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  1. The Guardian wrote an article today about the Rams logo! "With the rest of the sports world on hold, the Los Angeles Rams had a news cycle all to themselves last week. Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with football" It's a basic, but entertaining look at the logo, unveiling, and backlash.
  2. If they went orange and pewter, lots of people here would be calling them the Tampa Bay Browns.
  3. My first impression when I saw the logos revealed was that they could use the little bolt icon running down their pants stripes just like the Seahawks use their abstract Seahawk icon repeating down their pant stripes.
  4. Just go all the way already. Jaguars style two-toned helmets, but utilizing all SEVEN Rams colors now, (front to back) dark blue to royal blue to grey to white to sol to light orange to dark orange with the broken up horn gradient logo serving as the cherry on top. It's simple, as long as you don't overthink it. I made a quick mockup in photoshop but couldn't bring myself to share it.
  5. I heard a rumor somewhere the Chsrgers were going purple! Lol Stay tuned! The clear side panel rumor will forever be my favorite rumor on these boards.
  6. The line quality of the Ram head is absolutely atrocious. At much as it pains to say this, even Brandiose pays more attention to line quality than this logo does. Stop designing logos with your finger on the default drawing app on your phone!
  7. My mockup of a possible Flyers sweater? I've always loved their white sweater, and think this could be the best black-dominant jersey the Flyers could ever have, but it'll still take a lot to get used to. It would be horrible if they switch the colors of the logo, I was not a fan of the all orange one they've been using for outdoor and all star games lately.
  8. Honest question, is cream a color or a fauxback?
  9. Every concept blending the eras with yellows, golds, etc reminds me of the 90s red, green and yellow Supersonics. Not bad in a vacuum but not the Supersonics. And not the Rams.
  10. It would be funny if the home games were all played in Jacksonville and all 8 games in London were road games.
  11. Say what you will about the Jets, at least they didn't spell their team name 'Giants' when they redid their logo last year.
  12. Speaking of classics, does the G on Green Bay's helmet stand for 'Greatness' or 'Gold'?
  13. I'm no familiar with a lot of the logisitics of the AHL, understand they're at 32 teams, and matching a team with an affiliate is essential now. But there's been a lot of talk about the AHL here in Kansas City, and I thought it would happen until I read this : The Sprint Center seats well over 16k for hockey, was built for an NBA/NHL team, and is in the middle of downtown, the Mavericks currently play in Independence, about 10 miles west of KC and seats just under 6,000. I can't see an AHL team moving into the Sprint Center as its one of the most used and profitable arenas in the country, and annually gives about 1 million a year back to the city (KCMO paid for it after all). I'd say moving an AHL team into Independence would not hurt, but taking over 40+ dates at the Sprint Center would most likely be a disaster.
  14. The rumor is the Mavericks get moved up to the AHL. I'm not sure how exactly that works, but Hunt Jr is all about it and St Louis needing an affiliate kinda makes the logistical pieces work.
  15. Lamar Hunt Jr just bought the NAHL Topeka Pilots and is moving them to Kansas City. There's no way the Mavericks don't move up to the AHL now.