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  1. Not bad...not sure why they'd have two letters for the Sex Pistols though. And the L is more Beatles than Zeppelin.
  2. Did EA screw up the Rangers’ Liberty/NYR shield too? Top half of the background should be red, not navy.
  3. In the EA graphics, the Kings logo seems too small, and the Nordiques logo is too far down the front.
  4. I'm not sure those are the final looks for the Avs for 20/21. It's possible for EA to be waiting for an unveiling and patch in updated jerseys later.
  5. This is frustrating because the EA NHL team has had the red cape version and original font in the game for years as a white jersey throwback. OT: How awful is it that EA is now offering NHL 94, but as a bundle. If you pre-ordered NHL 21 you got NHL 94 for free. If you buy it now you get it in a bundle. If you bought the game after release and before today, you're still out of luck.
  6. The intent was great, it just looked weird in a three--by-three-inch space. In real life I bet it'd be awesome.
  7. You're not close to the "Even though a lot of people like these and they sold exceptionally well on Tuesday, I'm going to announce to the board that these are all trash and look like fake jerseys that I made up in my head". level of :censored: posting
  8. They weren't a solid royal, they were always a little bit powder/sky/light blue. Although some pictures from the 70s sure seem like they are darker blue. Due to limited helmet colors back in the day, I've always thought they were the same color as Ole Miss's helmets, but the shades look different due to the contrast of the secondary colors.
  9. Sorta/kinda reminds me of mid-90s Boise State, especially with a similar (if not identical) script:
  10. Still waiting to see the jerseys you described. Don’t be that guy who :censored: posts just to :censored: post.
  11. They’ve had all black (tuxedo) and all red jerseys (red and white)...sounds like yellow jerseys are coming...though Conrad liked the orange jersey comment.
  12. Would have looked like Sacramento Kings throwbacks in just light blue, red, white.
  13. My favorites are Marlins, Tigers, and Diamondbacks. Good work with the Denver Bears, but could it work in purple and silver and black?