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  1. Yeah, I'm going to miss that northwestern stripe, pants stripes, and the nice font. Downgrade.
  2. Except that Vegas gold just looks like watered down beige with the Nike fabrics. Athletic Gold > Metallic Gold > Vegas Gold IMO.
  3. Really? To me, they just make to whole uniform hold together better. It's like trying to picture USC in white pants... ick. Plus, the stupid gold facemask looks marginally less stupid when the pants are gold. Balances out better. When they wear white pants the stupid gold facemask looks like whoever designed the helmet forgot to consult with whoever designed the pants.
  4. It does seem to make more sense that they'd be wearing pretty much the same thing as last year, minus the jersey wordmark and replacing the helmet logo with the numbers. I mean, a month and a half ago, Snyder was still saying there was no way this was ever going to even happen. Peeling off the logo off the Helmet, and leaving as much as possible unchanged really seems like the most likely scenario.
  5. They got the blue and the yellow perfect. Everything after that? Yeeesh.
  6. This may be the first sports logo in history that's actually improved by bevelling.
  7. Not unless I somehow missed that "Emeralds" is a common name for Octopi. Did you miss the tentacle?
  8. If they wanted to keep some semblance of this look going forward, here's what I'd do... Add the new "W" in a few subtle strategic places. Gray facemask, goes better with the old school helmet numbers. The stripes on the burgundy jersey, socks, and pants come from the previous helmet, stripes on the white jersey and socks come from the 70's jersey. Helmet numbers make the TV numbers unnecessary. Unique but still traditional font.
  9. True, they could, but I don't think they would. Seems obvious that the entire identity grew organically from the start, and the start was that name.
  10. Hopefully true. On the other hand, it might just be the team wearing last year's gear in practice. I suspect that if you looked at pics from this year training camp for the Patriots, Falcons, Browns, Rams, etc. they are probably not wearing their new game uniforms either.
  11. After reading a hundred posts of people saying "love the jerseys and logo, hate the name"... You do realize that without the name that jersey and logo doesn't exist, right?
  12. The obsolete helmets for the Rams and Chargers, as well as the missing Buccaneers and Ravens, was poking my ocd so here is the updated version, for your viewing pleasure and/or displeasure.