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  1. Finally found hi-res photos of these.
  2. Could we see some of those Starter fashion jerseys actually make it to the ice?
  3. It's not loading for me. Can anyone repost it?
  4. Facebook is integrating the Instagram messenger with its existing Messenger app.
  5. Fowler played a couple seasons in those uniforms, Ellis only played one preseason.
  6. Why do you think they got him?
  7. Front and back of the same jersey from the same listing on Game Worn Auctions
  8. The Hamilton Bulldogs' alternate jersey leak from a couple years ago that was posted to the mothership and is now everywhere? That's me in the picture.
  9. While somewhat of an improvement, this is a missed opportunity for the Sens. If you're going to alter the sleeves on the whites, then give us a proper inverse and use the white stripe version. I know jerseys devoid of white (San Jose, Edmonton, Tampa) are hot right now, but this would have been a much better option. I also stumbled across what appears to be a knockoff, but the bolder lines on the logo make for a better primary than their "updated" version. But we all know they should have gone for the 2007 updated logo...
  10. The Lanny McDonald narration was actually a nice touch.