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  1. Me too, but I can't see it happening. The name change is going to be jarring enough for fans to get used to. I'm sure they'll try to salvage as much as they can from the current identity.
  2. "Let's do something different and not wear grey all the time" says the team wearing red, blue, & white.
  3. Most teams didn't actually make any money off the helmet ads this year, they essentially allowed them to keep sponsorship revenue that would've been owed back to companies due to the shortened season/lack of fans. Starting next year they'll actually get to use it as a new revenue stream. At this point I would bet on us getting jersey ads by the end of the decade. It's a tiny sliver of a silver lining, but at least the Bell logo fits the Jets colour scheme better than Canada Life's.
  4. The Blue Jays' powder blue set, which back in the day was a road uniform, has been worn at home against grey uniforms plenty of time.
  5. Here's the article that mentions the new uniform: https://3downnation.com/2021/06/06/what-really-happened-to-the-redblacks-plaid-helmets/ The uniform change isn't mentioned until the end, but still an interesting read about the unused signature plaid helmets. Basically the manufacturers couldn't figure out a way for the plaid design to line up properly, so they decided to avoid potentially looking sloppy. It sounds like they'll be incorporating some plaid into the new uniforms, which should be a hit.
  6. It was never a guarantee that Wade was going to stay in Miami. The Big 3 came close to signing with Chicago together. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/lebron-james-dwyane-wade-chris-bosh-considered-bulls-in-2010-per-report-heres-how-it-couldve-been/
  7. It wasn't just televising The Decision that rubbed people the wrong way, it was the fact that Lebron, Wade, and Bosh essentially colluded to make sure their contracts would all expire the same summer. I remember people knew they'd all be playing together, it was just a matter of where (I remember Chicago being the favourite to land all 3 of them for a while). I don't think Dallas or Houston are in the same tier as LA, Boston, or Chicago, so Hakeem & Dirk are closer to Dame or Giannis than Jordan or Magic. Dirk had had several playoff disappointments before finally winning his title, so I don't think people would've blamed him if he had left to team up with Kobe or someone similar. He decided to stay, and was able to win without the Mavs having to go out and get another MVP-caliber player to help him. I consider KD's decision to be much worse than Lebron's. He was playing with another MVP, got his team within 1 win of the NBA Finals, then bailed to join the team who beat him.
  8. The idea of holding a press conference to announce who you're signing with didn't become a regular thing, but it still set the stage for this generation's star players trying to take the easiest possible paths to championships. Durant doesn't go to Golden State, Harden doesn't force Houston's hand to get dealt to Brooklyn, etc. I'm at least glad some guys like Giannis & Dame realize that finding a way to get your small market team to the mountaintop would be much more rewarding than being part of a mini-dynasty with a superteam. I'm sure even Lebron would admit that the one title with Cleveland carries more weight than the Miami & LA championships combined.
  9. I have noticed that there are some banner ads popping up at the bottom of my page that don't go away when I click the 'x'. It is the darker shaded ones that get bigger in the middle like a trapezoid. This is preventing me from clicking the 'quote post(s)' button when using the multi-quote feature.
  10. I didn't expect this to be such an unpopular opinion, but I really like these. I'm a sucker for cursive script on a baseball jersey, and I like how they showed restraint & kept things simple. They probably learned their lesson when they tried incorporating the gradient diamond/scale pattern into the previous uniform set. However, wearing a sand coloured hat & jersey with white or grey pants is going to look awful.
  11. Well it is the closest thing to a replication of the throwback set. Those yellow pants need to be worn for every game possible.
  12. Every team's version of the cap is grey. The striping behind the logos seems to match most team's striping patterns. https://www.neweracap.com/Sports/NFL/NFL-ON-FIELD/NFL-TRAINING-CAMP/c/SPONFLONFTRA?count=48&q=%3Arelevance#toListing The Rams' hat stripes match the striping from the yellow pants, which is the only connection I could really make.
  13. They seem to be continuing to put more emphasis on the ram head over to the L@. Here is their training camp hat that recently went on sale. Every other team in the league uses their primary logo (although the Bears have 2 versions, one with the primary logo, and one with the alternate 'B' logo).
  14. The two best All Star Game uniform sets both utilized the diagonal script.
  15. This reminds me of the meme about how Tom Cruise is currently the same age Wilford Brimley was when they made The Firm together.
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