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  1. I saw someone online pointed out a small change the Coyotes made to their RR uniform. They originally wore it with the black & red gloves they use on the road, but have switched to using the kachina set gloves with it.
  2. The removal of hem stripes was part of the Reebok Edge takeover. The original idea was that all jerseys would be tucked in, and the pant striping would be more incorporated into the design, similar to NFL uniforms. The introduction of the new template at the '07 All Star Game shows what they were going for: It was clearly a failed experiment, but it's sadly taken some teams longer than others to realize this.
  3. I usually prefer city initials over nickname initials when it comes to logos, but C is the most overused letter when it comes to big 4 pro teams. The state of Ohio alone already has 4 pro teams who use a C as their primary logo. B is a little more of a unique letter, and the stripes look better on it than the concept you posted. I look at the striped B the same way I look at the Rams L@ logo. It's not terrible, but it's much weaker than the animal head logo that should be the primary. Both teams have unique helmet designs though, so having a weak primary logo isn't as big of an issue compared to other teams.
  4. The chevron has been part of the brand since the first uniform update in the Vince era. They flipped it to point up when they began embracing the "We the North" slogan, and starting emphasizing it more, culminating in this: I'm not the biggest fan of it, but it is an element that can differentiate them from the other red & black teams in the league. The new jerseys should've kept the white chevron instead of making it black though. As for the leak, I never thought I'd be disappointed in a purple Raptors jersey, but here we are. The old contrasting back look only worked because the side panels created a clear divide. Also the name & numbers need a red outline, otherwise it'll look like they're playing Kings dress-up.
  5. Also Buffalo, Chicago, and New Jersey (the first appearance for them was postponed).
  6. I think it was Bill Foley or George McPhee who confirmed that the red was a last minute addition to the uniforms. The plan was to simply go with grey, gold, & black, and after seeing mockups of the uniforms someone in the front office thought they needed a splash of colour. I'm guessing that the red stripes were probably black on the original designs, and they were set on the template so didn't feel like doing a complete redesign incorporating the red more cohesively.
  7. The original navy Panthers look was incredibly lazy. They just took their white jersey and used the fill tool on the torso & arms. Didn't even bother getting rid of the thin white stripe on the hem & sleeves. Florida should always be a red-first team, so I wouldn't want to see the reverse retro promoted to home status, but it looks so much better now that the shade of gold actually matches the logo.
  8. Changing the numbers from black to blue would be enough to make the set coherent.
  9. I agree that Vegas could use black helmets with the reverse retros, and it also seems like the captain's patches are too close to the logo.
  10. If anyone subscribes to The Athletic, they posted an article with some insight into the Kraken's search for a mascot: There isn't a ton of major information, but they did confirm that they won't be pulling a Montreal and repurposing the Sonics' Squatch. It doesn't sound like they've written off a squid/sea monster mascot, but it seems like they're more likely to go with something different. The team's VP of game presentation had this to say: "Honestly, we went back and looked at every mascot in this region. Even the Ivar’s Dancing Clams. We’ve gone very granular as far as research. We also looked at every mascot in the NHL and what they look like and what animal and what region and what they represent. From there, we have started to think, what is Seattle, what is Washington? The mountains, the water and terrain, and start putting that web of characteristics together to come up with something.”
  11. Well I could identify the players when they lined up for faceoffs or were set up in one of the zones on a PP/PK. It's funny that the inaugural black jerseys with red numbers that these were based off of had the same problem. People complained enough that they switched to the white numbers.
  12. Here's the order I had them on my submission: Elk - At this point I'd be surprised if this isn't the name. You can't go wrong with an animal mascot, especially when it has a local connection. Elkhounds - I feel like dog mascots are underused in pro sports, and this actually rolls off the tongue a bit better than Elk. It doesn't have the same connection to Edmonton though. Evergreens - Not sure why people think their shade of green would need to change. As the league's most northern team, it would be fitting to go with trees that last through long winters. Still, a tree mascot isn't quite as appealing as an animal. Eagles - Not bad, but too generic. The fact that the NFL has a team called Eagles who use green as their primary colour doesn't help. Eclipse - As far as singular names go, it isn't the worst I've heard. The marketing-speak uses sound logic, but the bright green & gold colour scheme doesn't really fit a team named after the darkness. Evergolds - Seems like when they came up with Evergreens someone decided that they should throw this one in too in order to cover both of their colours. There's no such thing as an evergold though, so it's a no for me. Elements - Way too vague. Literally everything in the universe is made up of elements.
  13. I wouldn't have minded a few minor updates to the centurion, but there has been absolutely no criticism from anyone outside of this board. Most of the fanbase didn't care for the updated 2D, and everyone has been happy about the rebrand. Pleasing the fans was the team's goal, not appeasing design nerds. When the players were standing still it wasn't bad, but once they got moving it was definitely tough to read the numbers. Still, these are the 2nd best red jerseys the team has worn. They've got some Chicago Bulls vibes going on. That joke is about as lame & overused as the Habs toilet seat logo gag . The O & stripes honour the league's first dynasty, and the rich history of hockey in the city. That trumps any insults that a third grader could come up with.