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  1. That away jersey is a reincarnation of the Bucs' never-used-in-the-field black jersey, right?
  2. SEATTLE DRAGONS And now, we're down to the final team in the series...or is it? Gone are the contrasting colored sleeves, enter the dragon's neck...or maybe the back. On the pants, I modified the dragon's tail, now with more color, especially on a white background. Of course, the major change here are the navy helmets. From the get-go, I've been visualizing the Dragons wearing navy helmets instead of white helmets. Also, the dragon decal has gone bigger, but no longer extends to the bottom of the helmet. Since the Seahawks already have an action green jersey, then the Dragons can take the orange as an alternate.
  3. The road jersey definitely needs yellow, even just a pinch of it. Also, the sol pants for the home and the one on the road are different, better pick the road sol pants since it has a better color distribution. As for the white pants, go for the royal vertical stripe outlined in sol, also for better color distribution. These are just suggestions, you can update the set if you want.
  4. It was unexpected for me to see the Chargers change their logo and wordmark. It was very quiet and unannounced, but the changes are probably much better than what the Rams have released. I'm just glad that the fans got the colors that they want.
  5. I have mixed feelings with the new logos. I'm glad that they went back to blue-and-gold scheme. As for the logo, ehh... I'm not sure.
  6. Here 'ya go. Maybe I could call this the "hazy New York skyline". I also put the combo with black pants for good measure.
  7. LOS ANGELES WILDCATS My problem with the Wildcats' uniforms is the dominant use of black over orange and red. I also thought that they'll use orange helmets, but went with black. For this concept, orange and red are front and center, with black being used as a trim color and the base for the alternate uniform. Also, the claw logo has found its way on the helmets, while the LA monogram logo is now reserved on the nose bumpers. Don't worry, the monogram is still their primary logo in my case.
  8. Will follow this up on a later date...
  9. The small white/silver stripes were there because of the overall "Oiler" makeover theme, not to mention the surrounding outline in the logo.
  10. HOUSTON ROUGHNECKS The de facto champions of the 2020 season get an "Oiler" makeover...sort of. After all, the Roughnecks' overall branding is a lovechild of the Oilers' and Texans' identities. When you look closely at the striping, you'll see a steel frame pattern (a nod to the oil derrick logo that they have). I promoted navy blue as the primary color over red, with the color of the home jersey showing the change.
  11. Off to a great start! Will you do a white uniform for every team?
  12. It's not yet on my plans, but you gave me a great idea. Thanks for suggesting that.
  13. DALLAS RENEGADES Now, you might be asking, "why did you use Carolina Panthers' current uniforms?" First of all, the Panthers definitely need new uniforms. Second, if they did update their uniforms, then the Renegades could take the Panthers' original uniform design, which really fits the overall branding of the Renegades, and put some minor tweaks.
  14. Uh, I was actually referring to the turquoise in the jersey tops, not the teal in the pants. Sorry for the misunderstanding. But darkening the teal in the helmet and pants really helped. Don't get me wrong, I still like the update...
  15. Though the set includes action green pants, I opted against an action green jersey, because, Seahawks' color rush. You'd get my point.