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  1. Denver vs. Cleveland Kansas City vs. Tennessee Washington vs. Green Bay Cincinnati vs. Baltimore Carolina vs. NY Giants Atlanta vs. Miami NY Jets vs. New England Philadelphia vs. Las Vegas Detroit vs. LA Rams Chicago vs. Tampa Bay Houston vs. Arizona Indianapolis vs. San Francisco New Orleans vs. Seattle
  2. Nope. If you look closely at the space between the toilet bowl collar and the sleeve cap, there's a shiny detail that forms a spike-stripe that's sublimated into the fabric... Black on black. You can only see it when the light hits it right. The fact that it's so unnoticeable just makes it more pointless.
  3. Well, if we move past the worst helmet idea in NFL history, here's what we still have to deal with; 1. The shiny sublimated shoulder spikes (maybe a bit of a plus for alliteration) are IMO dumb. I'm not a fan of any of these tiny "just because we can" add-ons that can only be seen from up close. 2. The all black mono-primary is always going to be a downgrade for me. The teal sleeve caps don't help, as I don't believe there's enough teal anywhere else to balance that much color in one spot. 3. I'm over multi-outlines on the numbers, personally. 4. Not a fan of the black numbers on the teal jersey... keeps me from wanting the teal to be primary, even though I absolutely do. 5. "Jags" is a nickname of a nickname, as mentioned earlier. 6. I hate everything about the pants. Everything. 7. And, just to add crap icing to the crap cake, black socks with black pants, my least favorite thing in history, ever. Honestly, any of thee things alone are nit picky, sure, but this uniform is just another example, like the early 2000-teens contemporary Browns and Buccaneers designs, of just not knowing when to quit. Like one quirky idea just wasn't enough, there had to be four, no five piled on. Seriously, look at that picture... are those good football uniforms? The Jaguars current design isn't perfect, but it's a damn sight closer than the 2013 version. I obviously have a bias towards simple football uniforms. The single layer number work for me, and that font is a winner. Add some teal to the white jersey, add a simple stripe element to the pants, avoid the black jerseys and pants as much as possible, stop with the minor league monochrome, and it's a top notch uniform, IMO. But as a wise poster on these here boards always says, your mileage may vary.
  4. I feel like the Jags' two toned helmet distracted you from noticing how horrible the entire uniform was. Even with the current helmet that uniform is a disaster. The big blocky pants panels alone make it a D+.
  5. I'm pretty sure they even if I wasn't a bitter Viking fan, I'd still consider Aaron Rodgers to be a giant Richard.
  6. The Ravens can never wear black pants again, and it would suit me just fine. Their plain black yoga pants are tied (with the Saints' and the Jags') for the worst pants in the NFL. Purple jersey/white pants, white jersey/purple pants, occasionally all white, once a year black jersey/purple pants. Or just get rid of the dull black jersey all together, as far as I'm concerned. And, yeah, I don't give a rat's ass what color "real ravens" are.
  7. Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia Miami vs. Jacksonville Minnesota vs. Carolina LA Chargers vs. Baltimore LA Rams vs. NY Giants Houston vs. Indianapolis Kansas City vs. Washington Green Bay vs. Chicago Cincinnati vs. Detroit Arizona vs. Cleveland Dallas vs. New England Las Vegas vs. Denver Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Buffalo vs. Tennessee
  8. Watching this terrible uniform (and teams) match up between the Jets and Falcons, and it occurred to me that Nike got away with selling the same basic pants design to two different teams within a couple years of each other. I don't know wether to be embarrassed by the cheapness or impressed by the sneakyness.
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