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  1. I just don't understand. The Falcons could've taken the laziest possible route, and promoted their fauxback uniform, promoted their Color Rush uniform, and designed a white jersey based on those, and would've come out looking 100x better than this. Literally the only positive I have for this is that their main jersey color is black again, but that's only a positive because I'm biased towards the color black. And if they wear white pants with that jersey, the color balance is passable for me. If they wear mono-black like the Saints love doing (an ironic team to imitate, btw), then forget it. Mono-black in general is trash. Mono-black in an indoor stadium - usually indoor, anyway - even more-so. There are some mono's that I've seen in recent years that I feel actually work well; the Broncos and Chargers Color Rush looks come to mind, but most non-white ones don't work and none of those Falcons ones are any exception.
  2. Blowing a 25-point lead in the Super Bowl wasn't enough for you guys, huh?
  3. If they were going to have an alternate gray anthracite jersey, I would've just as soon rather them have gone with a black one instead, obviously only useful in night games in Tampa but something nonetheless. I always liked the way those looked. I think I have an old Derrick Brooks one laying around somewhere.
  4. I only saw his name once in a thread and I don't even remember what he said, but, that said, "FormerLurker", to me, would scream "I've been banned before" but perhaps this person truly got banned under this account on the sole basis of their posts and no other factors. Dunno.
  5. This would be, by far, the most relevant Tampa Bay has ever been from a national point-of-view. Nothing else even comes close.
  6. If it is true, there's one of two ways this is going to work out: 1) Brady is well and truly washed up and this ends up being a complete waste of everybody's time. 2) The so-called "culture change" that has been muttered around Tampa Bay for a decade now finally happens and the organization finally goes somewhere. Jameis can take a hike in either case. I was all-in on drafting him back in 2015, and he's never cut out the stupid mistakes from his game. After five years, I have no reason to think he ever will. I couldn't care about that part of it. But this either ends bringing the Bucs out of a nearly two-decade doldrum or a 43-year-old QB plays like you would expect a 43-year-old QB to play. There's no in-between here. All I'm going to say is, back in 2010, a Boston-area businessman bought the Lightning when they were a complete show, and even if they've been something of a playoff show since then, that's still better than losing 50 games a season. If this works out, maybe Boston isn't quite so wretched as I've always built them up in my head to be. And if it doesn't, well, even blind acorns occasionally find...what the hell am I writing? Blind squirrels occasionally find nuts.
  7. Without taking a deep dive into their uniforms yet, all I'm going to say is that boring is a massive upgrade over what they had.
  8. These two things don't make any sense to me. What's the appeal I'm not getting?
  9. 2019 NFL Weekly Picks Contest - Final Results: Best playoff records: @oldschoolvikings, @Walter Sobchak, and myself, with eight correct picks out of 11. 2019 Champion: @Maroon. This is the most impressive win I've seen in the last five years of doing this, because in none of the 17 weeks or the playoffs did Maroon either finish with the outright best record in the week, or tied for the best. That's a hard way to win this contest. I kind of want to take this time to apologize for how late it was in some weeks for me to get results posted. My guideline is 12:00pm ET on Tuesday and on several occasions I failed to do that this year. Things got in the way at times that either led me to either be forgetful or had me worn down and not wanting to deal with this in a timely order. I'm not going to make some promise to be better next year, because I'm terrible at keeping promises and I have no idea what's going to be going on 7+ months from now. I can try to be better but that's about as far as I can go with that. Anyway, my thanks to everyone who participated this season. I expect to be back in September to begin the 2020 contest. Hope to see many of you there again when the time comes. Congrats to the Chiefs and their fans, congrats to Maroon, and go Bucs.
  10. So I liked the previous graphics package as it was...and I like it even more seeing this rancid crap.
  11. If the Lakers want to see if they can get an NBA waiver for some kind of #24 game or something along those lines, that's fine with me. Anything the Lakers do is fine by me because there's no guideline for how grief is handled and how to properly honor a player; that's something that's subjective to every team and rightly so. For my part, knowing that the distinction in this case vs. other similar ones is that Kobe was retired, I can't help but feel like the most appropriate way to honor him would be starting their next game with only four players on the court, leaving the 2-guard position empty. There will obviously be the shot-clock/backcourt violations, creating dead ball situations, so subbing on a 2-guard would occur after that has happened.
  12. Obviously we'll never know the full truth about what happened in Colorado, and depending on what he did, maybe he really shouldn't have gotten a "second chance" until further down the road than he did, but let Kobe's behavior on such matters afterwards be another example that the goal with people who have made mistakes such as sexual assault or domestic violence (and other stuff, of course, but these being such big talking points in recent years) is to (try to) rehabilitate them into better people, not to write them off, flush their careers down the drain, and never want to hear anything about them ever again and that, if they ever do actually do anything good ever again, that it should immediately come with a "yeah, but" reminder. I'm very satisfied that, as a society, speaking up on matters such as domestic violence has become more widespread. People shouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable in their homes and around people they want to think of as loved ones. But it's also been one of those things where I've felt such an over-correction towards it that we don't want to give these people a second chance to try and be better people afterwards. That the punishment they've received, if not from the authorities than certainly from their sports leagues, in the form of suspensions and wage deductions, isn't enough for some people. Frankly, it's infuriating. People make mistakes. Some people make big mistakes. Some of those people get punished accordingly (and, unfortunately of course, some don't, but that's an issue with law and courts). Some of those people learn, are better, and don't make those mistakes again. Unfortunately, some don't. But if we all we want to do with these people is throw them in jail and forget about them and admonish them even after they've paid their debt to society, all we've done is defeat the purpose for why they got punished in the first place, and in the process only helped to make society more cynical than it already is. And that's a problem, because being cynical doesn't help anyone. Lord knows I wish I could get rid of some of my own; I've certainly got enough to spare. At the end of the day, everyone has room for improvement and should be working towards doing just that.
  13. Like many people, he was my favorite NBA player when I was growing up. Sick to my stomach can't even begin to describe this. If seeing a favorite player retire is often times described as "seeing the end of your childhood", then I don't want to know what something like this gets labeled as.