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  1. It's a tough color to get right across mediums. I thought the 2009 Oilers throwbacks were great, but even here you can tell the shades of blue aren't exactly the same. That being said, the Chargers should NEVER wear a powder blue helmet. Stick to white. Powder blue requires extra attention to color balance, due to how light it can be in contrast to dark colors, but how heavy it can be on its own or paired with a color like yellow. That's why the Royals' and Rangers' powder blue caps don't look great. The color balance is thrown off. In those cases, solid blue caps work better. Likewise, the Chargers need a white helmet to balance the colors properly.
  2. Isn't this still "light blue" compared to St Louis' pale royal blue?
  3. Winnipeg does. But I don't think that should prevent the future Nordiques from using powder blue.
  4. Oddly enough today is the anniversary of "the dress," showing just how much lighting can play tricks with our eyes.
  5. Definitely dark gray. A simple saturation adjustment on the photo usually helps reduce the effect of indoor lighting:
  6. Those uniforms are dark gray.
  7. The Twins wear their white uniforms for every home ST game.
  8. I guess they'll have to use Philly Frenetic instead.
  9. The Bucs should own orange. Bold orange (not creamsicle) jerseys in the Florida sun would look great. It's a great opportunity to own the color.
  10. The Jets need the primary logo as shoulder patches on the alternate sweater. And I'd prefer that to have a tie down collar as well. Otherwise their uniforms are perfect.
  11. I once proposed the Orioles use the cartoon logo on the cap while wearing the realistic bird as a sleeve patch and I thought I was going to be killed. People hated the concept because they couldn't accept two different representations of the same thing. I still think it's a fantastic idea. It has that old-timey baseball aesthetic of using a very detailed logo as the sleeve patch and a different logo on the cap.
  12. There are a few throwback logos.
  13. Not all the ST caps follow that format. I guess my use of "secondary logo" was misleading, as I meant it to mean secondary as in a second logo, rather than necessarily referring to secondary vs primary logo designations. Some of the caps use secondary/alternate logos, as ST caps often do. Some use the standard cap logos, only now they have another logo within.
  14. ST caps feature cap logos containing secondary logos within. For example, the crown logo within the KC on the cap for the Royals. New material as well, as seen above. Supposed to be available for retail in February.