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  1. Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but I have started to see the new logo rollout. I don't know when this started exactly, but maybe Opening Day of MLB was the start of things, considering the fact that we're a week into the season and (besides physical bank locations and ATMs) all signs of the old logo are gone.
  2. Can't wait to see what they will have in store...though I'm honestly worried how it would work in orange. The idea of a script and number filled in the flag pattern like before doesn't look good when I try to picture it in my head. And the flag as a background would be an utter disaster too... Nonetheless..time will tell
  3. I've gone on record that I'm ready for a change from TNT (currently in its 5th season having used these graphics). While it is an absolute beauty, especially with how they incorporate cities, I'd say the 2010-11 set was superior. It brought more color and the transitions had full-screen shots of key locations in town or the city skyline.
  4. I agree with you...not completely, but design-wise, I like most of what the uniform has going on. Took me a trip to the MLB Shop to realize the double piping is a bit trippy to the eyes and everybody knows what's up with that number placement. I don't I'm watching it on TV, it doesn't really irritate me though. I often think I'm just seeing more red in the piping. If I had to make a change to save my life, maybe remove the front number and call it a day, but that's my unpopular opinion for the record.
  5. I think the O's should just take advantage of their throwbacks and use them more often. Since 2010, I can recall only several occasions where they did just that. There's a game in 2013 where they busted out these against the Rays' 70's fauxbacks: They put on these two following year: We saw 60's throwbacks in 2016: And then there was also that one uni from 2017 in that one pic a few posts above. Me personally, I'd like to see more of those 70's throwbacks from the days of Earl Weaver. The O's are getting out of some ancient ways as far as ownership goes, so maybe more throwback nights are coming soon while the rebuilding ensues. Also, it would be nice to see them do it on the road at least one game every year. That O's-Rays game from 2013 was a perfect example.
  6. Also, the O's primary still pop up in scoreboard graphics, but that's about it. Also, if I find some pics, I believe in the early days at Oriole Park, the gates were not decorated with the birds on them (at the very least, not until the late 90's maybe)
  7. I thought it was mentioned before the start of the season that it wasn't going to be used, but it turns out we were wrong....the Ravens CR is BACK. And it's official:
  8. I meant to reference their gray pants instead of their whites in the color rush set from last year in my last post, so pardon my typo there. Also, with the Ravens black making a comeback, I'd like to hear a hell yeah for the people in the back who have been waiting...
  9. I really was expecting the Pats traditional home navy on white since we're getting the once-every-4-years Brady/Rodgers game (possibly the last barring a SB matchup). Maybe it's just the fact that I'm used to their current set. Also, IIRC, didn't the Packers wear their faux throwbacks at home back in 2014 when they last played New England?
  10. I'll admit, I missed the thread in the latter half of the week and almost thought going to Ravens-Saints yesterday we would see purple-on-black. I guess that's what I get for sitting so high up in the stadium. But getting a closer look at it, the all-purple uniform is beautiful. Didn't think it would get such high praise, but it worked out! Just going to pray that as they wear purple pants more, that it doesn't fall into cursed uniform territory. As for the Panthers....I can't stand their choice of black pants to go with their white jerseys. Big NOPE for me.
  11. Even though Big Blue is all around bad right now, they're currently an 0-fer in 3 games wearing their Color Rush/throwback unis. Then again, they've only worn them against their bitter division rivals (twice against the Eagles and last year vs Dallas)
  12. Not sure if this classifies as part of sports graphics, but NBC has a logo for the 2020 Summer Olympics:
  13. Honestly I'm not sure why ESPN feels the need to keep upgrading their graphics. I don't like this new scoreboard at all, and I think at the very least, they could have kept last year's scoreboard in tact for another year or two. I missed the game because I watched SNF, so I don't want to say too much more about it since there are full-screen stat boards as well; hence, I'll make my call come the regular season when it matters. Also, you never know if there will be any additional changes. Remember how last year's scoreboard was left-justified for two preseason games, then moved to the center?
  14. Tonight we get to see the first game of TNF in the Fox era. So far watching the pregame, it looks like Fox is simply handing NFL Network their current graphics as I've seen elements of the current Fox Sports package.
  15. ESPN started using a new ticker this's now two lines of info on the screen instead of one single streamline of scores, news, etc. Also, it's split into two sections; the left side has all your stuff as usual, but the right hand side is pretty much ad space for anything ESPN is promoting, from their app to any games, shows airing later on. My biggest fear though is that other companies may take advantage of that to promote their stuff, as I don't like how ubiquitous ads are these days. Overall,it's a nice update for a bottomline that I thought could have been left alone for 8-10 years.