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  1. If there is any truth to that image, it looks like they'll have different stripes and different colors. And a wordmark for the crest is pretty different.
  2. All the comments I saw on Baylor Football's X feed mentioned the Packers. People have mentioned it here too...
  3. The best uniforms Baylor ever wore:
  4. No they wore them against the Angels in June of 1999, and then wore a different blue jersey with just the "LA" logo on the left chest in Pittsburgh in July of 1999.
  5. The new helmet is a pretty big downgrade. The matte finish with the smaller logo (CFCS) is going to look like a cheap replica retail helmet on the field. Should have stuck with glossy metallic paint (which looks better in the sun) and the bigger logo.
  6. Not sure if that comment was mine. My earlier comment was about OSV’s graphic and how the 1 and 2 appeared to be poorly rendered and too thin. On the jerseys they were fine.
  7. Cool post and it changed my view about the 1995 jerseys, as I thought it was Starter that designed them based on what I read in publications years ago. I always thought the number font error was just due to how companies treated replica jerseys at the time (and interestingly, Madden has used the wrong/replica font for years for the 90s Patriots jerseys, even on PS4/PS5 versions. Sega NFL 2k had the wrong font too but nobody cared because it was closer than what Madden had in 2000). Apex One folded in August 1994? I think you meant 1995? The Pats wore the 1994 Apex One jerseys for the 1995 preseason before debuting the new 1995 jerseys against Cleveland in Week 1. And which Maryland jerseys did Apex One design?
  8. The fix is better than the new (or old USM font as it is). I'd rather take this one than the one they went with. The old font looks to be a poorly drawn version because the 1 and 2 are way too thin. And as was mentioned, the old font was such a good match (if not perfect match) with the wordmark/NOB font. All that was taken out for no real reason.
  9. Navy and white versions of the yellow uniforms would make it a fantastic set.
  10. Definitely off-white. White pants would be pretty stark white in the same setting and would be much closer to the white jerseys the fans are wearing. The field doesn't reflect that much on polyester.
  11. Most agreements begin July 1.
  12. Wish teams could wear Classics for two or three seasons instead of just the one and done. Big fan of most…and this Timberwolves Classic was a good choice.
  13. Absolutely no reason for the Broncos to change number fonts…even USM realized this font kinda sucks.
  14. If the Dodgers add metallic gold and end up having something like the 2017 All Star hat, it'll be pretty cool. The gold seemingly ties in to the Oscars/Hollywood pretty easily.
  15. For some reason Pitt's graphics sent to EA included a gray facemask for both the yellow and the white helmets. Hope this is just sloppy oversight as the blue facemasks do look pretty good.
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