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  1. DENVER NUGGETS The Nuggets' current look is great, especially the colors. However, I do miss the color scheme with the light blue on it, which is a unique palette in the NBA. I thought that this embodies Denver so well, the team should've stuck with it. And so, I brought this one-of-a-kind color scheme for my concept, but the logos will remain the same as the current ones. The association and icon uniforms' design is basically the one before the 2018 redesign, and, rightfully so, they're reset to the proper coloring, which means light blue is the primary dark color, not navy blue, to avoid clashing with Indiana Pacers' colors. While the overall look resembles those from the later years of the light blue era, the inner striping on the side panels gets thicker and the shorts' side panels receive a different ending. The front script and the numbers follow suit with the current branding, but recolored. The statement uniform, meanwhile, features the mountain skyline, but I changed the positioning of all the design elements in the front so that the skyline is at the top, followed by the wordmark and the numbers, similar to the positioning in the 2017-18 statement uniform. This means that the striping on the front doesn't extend to the back. This striping is also filled with gaps, as an homage to the rainbow skyline series of city uniforms. On the city uniform, things get more interesting. This edition is loosely based from the city flag, with all the zigzags and triangles involved. While the colors aren't exactly the ones from the flag, it should still fit with the theme. I really would like to put back the logo from the 2017-18 city uniform on the front, so here it is.
  2. Based from the suggestion by @sportsfan7, I have swapped Minnesota and Memphis. Therefore, Memphis will remain in the Western Conference, joining the Midwest Division, while Minnesota will transfer to the Eastern Conference, finally grouping with teams from Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio in the Central Division (similar to the current groupings in the NFL's NFC Central and MLB's AL Central).
  3. UTAH JAZZ Well, this is my first concept set for 2021, and if I'm gonna be honest, I think the Jazz already nailed the uniform game (except for the statement uniform). Therefore, I retained the majority of the current design, while I made tweaks on all the clothing trims (collar, sleeves, hem on the shorts, and garter). The number font that I used is not the exact one the team currently uses, but it's quite similar. As mentioned earlier, the statement uniform isn't that good in my opinion. And so, my take on the statement edition features major changes. While the manner of cutting the striping on the side panels remain the same as the association and icon's, its overall design is different. This was taken from the four-colored striping found on the 90's uniforms. Personally, I absolutely love the mountain range logo era, so I brought back the wordmark from that era and put that on my statement uniform. Don't worry, this will be the only holdover from the 90's, as the rest of the uniform remain in the same current theme. Finally, who doesn't love the Jazz's city uniforms? Whether it's the original version or the "dark mode" one, I am a fan of those uniforms. With that being said, I modified the "dark mode" city uniforms by having the gradient on both sides of the shorts, since the actual one is asymmetrical, and extending the gradient to the back. While my original plan is to retain the front jersey wordmark, one thought instantly came to me. What if instead of "Utah", why not feature the actual inspiration of the city uniforms front and center? I'm talking about the Delicate Arch. This geological wonder is already featured on the Jazz's city uniforms, but I made it the primary accent to the gradient on the tops, to evoke the sun "touching the arch". Meanwhile, the state map basketball logo on the shorts also follow the silhouette motif.
  4. The templates I'm using for these concepts are found in the above link. I'm sharing these for anyone to use.
  5. Happy new year, everyone! I hope that 2021 would be good to us compared to last year. I'm sharing these Nike NBA uniform templates for anyone to use, though I saw a concept that used my template without permission. I made these from scratch, by the way. Well, here they are... V-collar: https://imgur.com/FlUF7f0 Rounded collar: https://imgur.com/MC4YFBa Wishbone collar: https://imgur.com/BGUJ63P P.S.: These templates are not exactly similar with the actual Nike NBA templates, as depicted by the tops (no side panel stitching and different hem shapes).
  6. Now that you said that, I looked upon the current map of NBA teams, and you're right. Minnesota is WAYYYYY far from the other Midwest teams. I'm probably going for another realignment. Thanks for pointing that out!
