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  1. I'm very surprised to see people here not loving Chicago's reverse retro. I think it is a very nice uniform and I think it would be a decent third jersey.
  2. I have heard that the Stampeders were supposed to unveil new uniforms for the 2020 season and then the rest of the CFL would redesign their uniforms in 2021. I think Montreal would not be a part of that redesign because they just completely changed their uniforms. With COVID-19 shutting the 2020 season down completely, I hope the CFL leaves the uniforms alone for at least another season. A number of teams did make alterations to their uniforms which was not expected, with the exception of the Alouettes when New Era took over in 2019. I hope they don't just change uniforms again when multiple teams tweaked their uniforms in 2019 and have only worn those uniforms for one season.
  3. Speaking of Carolina, I think they should do a black reverse retro of their original jerseys. I actually think Carolina's old black third is the best jersey the Hurricanes have ever worn.
  4. I think Carolina wearing the green Whalers throwback once or twice a year at the absolute most is plenty enough. I love seeing the Whalers throwback but I hope after this grey Reverse Retro jersey they cut back on the Whalers uniforms. I think one game around St. Patrick's Day every year like what the Maple Leafs have been doing for the past few years with their St. Pats throwback would be great moving forward.
  5. I think the black equipment looked far better than the blue will. I am hoping to eventually see Colorado redesign their uniforms.
  6. Is it just for this season? I ask because I have not heard anything so far in terms of how long the NHL plans to keep these helmet ads for.
  7. A lot of us do give a you know what. I understand what you are saying. Having ads right now because of your reasoning is one thing but the problem is what happens once things return to normal? A lot of us do not trust the NHL because once things return to normal, and a lot of fans get used to the ads, the NHL will probably look at the extra revenue coming in and decide to keep the ads on the uniforms for good. Hell, next thing you know, the NHL will start to allow ads on the jerseys, let alone the helmets.
  8. We have had one without the other for a very long time. They already have enough ads everywhere else. They should not be putting ads on the uniforms too. I think it is greed and I do not trust the NHL to get rid of them once things return to some type of normal again.
  9. They have made north of a billion dollars in expansion fees in the past few years and they boast about their billions in annual revenues every year. I think they can afford to keep ads off their uniforms.
  10. Will the reverse retros only be worn for one season?
  11. I think Explorers would be the best choice to replace the Eskimos name. With a name such as Elks, I would not be surprised if they eventually create some stupid redesign with antlers on the helmet paired with a mediocre uniform. If they go with Explorers, I think there would be a better chance of Edmonton not getting any special ideas with that name that would make Edmonton want to stray away from their classic EE logo and identity. Like the Washington Football Team in the NFL, this in my opinion is/was another Native American-based team that has had a history of beautiful uniforms and I am hoping that Edmonton's only major change is the name and hopefully seeing Edmonton go back to their 80's uniforms again.
  12. I didn't know the Canucks did a 94' Reverse Retro jersey on top of the new navy jersey they got. They even made a new logo and redesigned the pants for it too.
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