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  1. Cool template, but the seams on the abs going over the number is a pretty clear sign of photoshop too.
  2. I'm still looking for posts where you called it periwinkle before the unveiling...You called it a "new blue" but it's the same blue... You could have said "The Chargers are not going with navy anymore" ..."light blue and yellow only for the Chargers" ... "If you like classic colors, you'll love the new Chargers logo". Instead you went with "pretty much purple". There are a hundred different ways to describe the Chargers new logo/wordmark without using "purple".
  3. Mike Reiss (Patriots beat reporter) said new Pats unis would be revealed over the next couple of months...but really, they should do it as early as possible so we can see them.
  4. Yeah from 1992-1995, the Patriots wore four different sets.
  5. Possibly; Parcells was hired in January of 1993, new logo was unveiled March 31, 1993. 1993 was the first year the Patriots went with Apex unis, I think.
  6. Yeah I think Mike Reiss wouldn't have said subtle if new helmets were coming.
  7. I dunno...I have to assume that Edelman photoshopping himself onto 1999 Bledsoe was not by accident. He could have posted a photo of him in 80s throwbacks (with a caption like "White helmets? What?"), or he could have photoshopped himself on 1993 Bledsoe or 1994 Bledsoe...or even 80s Tony Eason, if he wanted to preview white helmets in a different way. I'm thinking the silver helmets stick around.
  8. There's also the argument that not every player wears the undershirt though. The photoshop is kind of a wreck because the right arm looks like the logo is on the jersey sleeve.
  9. Kraft didn't own the Patriots when they made the switch to blue unis (blue unis debuted in '93; Kraft bought the team in January '94). The Patriots had a lot of owners when they wore red uniforms.
  10. I'd say the 76ers are bit closer to the Patriots than the Capitals, especially with "Unite or Die" motto and dribbling Ben Franklin.
  11. What are these parts, and who is saying this? I mean, we've seen 80 different concepts and 50 different posts with dudes saying "I hope they go with white helmets!!"
  12. Belichick has stated at least once that the throwbacks are some of his favorite jerseys - I think it was in 2009 he was mic'ed up saying he liked the Patriots AFL uniforms but thought the Broncos' brown and yellow unis looked awful. If he really wanted to get rid of any and all frill, he would have done it years ago. I really don't see the Patriots going just plain navy jersey.