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  1. Las Vegas wearing their gold helmets again for whatever reason.
  2. I mean, we get annoyed sometimes in baseball when you see the Indians/Twins wear navy against the White Sox wearing black, or something like that, but how different is white and gray from navy and black, honestly? Yes, they're distinguishable, but they're hardly that far apart on the overall color spectrum. We just accept it because it's something we're used to and because of "tradition", nevermind the reasons necessitating gray MLB uniforms haven't been a problem for decades now.
  3. Exhibit A: Stoke City vs. West Brom in 2017 Yes, one team is in red-and-white stripes while the other is in blue-and-white, and Stoke was wearing red socks to West Brom's white...nevertheless, there's an awful lot of white in this matchup and, especially on television, could become a bit more difficult than it should be to pick out which team was which.
  4. Every game should look this good. Take a damn hint, Sharks. You're not good enough these days for the excuse of "hem stripes are weighing us down" to be valid (not that it was ever valid in the first place; at least you didn't blow a 3-0 series lead while wearing hem stripes).
  5. That was never the problem. I think that was the consensus opinion, because whereas yellow can blend into a white or red background, the black outline provides clear delineation against either of those. I've mentioned before, but the frustration over how things have worked with Calgary's uniforms is absurd. Because we had...*those*...for 13 seasons after only having these much better looking sweaters for three seasons before that. During that time, the Flames began to bring those throwbacks into the fold more and more, were properly well-received, and finally upgraded into being the full-time look once again and then, and only ing then, what does Calgary do with their RR sweater? Bring their early '00s template back! The only thing, IMO, that would've been better than going back to the days of Nieuwendyk and Roberts and Lanny McDonald would've been bringing back the template from what they wore when they went to the Final in 2004, and all their RR sweater confirms is that they could've done that at literally any g-ddamned point over the last decade or so, and actively decided "...nah". Pricks. You deserve "it was(n't) in" for that reason alone.
  6. Put an NBA team in Pittsburgh and that would take care of that. Until then, the Pacers are about as close as you're gonna get.
  7. I wish I could find a picture, but there's something wild to think about that Zdeno Chara played against the original Screaming Eagle Capitals wearing the Fishsticks-striped Islanders uniforms - he narrowly missed out on the chance of having played the Penguins in the original diagonal Pittsburgh sweater, last used in '96-'97 - and now, here in 2021, he's wearing the RR Screaming Eagle uniform himself. So much about NHL uniform design trends can be told just using pictures of Chara.
  8. Sweaters without waist stripes - or some kind of horizontal striping on the torso - will never look as good as sweaters with them, everything else being equal. Hockey sweaters are meant to have horizontal striping and look incomplete without it. And, for the purposes of discussion, I'm going to include teams who have a single stripe at the hem that is the same color as the breezers, because the two just end up blending in together. I'm painting with something of a broad brush - the Las Vegas RR isn't "horizontally striped" and the mid-'00s Penguins weren't either, for example - but even if it's not horizontal striping, at least *something* needs to be there. Until all 31 NHL teams have uniforms with that basic requirement, the league will always have room for aesthetic improvement on that basis alone.
  9. Given that yellow has always been a secondary for the Blues, and red was only used in a marginal capacity for about 15 years, I'm left to wonder why the Blues decided to make their RR sweater red instead of yellow. I mean, yeah, I guess what they did was flip the red and blue portions of the original sweater template they took them from, but, in the inverse manner with the Habs, red just doesn't work as a dominant sweater color for the Blues and, unlike the Habs, the sweaters aren't all that aesthetically pleasing either when you strip them of their surrounding context. I dunno, I'm not a skilled artist by any means...if you wanted to go with a '90s inspired look, I can't help but feel like a yellow-for-blue swapped out version of this wouldn't have worked: EDIT: Seems like the picture I provided isn't there anymore. In case that's true for everyone else, here's a different picture:
  10. The Habs really need to wear the blue uniforms against the Leafs, of all teams? This annoys me.
  11. The Panthers' sweaters looked nice and the team did an appropriate homage to the era they represent as well, by getting absolutely blown out tonight. (The Coyotes original alternate that the retros are based on look better, but I'm not really going to complain. I'm Team Kachina and everything that comes with it. The Coyotes came into existence in the '90s and they should look like it. Desert landscape, native imagery, the purple moon at center ice...bring back everything except the horrifically obstructed arena seating.)
  12. You do kinda get to something that applies in an even broader sense - their last three opponents were all teams who they played in the regular season. They only won one of the four games and maybe it's not the biggest surprise of all-time that the game they had the toughest time defensively in was against the one team who they didn't have any head-to-head film to work with (and their last meeting with Washington had been in 2018 with much different rosters and coaching staffs, making that film useless). I'm well aware they were also without Devin White in that game but, as absolutely awesome as White was this postseason, I can't allow myself to think one player makes that big of a difference, especially against what was one of the NFL's weakest offenses playing their fourth different starting QB of the season. Bowles game plan defensively to begin the Week 12 game was an absolute disaster. Anytime a WR puts up 200 yards in one quarter, you've butchered things with your coverage schemes. Now, Todd deserves every bit of credit for the coverage schemes he ran in this game, that he was able to be the exact opposite of his usual blitz-heavy playcalling, and that he and his assistants had everyone prepared and in position (and, of course, ultimate credit has to go to the players, as always, for executing the plan as designed). Thinking back to the Week 12 game, he did do a good on-the-fly job of adjusting his coverages when he could see that his Plan A clearly wasn't working - that his Plan A was what it was being a different problem altogether - but I can't help but think the Bucs lucked out in that sense, facing a team in the Super Bowl that they already faced in the regular season. Don't think I need to say that this is a pretty rare occurrence; it's only happened four times in the last 20 seasons (Tom Brady's team was involved in all four of them, of course). While there's little doubt that Kansas City was better than Buffalo, as we saw on two different occasions this season, I can only wonder if things would've gone as well for the Bucs against the Bills instead, playing a team without a battered offensive line and, more importantly, no head-to-head film on. Bowles knew what to correct for with Kansas City; if he had gotten things wrong against the Bills from the outset, I'm sure adjustments would've been made, but when they would've been and what the game situation would look like by then could make a huge difference in the final outcome.
  13. I've seen about two minutes of the Preds in their RR sweaters and, while far from perfect, these are much better than what they currently wear.
  14. He also got dusted by Rod Smith in that game.
  15. Final results: Playoff round winners: @oldschoolvikings and me with 10 correct picks. A little solace for me after a miserable season, although I'll gladly trade a last place finish each season if it coincides with a Bucs Super Bowl victory. 2020 Pick 'Em champion: @~Bear, also posting the second-best win percentage in my time running the competition. Congratulations although, much like the Super Bowl itself, I haven't seen anyone repeat as winner (or anyone win it a second time period) in the last five seasons prior to this year. Good luck with that in 2021. As I said at one point during the season, I dunno if it was just a lack of desire because I personally had a pretty rough season (easily my worst in the last six years) or anything else - usually a combination of factors when it comes to these things - but, at this moment, I do expect to bring this back in 2021. At the end of the day, at worst it's about a 15-20 minute thing to handle once a week, so it's hardly an impossible task to find time for, but rather just find the interest to do. So, with that in mind, look for the 2021 edition to pop up around Labor Day. Hopefully we're in a much better state in terms of COVID by the time September rolls around. Good luck to everyone and thanks for your participation.