  7. ORLANDO MAGIC As one song would say, it's the most wonderful time of the year! And it's just fitting that I'm going to post a concept set for the Magic, which, in full honesty, lost the magical element in the uniforms: the cartoonish script logo with the star(s) on it. Essentially, I'm bringing back this logo used from 2000-01 to 2009-10 as the primary, since it has more character than the current one. I can't believe that the present logo has already become one decade old. Anyway, onto the uniforms... When I first saw the leaked 2020-21 earned uniform, I thought to myself, "replace the logo with a wordmark on the jersey and vice-versa on the shorts, slather some pinstripes on it, make a blue version of it, and we got a winner." That's exactly what I did. The star field pattern on the side panels are retained, and I added sublimated pinstripes on both association and icon uniforms. The biggest upgrade that I made is the front jersey script on each of the first two editions, in which I patterned from the early 2000's uniforms. While the "Magic" wordmark already has something that I can recreate, the "Orlando" script took more effort since the italicized version is the only one available. Not bad, eh? I initially thought of having a black version of the earned uniform as my statement uniform, but I'm really sure that the fans miss the giant star on the shorts. Nevertheless, I also like to capture the elements from the early 2000's uniforms, as well as the space flavor from the 2018-19 city uniform and the current icon uniform. Voila, my statement uniform for the Magic is the result of this mashup. Thinking about the city uniform, I searched upon other concepts revolving around the same theme as the 2019-20 and 2020-21 city uniforms: Florida's orange-growing industry. I admit that it was hard to think about a concept without copying others. And so, I went with a different inspiration: orange juice branding. Usually, it contains green as an accent color to orange, while white is mostly used by orange juice companies as the base color. However, I would like to stray away from white as the base, since it's already used by the 2020-21 city uniform. I wanted orange to be front and center, but I have no idea on what to put on as the additional decor. Thanks to the orange juice branding, the side panels feature a green banner with curved white ends, and I also slathered some pinstripes on the uniform base as well. Finally, I went with "Orange County" as the front wordmark to represent Orlando's entire county (no other town should be left behind), with the "O" having leaves to evoke the fruit itself.
  8. Since you mentioned the red jersey, I admit that the output is not the one I expected. With that, here's a quick turnaround. I went with the full city name this time and used a cursive font. I know the script is a tad small, but that's how the 2019-20 city jersey looked like.
  9. PHILADELPHIA 76ERS For me, the current look of the Sixers are already perfect. So much so, I only made few tweaks. Remember the time when the Sixers had a red uniform that had a different ending on the shorts compared to the blue and white ones? I applied that different ending to all three uniforms (association, icon, statement). The garter for these three uniforms receive a striping similar to the sleeve and collar trim as well. As a tribute to the jerseys from the 80's, the front wordmark and numbers gain outlines. I also retained the number of stars like what they have now (7 on one side, 6 on the other), although you can only see one side. I've also noticed that the "76ers" wordmark from the logo has never been utilized on a jersey. Not anymore. That wordmark becomes front and center on my red statement uniform. Similar to the current ones, blue is the primary accent color, and the front number is placed at the top of the wordmark for space balance. Onto the city uniforms. If the team is going to go for a black uniform, they should go full Allen Iverson mode or shouldn't at all. Though the new city uniforms are good and has the seal of approval from The Answer himself, they're not as good as the original. And so, I made the city uniforms exactly like the original, but made some few mods to pass as a "new" uniform. I added side striping on the shorts, as well as the aforementioned number of stars beside the striping. Since this is a city uniform, it's an unwritten rule to have the city name on the front. With that, I went with the "Phila" script from the forgotten red alternate uniform during the final two seasons of the black-and-red era, albeit the star becomes gold instead of silver.
  10. SEATTLE SUPERSONICS Ladies and gentlemen, the Seattle SuperSonics are back...at least in this concept world of mine. It's very obvious in my profile that I absolutely love the 1995-2001 logo, so it's no surprise that I made a logo set based from that. I would love to bring back red here, but I understand the opinion of the majority that the Sonics are a green-and-yellow team, thus the simplified colors here. I made some changes to the Space Needle to simplify things a bit, and I also brought back the orbit-S logo. Something that is new here is the Seattle skyline logo, which is an homage to a long-time fan-favorite logo from the mid-70's up to the mid-90's. The association and icon uniforms utilize the modified version of the primary logo as the front wordmark, since I want to capture the design I liked so much from the 90's. The side panels from these uniforms contain a sublimated pattern to form the Space Needle, much like what I did to my Golden State Warriors association and icon uniforms (used the Bay Bridge's eastern span tower). Meanwhile, the statement uniform design is taken from the arch that dominated the design from the mid-80's up to the mid-90's and again from 2001 up to 2008. I have seen so many concepts utilizing the arch as the primary design element, so I went with the bandwagon to jive in. The city uniform is a mish-mash of several things that define Seattle. First, the uniform base (especially the darker shade of green) is based from the 90's uniforms with the side panel on only one side. Second, the "Emerald City" wordmark (as well as the front and back numbers) is taken from the "Public Market Center" signage at Pike Place Market (sort of). Third, the aqua color and the waves on the side panel are taken from the city flag. Finally, the neon green is added as an accent color that pays tribute to the Seahawks and the Sounders. Originally, I planned that the city uniform should be navy blue, to jive with the rest of the major sports teams in the city (MLB's Mariners and NHL's Kraken), but I thought that it could defeat the purpose of the nickname on the front, so I went with the darker green.
