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  1. Phew, I thought I was going to look stupid for a minute there. Thanks for the link! That's phenomenal.
  2. These are guesses, but the outer shape feels directly inspired by classic bunting banners: while the sash feels like a nod to minutemen uniforms
  3. From a brand equity perspective, five-point stars are so common, that have a -- stretched-- star is something unique that you can somewhat call your own. I'm still getting used to it, so it does look a little weird at the moment, but that feeling might be something that goes away in time
  4. I already love the new Revs branding and I know I will die bunkered on this hill.
  5. @Ridleylash My post was specifically about the conflict of the Avs colors and not establishing a rule™ that you had to have all three tones to have a good uniform (in fact, I noted the opposite). I really like both the uniforms you shared, but those two color schemes have a few different dynamics going on. First, here's the HSB scale that I'm using (in case you're unfamiliar with it): Arizona's purple might not contrast with black on the brightness scale, but it certainly does on the saturation scale (the purple being heavily saturated and the black, not at all). The Rangers are a closer comparison, but the rich saturation of the royal blue and bright red helps push the two shades further away from one another. With Colorado, both red and blue shades are a "closer" distance from another because neither shade is close to fully saturated (I'm using Pantone values via TruColor here): (black line is Colorado, white line is New York) Perhaps the closest comparison I could make for Avs would be Minnesota, but that's another franchise that has struggled to balance their dark green and red colors over the course of their history. However I will say that the area where both the Rangers and Wild pass the Avalanche is that both teams use the less-bright color in their palette for the helmets (Colorado's burgundy is about 15% darker than the blue). If New York or Minnesota used red helmets, I think most people would agree that would look really off.
  6. The problem with the Avs elimination of black is that the shades of blue and red have very similar levels of brightness; there's almost no contrast between the two. To illustrate this, I'll use these desaturated photos. When you had black in the color scheme, the white and silver were the light-tones, the red and blue acted as mid-tones, and the black acted as your dark tones. While unconventional, black equipment balanced the uniforms out because there's almost no dark tones on the sweater outside of the hockey pucks in the logos. Once you remove black from the color scheme, the entire uniform is solely midtones and highlights. Other teams pull off "no dark colors" looks well enough, so that isn't entirely the problem, but because there's almost zero contrast between the brightness levels of the blue and the red, there's something jarring and a bit off about it. I'll be honest that the black equipment never bothered me and I much prefer it to the current blue equipment, but if the team was going to eliminate black, the better course of action would have been meeting in the middle of the black and current blue by using the navy the team had been using as an alternate... The contrast is much easier on the eyes here in my opinion, others might disagree. Personally, I'd hate to lose the Avs current shade of blue for another generic navy team, but I do think it's a better solution to accomplish what the Avs were attempting to do.
  7. I realize that no one else cares and that it’s the most tedious of differences, but because you’ve mentioned it multiple times, Sporting KC actually use a variant of Agency in their crest, not Bank Gothic.
  8. None of your Premier League analogies are comparable though; they are all informal nicknames that developed around the clubs over time. Manchester United was never Manchester Red Devil FC and Arsenal was never the Arsenal Gunners. If you're going to make an English analogy, the most apt one would be if Tottenham Hotspur rebranded as Tottenham FC and launched a video announcing the rebrand that stated "Forever the Spurs." Spurs fans would burn the club to the ground. I'm choosing to quote this directly because this is such an ass-backwards way of seeing things. All professional sports take place in a make-believe world. Any sort of value or authority these teams have are ONLY due to the emotional and financial investments by their fans. What would change the day-to-day reality in the lives of Jacksonville Jaguars fans if they won ten straight Super Bowls? Absolutely nothing. In other words, professional sports are nothing more than a service industry, and their financial stability and authority comes solely from keeping their audiences happy and engaged. If you're a Crew supporter, the club needs you far more than you need them. Crew supporters owe the club absolutely nothing; but the club owes them everything. That's why Cardiff City fans revolted to Vincent Tan attempting to rebrand them as Dragons and not Bluebirds. That's why the Super League failed. That's why this Columbus rebrand is a disaster. And if you are unable to grasp that concept, then there's no point in arguing with you.
  9. It’s amazing how far some folks will bend over backwards to justify dumb decisions. Look, if you think the new logo is the next Juventus mark, fine… go ahead and make that case. You’d be wrong, but you could try and I’d hear you out. But building your argument on “Is anyone telling you you can’t call them the Crew?” is insanity. Yes, it just so happens that the team is telling us that when they literally removed the word from their name. Don’t let any post-process marketing distract you from the facts: the fans loved the name and the people in charge didn’t care or listen to their advice. When the news leaked that this rebrand was coming and it became very quickly evident that it was going to be massively unpopular, the leadership tried to put the cat back in the bag as far as they could. That’s the only reason you see marketing spew like “Forever the Crew” and team spokespeople saying “We’re doubling-down on Crew” when their actions are saying the exact opposite.
  10. “We don’t have an identity so let’s go copy someone else’s” is already a complaint launched against the MLS and you just want to stoke those fires, eh?
  11. As a Wings fan, I think you’ve seen over the last few games with the Caps just how good Mantha can be if he’s put into a position to succeed and surrounded by skilled players. Everyone knows he’s big and has a great shot, but his skating and passing ability have always been under-appreciated. Sure, he’s might not give you the greatest defensive effort or cost you a goal every few games where he mentally switches off, but if you value what he brings you offensively, it’s an easy trade to make. The problem in Detroit was that Blashill doesn’t value offense as much as defense and played a system based on making safe, predictable plays and eliminating risk: basically, they dump and chase and try to keep everything in front of them. Maybe that makes sense if you consider competing with the talent deficiencies on the Red Wings’ roster, but in the context of player development, it’s not beneficial. Throw in a double-standard where veterans (like Helm, Glendening, Nielsen, and Filppula) are consistently given the benefit of the doubt while young players have to “earn” their minutes and are punished for their mistakes, you can see how someone like Mantha gets shoved down the lineup and frustration leads to a lack of effort. I hope nothing but the best for Mantha in Washington and have been encouraged to see him perform so well when he’s supported by good teammates and a system of play that suits his talents... he should be a productive member of the Caps for the next several years.
  12. That white set of pants looks really Arena League with the outlines, imo. That uniform is also far too orange-heavy when viewed from a distance: (plus the orange socks) The color rush pants would provide a better color balance by bringing more black to the uniform and also matching the helmet and the jersey stripes.
  13. Good points. Though I will say, the Bears' outline is almost twice as heavy as the Bengals: It's something that I could foresee being an issue and requiring a simple tweak in year 2, similar to what the Titans had to do.
  14. Two immediate thoughts: 1) The white numbers will be harder to read on the orange jersey. They need a thicker outline or they should be black. 2) The white pants with orange stripes have that black outline, which is jarring when every other stripe is one-color. Just have white with solid orange and white with solid black and then simply match the stripes on the jersey you’re wearing that day.
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