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  1. Perhaps this is the swan song for their home and away jerseys before changing to the retros. At least that's what I'm hoping for. I wonder if they tried to get permission to wear their throwbacks home and away for the playoffs.
  2. Their home uniform is the only half-decent uniform the Hurricanes have left. ( I'm talking about their main three jerseys, not the Whalers throwback.)
  3. Not a fan of the name Kraken but I think they did do a decent job with their logo. Too bad there's no green.
  4. I'm glad the name is changing but I will miss their logo and classic uniforms. I think it would have been nice for them to keep the Redskins logo in honour of the Blackfoot man that designed it.
  5. I have always seen their logo as a respectful depiction of a Native American just like the Chicago Blackhawks. Is there something I am not seeing because the only issue I have seen with this team is the obvious one, their team name.
  6. I wonder if a simple patch would be the best way to go. Something they could either place on the jersey or maybe even on the shorts.
  7. I think if they just do the right thing and change their name while leaving everything else alone, I think that would be the best way to go. **Also, for the record, my first post in this thread was never intended to bait anyone or to derail the thread in any way. Sorry if anyone takes it that way.
  8. I can see people not loving my idea but I think if they went with that, it would be a name that could be an easy fix for what they have had for too long. You could easily fit it in their fight song HTTR. It is also a name that is not used in any of the big leagues in North America either.
  9. With the way things are going, I think the NFL will eventually force Dan Snyder to change the name. I think they should leave their logo and uniforms alone and just change the name and call the team the Washington Rebels.
  10. I hope this is Seattle reconsidering Kraken as a name. I know they won't do it but I think they should go with either Totems or take the entire branding of the WHL's Seattle Thunderbirds.
  11. I wonder how this uniform would look with all the red on the jersey subbed out for some good old creamsicle orange.
  12. I actually really like the stealth version of the Sharks logo on their third jersey. It would be cool to see the Sharks use that logo on a teal jersey. As I say that, I think it's time for San Jose to change their mediocre uniforms entirely. They need to at least make a new third jersey that uses their new secondary logo.
  13. Although I do agree that the Cowboys and Patriots uniforms could be improved on, I do think calling them the worst looking teams in the NFL is quite a stretch.
  14. That's an interesting quirk in the schedule. Speaking of the Raiders, am I the only one who thinks their throwback jersey should be their full time away jersey? It is so unique to the Raiders and I love the silver numbers with black trim, they look amazing in my opinion.