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  1. Just remember there are always people on the other side of errors like this... #Est1932 is a better hashtag anyway.
  2. I prefer last year’s Arsenal kit because of the brighter red and the absence of the ugly white paneling on the back of the shoulders, but Adidas is running laps around Puma at this point.
  3. high, high praise for the Kraken logos right here
  4. The nickname is silly but the branding is perfect and that more than makes up for the name. Good design can save a bad name but bad design can ruin a good one.
  5. Basically: - 2D logo returns, closer to the less-ornate ‘97 version than the original ‘92 version (no team name). - Home uniform is black with two red stripes (no white) - Road uniform is what you would expect (white version of 90s uniforms) - Alternate is happening, may or may not be red. - Black pants Still unclear: The author of the article makes no mention of the current, unused 2D logo (states the team hasn’t had a 2D logo since 2007), so we don’t know if the “near identical” logo is the current 2D logo or a new update of the ‘97 crest. Also, no mention is made of the colors of the sleeve numbers on the uniforms.
  6. My apologies @crashcarson15... I’m not up to date on the new thread policies.
  7. Something this year's Nike kits have made me realize is that I hate collar stylings when they aren't replicated on the sleeve cuffs.
  8. So, you’d be able to figure identity the Dutch, England, and Japanese crests with no context or knowledge but this crest would be a bridge too far? The only reason those crests are instantly recognizable now are because of years and years of conditioning to get to this point. This is such a unique mark in the soccer world, people will start making that mental connection at a much greater speed.
  9. You're both preaching to the choir in reference to the Sharks, but the original point was comparing the Sharks logo to "classic" hockey and four of the Original Six teams. Nine of the first twelve teams had simple crests depicting inanimate symbols and letters (the exceptions being the Blackhawks, Penguins, and Golden Seals), and that's not really the measuring stick the Sharks should be held to. All of the recent designs Bayne pointed out as "classic" with the exception of Tampa Bay and maybe Dallas are illustrations drawn in a modern style (I would consider most of them to be good logos, just not necessarily "classic hockey" logos). All anyone wants for a Sharks logo is simply a well-illustrated shark and the team is currently batting 0/3 in that category to varying degrees.