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  1. It's unfair that WVU's gray set has a bit of gold, while the white set has none of it, even in the collar logo. It's just one gold number trim away from being perfect. But the rest is a huge upgrade.
  2. Alright! Before I move on with the final conference, SWAC, I would like to know what you think of the entire Southland Conference so far. Also, I will make concepts for Merrimack, LIU, and Dixie State, although, in the case of LIU, it would not be easy, given that teams from LIU Brooklyn and LIU Post will merge as one and go for a new nickname (hopefully the merged team will retain the Blackbirds)*. Also (again), I would take a stab at the AAF, although this league is in a coma in my opinion (presumed dead for some). * UPDATE: The new LIU team will be sporting blue and gold, so the Blackbirds moniker is out of consideration.
  3. STEPHEN F. AUSTIN For the last team in Southland (alphabetically), I went with a design based from the beveling in the SFA monogram. Though this can be duplicated by other teams, I think this will fit into SFA football, given that they (and the rest of FCS teams) use templated designs.
  4. SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANA Gold, green, and white for all...except for the socks. The striping from this helmet was implemented on the jerseys and the pants.
  5. I saw this one coming. When the panther head logo was leaked, the first thing that came through my mind was FIU's logo.
  6. Good thing you noticed. I used the old font for the Blue Jackets. I'm taking a reconsideration of adding more elements on the back of the jersey, whether it's the NOB or a logo. With regards to the logo you're talking about, are you referring to this one? http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/82347602001/Sam_Houston_State_Bearkats/2001/Alternate_Logo
  7. SAM HOUSTON STATE I basically merged their current and previous uniform designs. Also, the number font is now the same as the one used in the logo. If you take a closer look, there is a sublimated scratch pattern on the jersey's shoulder and pants' side panels. I could not recall any blue uniform in the history of Bearkats football, so I made one.
  8. The Baltimore set will probably be disliked due to the Steelers' colors dominating the design, but the Maryland set, color-wise, doesn't scream Pittsburgh. Therefore, I'm going with the Maryland set.
  9. "OOOOH YEEEEEAH!!!" https://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/76598-paint-users-paradise-20/?do=findComment&comment=2918653
  10. NORTHWESTERN STATE The NSU monogram was the inspiration behind the overall design of my concept. Since I could not find the actual font that is used on the football uniforms, I resorted to a much safer choice.
  11. I'd take this rather than the gator scale uniform they had. Even if this is intended as an April Fool's prank, this isn't that bad for a one-off uniform.
  12. NICHOLLS STATE The sword is the main design element for my Nicholls State concept.
  13. McNEESE STATE I centered my McNeese State concept around this throwback uniform, although I only utilized the sleeves. Western-style striping dominates the design, and I also added blue pants as an option.
  14. Or maybe you could use the failed uniform redesign for the Rangers from the 70's:
  15. NFL, Nike, and the Rams management should take your design when they move into the new stadium in 2020. This is something I would like to see them wear from 2020 and beyond. Plus, this set is an edge to Jared Goff, as well as every member of the Rams roster who is a Cal alumnus. The fanbase will SURELY CRAVE for this set.