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  1. That 70's Show (1998-2006): No episode with a scene in the Foreman basement was complete without that Packers helmet hanging out under the stairs. Not to mention, this from an older thread: _________ The Good Place (2016-2020): Enter Jason Mendoza. Quite possibly the biggest Jags fan I've ever encountered, and even moreso for Blake Bortles. Can't find the right screenshot, but he does play an exhibition game of Titans/Jags on Madden 18. And no, this isn't a typo considering that Bortles is no longer a Jaguar. But yes, that is Lisa Kudrow as a guest star in a fake Jags jersey from an episode that aired this January.
  2. This March has turned into something like that one day in July (looking at you, ESPYs night), but multiplied to infinity
  3. Although, I felt the now-retired package was more based off of CBS (the font choice feels more akin to that from their NFL graphics than anything at Turner IMO). Hopefully it pairs well with what CBS may bring with whatever changes come after Super Bowl LV, especially since they have the two most widely watched events of the year in sports next year
  4. I vividly remember the outrage in the 2017 MLB thread from when the Reds were wearing these on a night when Scooter Gennett went on to hit 4 home runs vs the Cards in traditional road unis.
  5. Too much gold I think. Would have rather kept the number, roundel, and champion logos in their standard colors with only gold in the roundel stars and maybe even to outline the number.
  6. Way-too-early thoughts on the Ravens' uniform matchups at home next year:

    • vs CLE - Potential MNF vs TBD (Let's wait on the Browns new set to decide)
    • vs PIT - Black/purple vs Steelers white/yellow
    • vs CIN - Purple/white vs Bengals Color Rush would be interesting
    • vs KC - Though I expect this game to be a SNF matchup at some point during the season, I predict purple/white vs Chiefs white/red
    • vs NYG - I'd like to see the Giants wear the Color Rush white against a non-division team. Maybe we'll see it vs Ravens in purple/black
    • vs DAL - This has potential to be an early season game. If it's a 1pm game within the first two weeks, expect white/purple or white/black to force the Cowboys into the special-occasion blue and grey. Otherwise, all-purple or all-black if primetime vs the classic Dallas white/grey
    • vs JAX - Purple/white vs Jags in white/teal or white/black
    • vs TEN - Assuming the Color Rush comes back next year, I say they wear it against the Titans white/navy.
  7. This is why I prefer FS Radio over CBSSR, where the hosts can hold their own ground. I could even put up with ESPN Radio, but sadly the ESPN affiliate here is a news station that would only air them unless it's any of the championship games. They'll put on Navy football any given Saturday before ESPN Radio. Also, while I'm on the topic, I want to rant about one local station in Baltimore. It's getting hard to listen to when the lineup of hosts is so thin, the 9pm-12am is sometimes working weekends. Then it in turn forces national radio to start early (9pm on Saturdays and 6 on Sundays without midday sports). I know terrestrial radio is a dying breed thanks to smart phones, unlimited data plans, aux cables, smart speakers, etc., but when I'm not in a music mood in my car, I'd much rather hear a local guy give his take on who the Ravens will sign this offseason at 9:24pm on a Saturday as opposed to CBSSR for the rest of the night.
  8. I like these new graphics. Before kickoff, the graphics alone had me thinking we'll see something in the style of the 2003-2006 scoreboard, but instead we got that clashed with elements of the first MNF scoreboard of the ESPN era. Pretty sure we'll see some modifications for the upcoming regular season and/or XFL games to clean up the on-field down and distance. I'm really intrigued to see what fonts we'll see (and how they look) for the other 30 teams in the league (or at the very least, every other team that will have a game on Fox next season). One thing I'm almost certain of is that we won't get the comic-book player figures for their TD scoring plays. Can't imagine that's worth showing off outside of a Super Bowl. I think the TD graphic will look more like it did for non-featured players if no changes are made on that end Edit: Just food for thought if it's worth a discussion, but what fonts do you think the other teams should get? Obviously, some teams we might have to wait on depending on whether new uniforms or logos will come with a new font. Someone had brought it up on another forum site and I decided to take a deeper dive here.
  9. The only reaction that can sum this up...
  10. Fairly new if you ask me, but I didn't know they updated this
  11. I feel your pain. I had a dream or two of a purple-doused Miami this Super Bowl.... ...and then Saturday happened
  12. Ravens purple/white vs 49ers white/gold or Seahawks white/navy would be good. But if they were to go white tops, I'd prefer a repeat of one of two matchups we've seen this season (and preseason). What I don't want is a repeat of Ravens/Niners from XLVII. Seeing those same two uniform combos from that game in another stadium feels like it would throw me off. Well all-black is 0% going to happen, but my gut says the Ravens would put on purple/white like the season opener vs the Dolphins... Or they'd pair the white jersey with the white pants or purple. I know I said above I'd love white/black vs GB green/yellow, but unless the Miami warmth doesn't factor into their choice, I can't see them wearing black pants in the big game should they make it.
  13. Not sure if it counts, but there was a time in the late 2000s where the Orioles wore orange BP jerseys at home. Obviously, this was before the cartoon bird's grand return in 2012 that gave us full-time orange alternates, so it was the closest you'd see to being legit at the time.
  14. I think it goes without saying that there are a great share of radio shows, local and national, that have a podcast functioning with "best-of" and/or fully replayable episodes. I'm not exactly sure how if that podcast you mentioned is streamed exclusively or not, but if it isn't, then I could see why the hosts pick up that habit easily. As for sports talk shows, I think that interaction with callers is necessary. For instance, I listen to one station in Baltimore where the weeknight and weekend shows do more fan interaction with texts and calls throughout with about 1-2 interview segments thrown in. Very much different from the weekday shows that are doused with ads, have dedicated "segments", some contests, etc. My point being...I don't think that's going away. It's been mentioned before that stations know only a fraction of their listeners actually call in. There's a saying I came across that about 10% of listeners call in to these local stations. So without that interaction, said shows are no different from the streaming podcasts that are pushing sports radio off its totem pole.
  15. 2014 ALDS, Game 1 (Tigers at Orioles): First year working at OPACY as an usher and I only attended three of the four postseason games at the Yard. I missed Game 2 (probably the peak moment for many O's fans in recent memory), so the series opener was my happiest day I ever experienced. Watching the infamously mediocre Tigers bullpen get destroyed by the O's offense made for the most fun game I've attended, even better than any game I'd attended before/after my 3 years working at OPACY. 2012 AL Wild Card (O's at Rangers): Of all the postseason games I enjoyed, this IMO beats the 2014 games. I didn't attend this game...hell, I only started listening to the game halfway through as I went home, then watched from the 6th down to the final out to watch. And I gotta tell you, I was definitely the happiest man in the house running around in celebration! Not to mention, in the midst of TBS' rough playoff coverage, Ernie Johnson's call was beautiful: "...and the magical season of the Baltimore Orioles continues!!" 2013 AFC Divisional (Ravens at Broncos): The Mile High Miracle. Need I say more??? 2009 East Finals, Game 6 (Cavaliers at Magic): Probably the best day in the 9 years of being a fan of a Dwight Howard-led team. Is it safe to say that 2009 Magic team handled the Cavs in that series? It sure as hell felt like it. was 3-1 going into Game 5 and I personally felt that they had the series in the balance. But back to Game 6....that was the pinnacle of Dwight's career as far as team success and it felt so good having settled onto the Magic back in November of that associated regular season.