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  1. For those who can put my uniform concepts in NBA 2K or NBA Live, I'm giving 'em my permission.
  2. Wow, I can't believe that my last concept post was from a month ago as of the day I was writing this. Anyway, I'm closing this topic, and I'm no longer pursuing for a 32-team NBA. I truly appreciate all your comments and suggestions. I'm actually thinking about making WNBA uniform concepts, especially now that each team have unique looks, something that wasn't done from the beginning of the league. Once again, thank you so much for following this topic, and you can look forward to my next concepts!
  3. I'm a big fan of WNBA pulling off unique uniforms for each team. I can't believe the league waited 25 years to do this. I hope the "heroine" and "explorer" uniforms won't be a one-off, simply because it's the 25th anniversary of the league. Though sadly, we won't see something like these for great defunct teams like the Houston Comets, San Antonio (Silver) Stars, Sacramento Monarchs, and Detroit Shock, unless they come back to life.
  4. I like this! It's a nice and clean set. I think these should be on the court. P.S. You've got a nice uniform template to work with.
  5. That Bucks community edition should be the team's city uniform next year.
  6. Yep, I'm doing exactly what I wished. First, I decided to make the outlined pinwheel logo the primary instead of the one without the outline, since the previous sorta lacked color balance. The association and icon uniforms remain the same, but the significant changes are made on the statement and city uniforms. The sash has been the Trail Blazers' signature element for a long time, but I have never seen any uniform where a wordmark is placed on the sash. Not anymore. I put the retro Blazers script on the sash for a change of pace, while the sash and the striping on the shorts feature 10 sublimated lines as a tribute to the pinwheel logo. The city uniform also receives the sash treatment, but this time, it's in the colors and pattern of the flag of Portland, Oregon. 'PDX' finally makes its debut on a Trail Blazer uniform, and it's in a retro font. I'm not sure if the flag colors can be brought to life, since the palette contains green and gold (a nod to the Sonics, the team's rivals in the Pacific Northwest). I think I'm satisfied with my revision, let me know what you think!
  7. That's a skill I'd probably like to have, but it really needs A LOT of Photoshop proficiency. As for bootlegging, I'm not sure about it, sorry.
  8. That's a wrap. The Pelicans are the final team I've conceptualized in this topic, although I'm open to revise some of my concepts. I would like to revise my Blazers concept, since I'm not fully satisfied with it. There were also some requests that were left out because I would like to finish all teams, but I think I could do them in the coming days. If there are other concepts in this topic that you would like me to revise, comment down below. Thank you very much for your support in this topic. I truly appreciate 'em.
  9. NEW ORLEANS PELICANS Before creating this concept set, I went to my routine of looking for inspirations. Most of the concepts feature the wrought iron decorations found in the French Quarter. I went with a simple version of that, so as not to over-decorate the regular uniform editions (association and icon). For the icon uniform, I went with a red side panel instead of gold, to follow the pattern on the association uniform and to introduce more colors while eliciting simplicity. The statement uniform is a modified version of the current uniforms. Basically, I extended the side panel design to the ends of the jersey and the shorts, and I added a fleur-de-lis pattern on the navy portion of it. I initially thought of a Saints-inspired city uniform, but the first three editions already have a plenty amount of gold, and I think it would be an overkill to extend it to the city edition. So, I went with the sleeve striping pattern of the Saints from the 70's to the early 80's (the ones with the gap between the black/white and gold), but incorporating a Mardi Gras color palette. The side panel design is also a subtle tribute to the city's ABA team, the Buccaneers. As far as I can remember, the Pelicans rarely use their Crescent City Basketball logo, and thus, I made it the star of the show at the front, with a minor change: I replaced the ball with a simple circle, so that the player's number can be placed there. Adding to the wackiness of my city uniform is the half-purple-half-green treatment, inspired by the final Mardi Gras uniforms of the team when they were still known as the Hornets.
  10. First of all, it's 93, not 96. Anyway, you're off to a great start! Will we get all 4 editions per team? So far, I think these are all icon uniforms. But, great effort there!
  11. WASHINGTON WIZARDS When I think about the Wizards, I think about the blue, gold/copper, and black. I saved that for the city uniform, but most people associate the team with its former moniker, the Bullets, as well as the red, white, and blue striped uniforms in their full glory. I tried to recapture that glory while still thinking of modernization (in other words, cleaning and simplifying things). The association and icon uniforms feature a very obvious homage to the aforementioned striped jerseys. When I thought of the icon edition, I went against red in favor of navy blue, although its counterparts from other sports use red or a shade of it (burgundy from WFT), since before the oversimplification of the Bullets' uniforms in the late 1980's, the team wore blue as the dark uniform. It's also worth noting that the two stripes are also applied on the shorts, inspired by @AAO's concept back then. For these two uniforms, the DC flag is predominantly represented through the two red stripes on the jersey and the shorts, and the three stars on each jersey side panel. The statement jersey is pretty straightforward. It's just a red version of the stars-and-stripes uniforms from 2016-17, 2019-20, and 2020-21 seasons. This time, I put the team's The District of Columbia script front and center, instead of just the 'dc'. Going back to my first paragraph, I brought back the 90's color scheme onto my city uniform, with black being the base color, taking cues from the black jersey of the Capitals. The sides feature the shape of the Washington Monument, somewhat similar to the ones from 2017-18 and 2018-19, as well as the earned uniform from 2018-19. The front wordmark was also taken from the Caps, decorated with three stars, while the garter buckle features a different 'DC' logo, having the same treatment as the front wordmark. I'm sure this city uniform will generate mixed reviews, so let me know your thoughts on this!
