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  1. I quickly scrolled past this picture three times wondering how many alternate jerseys the Stars actually released this year until I realized it was Vancouver.
  2. The Jets' new green helmets have a very similar vibe to the teal flaked helmets, the finish has a tendency to produce very green highlights and very dark/black shadows. I initially enjoyed the candy finish, but the dark shadows that appear get too dark. It's annoying that they took such a simple idea as bringing back their rightful lighter kelly green and just demolishing the set with unnecessary black all over, reinforced by the dark patches of black that appear on the helmets.
  3. Baseball: 7 inning double headers, man on 2nd to start extra innings. NHL: Hold my beer. "The NHL announced contingency plans before the game if there were "unplayable weather conditions." Among them: That the game would be considered "official" once two periods had been played, and the team leading when play is stopped will be declared the winner. If the score is tied when play is halted after two periods, each team would be awarded one point in the standings and the winner would be determined by a shootout. That shootout would take place immediately after play was stopped at the Lake Tahoe rink; or, if conditions wouldn't permit that, at Ball Arena in Denver on Feb. 22, before the regularly scheduled game between the Golden Knights and Avalanche."
  4. I'm not going to cry for Brandiose after they've been rolling out the same local flavor/unique name/snarling logo formula (with hometown research visit!!) for years now, but does this mean MLB is trying to lock out all independent designers from their minor league system now? I wonder what cut rates MLB can offer to their new affiliates to make them change their minds or if it's clubs simply agreeing with Sodboy's thoughts above. From the article: “Now that the PDL system has been formalized and we are officially an affiliated team, we have the chance to collaborate directly with Major League Baseball’s branding, licensing, and apparel experts and their vast connections around the nation to bring our new team identity to life in even bigger and better ways,” the team said on its website. “We’re excited to be the first Minor League team to have the opportunity to take advantage of these resources to showcase the team identity chosen by our fans on a national stage. To allow time to take full use of these new resources, we will be unveiling the new team name following the 2021 season.”
  5. The design or the spelling? Looks like somebody tried writing Minnesota with their mouse.
  6. The latest Forbes ranking of NHL team values has the Coyotes dead last at $285 million. The NHL can fold the franchise (or buy it out, whatever legally has to be done) then sell an expansion franchise in the neighborhood of Seattle's $650 million and turn a healthy profit to cover some of the losses of the pandemic. Hockey gains a (hopefully) better market, the Player's Union doesn't lose any jobs, and Bettman and the NHL gets to wash away one of its biggest mistakes under the no-fault guise of 'the pandemic' and everybody is happy, except Quebec City, because you know they'll never get an expansion team.
  7. With the additions of Carlos Santana and Andrew Benintendi, the Royals are meekly pushing all their chips towards the center of the table, eyeing a playoff berth, hoping that there are only four other teams in the AL that decided to compete this year. They may be right.
  8. What was/is underneath it? edit: nevermind, the yellow slashes at the beginning and end looked like a patch underneath.
  9. Thanks for pointing that out! I guess I forgot the mid nineties were still when sports leagues hadn't started to sign league wide apparel contracts. I guess I always heard the stories about Nike helping name the teams that even went to 98 expansion team Chicago nearly called the Rhythm with a snake logo or something. I just can't picture Liverpool or Manchester United in a Clash template. edit: Turns out Nike only did half the league.
  10. Quick question - how original were the 1996 jerseys to MLS? They were all Nike creations, correct? Did Nike actually make ten unique uniform designs or were some of the designs used by clubs in Europe, South America, etc? Did Nike have a big footprint in soccer back then? Adidas gets ripped on for being lazy using templates used around the globe and shoehorning the MLS identities into them, but the cost of producing a (relatively) minor run of 28-32 unique designs, plus thirds, must be astounding. Also, that LA Galaxy leak is pretty tremendous if real...
  11. I've never seen a black Flyers jersey that reads as the Flyers. They all are much too black dominant (I know, black base color...) without any hope of balancing the orange and white in their scheme. This new RR jersey is the closest they've come to finding a more balanced approach to the color palette, but it's too black, causing the white cuffs to look wildly out of place. Also, why would you debut/use them in a game with another team with black shoulders as well?
  12. I ran across this twitter post from a labor lawyer that spells out why the players didn't accept or counter the owners' proposal. There's 12 parts, so I hope they're all readable in the link below:
  13. Flames in white vs the Jets in their brighter, livelier blue alts looks great tonight!
  14. It'll be interesting to see what the 32 team MLS does over the next 10-15 years without the annual windfall of expansion team fees that's occurred over the past 10.