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  1. No kidding. I think the Warriors made only one playoff appearance between 1994-2012 over in the NBA, and that one playoff appearance was as a (very beloved and enjoyable) #8 seed. Now they're the most insufferable team in the league and have been for years. That's how it goes. You can either be a beloved (or, at least, sympathethic) underdog, or you can be a massively successful team. You can't be both.
  2. Butterfly effect. If the Ravens and Patriots were division rivals, their playoff history might be completely different. After all, the Patriots and Colts were divison rivals for 30 years, nothing of note ever occurred there, and then literally two years after the Colts were moved out of the East is when the Manning/Brady rivalry really took form. Put the Ravens and Pats together, maybe nothing happens, and we're taking away from the Ravens/Steelers as well in doing so, which would've really sucked.
  3. You could always spin the yarn of Barcelona being the better team than PSG were, in addition to the other points MJ noted, to help, I dunno, not "explain away" because that's flimsy but at least help yourself sleep easier at night about. Also, I'm not sure PSG wins the competition that year anyway but that's an easy excuse after the fact. Yesterday was a 2-0 away lead, coming home, against a battered Manchester United side. Obsensibly, they're a better team than United even if United was closer to full strength, which they weren't at all. All they had to do was not concede at least two goals to a team they held to a clean sheet at home. And they weren't able to do it. Individual errors ruled the day, of course, but they also had a chance or two themselves to completely finish the game off and failed to do so (Mbappe's chance somewhere around the 82nd minute comes to mind immediately). They left themselves prone to individual errors deciding the tie, and that's what happened. It's inexplicable that they left themselves so vulnerable, but, they did.
  4. I just wrote a little bit about this last night very early this morning. Since you brought him up, I'll share it here. Emphasis on the two meatier paragraphs. As usual, it went from answering a basic question (thread title was "is Cooper our weak link?) and eventually transitioned into my usual stream-of-conscious whateverness.
  5. There's something that needs to be remembered when it comes to the idea of "[Player X] may be a future coach" or related stuff: Coaches tend to work more hours each week than players. Coaches, especially once you go down past the ranks of O and D-Coordinator, tend to make peanuts (sure, an ex-player probably doesn't need the money but broadcast jobs, for contrast, tend to pay much better). And, as a coach, whether it be a positional coach or one of the more glamor positions, you have to deal with petulant :censored:s everyday. Not to mention that, in many cases, a player retires because they wish to spend more time with their family. Well, if you're spending 80 hours a week at the facilities and traveling with the team when they go away from home, guess what you're not doing? No, don't need to spell it out Point being, unless you're talking coordinator level or above, and I mean right out of the gates as a coach, then either you're doing it because it's truly a labor of love or because you don't have any other kind of life worth living. Frankly, the way I hear these stories about what goes into football coaching, I can't help but think that I would be burned the :censored: out in pretty much no-time flat. Doesn't sound like fun at all.
  6. My bigger fear is that this increases the chances of the Penguins finishing in that second wild card spot. Even with this trade, I would take my chances with Columbus (or Montréal, or Carolina) in that first round as the 1/8 matchup. I want zero part in facing the Penguins in the first round. That's no reward for being the best team in the regular season.
  7. A great many politicians are on the payrolls of said billionaires.
  8. But, in line with that, there are plenty of us out there, I'm sure, who aren't opposed to there being either a spring football league or a, ahem, "Tier 2 football league" that plays in the fall, whichever, that can effectively serve as a minor league to the NFL and, in the process, subvert the NCAA. Within proper legal parameters, of course, I'm open to literally any viable solution that subverts the NCAA.
  9. I'm just gonna give my two cents here, independent of previous discussion and related context, but if this league was smart (and I have a suspicion that Vince McMahon, being the exact kind of no s given kinda person that he is, will do exactly this), they would not have followed the NFL's model of three years post-high school completion before allowing athletes into the mix. I mean, with the way that it is, what is the league composed of? Basically, NFL has-beens and NFL never-weres. I'm not sure what the appeal to the average person is going to be. Quality of play would probably be right on par, maybe even slightly above that, of college football, but college football has literally decades of alma mater appeal and assored crap that works in its favor to bring in fans. Something that a start up league, of course, can't offer to provide. It's 2019, there's no reason why we should be forcing some of these people who hate school to have to go to school to play professional football if they don't want to. Is the quality of their coaching or the quality of their facilities going to be as good? Who knows. But that's a choice that adults can make for themselves. Making people have to work for an organization as corrupt and immoral as the NCAA is something we should have been finding alternatives to for a very long time now. It's disappointing we still haven't succeeded in doing that.
  10. Which makes perfect sense as well. Those involved in physical warfare, or whatever you call it where there's weapons being used and deaths occur, would generally not want to discuss it too much because, for the average person, we're not designed and not meant to subject ourselves to seeing people, enemy or friend, dying around us. It's a very unsettling thing. As with most unsettling things, you generally do everything you can to not be reminded of it happening. So it stands to reason that vets who had to go through that, generally won't care to discuss too many details of it. You know how, when you wake up after dreaming, all the details seem to dissipate almost immediately? Well, think of what that would be like for veterans, only those dreams (or nightmares, in this case) aren't actually dreams, but things that actually happened, and those details don't just vanish the moment they wake up. That's kinda what it's like. There are good war stories these people are willing to share. The ones that involve masculinity at it's most dominant, or whatever you wanna call it? Nah.
  11. The transformation of Tom Ricketts into Ted Cruz continues.
  12. Every NHL coach should now point to this and say "you know, as long as I haven't lost 19 of my last 21* games, I shouldn't be up for getting fired". What an absurd degree this took to finally happen. I saw on HF yesterday that the Ducks in their last five games, having been on the receiving end of 83% of the goals scored, is one of the worst five-game stretches in the NHL over the past several decades. Imagine that; when your comparisons are the expansion Capitals and Senators, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. *including four OT-SO "losses".
  13. I was about to mention Manning, and then you did so yourself. He suffered a quad injury late in 2014 and, pretty much in a snap, he went from being the league MVP to being a complete liability. It was stark how quickly things fell apart for him, it really was.
  14. And then it's "he doesn't have more championships as a player than the Packers do as a franchise" and, before you know it, he's playing until he's won 14 Super Bowls.