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  1. You can even include the Xtreme as a tribute to the old XFL team which won the Million Dollar Championship...
  2. Just as I thought. Really needs red somewhere. I guess only few national teams were given differently-colored inside striping. I would like to Lithuania's national team for incorporating the flag as the primary element of their uniforms: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcR1RkFmorP_KTgdz1xBs2rzW7XVLjKkVVUQr808ZhNMQoBqzEhf
  3. Actually, I'm already done with AAF concepts, I just have not created the series here. I might consider packing AAF and XFL concepts into one. I'm glad to show them to y'all in the future.
  4. LIU And now, here's the final concept for this series. I'm definitely sure that LIU's blue and gold combo will become visually intelligible. The solution? I slightly darkened the blue they're using, and put a whole lot of white on the dark jerseys. I opted against using blue pants, since it might result to color unbalance. Instead, white pants and white helmets are the alternate options. Finally, the shark logo is too good to be used as the helmet decal, instead of just the LIU wordmark. You might ask, what's the explanation behind the pattern on the sleeves? This pattern is a simplified representation of the oceans where sharks live. With all that being said, I'm wrapping up this series. It took me more than one year to do this, due to the fact that FCS teams are hard to conceptualize and most teams use basic or templated designs in real life. Thank you for all the appreciation and comments, and please look forward to my future series, especially now that XFL teams have released their names and logos.
  5. DUQUESNE Here's my updated concept design for Duquesne football. I utilized "The Range" as the overall motif for the jerseys and pants, while I selected only the white and red helmets from the designs in their brand guide.
  6. As a supporter of Gilas Pilipinas, our national team's new uniforms needs a tinge of red, in comparison with their previous uniforms: Also, Nike REALLY needs to distinguish Gilas from the Chinese Taipei national team.
  7. DIXIE STATE One of the newest teams in FCS, the Trailblazers worn uniforms featuring numbers and logos that can't be distinguished from afar. The original concept design was better, thus I capitalized on it, with some improvements.
  8. Is it just me, or is the "City" in the association uniform became straightened instead of arched? New: Old:
  9. MERRIMACK The beveling on the MC mark becomes the basis of the striping and yoke on the jerseys, with their academic logo adorning the upper portion at the back. Gold still remains the color of their primary dark uniform (I also added gold pants for good measure), while the navy is an alternate.
  10. I'm almost finished with this entire topic, as I'm still about to add Dixie State, LIU (still no logo!), and Merrimack. Let me know your thoughts and comments about my FCS concepts.
  11. TEXAS SOUTHERN I borrowed the design from their first UA set, changed the number font, and brought back the maroon helmet.
  12. SOUTHERN I added a touch of navy blue to alleviate the visibility of all the colors combined. Plus, the jaguar-mounted SU logo is back as the helmet decal.
  13. PRAIRIE VIEW A&M This concept is heavily based from their last Russell uniforms (sans white helmets). It's definitely a huge improvement from their bland Adidas uniforms. Though it's not heavily used in athletics, PVAMU's academic logo is added on the sides of the pants.
  14. That's a welcoming sight, though I prefer putting the "Orange" on the orange jerseys only, and "Syracuse" on the navy and white jerseys.