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  1. Pretty sure Arte bought the Angels for less than half of that.
  2. Top 3 contender.
  3. This could mean a lot of things. 1) The NHL will allow for two alternates or throwbacks for all teams (most unlikely, but we'll see) 2) Buying a red sweater now and a new white alternate next year will give you a Home and Away set 3) Calgary will change its road white jersey to a throwback, keep the red primary home, and continue to have one red throwback 4) The white throwback jersey will be the Heritage jersey
  4. Most pinstripe dress pants are subtle, and thus really aren't comparable to baseball pinstripes. I see many people wearing pinstripe pants without jackets, especially on warm days.
  5. Fans of the school in Chapel Hill would probably disagree.
  6. All pinstripe wearing teams don’t wear pinstripes on the road. Yankees, Cubs, Phillies, White Sox, Mets, Rockies...
  7. The Rockies alts' would look better if they just went with "ROCKIES". Fewer letters and simple coloring look better in the TNR font across the front. The '95-99 road aways were the best away jerseys they've ever worn. The Mets look pretty bad in the blue alt and the pinstripes. Headspoon piping flows...right into pinstripes? Ugh. I just hope the Rockies' pants have piping too. Plain white pants is just way too bland with colored alternates. OFF TOPIC...don't know if it's being discussed elsewhere, sorry if I missed it is Paul's last day at ESPN. I think that sucks, and I'm no huge fan of the guy. He had a great run at ESPN. And either I've changed or Paul's changed recently (perhaps after his big decision last year)...but his content has been pretty on-point the last few months. Seems like fewer externalities and more logo stuff.
  8. Not feeling the Spiders...I think I'd want more design than the incredibly basic/bland stuff they currently use. I'm not sure taking the piping off would be an upgrade. The sleeve patch is cool. Love the Rays...I like it all, gradients and everything.
  9. The updated UCI one is good... I like the vast majority of these. They somewhat remind me of Zephyr Hat's old X-line collection, which is a good thing...Zephyr made a lot of money off of a few of those (Syracuse, Michigan, et al).
  10. No thanks. The Jets don't need to be a reminder of a different franchise, and the Jets don't need silver.
  11. I don't think it looks awful, but I think a regular chrometech (or whatever it's called) upper-chest patch would have been just fine.
  12. Some of the most classic jerseys in the league have been purple, and the Heat's pink is "fire"
  13. Pardon my lack of searching...did they wear something similar last year?