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  1. It's the helmet. If the helmet shows glossy, it's fine. If the helmet shows matte, it's bad.
  2. The rare exception to the "helmets should match the breezers" rule is dark jerseys with red breezers. The Jets did it. The Rangers do it. The Jackets do it. The Coyotes should have done it.
  3. Dear Colorado. In a world where this is possible, anything is.
  4. i knew the third and fourth jerseys had black helmets and pants, but i didn't realize the primaries did. i just thought it was very dark eggplant. I also just realized that they only wore these jerseys with eggplant pants for one season (1999-00)
  5. Lou Lamoriello and the Islanders have announced their helmet sponsor:
  6. Okay, so how many helmet ads at this point are the same as the arena name? Boston: TD Calgary: Scotiabank Carolina: PNC Chicago: United Colorado: Ball Columbus: Nationwide (road helmets) Edmonton: Rogers Minnesota: Xcel Energy Montreal: Bell Nashville: Bridgestone New Jersey: Prudential Ottawa: Canadian Tire (road helmets) Pittsburgh: PPG St. Louis: Enterprise (road helmets) Toronto: Scotiabank Vancouver: Rogers Washington: CapitalOne Winnipeg: Bell
  7. The refs do, and that's the biggest thing. When you have a bunch of guys in a scrum, helmet colours are one of the primary identifiers.
  8. I think the question we all need to ask is, if the CCSLC existed in 1995, and this was the look the Nord-Avs unveiled, would we be happy? If they unveiled the look they did, would we call it BFBS?
  9. Did this get lost in the helmet-ad kerfuffle, or did I just miss it? Fan-made? Knock-off? Legit?
  10. What about the Cleveland Wings? Goodyear has strong ties there.
  11. Super random, but what about the Cleveland Breakers? This is what Lake Erie looks like each fall. Scientists want a tsunami warning system... for Lake Erie.