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  1. City nicknames should be reserved for every unique local brewery that exists in every American city that brews 'worldwide tastes' with 'locally sourced ingredients' that serves 'the tastes of the community' and 'carries on the proud tradition of American brewing'. On second thought, they would actually be a perfect fit for MLS.
  2. We've already seen the Dallas Stars' new uniform in the Elsinore Brewery Beer League.
  3. I'm all for it! The league's track record does say otherwise.
  4. #BlahFranchisesMatter Next we'll get a bunch of nice Patriots fans to politely tell you #AllFranchisesMatter.
  5. Well, Sweden's death rate has been three times higher than other countries and hasn't been deemed a success by very many folks. Just because you don't have symptoms doesn't mean you're less contagious. You can still pass it along to other people who can spread it to other people and still get sick. As for the NFL, it seems their policies in general are always fairly reactive and public relations oriented. Concussions, race, etc. all are only summarily dealt with when the PR hit becomes too much to ignore.