  11. The time has come. Since I'll be posting my Seattle SuperSonics concept after this, I have finally unveiled the conference realignment. Here are some points: Each conference reverts from three to two divisions each: Eastern Conference: The Southeast Division has been removed (its current teams are distributed to the remaining two divisions), while the Atlantic and Central Divisions remain. Western Conference: The Midwest Division returns (comprising of majority of teams from the Northwest and Southwest Divisions), while the Pacific Division is still here to stay. Distribution of teams per division: Atlantic: Five teams from the real-life version remain, three teams from the Southwest Division (Miami, Orlando, and Washington) return. Central: Current lineup remains intact, Atlanta and Charlotte are back, Memphis joins the Eastern Conference and will be placed in this division due to geographic location (has closest proximity to both Atlanta and Charlotte). Midwest: Four remaining teams from the Southwest Division and four geographically-innermost teams from the Northwest Division (basically all teams except Portland) comprise this division. Pacific: The all-California team lineup and Phoenix remain, Portland returns, Seattle is also brought back via expansion. Please proceed to the very first page to see the realignment.
  12. Hi, thanks for giving your honest opinion on this matter. Like I said in the post, I really had a hard time on what should be the primary design for my T-Wolves city uniform concept. Plus, I really have a small knowledge on city/state history and culture. I just come up from what I truly know so far. I also thought of translating a throwback Minnesota Twins uniform into a basketball jersey, probably going with the sky blue roads. This route could be similar to my Nets statement concept.
  13. MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES The T-Wolves have a great logo set, but the jerseys? Not so much. I'm definitely sure that the KG era uniforms are the apex predator of the entire uniform history of this team. I would like to capture the simplicity and fierceness of those jerseys, while adding a modern touch. The association, icon, and statement uniforms, just like the current ones, all have a single design: trees on the sleeve trims, collar, and garter, and wolf fur (taken from the 2017-18 city uniform) on the side panels. I followed the color arrangement from the current uniforms (white for association, midnight blue for icon, and aurora green for statement) because those still look good despite the bland design of the real-life duds. Since the NBA logo is moved back to the front, the north star is added to accentuate the back. I was having a hard time back then, on what should be the primary design for the city uniform. Eventually, I settled on the state nickname "The Land of 10,000 Lakes". After all, that's the same inspiration for the then-Minneapolis Lakers. Adding to the locality of the nickname, I looked upon the largest lake in Minneapolis, Bde Maka Ska. The signage design is definitely not enough, so I went with the lake's logo (eventually became the inspiration for the jersey's front logo). What's even more fascinating is that there is also a great backdrop illustration that comes with the logo. When I saw this, I thought, "this is it". Well, I was right. Finally, the entire uniform has a white base, to symbolize the winter season in Minnesota.
  14. With the NHL teams having a Reverse Retro gimmick and some forum topics revolving around the same concept, whether it's for NHL teams or for other leagues (shout-out to @RBronish for the great NFL Reverse Retro series), I think it's time for NBA to do the same thing. I'm not yet sure if I'm gonna do it here or on a separate topic. @Ukyo, you might get your wish on the 2000's era Phoenix Suns uniform. As for the location of the other expansion team I'm going to put here, I have already made my decision. So for those who would like to see their city being repped here, I would like to apologize in advance.
  15. Hi all! I've been pondering about expansion into 32 teams, where each conference has two divisions (like what it was before the 2004-05 season), which means I'm bringing back the Midwest division. This also means that there will be a reassignment of a team from one conference to another. As for one of the expansion teams, here's a spoiler: THE SONICS WILL BE BACK.
