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  1. I don't understand the idea that everyone has to look the same. Uniforms (and hats for baseball) can all be the same but equipment, shoes, goalie helmets, etc should all be different or else everyone looks like a clone
  2. Unless your name is the Utah Jazz
  3. The Metrodome was called "Mall Of America Field" for a little bit until it was torn down
  4. I think Xcel Energy Center flows well (and its just a cool name)
  5. wel last year they had snake print so giraffe is next and I'm pumped
  6. are there any teams that use a giraffe? Also the Lakers could get a Geoffrey suit for cheap...
  7. The first game I went to was the Dome in like late 2000's (05, 06) (yes I'm young as heck) I don't remember it. The first one I remember was Robby Cano hitting a dong to the batters eye
  8. Well I will in case something insane happens. This is the equivalent of Tom Brady being suspended for being drafted by the Expos.
  9. In the 2 hours I don't pay attention
  10. Pool also known as Billiards is a popular bar game that is played with 8 Balls each with.. Y'all know how Pool works! Because of the many different rule sets this is the one being used to avoid confusion is where the first ball potted either stripes or solids the guy who potted it goes with. The end of a game is when a player gets rid of all their balls and pots an 8-Ball (non magical). If a foul occurs (illegal ball hit first, no ball hit, etc) the other person gets a free shot. Each game is played to 5 racks (best of 5) The league starts out with 20 competitors, competing over 10 events with the last one being the championship. Points are collected via games won (1 game won = 10 points). Each competitors plays one game per event. These are the competitors names listed in no particular order 1. Shelly Klondike 2. Ringo "Willy" Richards 3. Bev Stewart 4. LaMar Ronson 5. "Big" Mikey Mars 6. Brendon Leclaire 7. Bill Sebin 8. Rico Aducci 9. Victorio Jack 10. Donald Rush 11. Ronnie Edison 12. Tomas Rodriguez 13. Miguel Fletcher 14. LaQuan Flanders 15. AJ Trump 16. Quinn Wisely 17. Britton Barret 18. John Spengler 19. Tommy "Gun" Hensen 20. Jimmy Andersen The league's logo is a pool table with the initials IPL and 2018 the year it was established under it with an 8-ball for the 8 in 2018
  11. Thielen's sleeve looks to be sock material rather than that silky fabric most sleeves are
  12. I would like if the Vikings wore white pants on the road and even though it is not common, purple pants at home!
  13. Cool you are from Longmont my brother lives there. Now that I think I have probably been in that gamestop
  14. Thank god I could go in Denver then because I have family there