the colors of the U.S. Presidential seal--but I opted for the Capitals' brighter shade of copper. Of course, I'm not the first person on this forum to try the Nationals in Wizards/Capitals colors. I actually think the Nats pull off the traditional RWB really well, but this is an interesting look nonetheless. C&C appreciated! A surprise team is up next.
  14. How are things going with the Brewers?
  15. Thanks! I agree about the green Devil Rays. It's a shame that set is synonymous with some really bad baseball because it had the foundations of a solid look. We move on today to the Los Angeles Angels! ANGELS HOME ANGELS ROAD ANGELS HOME ALT ANGELS ROAD ALT This one is a mashup of a few different ideas. From the outset I wanted to try the Angels in Mighty Ducks colors, but I wasn't sure which Angels look to apply that scheme to. The current one has outstayed its welcome, IMO, so I decided to revive their early '70s look with some tweaks. I also chose yellow over silver as the secondary color for a much needed pop of warm color. Thanks to @Carolingian Steamroller for helping with the drop shadowed scripts and numbers. C&C appreciated as always. The Nationals will be up next!