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  1. The white pants are new, though, right? I don't think they had them last year. Usually yellow or blue pants, I think.
  2. Hope this is a throwback or fauxbauck or something. It’s very generic. .
  3. Once again, stripes on the pants would make this a lot better.
  4. The Angels have a red hat logo and red numbers, as opposed to the Phillies white P logo and white numbers. Arguably way too much scarlet red for a team that has navy blue, silver, and a darker shade of red.
  5. Wait, stripeless pants for BC? How did they screw that up? If you go with stripeless helmets from the Flutie era, wouldn't it make sense to bring the white/maroon/white stripes back on the pants? (Maybe they thought "cleaner" updated jerseys would look weird with Flutie era helmet/pants).
  6. I love the old school logos on the sleeves - I have an earlier post in here that I like the Glenn Foley set, and these come close - but the logo at the collar is just stupidly redundant.
  7. I thought it was just gonna be for the pandemic...but yeah it officially sucks. Five years...
  8. Agreed...but it is kinda odd how "The" is on some Bronx locations but not others. Bronx Zoo, Bronx Park. The official mailing address of a location within the borough is Bronx, NY. A Bronx man is a man from the Bronx. Borough of the Bronx (River) was the original reason why it has the definite article. The state's website just calls the county just "Bronx County" https://www.ny.gov/counties/bronx Encylopedia Britannica refers to the borough as just "Bronx". https://www.britannica.com/place/Bronx-borough-New-York-City
  9. The red bandana was used in a lot of historical Pirates logos though.
  10. The wordmark feels squished, seems like it'd look a lot better stretched out a bit. Turquoise outlines around either the wordmark or the number would have been cool. The S-snake design is pretty cool.
  11. I think it was to create urgency for the city to approve rather than getting a better deal financially. If the city didn't approve it this summer, it could be another year before it was approved.
  12. I think the squatchee is navy so it doesn't look like an exact copy of the Blue Jays' alt hat, and it doesn't have a red squatchee so it doesn't look like a copy of the Anaheim Angels' 1997-2001 alt hat (with that said, I wouldn't mind seeing the Angels reverse-retroing it and using a modified-color version of the current logo on navy/light blue hat for an alt).
  13. I touched on this a few pages ago; I think going back to the more simplified wheel-and-spokes with the modern B would look great. NBCSN kind of hints at what it would look like in the studio graphics, when their digital effects "wash" over the current logo. Going back to the yellow wheel and B on the black jerseys and black wheel and B on the home jerseys would be a good move, IMO, as teams embrace retro looks. There are a lot of outlines on the current spokes. It's not a bad logo by any means, but it could definitely be cleaned up a bit. And @andrewharringtonor @ebod39 haven't really confirmed the changes, so I'm still thinking it's only a rumor until the team unveils it.
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