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  1. The BiG throwbacks were part of the uniform rotation since 2006. While the navy BiG caps didn't come along until 2016, BiG merchandise was around for quite some time competing with the barley M identity. So maybe the team wasn't exploring the switch for that entire time, but fans certainly had the opportunity to take sides.
  2. The Lightning are in the perfect position to go all in on electric blue. It's a shame they've opted for a boring royal blue. I'd also be down for navy or black + electric yellow. They have the opportunity to do something unique and instead look exactly like one of the sports' most classic teams.
  3. I would love to see the Sens incorporate metallic gold into more uniform details, such as trim on the numbers. White numbers with gold trim on a black jersey with red stripes would be sharp. Using too much metallic gold, such as a thick inner gold stripe, might bring us too close to Vegas territory.
  4. Blue, yellow, and red is the worst color scheme ever. I'm serious. It makes sense for St Louis, but it looks awful.
  5. If the team were to change, what would the timeline look like? There's a lot that goes into a name change, let alone the time it takes to roll out new merchandise. I'm wondering if we'll see a situation similar to North Dakota in which the team operates without a mascot for a season or two.
  6. Now that you mention it, I wonder if that was the intent.
  7. I miss stadiums without giant video boards. They take away from the experience of being present at the event. So many people end up watching the game on the big screen rather than the action on the field below. To me this is all about the concept of being in the present moment, rather than a distaste of technology. I understand that people want the best view or whatever, but I like the idea of just being present in the moment. I miss the days when simply being at a game was the whole experience. Now we have a giant screen to distract us momentarily from the little screens in our hands, all while the action is taking place right in front of us. I know it's way too late to ever return to such a time, but I wish we could just appreciate experiencing a live game without giant video boards.
  8. White Dodgers cap was only for batting practice, worn in 1999.
  9. I did the exact same thing, only with the Wings. I would pay good money for a Wings hat in reality. Excellent work as always!
  10. Also on that coaching staff, Dave Parker:
  11. I didn't realize that helmet style co-existed with those uniforms.