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  1. The Titans' are an original AFL franchise... maybe they should look like it.
  2. Whole lot of amateur doctors coming out of the woodwork.
  3. That dolphin needs a helmet... Poor little guy is gonna get hurt out there.
  4. The new orange was a major downgrade. The one big stumble of this redesign was keeping the sunburned orange. That, and not going back to the clearly superior gray facemask.
  5. The touchback rule on a fumble through the end zone is crazy. I get it, I guess... I mean I don't know what else it should be, but it's such a killer. Seems like the "penalty" is so extreme for such a simple mistake.
  6. You mean so the jet was about the forehead/facemask, coming forward with the stripe trailing back? interesting.
  7. So many people love this uniform, I thought I'd try a concept that keeps it as intact as I can, but drains all the 90's off of it. So, fix and match the helmet and pants stripes, and clean up the jersey's shoulder/sleeve clutter. Not bad, I think.
  8. To be fair, he was doing that with Alabama's players.
  9. Based on the normal turn around time for introducing new uniforms, whatever they have coming was already being put together before last spring's reveal. Good or bad, it probably won't have anything to do with the public reaction to this season's uniforms.