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  1. This team is already going to be constantly compared to the Golden Knights, so it'd probably be for the best for them to avoid white gloves.
  2. I never understood the red trim on these uniforms. Navy, copper, and white would've worked just fine. Don't know why you'd add a colour that's heavily associated with your cross-province rivals.
  3. I'm not the biggest fan of the orange primary, but things could be much worse. There are absolutely tons of improvements I'd make around the league, Kings included, but they're still decent to look at. They actually have horizontal stripes, and the extra outlines around the logo help it stand out a bit better.
  4. I don't think the Flames need black in their uniforms any more than the Kansas City Chiefs do, but if they insist on having black this logo should be on the shoulders. It actually manages to incorporate the major elements of the provincial flag into the team's overall brand, instead of just lazily slapping the flag itself on the jersey.
  5. With the Sens returning to the inaugural look and the Flames likely to go back to their retros, the Ducks would be the final terrible look left in the league. Most teams aren't perfect, but a lot of previous mistakes have been corrected since the switch to Adidas. Plus they've killed it with the two expansion team's looks.
  6. Northmen/Norsemen feels too similar to the Vikings, and Geminis is derivative of the Twins. Voyageurs sounds ok, but it would seem strange for an American team to be using a French-Canadian name. Considering we're having this discussion now, I guess that means in 20 years people will still be arguing for Seattle to be the Sockeyes/Metros/Emeralds/etc.
  7. Before they unveiled Gritty I had thought a flying squirrel would make a decent mascot for Philly. They made the right choice though.
  8. They could also opt for a wacky, amorphous character like Philadelphia & Dallas have done. Lakers are a common name for the freight ships that are often seen in the Great Lakes & surrounding waterways. I think they could have gone with Wildcats and wouldn't have had to change a single other thing about the brand. They're already the only pro team with a green and red colour scheme, so I don't see any need to change to orange.
  9. I think most teams have realized that the extra thick collars don't look good unless they're connected to a yoke, so we're starting to see them phased out. The Canes' away & Whaler throwback, the Sabres' 50th anniversary jersey, the Flames' throwbacks, the Blues' inaugural throwback, and the Jets' alternate all limit colour to the thin inner collar. Seattle isn't even going to have any contrasting collar. I also realized that the font on this alleged leak is the current block, which is slightly different from the original look. We'll have to see if they decide to go back to the old font or not.
  10. Would’ve preferred a thinner black collar on the aways, but this is a pretty accurate recreation of the original look.
  11. They don't seem to have issues with the Gatineau Olympiques.
  12. If the plume is going to be the only red element in the logo I'd prefer it be bigger.
  13. I think that concept combines the best elements of both versions of the 2D logo. The updated face & helmet is great, but I prefer the bigger plume & wings from the original.
  14. He's the exception, not the rule. He has also had his fair share of criticism for stuff like the hot stick celebration, but his consistent high level of play has allowed him to rise above it. PK Subban is a guy who's personality seems to attract more critics now that his play has tailed off the last couple years.
  15. I don't see this being the case at all. Hockey had a long history of hockey long before the Nordiques arrived, and still has a strong connection to the game (the presence of the Habs definitely helps). There is still tons of excellent training facilities, coaches, and minor hockey programs throughout the province. We're about to see a Quebec-born player drafted 1st overall. The big argument against bringing the league back to Quebec City was that they wouldn't be creating new fans, they'd just be serving existing ones. Canada's ties to hockey reach far beyond the 7 NHL teams in the country. Saskatchewan produces the most NHLers per capita, and the nearest teams are hundreds of kilometres away. If a Canadian junior player loses his spot in the draft because a more talented American kid who grew up in the sun belt gets it, that just means the quality of play in the league is getting better.