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  1. Hi, thanks for giving your honest opinion on this matter. Like I said in the post, I really had a hard time on what should be the primary design for my T-Wolves city uniform concept. Plus, I really have a small knowledge on city/state history and culture. I just come up from what I truly know so far. I also thought of translating a throwback Minnesota Twins uniform into a basketball jersey, probably going with the sky blue roads. This route could be similar to my Nets statement concept.
  2. MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES The T-Wolves have a great logo set, but the jerseys? Not so much. I'm definitely sure that the KG era uniforms are the apex predator of the entire uniform history of this team. I would like to capture the simplicity and fierceness of those jerseys, while adding a modern touch. The association, icon, and statement uniforms, just like the current ones, all have a single design: trees on the sleeve trims, collar, and garter, and wolf fur (taken from the 2017-18 city uniform) on the side panels. I followed the color arrangement from the current uniforms (white for association, midnight blue for icon, and aurora green for statement) because those still look good despite the bland design of the real-life duds. Since the NBA logo is moved back to the front, the north star is added to accentuate the back. I was having a hard time back then, on what should be the primary design for the city uniform. Eventually, I settled on the state nickname "The Land of 10,000 Lakes". After all, that's the same inspiration for the then-Minneapolis Lakers. Adding to the locality of the nickname, I looked upon the largest lake in Minneapolis, Bde Maka Ska. The signage design is definitely not enough, so I went with the lake's logo (eventually became the inspiration for the jersey's front logo). What's even more fascinating is that there is also a great backdrop illustration that comes with the logo. When I saw this, I thought, "this is it". Well, I was right. Finally, the entire uniform has a white base, to symbolize the winter season in Minnesota.
  3. With the NHL teams having a Reverse Retro gimmick and some forum topics revolving around the same concept, whether it's for NHL teams or for other leagues (shout-out to @RBronish for the great NFL Reverse Retro series), I think it's time for NBA to do the same thing. I'm not yet sure if I'm gonna do it here or on a separate topic. @Ukyo, you might get your wish on the 2000's era Phoenix Suns uniform. As for the location of the other expansion team I'm going to put here, I have already made my decision. So for those who would like to see their city being repped here, I would like to apologize in advance.
  4. Hey what's up, everyone! For the past years, I've been known for football concepts, but my first love has always been basketball. I've been doing NBA uniform mockups since elementary. My love for sports logos started with NBA, and I frequently browse for NBA logos on the mothership. And now, after a few years of conceptualizing (I created some new logos two years ago), I now unveil my NBA uniform (for some teams, logos) concepts! Though the teams below are listed by division, I'm unveiling the uniforms randomly. The main component for all uniforms is that the NBA logo on the jerseys is now brought back to the front right side, eliminating the use of sponsor patches. However, the Nike logo is still located in its current position. And for uniformity, I eliminated the championship tag on the back of the jerseys. EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic: Boston | Brooklyn | New York | Philadelphia | Toronto Central: Chicago (v.2) | Cleveland | Detroit | Indiana (City v.2) | Milwaukee Southeast: Atlanta (v.2) | Charlotte | Miami (v.2) | Orlando | Washington WESTERN CONFERENCE Northwest: Denver | Minnesota | Oklahoma City (v.2) | Portland | Utah Pacific: Golden State | LA Clippers | LA Lakers | Phoenix | Sacramento Southwest: Dallas (v.2) | Houston | Memphis | New Orleans | San Antonio