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  1. I love everything about this jersey. The contrasting shoulder patches are a nice touch, the extra stars are nice, and I even like the black. To me, it doesn't come off as black, but rather a very dark navy, and I feel it adds a nice contrast with the body of the jersey.
  2. Remember the Predators' shoulder wordmark? That might hold the record for the shortest-lived feature of them all. This jersey (obviously a draft jersey) leaked the night of the first round (Nashville didn't have a pick), and by the time Magnus Hellberg was drafted with their first pick the next day, the wordmark was gone.
  3. Does that mean the end of Icethetics?
  4. They butchered the Leafs logo and grammar on Patrick Marleau's special gloves tonight. OITGDNHL
  5. Woof.
  6. Holy crap, you're right. Keeping the red and black makes sense now. Also, that explains the "ridges" in this logo peek.
  7. When I worked in junior hockey in Canada, we had a tradition where teams would add stripes to their helmets with tape when they made the playoffs. It was a nice change from the usual and felt like a reward.
  8. It's like the Boise Broncos played hockey.
  9. I don't hate the dark socks. There is enough jade on the jersey that they don't look terribly out of place. Wild Wing on white looks awful because his lines aren't thick enough to contrast on the jersey. 10/10 concept, 5/10 for execution.
  10. The NLL and the MLL/PLL have some form of an agreement like this already. Players can play the box season during the winter, and the field season during the summer. Perhaps that's what we're looking at? I can't possibly see either league being willing to share its star players, though, because the risk of injury is astronomical.
  11. I had a brain storm at work today. Edmonton Ex-skimos
  12. NHL City Edition Uniforms, coming to a court arena near you in 2022...
  13. Was it the same designer as this?