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  1. There had to be some UT influence over dropping the orange Longhorns head from the logo.
  2. Sabers as tapering leg stripes, three black shoulder stripes for 'battle damage' extending horizontally from the shoulders onto the chest (ala Jets stripes). 'Bucs' in modern front above numbers across the chest with a creamsicle nike logo on the shoulders, brown and red everywhere else. Worst case scenario?
  3. Didn't the 93 Patriots have red numbers on a blue jersey with white pants?
  4. I remember when the Jets changed to white helmets in 98, Weeb Ewbank was quoted as the switch could reduce he number of interceptions because the white helmet will contrast against the green turf, allowing for better play from the QBs. It was also when Testaverde was the QB, who was colorblind and I vaguely remember that was partially a reason. There must be quotes from Weeb out there to find, although the second part about Testaverde was probably hearsay, as uniforms need to be designed way ahead. His colorblindness was also blamed for the slow start and high interception rate throughout his career, including the Bucs changing to white uniforms at home.
  5. I had never really thought about why the White Sox are such a bland team before, but being split from those teams damaged their club a ton.
  6. Here's a very interesting article about the original realignment in Major League Baseball. It's funny to see the concerns and what upset teams back when it was happening.
  7. Can't wait to hear from the first poster who expresses his disdain for Paul Lukas and complains about Uniwatch's 'Culinary Corner' in this thread.
  8. Can we get off this Concorde stuff already? There was one fatal accident with it, and it happened in 2000 after the Jets already ditched the green helmets and 80s logo. But don't let facts interrupt your singular buttfumble vision of the Jets. There are twelve teams who have never even won one Super Bowl, plenty of others (Chiefs in particular) who are just about in the same boat as the Jets. Surely there's a thread somewhere in Sports in General you can go on about Jets' follies.
  9. Well, guess it's back to navy and gold for the Jets
  10. Comparing the old logo to the new one, it seems like black will be used as more than just outlines like in the 90s jerseys. I'm expecting blocks of color, much like the Titan's pants with the various 'swatches' of greys and colors on their thighs. Maybe the Jets will avoid piping, extraneous outlines on the numbers, and settle for a bold, color on color look - ala Vikings, Jaguars uniforms. The black may end up being full arm caps or a solid shoulder block like Tennessee before their recent redesign. The alignment of the NEW YORK bothers me like crazy, but the end of the rugby ball is something nice to see in this logo.
  11. The Oilers' identity belongs in Memphis. I thought everybody knew this.
  12. To answer my own question, I guess the scrambled eggs on the brim is actually part of the NY City flag? Okay, I guess that's better.
  13. Do all the hats have the scrambled eggs on the brim or should we be expecting Top Gun?
  14. One can hope the Jets turned down the 'Clear-Sky' clear side panels Nike was pushing on them.