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  1. The shoulder patch will be their new alternate jersey logo most likely, even though I like this as a patch a lot more. By the way, nice concept B-mer!
  2. I haven't seen a 2019 CFL thread so I figured I'd make one. If one already exists, please feel free to delete this. So far, New Era is taking over the jerseys from Adidas and the Alouettes are changing everything. Is there any other changes happening this year?
  3. I hope they don't go with Sockeyes. Matter of personal opinion of course.
  4. I did not know that. Always thought those were thin navy stripes.
  5. Either I wrote it wrong or you have misread. The Cowboys don't have blue helmets nor should they. I meant that I would like to see the pants be the same shade of silver as their helmets are.
  6. I miss that jersey.
  7. I love the forum blue and gold jerseys myself but for me, I feel the Kings should stick with black, white and silver. After winning two cups in black, white, and silver and also having Wayne Gretzky's career as a Los Angeles King in their current color scheme, I think the Kings current scheme should be permanent. For me, they should go back to the Gretzky-era jerseys.
  8. I totally agree with everyone about the Cowboys' pants. They have to go a.s.a.p. What I want to see the Cowboys do is make a royal blue jersey that matches their white jersey and finally banish those awful pants and replace them with pants that match their helmets. I'd like to also see the Cowboys remove the thin navy stripes on each royal blue stripe on the white jersey too. I think navy and silver go great together too but I think the royal blue looks terrific on their white jersey. If it weren't for that stupid one-helmet rule, I'd have the Cowboys wearing their white jersey (with grey/silver pants to match their helmet and without the black trim on the stripes on the arms of the jersey), a matching royal blue jersey, and the 60's throwback as an alternate uniform.
  9. Better than 50 shades of grey.
  10. I agree with you on the alternate cap, I really like it too. I want to see the Mariners go with kelly green and royal blue, even though I like the teal.
  11. I wonder if we will see the Lions wear their orange socks with their home jersey permanently. That would make their home uniform a little more tolerable until they are able to go back to the drawing board and fix their uniforms.
  12. I think the Marlins need to go back to this. I love that teal wordmark and I think it would be great to see them wearing a teal jersey now and then.
  13. I hope the Islanders use the stadium series version of the 'NY' logo cause I think it looks a lot better than the version used on their last black third jersey.
  14. Chewbacca

    NHL 2017-18

    When you say that shoulder patches need to breathe, what do you mean by that?