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  1. Wouldn't CF Montreal make more sense for a French language team? It would be similar to the Habs' official name being Club de Hockey Canadien.
  2. I understand it's just meant to be temporary, but how hard would it have been to get the helmet numbers to match the jerseys? The plain yellow numbers just look cheap & tacked on.
  3. I can't see either team shifting away from their current colour schemes based on the on-ice success they've had in them, but I could definitely see both looks kept around as alternates. My only issue with the Kings is the colour balance. The sleeve stripes & back numbers are primarily gold, but the logo is mostly white with gold trim. Also the white sleeve numbers get lost in the gold stripe.
  4. Except Indians isn't a slur. The logo was the big issue for Cleveland, and it's been eliminated already. They definitely need something more than a block C, but I don't see nearly the same kind of pressure on them to change the name.