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  1. 2020 NBA Draft hat? Looks legit. Not my pic, found online.
  2. Nothing confirmed...just speculating... Northwestern FB tweeted about the 1995 season like 9 billion times this week...gotta think '95 throwbacks are coming for the 25th anniversary of Rose Bowl. Also...I think this is just for retail only...but Gator throwback in the works?
  3. The new road grays for Pittsburgh are fantastic. Great to see that script again.
  4. Really no different than an NFL team celebration in the end’s just really awful that players are clever and like to have fun...
  5. Gold as an accent color really works for the Nats. These unis have way too much gold...but it’d be great if they could find a way to use it again.
  6. As someone noted earlier the S is similar to the Seagram's S... But it reminds me of the font used on college diplomas...I think that's where the familiarity kicked in for me:
  7. I think the extra gold will look fine if the sleeve and back numbers are white (or black) with red outlines. Kinda thinking it'll look better in full jersey context.
  8. Remember CCSLC member @GiantPacificOctopus? He probably should go buy some lottery tickets.
  9. Burgandy numbers in a white circle - with the same athletic gold outline - would actually look pretty good. Kind of a racing vibe. Never thought I'd see the day where we'd have two modern-era NFL teams with numbers on the sides of helmets.
  10. The wordmark is very similar to the Ravens new social media wordmark, no? (the beveled one)...It feels very familiar. I don't like they went with Kraken...but since they did, they really did a good job with the brand.
  11. But I think there was attachment to the blue/red/white, and the new Jets ended up going heavily with double blue instead. The Heritage jerseys appeal to the fans looking for the blue red and white, I think...could be wrong.
  12. Maybe think about the concept for more than two seconds. But I appreciate your snarky hostility.
  13. It still sucks. So many better names. The political demographics of DC would never support some "DC Militia" name.
  14. The Patriots literally have militia men firing guns in the endzones after scores. It's literally the exact same concept if the focus is on the Revolutionary War.