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  1. If you try hard enough, you'll find insufferable fans in every single fanbase on the planet. You can question whether hockey should still be in places like Sunrise, FL or Phoenix on account of the fact that those have never been particularly profitable franchises, raising questions about whether there's enough of a hockey appetite in those areas, but that kind of gatekeeping "should've never given hockey to the south" comment is bull . Not going to apologize for saying that. You're whining about a player getting unfairly singled out by the referee in a post-whistle skirmish (which was later cancelled out by two pillow soft penalties shortly thereafter, as it turned out). Lightning fans are whining about their best player getting knocked out of the game on a vicious cross check that the referee said "nah" in response to. You wouldn't be whining if Barzal got knocked out of the game under similar circumstances? And as far as "about to win their third Cup", well, let me know when that happens. There's just as good a chance the Lightning are going to have their third blown 3-2 lead in the ECF (or equivalent) in the last six seasons as there is a chance they're going to win their third Cup this season as things stand right now.
  2. Well, this was outrageously reminiscent of this exact same game (in essence) from 2017, when the Penguins beat the Sens 7-0 in Game 5 of the ECF with the series tied at 2. What happened next? Penguins did win the series when it was all said and done, but not before losing Game 6 in Ottawa, blowing a late 3rd period lead in Game 7, and having to go all the way into double overtime before finally knocking off the Sens once and for all. Great win for the Lightning, of course, but "Lightning" and "3-2 lead in the ECF" has not been a good combination in recent years and there's a long way to go here. Oh, and Barzal 100% won't be suspended. He got ejected with 20 minutes to play. Nevermind the score, the NHL will consider that "sufficient" punishment and no suspension necessary. In the deranged world the NHL operates in, that's how things go. Whether anyone thinks he deserves a suspension is another topic entirely.
  3. Every day when I find out who the officials are in the Lightning game for that night, I groan afterwards. It really shouldn't be this way. The eight referees left in the playoffs, ostensibly, are supposed to be the eight best referees in the NHL this season, and if that's truly the case, it must say something about the state of NHL officiating because five of those eight referees are absolutely incompetent. It's completely and irretrievably broken.
  4. There aren't enough "destination cities" to go around anyway. As much as it was scummy the way Oklahoma City got their NBA team, their fans weren't complicit in that and it would be unfair to them to say they deserve to lose their team because it's a place no superstar cares to play in. That's an entirely different problem. Off the top of my head...Minneapolis, Orlando, Memphis, Sacramento, Portland, and you can name others to certain degrees...not destination cities either. And where can the NBA expand that does fit that description without already having an NBA team?
  5. Honestly, I always thought the part where that trio earned their biggest hatred was when Lebron did the "not one [championship], not two, not three..." bit during that party they threw at the Heat's arena after the signings were made. It was all pretty excessive and self-congratulatory.
  6. My post? I use dark mode extensions, but I just turned it off and it looks perfectly normal to me (and I had it turned off before quoting your post right now). In any case, I'll edit the post to fix it.
  7. They also scheduled an All-Star game on short notice that absolutely nobody asked for or wanted.
  8. They had a 3-2 lead in the Conference Finals in 2016 and 2018, and ended up losing both of those series. Now, whether you would argue the Penguins and/or Capitals were better teams is a valid debate, but when you have two chances to win one game and you fail both times (and do it two different times), you don't get the benefit of the doubt. And while their home record overall is poor, it's exceptionally poor once you get that deep in the playoffs. Updated through yesterday, the Lightning are 4-10 at home in the 3rd and 4th rounds of the playoffs since 2015. I swear to God that's not a typo. And in potential win-and-advance games, they're 0-3. I posted this somewhere else, but I looked up every team's record in home Game 1's since 2000. Three teams are winless (Wild and Panthers 0-3, Islanders 0-1), one team has never played one (Columbus)...the Lightning have the worst win percentage after all those teams, and they've played anywhere from 5 to 15x as many of those games as those other three teams have. Among teams to have played at least 10 (there are 14), the Flyers are the only other team with a losing record, and 6-7 is much better than 5-10. The Ducks are .500, and the other 11 are over .500. The Lightning have generally done well in Game 2 afterwards, but they've lost three of the nine Game 2's following Game 1 losses, and they didn't come back to win any of those series. In two of them, they got swept. If they do win tomorrow? Look, you have to expect to need to win a road game or two in a playoff series anyway, especially if you're opening on the road, and 23-13 in their last 36 road games in the playoffs suggests they're doing something right (and they've played in plenty of tough atmospheres in that time). But it's exceptionally irritating that this is how it always begins. I was talking with some Lightning fans after beating Carolina that I was disappointed that they were going to open at home in the 3rd round, and I wasn't even joking. This is just the way it goes. And the only two times they've won at home to open a series? Against, unequivocally, the two worst teams they've faced in the playoffs since 2014 - '16 Detroit and '18 New Jersey. (BTW, I know this place tends to enforce the "five year rule" - considering how unpopular Bill Simmons is, that's a bit peculiar but maybe that's a different discussion to have - and I'd like to think I've been a pretty good boy about all of that. Outside of a general post or two, I don't even think I've talked about the Lightning, let alone criticized them, at all this season. Hopefully there won't be any need to again either.)
