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  1. crazy that he's back as the GM... I thought for sure he would be team president with Holland retained.
  2. Chargers should go further and eliminate every trace of navy blue from their uniforms while they are at it.
  3. Can I get a University of Arizona styled red-white-blue stripe (but with the white stripe being the thinnest so that it reflects the logo)?
  4. GFB

    Name That Font!

    I'm almost certain that it is Prohibition.
  5. This is GARBAAAAAAAAGE. In what world is the bottom jaw/teeth of a bear twice the size of the snout/upper teeth?
  6. I’ll wait until I see the full resolution pics to give my full thoughts, but my first thought is that I wish they would have fully committed to the direction and put the shard on the helmet.
  7. My username is GhettoFarmBoy and this is the whitest thing I’ve ever read.
  8. If your “sport” uses a frisbee and there are no dogs involved, I will not take it seriously.
  9. I’m sure I’m alone in this opinion, but I’d take the Texans brand over the Oilers every day of the week.
  10. I agree with 99% of what you said, Cap. However, I want to stick up for the last design, as that is a really solid logo and shows a lot of restraint with the highlighting. Also, the second to last logo is supposed to be three jets in the shape of a maple leaf (originally a Winnipeg Jets concept); if you simplify that down to one jet and eliminate the trails, it's pretty close to the simplified designs you have in the second part of the post. Let's also not pretend that some of the less-complicated logos are very good either. There's strength in simplicity, but there's also a reason why many of those marks are only pieces of the logo and not the logo itself. Hats off to the Memphis Express brand.
  11. I guess this explains why Ferdinand prefers white uniforms at home
  12. but the painted face mask reminds me of this, therefore it is actually good