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  1. I agree with this. When you're watching the game or you're looking at know it's the Steelers (like DNASports' photo...we know that's the Steelers in the photo and not Iowa or somebody). Additional logos like a patch on the shoulder are marginal for identification of the brand, especially with the NFL logo on uniform elements.
  2. Yeah the one on the left is definitely better as it's "less is more". The one on the right just has too many things that are redundant.
  3. I hope not. "Here at New Era, we are on a never-ending quest to to provide the best performance materials to be used in warm weather, to meets the needs of world-class athletes. Next year, after years of testing thousands of sweat-wicking materials, we'll be debuting 1980s-style mesh hats for Spring Training and Batting Practice."
  4. Looks like a jersey Shane Falco would wear, which is funny, since Keanu Reaves probably has as good a chance as any to be the Pats starting quarterback next year.
  5. I'd say the Ravens' tapered helmet stripes are pretty dated. A single purple stripe would probably look pretty nice, or a purple stripe with thin gold stripes would look good too.
  6. The biggest disappointment of the 25th jersey was that it was black. Eggplant would have been the better choice. And yes I know they wont the Cup in black...but it's really boring.
  7. Honestly...not really. Eggplant is such a great color compared to black. And since the Kings wear black, I'd hate to wear black if I was a Duck. Bring back the eggplant and jade (great colors for a young Southern California team).
  8. Yeah, Phil Hecken described the white unis this way: Though I thought at some point is was referred to as "Pacific Blue" but I might just be misremembering.
  9. No it stands for Google.
  10. I do hope the Caps’ RR is the jersey that leads to a home/road change in a couple years.
  11. I'd say the weakest are the Rockets, Raptors, and Mavericks. The rest are all good to great. The Raptors just has too much of a Bulls vibe for some reason.
  12. 60th is diamonds (same with 75th). 50th is gold. 60th anniversaries are common in baseball. And they've also become popular in the NFL...all/almost all teams from the AFL had 60th anniversary logos in 2019, along with the Eagles, Browns, Steelers, Cowboys, Lions, and Vikings in their respective years.
  13. It was teased on the Unified video, but the Angels unveiled their 60th Anniversary logo. Only will be used on hats, and apparently no sleeve patches (because apparently the two current patches couldn't be replaced...'tis stupid).
  14. This looks pretty "close" to maroon to me but YMMV
  15. The outlines are silver for their “25th” anniversary. Been wearing silver outlines in the Kachinas all season. Looks better with regular burgandy outlines.