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  1. I'm sure pewter and creamsicle probably would not look very good.
  2. Could work with a black helmet maybe. At the minimum, they should at least go back to the Super Bowl look, although I really like the creamsicle. As I say that, I would not want to see creamsicle and red together again or Bucco Bruce. I used to prefer the originals, but the red and orange just has not aged well in my opinion.
  3. I wonder how the creamsicle orange uniforms would look with black instead of red.
  4. Geez, sorry for having a different opinion than you. I accept reality, it is the way it is but I disagree with it. I totally respect those of you who like the Orca. People have different opinions about this and that's totally okay. For me, I have never liked the Orca and I would love to see the Canucks finally move in a different direction. I certainly did not intend to cause any arguments just by having a different opinion on what the Canucks logo and uniforms should be.
  5. I've noticed that too. I hope this is all a sign of things to come.
  6. I do not want to accept it though. I do not like the Orca on the Canucks jerseys and as a lifelong Canucks fan - who grew up with the Orca uniforms and the West Coast Express with Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi and Brenden Morrison, I honestly never have. It just does not look like it belongs on their jerseys at all and I do not like the look of it. I know what the Canucks do is out of my/our control, however, I thought the point of these threads was to discuss our opinions on logos and uniforms with other people, whether it is out of our control or not. I respect your opinion about the Canucks uniforms and the Orca, however, I respectfully disagree with you.
  7. I notice the CFL has really pushed retro merchandise this season. I wonder if this is a sign of teams doing throwbacks next year. I hope we will at least get some third jerseys. We have not had any new alternates in five years. I see Montreal is getting one in a couple of years.
  8. I wish they would finally just get rid of the Orca.
  9. I hope you are hinting that a collar fix is coming. I think the collars need to be fixed because the Adizero collars are terrible.
  10. I do not like the mono-orange look the Lions now have. The pants should be black in my opinion. Besides that, they definitely look better than the Adidas uniforms.
  11. I wanted the Canucks to finally retire the Orca. I am disappointed with their new third too. It really needs some white in the striping in my opinion and I still don't know how I feel about the new stick'n'rink logo. I kind of think the logo would look better if the hockey stick was straight instead of angled. I also wish they would have ditched the agency font too. I'm hoping the Canucks will eventually create a new jersey with Johnny Canuck as the logo.
  12. I hope the NFL will be full of throwbacks for the 100th Anniversary season. I'm already very happy to see the white Dolphins and Bears throwbacks but I hope there's more coming next season.
  13. The shoulder patch will be their new alternate jersey logo most likely, even though I like this as a patch a lot more. By the way, nice concept B-mer!
  14. I haven't seen a 2019 CFL thread so I figured I'd make one. If one already exists, please feel free to delete this. So far, New Era is taking over the jerseys from Adidas and the Alouettes are changing everything. Is there any other changes happening this year?
  15. I hope they don't go with Sockeyes. Matter of personal opinion of course.