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  1. Wow, just about every team in the league looks good. New England's home jersey has to be the best in the league.
  2. This might just be me, but I like the teams for where they are. If every Vikings player got traded for every Packers player, id still be a Vikings fan because they are Minnesota's team still.
  3. I thought of combining NASCAR and soccer for a concept. Most of the reason was because advertising is a big part of the design for both. I chose to use 23XI Racing's #23 car for my jersey concept. I might do more jerseys, possibly based on Trackhouse because of how great their branding is. Main Jersey This jersey is based off the show car paint scheme 23XI revealed when they first opened over the offseason. The jersey manufacturer is Jordan brand, for obvious reasons. Alternate/Clash Jersey This jersey is based off Ty Dillon's 2021 Busch Clash paint scheme. I only just realized that I used a car from the Clash race as inspiration for a Clash jersey, so that's cool I guess.
  4. I think the Twins will throwback to their current home navy blue jerseys sometime in the future. They are the uniforms I associate mostly with the 2019 Twins, which I think will go down as their most memorable team since 1991 if they don't win a World Series soon.
  5. I'm sure most of us know this already, but a few days ago the regional Fox Sports affiliates rebranded to Bally Sports. With this, they also changed all of the graphics on their broadcasts. A lot of people have been complaining about the scorebug they are using, which takes up a lot of the bottom of the screen. This scorebug sucks, so I went and fixed it. The ugly ass ticker is gone, and the pitch speed doesn't cover the count. I also threw in the Bally logo which doesn't need to be there because those bastards have slapped their logo and promoted it on every broadcast ive seen since theyve taken over. Edit: Got so roped in with the details I forgot to add the damn score! Fixed now.
  6. Gonna start working on the NL East today. For this one im gonna keep the uniforms being changed a surprise before I release them.
  7. I took reverse retro more as just remixing old uniforms. The Rangers uniform is their home uniforms from that season but just with the white switched for powder blue.
  8. The A's uniform is just the yellow '69 uniforms with yellow and green switched.
  9. Thinking about doing a smaller, faster paced version of baseball. Rules: Dimensions would be around 250-300 for fences, it would depend on the park. 6 or 7 inning games Mound at 55 feet Metal bats Juiced balls No shift?
  10. AL West Oakland A's: 1969 Texas Rangers: 1986 Seattle Mariners: 1987 Los Angeles Angels: 1998 Houston Astros: 2000
  11. Those are very good suggestions, and I'm considering going back and redoing some of them to add those. I'm excited to show the AL West too! I got 4/5 done so far, and none of them are misses imo.
  12. The black Royals look being so bad is exactly why I did it! I would have went with one of the Bo Jackson era powder blue uniforms in navy and gold if I was being more realistic, but trying unpopular things is what I want this series to be all about. Anyways, I went back and redid the Royals, so now they don't look like White Sox cosplayers. I might go back and redo some teams, but the Royals were the ones who needed it most.
  13. I only had 2 of them done, and just made the post so I would have motivation to finish and would remember, but anyways... AL Central Cleveland Indians: 1899 In 1899, the Cleveland Spiders had a record of 20-134, the worst record in major league history. Cleveland decided to use their uniforms for the Reverse Retro program, in hopes of bringing glory in the Spiders uniform. Detroit Tigers: 1917 The Tigers threw back to 1917 for their uniforms. The only changes is the navy blue on the uniforms being replaced with orange. Chicago White Sox: 1967 The White Sox 1967 Reverse Retro uniforms join the Yankees in teams with dark colored pants, as well as accomplishing the feat of actually having white socks as a part of the uniform. Minnesota Twins: 1987 The Twins are going back to the year they won their first World Series in Minnesota. The uniforms are their road uniforms from the time, but in red instead of blue. Kansas City Royals: 2002 The Royals are bringing back black for their Reverse Retro set. They look a lot like the White Sox, but don't get confused, as they are 2 different teams. AL West Teasers Oakland: 1969 x 2021 Houston: 2000 x 2021 Seattle: 1987 x 2021 Los Angeles: 1998 x 2021 Texas: 1986 x 2021
  14. AL East Boston Red Sox: 1908 For their Reverse Retro jersey, the Red Sox throw it back to 1908. Their home uniforms are unchanged, except for the white jersey and hat being replaced with Fenway Green. New York Yankees: 1936 The Yankees' Reverse Retro is the same as their 1936 uniforms, just with the colors on the jersey and pants inverted. Baltimore Orioles: 1979 The O's Reverse Retro is their 1979 home uniforms, but with the white switched out for black. Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays: 1998 The Devil Rays went with purple for their uniforms, which are their home uniforms from their inagural season. Toronto Blue Jays: 2004 The Graphite Jays are back! Toronto brings back their 2004 home uniforms, but with their modern royal and navy blue. Next up: AL Central Minnesota: 1987 x 2021 Cleveland: 1899 x 2021 Chicago: 1967 x 2021 Kansas City: 2002 x 2021 Detroit: 1917 x 2021