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  1. Forgets when Nike took over and forced half the league to wear toilet seat collars
  2. Yea, BIKE -- but they never specified which brand
  3. What I still don't understand was the removal of the helmet stripes. There was nothing racist about those.
  4. Their Little Giants unis still awful regardless of sock selection -- but at least the colors actually match
  5. When an NBA jersey doesn't match up with colors in their actual logo = AUTOMATIC
  6. The Packers don't bother me. But yea, mismatching stripes, round italicized digits, and leaving one side of the helmet blank/without a logo has always been so awesome...
  7. Too bad the teams didn't wear leather helmets and Vince Lombardi wasn't roaming the sidelines..
  8. EvErY tEaM sHoUlD WeAr ThE jErSiEs ThAy WoRn In 196O, eSpEcIaLlY tHe TaMpA bAy BuCkS!!!
  9. It's like how people get aroused by the Steelers uniforms, when every aspect of their uniform is hot garbage -- But a winning tradition makes their gear elite somehow. Same goes for Dallas.
  10. Why does this alarm you? Red is one of the 3 colors in Denver's primary logo.
  11. This was amazing. Let's do it again in 2017! #FlyTheW