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  1. Yeah, this design is a bit like a combination of Philadelphia & Colorado. Funny enough, when the Edge switch happened the Thrashers ended up using the same template as the Avs at home, and the same template as Philly on the road.
  2. It'd be interesting to see what a red version of the current away jerseys would look like. I think that'd make a much better alternate than any blue jersey.
  3. I've always thought pinstripes on MLB road uniforms was an underrated look: Also, I liked the metallic gold basketball uniforms everyone seemed to hate: Plus here are a couple hockey uniforms that don't get enough love:
  4. The helmet horn has stayed the same (colours aside) for over 70 years. There's no need for any modernization. You don't see the Packers or Bears updating their helmet logos even though the fonts they use aren't seen anywhere else in their branding.
  5. Well the Canucks are a fairly unique team when it comes to pro sports design, so they're a lightning rod for debates like the ones that go on here. They have a relatively long history, and have used 3 completely distinct colour schemes & 3 different primary logos, each of which is favoured by a segment of the fan base. There are some comparable situations in other sports (Padres, Nuggets), but there aren't any in the NHL.
  6. I'm with the consensus that the ram's head logo should definitely be the primary, and that they nailed the colour scheme. The LA monogram isn't any better than when it leaked on the draft hat. Now they just need to do a simple update of the throwback uniforms. Keep the classic yellow horn, change the helmet to royal, and maybe use an updated block font (like the Leafs did).
  7. It's possible that they just mean the actual logo won't have the neon treatment, which we already knew. I hope the leak isn't legit, but I'm tempering my expectations.
  8. When they originally submitted their bid for expansion they were hoping to begin in '20-'21, but the league wasn't confident that they'd finish the building on time so they got pushed to '21-'22.
  9. I feel like it would be a welcome distraction for a lot of people. Look at the Tom Brady situation. People in Tampa Bay have something to be excited about, and even the mayor of Buffalo joked about people celebrating Brady leaving the division during a COVID press conference. While I've heard a couple takes from people who think the NFL offseason being business as usual isn't appropriate, most in the sports world are just happy to have something to talk about. The Key Arena reconstruction delays seem to be a blessing in disguise when you think about how the team initially planned on hitting the ice this fall. Imagine if they had to have their inaugural game in an empty building.
  10. I'm not sure if you're still working on these, but if you are I'd like: Ottawa Senators black heritage =O= Raptors purple throwback #43 Blue Jays current grey jersey Rams royal blue throwback #99 Cheers!
  11. I believe it's 4 years. That's how long the Jags used their gold gradient helmet, and the Browns are about to change their look after having it for 4 seasons.
  12. I don't know if the team had plans on changing the helmet horns, but considering the backlash to the logo leak I have a feeling the classic horns will be back. It's too late to change the logo, but changing a helmet decal shouldn't cause too many issues. The one positive I'm getting from this leak is that it looks like they're going with the classic shade of blue instead of playing Michigan Wolverine dress up. I can see why the Chargers wanted to come up with an LA monogram for their first season, but the Rams had 50 years of history in the city without one and did just fine.
  13. I already would have been surprised if they had something to unveil this summer, and this announcement tells me the can is definitely being kicked down the road. Unless most of the work has already been done, and whoever the new CEO ends up being has no interest of making their own changes, we might even be a couple years away from a legit rebrand. Maybe we get a '90s throwback as an alternate next season like St. Louis & LA did this year.