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  1. Please please please no neon green for the jets, i dont wanna puke when they play the browns next year. That matchup would be bowling shoe ugly.
  2. Yeah concepts arent that great, but this thread is without a doubt entertaining with the possible fake account in there. I enjoyed it!
  3. What about an extra outline around it?
  4. Make the saints logo black with white outline
  5. Thanks, It was a guess and I was hoping someone would do the research
  6. Should be soon, i think most recent new logos were released before the super bowl
  7. White numbers on black jags jersey. On the redskins yellow, flip number colors and change striping to match the other jerseys. Great job!
  8. Stripe on the helmet, black facemask, and a set of white pants. Other than that, good work!
  9. 49ers: Just make the center sleeve stripe white on the home and put gold in between the red stripes on the away Raiders: Try a throwback to their early inaugural uniforms Other than that great job!
  10. I guess no changes to league logos within the next 2 years
  11. The american dream is to achieve you goals despite of your current situation