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  1. I was just about to post that, same picture and everything
  2. I think it would look a little better if there was some red included
  3. You should do defunct teams like the North Stars and Nordiques. Only problem is that Bloomington Minnesota doesn't really have a skyline so the North Stars might be a bit of a challenge.
  4. How is Arena Football not more popular? Its not like its a boring sport, its actually fun to watch, and it gi s a chance for small cities to have sports. Maybe back in the day it was more well knoen but now days its something you find on ESPN 8: The Ocho.
  5. Actually i thought the Vikings had one of the more dissapointing jerseys, sad since im a vikings fan
  6. I don't understand the idea that everyone has to look the same. Uniforms (and hats for baseball) can all be the same but equipment, shoes, goalie helmets, etc should all be different or else everyone looks like a clone
  7. The Metrodome was called "Mall Of America Field" for a little bit until it was torn down
  8. I think Xcel Energy Center flows well (and its just a cool name)
  9. wel last year they had snake print so giraffe is next and I'm pumped
  10. are there any teams that use a giraffe? Also the Lakers could get a Geoffrey suit for cheap...
  11. The first game I went to was the Dome in like late 2000's (05, 06) (yes I'm young as heck) I don't remember it. The first one I remember was Robby Cano hitting a dong to the batters eye
  12. Well I will in case something insane happens. This is the equivalent of Tom Brady being suspended for being drafted by the Expos.
  13. In the 2 hours I don't pay attention