  12. The idea is good, but I think it would look better if the entire front wordmark is not condensed into one line. Maybe stack 'em into two lines? Like, on the first line, it's "EL HEAT", then on the second line, it's "DE MIAMI" but with a smaller font. Just a suggestion.
  13. As a Filipino, I approve this. If the Philippine Football Federation will ever consider a kit redesign, then this should be the national team's kit set, although the white is most likely to be picked from this, since the Azkals usually wear white as the primary.
  14. SACRAMENTO KINGS To be honest, when it comes to uniforms, the Kings were hard to conceptualize. For most of the team's history, they wore generic-looking uniforms. But, given it being one of the inaugural NBA teams along with the likes of the Celtics and Lakers, it's okay to go with a "traditional" design. The association, icon, and statement uniforms all follow the same design, taking cues from the current uniforms and the first purple era uniforms. I also switched the front wordmarks of the icon and statement editions, plus, the latter retains the "S" background pattern from the current version. I brought back the black as a primary uniform color, since purple and granite alone looks incomplete to me. Like the current city uniform, my take on it is a mix-and-mash of ideas. First, why blue and gold? Blue symbolizes the Kings' past color scheme before purple came in, and gold symbolizes the Tower Bridge. These colors are also an indirect shoutout to the team's time in Kansas City, taken from that city's baseball team, the Royals. Second, the front script is cursive with a tail, just the way it was before the purple era, and, yes, "Sactown" is still my chosen moniker. Third, I chose white as the primary background so that they can wear it at home. Finally, the fading checkered pattern on one side, aside from the obvious homage, is a tribute to Sacramento being California's "most hipster city" and America's "most diverse city".
  15. I don't know what you're referring to "black instead of red", but I assume that it's on the icon uniform. I initially went for black-as-secondary-color motif, but it might be similar to my future Kings concept, so I went with red. Anyway, here 'ya go: Also, for good measure, I have a black version of the statement uniform: No need for monetary amount, it's free. I also have other templates on the Paint Users' Paradise in the CCSLC forum, you can check those out.
  16. TORONTO RAPTORS It's been a while since my last post, but yeah. This is for everyone who yearns for purple to return to the team full-time. While the current logo brought a championship, I thought that the previous logo set had more character. Nevertheless, with the current trend of flat design and simplification, I'm not going to bring back the Raptor and call it a day. Thus, my logo for the Raptors is a combination of the current logo and the team's former longtime paw print logo. Did I say I'm not bringing back the Raptor? As a primary logo, it won't be back, but as an alternate, it is back in the form of the Raptor chomping on a ball. When the current chevron uniforms were unveiled, I instantly disliked 'em. I feel like the overall design is incomplete (no sleeve and collar trim) and out-of-this-world in a wrong way. I much prefer that the chevron should stay on the sides, and that's exactly what I did on the association and icon uniforms. Of course, all chevrons point north, because of the team's motto "We The North". For all uniforms, I went with a block font that's similar to the one used for the wordmarks, since the current font doesn't jive well in my opinion. Like what was worn before, the primary alternate (statement) has no touch of purple whatsoever, to symbolize that this is the only remaining NBA team from Canada. The jagged lines stay on the sides, and a sublimated chevron pattern dominates the entire uniform. The black-and-gold motif remains on the city uniform, but I brought up a sublimated pattern taken from the flag of Toronto. While I placed the pattern on the front of the jersey, I placed it on the back of the shorts though, to avoid an unintentional design flaw, if you know what I mean. Since the city nickname "T-Dot" had been represented by the sides on the team's championship-winning shorts, I thought that it can also be represented front (literally) and center, although for some, it might be misread as "T-Dot-Dot".
  17. While the front script can be fixed by changing the colors, I'm not gonna change black into brown. I've experimented with two shades of dark brown, but I think black is much better. Here are the updated association and icon uniforms, where everything else remains intact except for the recolored front script:
  18. Back in college, I toyed with a Grizzlies concept using Hershey Bears' colors, which is basically a color palette associated with chocolate or coffee. But I'm sure that's more polarizing than the current color scheme. Thanks for your honest opinion on this, I might consider a slight tweak on my Grizzlies concept.
