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  1. If I remember correctly, UT put up harsh resistance to a USL?potential MLS team from using its soccer stadium (a field with bleachers), I'd imagine there's 0% chance UT would let their football stadium be used for an NFL team, no matter how short/long the stay. Also, good luck finding land to build a football stadium in Austin. May as well put it in Waco or San Antonio, its the closest its getting to being inside the city limits. But congrats Austin, on becoming the next Major League Bridesmaid!
  2. I just assume by 2030 the big money making programs will figure out a way to make a 30 or 32 team mega money making league and every other program will be left out in the cold. Looking at the leagues 29texan put together already shows the American 16 and CUSA will have a hard time attracting viewers outside hardcore college football fans or individual fans of those programs. A team like KState is not going to amount to anything nationally in any conference it joins. If two high profile schools like OU and Texas can plot this SEC move in secret and have it finished and all wrapped in a bowtie within a week, imagine what a cabal including Ohio St, Michigan, Alabama and the other high rollers can accomplish once they figure out their best road forward when they see the pot of gold they can control for themselves. Ironically, I'm not even sure OU and Texas will ever play an SEC game, instead popping into the 2025 Super Conference.
  3. How long will it take New Era to unknowingly produce an upside down Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Armed Forces Day, Flag Day or whatever patriotic holiday hat they make with an upside down flag?
  4. I don't want want my sentiments to sound pro management in any way, I'm just shocked the Mets are letting this go on. I think its hysterical to pay 22 million to avoid a 5 million dollar bill, and am surprised they've let this go ok for so long and to continue to 2035!
  5. I understand why the Wilpons delayed payment on 5 million dollars at 8% interest when they were 'making' 15% on the same money from Madoff, but at this point, why don't the Mets just make a settlement offer instead of celebrating this every year? They even started a promotion with Airbnb to stay at the park with Bobby Bonilla today. It just seems so MIckey Mouse, but I guess it's fitting for the second tier of sports teams in NY (as a Jets fan, I know the depths of stupidity, futility and shortsightedness) I mean, if the NBA owners figured a way to payoff the heirs of the St Louis Spirits ABA team out of their 1/8 share of TV rights in perpetuity (or whatever the deal was), the new Mets owner can easily find a few million dollars to make this go away.
  6. Cleveland's Al Lerner patch remains the worst owner patch ever on an NFL jersey.
  7. ESPN announced their lineup of play by play and analysts for the NHL, Sean McDonough doing play by play and Steve Levy in the studio. It's a pretty big and ambitious lineup that even includes Spanish language play by play for ESPN Deportes. It looks like a lot of analysts will be integrated into existing shows (Get Up, etc.) throughout the regular broadcast schedule. https://awfulannouncing.com/espn/nhl-on-espn-coverage-team-announced.html Kenny Albert and Eddie Olczyk were previously announced as the game announcers over at TBS.
  8. I'm happy for Seattle to get its own team again, and I'm even happier this takes two cities out of the mix that ARod can potentially move his new toy.
  9. Can't wait to see their brown Scooby Doo City Edition uniforms!!!!
  10. Nothing personal, but can all sports franchises and sports fans just stop with this 'use the colors of the city/state flag' thing that has boiled over out of control the past few years? That Atlanta flag is practically the same design and colors as about 2/3 of the state flags and the flag has no inherent visual originality that reads as 'Atlanta', and I doubt that flag is as ubiquitous, beloved or original as the Chicago, DC, Colorado, and New Mexico flags. Of course, there's also the entire mess with Texas' love affair with its flag...
  11. I think it's going to look like a weird Pittsburgh Penguins black-yellow-khaki color scheme.
  12. The name of the bar and grill in the stadium has been changed, no word on the lawsuit's status just yet.
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