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  1. If it meant catching the virus or wearing Yankees pinstripes, I would not wear the pinstripes.
  2. I think logo styles like this will be popular in the 2020s. The Twins have been trying something like this in marketing with a beveled logo and brighter colors.
  3. Target Field has a lot of exclusive items. You can barely find an official Bomba Squad shirt online, but at Target Field you can find 5 different designs.
  4. Its looking like the Twins wont have a gray jersey. They have only shown the navy road uniforms.
  5. Instead of a star, have a gold tab on the back collar. If the team has one WS win have the year, if they have more have the number of wins. A new fan could be confused why the Yankees have 5 stars but 27 championships. only having certain teams have the stars makes it seem like only their wins matter.
  6. Why is no one talking about the Dodgers blue alternate jersey?
  7. Twins only have a navy road uniform.
  8. The Twins are giving away a shirt on Saturday 8/22. They usually give shirts away for players weekend. Players weekend should be August 20-23 EDIT: Twins are having Negro League Centennial day vs the Royals August 14. St. Paul Gophers uniforms will probably be worn for that game.
  9. MLB All Star Game just last season
  10. The White Sox should have the Jordan logo like the Hornets.
  11. Can't wait until the Tide plays at Comerica Park
  12. I love the Twins look but they basically have 5 identities. They have the white home. The red alternate looks like a spring training set. The home blue isn't very close to the powder blue other than the script.. The only 2 uniforms with some cohesiveness together are the road and road alternate. I think Nike should go all out with the powder blue/home navy identity, even if the script is wonky
  13. As a Minnesota sports fan, i have too many. January 21st 2018, Vikings @ Eagles, Vikings jump out to an early 7-0 lead, Eagles drop 38 unanswered, go to Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis, and win it all.
  14. Why is no one talking about the road hats? The yellow front panels make them look like BP/Sprimg Training hats. Other than that it is a very very nice set, the navy alternate could use an outline on the script.