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  1. I’m all for universities carving out their own identity in the market, and now that Oregon has (mostly) reverted back to their traditional colors, I think USF staking claim to neon green is smart on their behalf. Honestly, USF doesn’t have the tradition or naturally appealing colors that Oregon does and it suits the location of South Florida (more tropical). Also, sandwiching the yellow-green between a yellow and a true green makes it much more palatable than how Oregon used the color (with blacks, greys, and metallics), similar to how the Milwaukee Bucks did in the Irish-rainbow era. All that being said, those football uniforms take it too far. The chrome helmet finish doesn’t look good in neon green (something matte would work better) and the monochrome look doesn’t give your eyes a place to relax.
  2. I’m not disagreeing with you that this variation is somewhat boring, but if we take a step back and ask “what’s the best concept to build a Golden Flash uniform around?” then I think something in the vein of the Birmingham Bolts + 2020 navy blue Chargers uniforms is much more interesting than a golden eagle or any other random mascot.
  3. this was the best concept Kent State had, it just needed to be executed a little better.
  4. Point1

    Not sure if you're aware of this blog using your old Bruins concept logo?


  5. Stop creepin' on me.

  6. Somehow, I have over 20,000 profile views. Chris Creamer has only 13,000. I'm sort of creeped out.

  7. IceCap

    I wanted to thank you for your kind words in the Duck Dynasty thread :) -Mike

    1. GFB


      Hey, I forgot that other people could comment on my feed, so I just saw this now! No problem, Mike... I hope you're having great 2014 thus far. - Matt

  8. Hey GFB, I remember you created the primary logo and word mark for my Roadrunners about 2-3 years ago and figured I'd tap you for this project if interested. Since we're nearing the end of the 2013 CFA season and my team has been well out of the playoff picture for a while, I wanted to give me club a more pronounced identity for the 2014. I'm looking to keep the primary as I think it is fantastic. But, I would like to introduce a secondary logo. I wanted to have a shield desi...

    1. GFB


      Hey, Sorry I missed this! PM me the details.

  9. This is so much better than Facebook. I can say "flywire piping" and not get de-friended.

  10. I'll be releasing the sig template in the next few weeks... hang tight!

  11. outkaz

    GFB man your sigs are unbelievable! Is there anyway I could get a Cam Newton Panthers sig.? Like the one you made for the CFA with the little guy and the team name? The one you made for the lions is awesome!

  12. Jahgee

    I find it funny that if you look up "CCSLC" on google, this profile comes up as one of the 4 bottom things.