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  1. Wow, great ideas.. Thanks a lot!! Btw, here's a combined Post Performance (Fb + IG + Tw):
  2. I've made some adjustments, your thoughts would be appreciated:
  3. Yeah man, you sure have a valid point. I appreciate your thoughts.
  4. I love your creativity, man!

  5. Gotcha!! BTW guys, I'm working on a "Performance Post" infographic about the 50th anniv. logo interaction on all 3 major platforms (IG, Fb, Twitter).
  6. Exactly my thoughts! This is awesome, love all 3 jerseys and I'm digging both logos... great work, man! +1!! Have you sent it to them?
  7. My thoughts exactly. This is so dope, man!! I love it! Gave you a +1 vote (thumbs up)!
  8. Anyway, back to topic - those liars were reported:
  9. Hey "thanks" for being WAAAAYYYYY OFF TOPIC. First off -- those are not "designs" as you mentioned -- those are rather vectored uniform illustrations of uniforms used in the NBA. If you're extremely concerned about that - you could've contacted me via a Personal Message as the UNIFORM ILLUSTRATIONS have NOTHING to do with the topic discussed here! Anyway, I always give credit where it's due!!! And I have surely given that person credit in SEVERAL WAYS, ON EACH AND EVERY POST!! I've informed the person who came up with that concept and inspired me to create a chronological sequence of posts tracing the CLIPPERS history in my "Every Jersey Ever Used" posts. In addition to the fine print credit on each post, I have also given him full credit and mentioned a link to his blog in the comments. Wish I could re-post his stuff and tag him, but sadly he doesn't have an IG account yet... But I'm trying to convince him to create one... FYI, I've reached out to him. And he is okay with the way I actually promote his work on IG (as I said he is not on that platform yet). And I consider him a hero for his efforts. Next time you wanna point fingers at me -- remember that I always give credit where it's due, ALWAYS!! Maybe you should take a closer look. If you were to look at my Instagram posts closely - you would've noticed I've given him credit on the pics and on the caption too... SMH. The fact that you're calling me out for allegedly not given credit (when I actually did) shows that you're extremely "observant" and quick to accuse/judge people. Way to go.... P.S. "Thanks" for overlooking each and every instance of where I gave credit when it's due.. Thanks for (unintentionally?) trying to stain my name. Thanks for being off-topic on my 50th anniversary thread. All that is "greatly appreciated". Way to go....
  10. Not necessarilly, numbers are sometimes also on the front. Anyway, these are awesome, man!! I love the Chargers and the Raiders the most! Show de bola!! How long did it take you to create all of them?
  11. Que legal ver brazuca por aqui, mano!!! Vou te add no insta. Me add tbm: @BenchOnaQUEST no insta, tamo junto!!

  12. That concept is really cool, man. Did you create that?
  13. Hey guys, I came across a website that has blatantly stolen my logo concept. And my "Clippers 50th Season" logo concept design was first posted in August 2019: And it was later re-published in February 2020: What bothers me is: my logo concept is fan art and was created for Non-Commercial purposes ONLY (unless the Clippers themselves wanted to use it, but I thought if that were the case they would have the decency to contact me, which they haven't) Let me clarify: what I created was never meant to be used as a T-shirt design in the first place. I simply created a concept inspired by the Clippers basketball team logo with the intent of Non-Commercial purposes ONLY. A third party ( has used my exact same logo concept and put it on a T-shirt. There is an infringement on 2 levels as: - the T-shirt design contains elements created by me and - also on infringement of the copyright, trademark, right of publicity and intellectual property rights of the Clipper. Any ideas what could be done? P.S. Here is the link to that plagiarism/theft of intellectual property:
  14. What are your thoughts on this infographic format, that I'll use to showcase the post's cumulative performance?
  15. Wow, thanks a lot for your thoughts, man. Yeah, I would delete the white outlines inside the "50" for sure! Thanks for pointing out I could also get rid of the outlines around the "LOS ANGELES" banner, the "1950" and "1970" ribbon. Much appreciated! Also, the roundel logo was actually the idea of my good friend Dilomski, who helped me digitally enhance the logo. He thought it's a good idea to have the current logo somewhere in the anniversary concept.