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  1. The 05' update was awful then and just as awful today. I totally agree with you, the Cardinals uniforms need to be changed. They are downright horrible and now that the Bucs and Browns are finally fixing their uniforms, it is definitely the Cardinals now who are long overdue for an overhaul uniform wise. They have some of the worst uniforms in the NFL.
  2. I think it would be cool if they did it as a special throwback but I'm honestly so sick of this Color Rush program. The only thing I think the Packers should do is bring back the extra striping that used to be on the sleeves of their jerseys. Watching old clips of the Packers last night, I could not believe how good those uniforms looked with the extra striping they took off. I love the Packers uniforms they wear now, but those extra stripes need to come back. Also, on a side note, I think the Lions need to go back to their 80s uniforms. Now those are also pretty.
  3. There's something about the aviator blue that just does not work for me as a primary color. I love how Winnipeg embraced their WHA history and NHL 1.0 & 2.0 history with their third jersey but I think their really home jersey is far better. I think the Jets did a fantastic job with the wordmark but I do not like how the wordmark does not have the word Winnipeg in the tail of the 's'. As a third jersey, I love how the Jets paid tribute to the NHL and WHA history in Winnipeg but I think it should only ever be an alternate uniform. I still feel that uniform is too plain and even though I am really glad Winnipeg finally made an aviator blue jersey, I would be very happy to see them retire it at the end of this season and replace it with the Heritage Classic uniform they wore this season. I gotta say that Winnipeg is one team that has a modern-style home uniform that is actually quite impressive. The one thing I don't like about it now is the awful Adidas collar. That jersey looked way better with the Edge collar.
  4. I miss the NHL shield on the front of the All-Star jerseys. I think the grey jersey design was quite good.
  5. I love the look and simplicity of the Falcons throwback logo. I want them to go back to that.
  6. Do you know if there are any of the teams out of the Panthers, Golden Knights, Rangers, Red Wings, Wild, and Predators still going ahead with a new alternate uniform this season?
  7. I'm glad the Kachina throwback is just a third jersey now. I love the unique design and the creativity of it but I don't care for how the shoulder yol... (I'm kidding I know the difference!) yoke is dark green on a black jersey. I actually find their current home jersey is decent. I wonder what their current uniforms would look like if kachina striping was added to those.
  8. I figured I start a new thread for the CFL here in 2020. I apologize if there's already a new 2020 CFL thread. Feel free to delete this if someone has already made a 2020 CFL thread. In terms of uniform changes for 2020, I have a feeling that we will have a different situation from what we saw in the short-lived Adidas era. I think we will likely see at least one new uniform this season. I have heard the Alouettes are doing a fan-design contest for a new third jersey and uniform for 2021. For 2020, so far, I have not heard anything - although I love the drop-shadowless Eskimos logo. I do think we will see some new alternate designs in the New Era era of the CFL.
  9. With the Seahawks, I thought teams could only wear alternates up to a maximum of three games per season. Tonight was the Seahawks' fourth game in an alternate uniform this season. Also, I thought monochrome was a requirement when a color rush uniform is worn. As I say that, Seattle's action green looked way better with navy pants but the socks should have stayed neon green. Has the NFL changed their alternate uniform rules again in 2019?
  10. I do not understand how or why Colorado would decide to wear that thing for even one game. What a truly awful jersey and uniform.
  11. Fighting the Sith. I am Chewbacca, afterall. XD Jokes aside, I have not read this thread in ages to be honest.
  12. I cannot be the only one who thinks the Dolphins should just go retro full time. Their uniform tonight is just gorgeous.
  13. I'm sure pewter and creamsicle probably would not look very good.
  14. Could work with a black helmet maybe. At the minimum, they should at least go back to the Super Bowl look, although I really like the creamsicle. As I say that, I would not want to see creamsicle and red together again or Bucco Bruce. I used to prefer the originals, but the red and orange just has not aged well in my opinion.
  15. I wonder how the creamsicle orange uniforms would look with black instead of red.