  16. INDIANA PACERS I'm 100% sure that the P-ball logo won't go away, but, IMO, its luster is somewhat tainted by promoting the roundel version as the primary. I really think that the roundel version should remain as an alternate logo. That's why for my Pacers concept, the roundel is out (kind of), and the wordmark below the P-ball is back (albeit in a changed font). I also made a tweaked version of the state map logo, where I added a "field" taken from the team's We Grow Basketball Here logo and refined the ball to look like the one from the primary logo. Finally, taking cues from some concepts such as this one from @AAO and another one from @Go Red Sox!, a winged basketball is added to the concept logo set. And yes, this basketball is enclosed in a roundel, so, the roundel is not totally out. I'm also 100% sure that the winged basketball concepts are inspired by the primary logo of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The association and icon uniforms in this concept are modified (and probably modernized) renderings of the beloved Flo-Jo uniforms, with an addition of three tapered lines on the inner striping, referencing to the streaks from the primary logo or the team's three ABA championships. The asymmetric striping is somewhat narrower, compared to the original, so that the numbers would avoid overlapping it. Meanwhile, the statement edition pays tribute to Reggie Miller's earlier NBA years by having a horizontal stripe at the front. However, instead of a wordmark, I applied the winged basketball logo inside the horizontal stripe, since some statement uniforms right now feature a logo as well. I also added matching stripes (vertical this time) on both sides of the shorts. Finally, the city edition pays tribute to a key element of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: the yard of bricks. I initially went with a different color scheme: navy blue, brick red, and old gold. But that turned out to be not so great, so I resorted to the Pacers' vintage color scheme. And since city uniforms tend to be over-the-top, I went with a cursive "Indy" script, something that's probably never seen before. Though the yard of bricks had multiple versions, I went with the current one.
  17. Unfortunately, I much prefer the ones from the streaking sun era, even if the 2000's era uniforms had a simpler design. Plus, Swingman uniforms are slightly modified versions of the in-game uniforms, if my memory serves me right.
  18. You'll just have to wait and see. There might be some few surprises I'm gonna pull off...
  19. I already have two Bulls concepts. You can look at 'em here:
  20. That thought came to me during the design stages, but I really love how the final outcome looked. Plus the streaking sun itself is a lighter shade of orange—more like yellow orange. Come to think of it, the predominantly dark palette on the icon and statement jerseys has a "galaxy" implication. I already visualized how the icon jersey would look like if the primary accent color is orange instead of black, and I gotta say, it wasn't good. While it was good back then during the 70's and 80's, it probably won't be today. That alone made me decide to go full-90's-mode but retrofitted the theme to accommodate the modern times.
  21. PHOENIX SUNS If I'm gonna have a Phoenix Suns logo era bias, it's the one from the 90's, when we were introduced to the streaking sun. Its corresponding uniforms? Glorious. But I know that as times change, so do design perspectives. And while the current logo goes through the simple route, the lack of purple might be its Achilles' heel. Meanwhile, the logo preceding it is just too much to handle. With all that being said, I picked the 2000's era logo, removed all the clutter⁠—shadows, grey container, 3D-esque design⁠—and made it similar to the 90's logo. I also retained the firebird logo, but this time, it's a mashup between the old and the new, with the font matching the one on the primary. The association, icon, and statement uniforms are basically modified versions of the uniforms from the 90's. The streaking sun on the jersey is now a sublimated design element, while the design which was used to be on one side of the shorts is now on both sides, with the wordmark still positioned like the original, and sublimated streaks being added as well. With "The Valley" uniform leaking, I thought it would make a great moniker not just only for Phoenix but probably for the entire state of Arizona. While the leaked design is over-the-top, I thought that there could be wackier (in a good way) than that. Initially, I agonized on which color should be the base for the statement uniform and which should be for the city edition. Eventually, I thought of the state flag (a frequent motif for Arizona-based team uniform concepts, including my Cardinals concept) which can be properly represented in a lighter color, thus, I made the statement uniform black and the city uniform orange. What better way to support the sun rays of the state flag than a desert landscape! Below the desert is a convergence of colors representing the sunset (also applied to the shorts' side panels). The retro font used for the script and the numbers is taken from the team's first logo. Finally, the garter "buckle" features the establishment year of the Suns. I gotta say, this has to be the craziest city uniform design I have ever done.
  22. Thanks for giving me a hint on which team I should do next!
  23. I forgot to add this one on the original post: The city uniform side panel design extending onto the shorts was a blend of the striping designs from the 50's, 60's, and early to mid-70's.