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  1. So if you name your team the Bucks you aren't allowed to use green or have a deer in your logo? I understand the tweet isn't supposed to be taken too seriously, but if you want to make jokes about junior hockey teams ripping off pro logos, there are dozens of better examples out there.
  2. I believe season ticket holders were told the red centennial jerseys would be back this season. All I can really hope for this season is that we get to see a 1st overall pick being given a brand new home jersey in June, whether it's the black =O= or a return to the 2D centurian,
  3. I think you are missing my point. The Yankees have always opted to avoid too much patriotic Yankee imagery (aside from the rarely seen Uncle Sam hat), and have gone with a simple NY monogram, much like what the Montreal Canadians have always done, and much like the Canucks original look. If the Yankees ever decided to come up with an animal logo the way Vancouver did in the '90s, a bald eagle would be more fitting with their nickname, despite it being less symbolic of the city itself.
  4. I mean it would make more sense if the team was called the Vancouver Islanders or British Columbians. New York City has a lot more pigeons than bald eagles, but a bald eagle logo would fit the Yankees name better than a pigeon logo.
  5. Orcas are hardly a Canadian animal. They're more associated with the West Coast. Considering they're the only Canadian franchise to have an animal logo, they could've gone with a beaver, polar bear, moose, elk, or goose if they wanted something more symbolic of the entire country.
  6. The orca was a decent logo when it was used on the West Coast Express era set, even if it didn't have much to do with the nickname. It perfectly matched the colour balance of those uniforms. The problem was that the fanbase clearly preferred the throwbacks, and the organization tried to have it's cake & eat it too by going to the traditional colours/template but keeping the orca. Recolouring logos usually doesn't work well, especially when you go from a 4 color scheme to a 2 colour scheme. If ownership is insistent on keeping the orca around, I hope they at least find a way to add some green into it.
  7. Ah, sorry. Missed that in your original post. Update looks great. Feels like a natural evolution of their current logo.
  8. Looks great! My only suggestion would be to clean up the lines along the neck & under the jaw the way you cleaned up the rest of the outlines. Right now it looks a little uneven.
  9. Yes, those have both been changed. I couldn't remember if someone mentioned that earlier when the dark jerseys were first unveiled.
  10. The Ottawa 67's made some changes to their white jerseys with the switch to the new template. The sleeve yoke has been straightened out so that it no longer overlaps with the longer nameplates, but for some reason the black piping along the yoke is now only on the front of the jersey. They've also switched from white to red numbers on the sleeves. Last season: This season:
  11. I'm not sure who they surveyed as part of their research, because I can't think of anyone I know in the city who would've been upset with them calling it Scotiabank Gardens. I have a feeling they worried that if they went with Gardens people would simply leave off the sponsor name when referring to the arena. It's the reason why the Blue Jays play in the Rogers Centre instead of the Rogers Skydome.
  12. This might be the first case of an Adidas collar being an improvement over it's predecessor:
  13. I don't mind the Oilers' thirds. Not every alternate look has to overshadow the primary, and the minimalist look is much better than something over-the-top. I have a feeling the front office knows that if they had released a navy recolour of their main look, the fanbase would be screaming for a change. They seem to be set on keeping the orange for the time being. They definitely give off vibes of these Bears' alternates:
  14. Vegas has updated the center ice design at T-Mobile Arena. With the primary logo on a gold background, this could be a potential preview of their upcoming 3rd jersey. It wouldn't surprise me if the 3rd also puts more emphasis on the flourish design that's sublimated on their main jersey sleeves/logo.
  15. This was a missed opportunity for Peterborough to return to their classic look: Just throw the lift-lock logo on the shoulders instead of Pete.