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  1. Not to mention the Dumpsterbacks held, then blew a 7-0 lead in this game. No idea how their manager survives to see tomorrow.. No idea.
  2. He deserves a ring if the Suns win it all
  3. Obvious Phoenix Suns ripoff, but this type of motif would've been far more acceptable
  4. Phoenix, Arizona --> Boring city --> City connect uniforms should reflect this --> Black and sand uniforms
  5. To be fair to Blanda, he never got hair plugs or botox..
  6. Patrick Wisdom. That's the post.
  7. Cubs/Nike: We're representing all 77 neighborhoods! Also Cubs/Nike: WRIGLEYVILLE
  8. These needed to be red. You know, like the marquee outside Wrigley. Another Nike fail.
  9. Edmonton. Knocked. This. Out. Of. The. Park.
  10. My thoughts on all 30 of these hats
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