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  1. Inter Miami vs Montreal Impact (Only met 3 times) Nashville SC vs Montreal Impact (Only met 4 times)
  2. Canada Helmet Home Away Japan Helmet Home Away Germany Helmet Home Away
  3. United States: Helmet Home Away The United States uniforms have a classic look, but with some modern twists. The number font and all blue home set wouldn't fit too well in the 1960s, but the striping pattern, colors, and helmet would. Mexico: Helmet Home Away Mexico's uniforms are more non traditional than the United States. The helmet has the eagle from the country's flag in gold, on a green helmet. The jerseys have the mayan calendar screen printed on the jersey, and Mexico's motto "La Patria Es Primero" (The Homeland Is Firt) above the number. More countries coming soon
  4. Romania looks like the Nets old city jerseys
  5. I watched an NHL conspiracy iceberg video, which is basically where someone talks about different facts and theories on a topic which are layered into rows basically going from least to most obscure. In this video, one of the topics on the iceberg is a story about lost Penguins uniforms. The story was that prototype Penguins jerseys were found in a dumpster behind Mellon Arena, and were very badly damaged. The story also mentions that the uniforms looked like the team's 2011 Winter Classic uniform. The reason this is on the iceberg is because no one could find the story, and only one person remembered it. Does anyone here know if this actually happened, or if it is someone misremembering something. In that case, what could they be confusing it with? Could this be a case of the team making up an inspiration for their fauxback uniforms, but they never widely spread the myth? Here is the video (story is in layer 5):
  6. For the Winter Classic which I (assume) will still be in MN next January, the Wild should not do a North Stars throwback. I love the reverse retro more than anyone, and think a green version should be their alternate next season, but the Wild need a Wild themed design for the Winter Classic. I'm thinking a cream version of their 2010s alternate. It looks classic for a modern designed uniform, much like the 2011 Pens WC uniform.
  7. This one might be a bit controversial Here are the Braves in all yellow, based off their 1966 home uniform.
  8. Nike is so far 3/3 on good uniforms. I'm excited to see what else they do with the other teams.
  9. here are the Phillies (based off 1938 home uniforms) And the Twins (Mix of 1960s and 1990s eras):
  10. Remember this? I did yesterday and decided to make my first NL East concept. This uniform is based off the Marlins teal BP/Alternate jersey from their first season, but remixed with the team's current color scheme. (Also serves as giving the team a proper blue jersey) Also might go back and redo the Twins uniforms before finishing the rest of the East.
  11. The new Sabres set vs the Rangers is as good as it can get in hockey But for the hypothetical part, I would have both teams in their reverse retros
  12. Wow, just about every team in the league looks good. New England's home jersey has to be the best in the league.
  13. This might just be me, but I like the teams for where they are. If every Vikings player got traded for every Packers player, id still be a Vikings fan because they are Minnesota's team still.
  14. I thought of combining NASCAR and soccer for a concept. Most of the reason was because advertising is a big part of the design for both. I chose to use 23XI Racing's #23 car for my jersey concept. I might do more jerseys, possibly based on Trackhouse because of how great their branding is. Main Jersey This jersey is based off the show car paint scheme 23XI revealed when they first opened over the offseason. The jersey manufacturer is Jordan brand, for obvious reasons. Alternate/Clash Jersey This jersey is based off Ty Dillon's 2021 Busch Clash paint scheme. I only just realized that I used a car from the Clash race as inspiration for a Clash jersey, so that's cool I guess.
  15. I think the Twins will throwback to their current home navy blue jerseys sometime in the future. They are the uniforms I associate mostly with the 2019 Twins, which I think will go down as their most memorable team since 1991 if they don't win a World Series soon.
  16. I'm sure most of us know this already, but a few days ago the regional Fox Sports affiliates rebranded to Bally Sports. With this, they also changed all of the graphics on their broadcasts. A lot of people have been complaining about the scorebug they are using, which takes up a lot of the bottom of the screen. This scorebug sucks, so I went and fixed it. The ugly ass ticker is gone, and the pitch speed doesn't cover the count. I also threw in the Bally logo which doesn't need to be there because those bastards have slapped their logo and promoted it on every broadcast ive seen since theyve taken over. Edit: Got so roped in with the details I forgot to add the damn score! Fixed now.
  17. Gonna start working on the NL East today. For this one im gonna keep the uniforms being changed a surprise before I release them.
  18. I took reverse retro more as just remixing old uniforms. The Rangers uniform is their home uniforms from that season but just with the white switched for powder blue.
  19. The A's uniform is just the yellow '69 uniforms with yellow and green switched.
  20. Thinking about doing a smaller, faster paced version of baseball. Rules: Dimensions would be around 250-300 for fences, it would depend on the park. 6 or 7 inning games Mound at 55 feet Metal bats Juiced balls No shift?
  21. AL West Oakland A's: 1969 Texas Rangers: 1986 Seattle Mariners: 1987 Los Angeles Angels: 1998 Houston Astros: 2000
  22. Those are very good suggestions, and I'm considering going back and redoing some of them to add those. I'm excited to show the AL West too! I got 4/5 done so far, and none of them are misses imo.
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