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  1. I figured I start a new thread for the CFL here in 2020. I apologize if there's already a new 2020 CFL thread. Feel free to delete this if someone has already made a 2020 CFL thread. In terms of uniform changes for 2020, I have a feeling that we will have a different situation from what we saw in the short-lived Adidas era. I think we will likely see at least one new uniform this season. I have heard the Alouettes are doing a fan-design contest for a new third jersey and uniform for 2021. For 2020, so far, I have not heard anything - although I love the drop-shadowless Eskimos logo. I do think we will see some new alternate designs in the New Era era of the CFL.
  2. By deferring the Quebec Expansion bid, the NHL is saying that the bid isn't scrapped, but it will be kept for a rainy day when it is convenient for the NHL, like, say if a team ends up needing to be relocated. I hope that answers your Rank Title/Question. P.S., I like your profile pic.