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  1. Another navy and red team, but I just couldn't find a substitute I liked. I tried navy and gray, but Klinger's ghost was haunting me...
  2. Just like the majors, there's way too many teams in navy and red, so I'm trying to change that up.
  3. I think that's going to be a given. You see that exact same thing in how they've handled the similar program in the NBA. It seems like for the most part, they go out of their way to make sure there's as little visual connection as possible between the real uniform in these money grabbers. I would assume it's an actual mandate for the design process.
  4. So the dopey long t-shirt is ridiculous looking and has been rightly lambasted here, but can we also talk about the super wrinkled socks? Looks like flash dance style leg warmers. Where'd that come from?
  5. And, conversely, it's been 15 years and Tebow still gets a bunch of other people giddy just by existing.
  6. Very disappointing to see the Louisville Bats go with the boring navy/red color scheme in the last few years. I'm reverting them to purple, plus playing up the whole Halloween angle, because why wouldn't you?
  7. The WFT's gold pants make their ugly gold facemask slightly less ugly.
  8. Seems to me that giving Rodgers everything he wants and telling him he's the greatest ever is the last thing you should do if you want peak Rodgers. Last year the Packers drafted his replacement and got prepared to move on from him, and he had a great season. The guy's a classic red ass. He strikes me as the kind of person who's only happy when he's unhappy.
  9. That's one thing I don't get about the modern push to have this ultra thin ultra light uniforms. The players end up wearing two layers anyway. Doesn't that just negate the ".4564 percent lighter" effect? Why not just build in the compression sleeves, tights and what have you, into the material, and not market uniforms so thin you tell the player's religion?
  10. Almost. Fix the road socks... need white socks with a stripe that matches the white jersey.