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  1. has anyone gotten on the store? it won't even load for me
  2. Watching the Twins vs Cubs game, and theres an ad in the dirt on the mound at Wrigley...
  3. This is the winner. I always associate him with like negro leagues flannel uniforms and cotton hats. But there he is in full uniform at the Astrodome.
  4. I'm happy its the first time ive ever seen anything like it, and I hope i wont see anything like it again.
  5. I don't hate it. Obviously I would prefer the jerseys not to have ads, but if an ad patch is what it takes to get a 2020 season I will tolerate it.
  6. Theres 22 guys tackling each other and bleeding everywhere and they need to wear a special mask? Even with the mask their going to get the virus from playing and being with their own team.
  7. Let teams wear them, but they are only allowed 2 uniforms the entire playoffs. Last year the Twins wore their white home maybe 14 times, and lost most of those games. Players are superstitious and won't want to wear a uniform if they aren't doing well in it (example: nationals wearing the blue home alternate last season)
  8. I feel like the new vs old BiG argument is kind of over exaggerated, most normal fans don't know the difference, and most of the people hating on the new logo won't care about it in 3 or 4 years.
  9. Wyoming have absolutely beautiful uniforms to me.
  10. A younger (and thinner), Miguel Sano in pinstripes. Also wearing the wrong number.
  11. If you are using this for personal use why would you care? Just wondering.
  12. I'd take a maroon/yellow/maroon over maroon/gray/gray. The gray set just doesn't do anything for me. Love that the Gophers are relevant for the first time in years tho
  13. I have a feeling we won't see that red uniform very much.