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  1. What are your thoughts on this infographic format, that I'll use to showcase the post's cumulative performance?
  2. Wow, thanks a lot for your thoughts, man. Yeah, I would delete the white outlines inside the "50" for sure! Thanks for pointing out I could also get rid of the outlines around the "LOS ANGELES" banner, the "1950" and "1970" ribbon. Much appreciated! Also, the roundel logo was actually the idea of my good friend Dilomski, who helped me digitally enhance the logo. He thought it's a good idea to have the current logo somewhere in the anniversary concept.
  3. I love the S.C. (Sports Club) Corinthians logo with the anchor. In fact, I have a design with it. It's actually in LAC colors. Check this out:
  4. My man!!! πŸ˜€πŸŽ¨πŸ€"CΡŠΠ±Ρ€Π°Ρ…ΠΌΠ΅ сС!" πŸ€œπŸ€›

  5. Clippers 50th Anniversary logo concept Hey guys, hope you're staying safe.... Let's not allow all the negativity distract us from the fact my beloved LA Clippers franchise was founded exactly 50 years ago!! Below is my humble attempt to help fellow die-hard Clipper fans celebrate #50Years of #Clippers Basketball! The 50th season is an opportunity to honor the rich tradition of #ClippersBasketball. This artwork is a humble appreciation for all the fans who've supported the #LAC franchise along the way... ******************************************** I wonder what fellow sports logo fans think of this special LAC commemorative logo concept? And here's what longtime Clippers play-by-play broadcaster Ralph Lawler* had to say about it: *Ralph Lawler is best known as the "Voice of the Clippers" for his 41-year tenure w/ LAC that dates back to the franchise's 6-year stint in San Diego (1978–84), Lawler has broadcast virtually every Clippers game since the franchise moved from Buffalo, NY in 1978, whether it be radio or TV. Lawler was inducted into the Naismith Memorial HoF. He has more than 3,000 Clippers games Quote source: HUMBLE APPEAL: I'd really appreciate it if you could please show love on Twitter and IG. (Also, feel free to re-tweet this logo concept, so that more fans can see it): And here's the Instagram post: You can download the artwork here: Or here: #BenchOnaQUEST #LAClippers #ClipperNation #ClipCityChipCity #LosAngelesClippers #LA #CLIPSET #ClampCity #SanDiegoClippers #BuffaloBraves #WeRepLAC #LAourWay #Clipperholics #SanDiego #CaliforniaLove #SoCal #California β˜€ P.S. Here's my re-make of an image that was buried in a subsection of the Clippers website. It's a "Journey Through the Decades" displaying every era of Clippers basketball since 1970.
  6. Wow, the grid-iron girls designs on your Behance are so COOL, man!!!! Love 'em all! I can only imagine how long it must've taken.

  7. Thanks for clarifying. So, if you could just the shed some more light please, did you have any participation in that 1991 Clippers design concept?
  8. I agree 110%!! And I really hope they do something when they move to the new arena in 4 years...
  9. Hey Conrad, I was just looking at that design on your tweets from 2017.. For some reason I thought that this re-design was suggested in 2015... But the article says β€œ1991”. Has this concept been suggested to the Clippers on two separate occasions - in 1991 AND in 2015? Please, correct me if I’m wrong.