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  1. Regardless of the helmet ads, I think this is easily the best the NHL has ever looked from top to bottom. I think only the Ducks/Oilers have sub par jerseys at this point.
  2. Just because a jersey is revealed before the game is released, doesn't mean it was revealed before internal content deadlines.
  3. The Dinamo Riga logo reminds me of the Boston Uprising
  4. I've gotta say, the love I've got for the secondary logo is quite surprising. Thanks for all the kind words.
  5. I updated the Secondary logo. Might make a few more tweaks to the tentacle, but overall I'm pretty happy with it.
  6. Thanks. I wanted to avoid rehashing every other Seattle concept using the Green and Blue. Thanks. I've got a lot of positive feedback on it from reddit as well. It was my least favorite aspect of the package when I created it.
  7. It's been quite a while since I've posted a concept here, but I made a design for the proposed Kraken name for the new Seattle NHL Team.
  8. Those jerseys would be incredible if there was no Silver.
  9. Those are beautiful. Something that might be cool would be a really subtle Hurricane flag warning inside the stripes.
  10. Im looking for you guys to specify, I understand the Bruins socks were messed up, I get it, but tell me a way i can improve it. This comment ^ tells me that my jerseys suck and that he likes Anaheim's alternate. How can I fix that? Please don't leave a negative comment w/o telling me how to fix it up. My next concept is the Buffalo Sabres, since the 05 lockout, the Sabres havn't had a good jersey, starting w Buffaslug, then all this unnessary armpit designs, then the horrendous yellow alternate. I tried to fix up the Sabres. Here it is: You looked at our comments and it looks like you haven't learned a damned thing. This is another boring paint by numbers fill bucket job. None of the designs are cohesive. Out of nine jerseys so far you have come up with maybe 3 different designs. Shoulder yoke, Wings contrasting sleeve colours, and a combination of the two. You have stripes on one side but absent on the back view. On the front view of the home and alt you have a section of colour filled in but it's absent on the back view? On the alt not a single sleeve has matching striping dude. What's with the random coloured sections on the reebok logo you have on every concept? Why do you have white socks on all three jerseys? This just screams copy and past and you forgot to change it. I will admit I really liked the idea of the Bruins alt you did, sans the socks.
  11. Two concepts in and two boring, fill in the panels concepts with absolutely no thought or design put in to them. Everything is an cohesive mess as it stands.
  12. Good idea but the seams on the ball are pretty off. Look at the ball on the old suns logo and you'll see what I mean. Just a small perspective issue.
  13. Fix the numbers, wrap the stripes around the back and add some black pants and you could have a really cool third jersey.