  9. The Lightning are: 21-21 at home in the playoffs since 2014 2-8 in Game 1 home openers 0-4 in their last four Game 1 home openers During that same time frame, they're 4-1 when they open on the road, and they won both road openers so far this postseason. How they are completely unable to win playoff home games and that this is a problem that they have never figured out (not once since 2014 have they had a better playoff home win percentage compared to their road win percentage) is pretty infuriating. Even their record in "road" games in the bubble last year was better than in the "home" games. Seriously. Just wear white for all games. Away and home. Whatever it takes.
  10. That third period took only 29 minutes to complete. There were only five stoppages of play in the first 18:39 of the period. I've never seen any regulation period of hockey go that quickly, let alone one in an elimination playoff game. That was remarkable.
  11. Unless you could guarantee the Islanders win Game 7, I respectfully disagree. I'd be just as happy with that series ending tonight. I consider the Bruins a tougher matchup and, while I like the Lightning's chances against either, I'd just as soon not tempt fate.
  12. Did...did the CN Tower operators forget which city they're in? This would be like the Empire State building being lit up, well, in darker shades of blue and red and white to honor the Red Sox. Maybe they lost a bet.
  13. The only part of the delay of game rule that should be adjusted is when the puck deflects off a players stick and over the glass when that player is in his defensive zone. Those are freak occurrences, not active attempts to even risk putting the puck out of play. I know one of Marner's several delay of game penalties was one like that. The ones where a player tries to clear the puck off and gets too far underneath it and sails it out of play, by all means, keep those ones on the books.
  14. The current remaining teams, sorted by most recent to win an NBA Championship: Dallas Mavericks: 2011 Philadelphia 76ers: 1983 (last app. 2001) Milwaukee Bucks: 1971 (last app. 1974) Atlanta Hawks: 1958 (last app. 1961) -- none in Atlanta Brooklyn Nets: never (last app. 2003) -- none in Brooklyn Utah Jazz: never (last app. 1998) Phoenix Suns: never (last app. 1993) Denver Nuggets: no appearances Los Angeles Clippers: no appearances Literally only one team remaining has won a championship in the last 37 seasons. Pretty remarkable.
  15. While Marner's underwhelming playoff track record is definitely a problem - though I'll remind you that he's still only 24 - the problem with Marner isn't necessarily him being on an $11M AAV (though that's still higher than he should be). It's having him on $11M while Matthews makes $11.6M, Tavares makes $11M, and Nylander makes $6.9M. That's legitimately half your salary cap tied up entirely on four forwards. It's very unbalanced (and, despite all of that, it's not the depth that is to blame for the Leafs losing this series, at all). So if Marner was unprotected, he's gone in a milli-second. And that gets to something I talked about before with Las Vegas and one big advantage that they have (and Seattle will have) that the prior '90s expansion franchises didn't have. That the salary cap exists. Either resulting in teams leaving high-end players w/o NMC's exposed in an attempt to get out of those contracts, or making side-deals and giving up useful draft picks or maybe useful role players so that they won't lose a valuable player in the expansion draft that they were unable to protect otherwise. It really gave Las Vegas and will give Seattle an awful lot to bend teams over the barrel with. Factor in that the protection rules are also more restricted than they previously were, and while it's a whole lot of revisionist history to act like the Golden Knights were destined to be a powerhouse from Day 1, it's also easy enough to see just how this ended up happening with the power of hindsight. If Seattle plays their cards right, I expect them to be a competitive team from the beginning as well.
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