  19. MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES The title text color says it all. Turquoise (thanks to @TruColor for giving us the correct name), black, and red are back, at least for this concept. And so is the angrier grizzly bear. I feel that this is much better compared to the bear head, even if most of the team's success came at the Beale Street blue era. As for the first three uniform editions, I took inspiration from the team's previous uniforms, most notably the original Beale Street blue uniform (for the association and icon uniforms) and the turquoise road uniform (for statement). I specifically chose the light blue uniforms as a base for the first two editions since it really fits the identity. Just in case you think that you have seen the number font before, you're definitely right, because I went with the Minnesota Vikings font (without the extra notches). My statement uniform will bring some nostalgic feels, especially to the fans up north in Vancouver, even if the jersey says Memphis front and center. The current Beale Street blue uniform brings that nostalgia somehow, but I want something that goes all out in bringing back a wacky look from the 90's while still fitting the current trend. Unlike the originals, both ends of the shorts receive a trim, but that bear is still the star of the show. There was a long pause between the first three and the city uniform conceptualization. I thought of several ideas, and one of which pays tribute to the Grizzlies' former home, which became a Bass Pro Shops "theme park". I imagined how it would look like, and it looked weird. Just imagine the Colorado Avalanche's 2020 Stadium Series jersey translated into a basketball uniform. Another idea was to have an Elvis Presley tribute, but that's too detailed, given his performance attires in his later years. And since the team already had two uniforms paying tribute to MLK, I settled on the sights and sounds of Beale Street, which explains the neon signage inspirations. I picked Red, navy blue, and Beale Street blue as an homage to the city's baseball team, Memphis Redbirds.
  20. DENVER NUGGETS The Nuggets' current look is great, especially the colors. However, I do miss the color scheme with the light blue on it, which is a unique palette in the NBA. I thought that this embodies Denver so well, the team should've stuck with it. And so, I brought this one-of-a-kind color scheme for my concept, but the logos will remain the same as the current ones. The association and icon uniforms' design is basically the one before the 2018 redesign, and, rightfully so, they're reset to the proper coloring, which means light blue is the primary dark color, not navy blue, to avoid clashing with Indiana Pacers' colors. While the overall look resembles those from the later years of the light blue era, the inner striping on the side panels gets thicker and the shorts' side panels receive a different ending. The front script and the numbers follow suit with the current branding, but recolored. The statement uniform, meanwhile, features the mountain skyline, but I changed the positioning of all the design elements in the front so that the skyline is at the top, followed by the wordmark and the numbers, similar to the positioning in the 2017-18 statement uniform. This means that the striping on the front doesn't extend to the back. This striping is also filled with gaps, as an homage to the rainbow skyline series of city uniforms. On the city uniform, things get more interesting. This edition is loosely based from the city flag, with all the zigzags and triangles involved. While the colors aren't exactly the ones from the flag, it should still fit with the theme. I really would like to put back the logo from the 2017-18 city uniform on the front, so here it is.
  21. Based from the suggestion by @sportsfan7, I have swapped Minnesota and Memphis. Therefore, Memphis will remain in the Western Conference, joining the Midwest Division, while Minnesota will transfer to the Eastern Conference, finally grouping with teams from Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio in the Central Division (similar to the current groupings in the NFL's NFC Central and MLB's AL Central).
  22. UTAH JAZZ Well, this is my first concept set for 2021, and if I'm gonna be honest, I think the Jazz already nailed the uniform game (except for the statement uniform). Therefore, I retained the majority of the current design, while I made tweaks on all the clothing trims (collar, sleeves, hem on the shorts, and garter). The number font that I used is not the exact one the team currently uses, but it's quite similar. As mentioned earlier, the statement uniform isn't that good in my opinion. And so, my take on the statement edition features major changes. While the manner of cutting the striping on the side panels remain the same as the association and icon's, its overall design is different. This was taken from the four-colored striping found on the 90's uniforms. Personally, I absolutely love the mountain range logo era, so I brought back the wordmark from that era and put that on my statement uniform. Don't worry, this will be the only holdover from the 90's, as the rest of the uniform remain in the same current theme. Finally, who doesn't love the Jazz's city uniforms? Whether it's the original version or the "dark mode" one, I am a fan of those uniforms. With that being said, I modified the "dark mode" city uniforms by having the gradient on both sides of the shorts, since the actual one is asymmetrical, and extending the gradient to the back. While my original plan is to retain the front jersey wordmark, one thought instantly came to me. What if instead of "Utah", why not feature the actual inspiration of the city uniforms front and center? I'm talking about the Delicate Arch. This geological wonder is already featured on the Jazz's city uniforms, but I made it the primary accent to the gradient on the tops, to evoke the sun "touching the arch". Meanwhile, the state map basketball logo on the shorts also follow the silhouette motif.
  23. The templates I'm using for these concepts are found in the above link. I'm sharing these for anyone to use.
  24. Happy new year, everyone! I hope that 2021 would be good to us compared to last year. I'm sharing these Nike NBA uniform templates for anyone to use, though I saw a concept that used my template without permission. I made these from scratch, by the way. Well, here they are... V-collar: https://imgur.com/FlUF7f0 Rounded collar: https://imgur.com/MC4YFBa Wishbone collar: https://imgur.com/BGUJ63P P.S.: These templates are not exactly similar with the actual Nike NBA templates, as depicted by the tops (no side panel stitching and different hem shapes).
  25. Now that you said that, I looked upon the current map of NBA teams, and you're right. Minnesota is WAYYYYY far from the other Midwest teams. I'm probably going for another realignment. Thanks for pointing that out!
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