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  1. Since every league didn't get to bring back fans all at once for all teams, the first game with a sellout crowd for every team post-pandemic will be memorable. I was hoping that the first games with fans back would have that pageantry of honoring frontline workers in pregame presentations.
  2. IIRC, the Steelers wore CR for the Christmas Day game in 2016 and the game started early enough for a little bit of daylight.
  3. Way-too-early thoughts on the Ravens' uniform matchups at home next year:

    • vs CLE - Potential MNF vs TBD (Let's wait on the Browns new set to decide)
    • vs PIT - Black/purple vs Steelers white/yellow
    • vs CIN - Purple/white vs Bengals Color Rush would be interesting
    • vs KC - Though I expect this game to be a SNF matchup at some point during the season, I predict purple/white vs Chiefs white/red
    • vs NYG - I'd like to see the Giants wear the Color Rush white against a non-division team. Maybe we'll see it vs Ravens in purple/black
    • vs DAL - This has potential to be an early season game. If it's a 1pm game within the first two weeks, expect white/purple or white/black to force the Cowboys into the special-occasion blue and grey. Otherwise, all-purple or all-black if primetime vs the classic Dallas white/grey
    • vs JAX - Purple/white vs Jags in white/teal or white/black
    • vs TEN - Assuming the Color Rush comes back next year, I say they wear it against the Titans white/navy.
  4. Also, don't ask who I'm rooting for in the Stanley Cup final because I have friends on BOTH sides of the series ?

  5. @lexxxx_sanchez I respect that ??

  6. @sydneyxmiranda Not even a Rite Aid close to you that has them?

  7. @marykstevens I know just the remedy..... ?

  8. RT @LedoPizza: ? TJ Oshie Gift Card GIVEAWAY ? RETWEET & Follow to be entered to win a $25 #LedoPizza Gift Card! Two winners picked random…

  9. RT @KISSTroyerCat: Gahd damn it I was used to and fine with Snapchat stories being on the left and now it’s back on the right. Pick one and…

  10. Hmmm....this sounds so very familiar...agree, @lazyblazy? ???

  11. @AngryBlkWmn Which one? Foundry Row? The one next to Best Buy?

  12. RT @adultproblem: Being afraid to check your bank account is the adult version of being afraid to check your grades

  13. @jdolcourt First line of business: send Paul from Sprint back to where he belongs ?

  14. RT @stevestew12: Dread it, run from it, destiny still arrives. Less than 24 hours to go. #Avengers #InfinityWarIsHere

  15. @sydneyxmiranda @katyperry Can I tag along? ?