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  1. I can't see the images here. May I suggest using imgur instead?
  2. https://www.footballkitarchive.com/static/logos/3oYvAxwjC1IWeV0/aston-villa-2000-2007-logo.png This logo>>>>>>>all the other logos. If they kept the stripes in the logo (which you kind of did), the backlash wouldn't be severe. That being said, you did a better job than the previous three attempts.
  3. Easy. Green, brown, light grey, and white. Bam, unique colour scheme that ties into Utah's state geography. In other words, just copy what the Utah Grizzlies have and call it a day. You just have to ask permission, though.
  4. Yup, I predicted that it would come eventually as soon as you reached the low-budget airline section. Though, I might ask just how different is it from AirAsia MY to AirAsia Phillippines.
  5. Oh, I can smell AirAsia down the horizon. Well, the Malaysia one that is.
  6. If this is the final-look jersey template that Fanatics is going to outfit the whole league with, it's a tough sell. Especially with that Nike-esque collar used here. It's a bad downgrade from the Adizero collar. I guarantee this jersey is going to have ghost strings when it arrives, and it's going to look cheap and tacky. Hey, kinda like what Fanatics does to their fan gear!
  7. Don't forget Japan, too. You can thank Tokyo University for their colour choice.
  8. I'm no fan of the Avs having black gear in their main set. Feels like they couldn't get any burgundy gears before their debut, so black got used instead as a placeholder. I get the steel blue and burgundy didn't get enough contrast when you look on the main set, but in my mind I felt navy blue would work well for the main gear instead of black. Nevertheless, you make a good call on bringing back the extra trim on the mountain striping, as a way to bring in more balance to an unbalance colour scheme.
  9. Well, since everyone is discussing about the Avs current set, I come to agree that their colour scheme is not good atm. What it needs is to make the burgundy darker and make the blue lighter, as a way to improve contrast if only by a bit. Also, switch the equipment to burgundy so that both jerseys don't look unbalanced when looking it as a whole. Finally, add the second trim to the mountain striping like what the Avs have from their first season. Why they didn't bring that trim back in the Adizero redesign is anyone's guess. Really, any effort not to bring black back into their scheme is preferable to me. The BFBS-era of early to mid 2000s has sullied the colour to infamy (though in recent years the hatred isn't so prominent).
  10. I thought hem stripes also get the victory stripes motif, so I'm kinda disappointed that it's just one big white stripe on the new black alternates. Though, if Tampa are to do a redesign of their current set, then this would be a good starting point.
  11. Nice to see they're continuing the 3 stripes, 90s-esque stars motif for the pants. I mean, why fix it when you can embrace it?
  12. That's the whole point of Stadium Series jerseys, right? Exaggerated and loud jerseys designs that are worn by players for one night only, as a contrast to the more traditional aesthetics of Winter Classic designs. Whilst I understood why the Devils would want to wear their throwbacks, I still say it looks out of place. I guess that's a good way to say "I prefer more throwback and fauxback jerseys over something that's meant to be designed in the future". To each it's own, I suppose. As for this year's design, I agree that the Flyers are the best out of the four. The 2nd goes to the Rangers, followed by the Devils in the 3rd, and the last one being the Isles. Maybe they could a use throwback treatment as well just like the Devils did 10 years ago. I stared at that jersey and I got a sleepy feeling from it.
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