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  1. My money would be on a goalie mask. Perhaps the one of them will wear a mask with retro logos of the past on it for the Heritage Classic.
  2. Hit the Value Village 50% off sale and picked up a Tiger-Cats scarf for $3 Also got this cap (in my size) for $1.25
  3. Don't forget the watermelon head...
  4. I'd like to nominate this for Post of the Day
  5. Gotta be awkward for Steven Holtz on the Phantoms, who is committed to Michigan for next season.
  6. You missed the worst one. Also, Georgia's is incredibly busy, but because they worked with the lines of the helmet, it works.
  7. I love the version with black more. Don't ask me why the BFBS worked, but it did. The hem stripes don't get lost in the pants and the three stars on the sleeves add some life.
  8. From Minnesota HS hockey
  9. Headline of the year on the mothership article
  10. Please make this happen. Fauxbacks would be stupid for this. Besides, it's been 20 YEARS already. Oh, and this, please.
  11. Or just make the thresher/tractor the thing with the teeth.
  12. Cattle Drivers isn't Brandiose enough. It's going to be something like "Cow Movers" or "Steer Jockeys"?
  13. Dear Anaheim Ducks, It's not that hard. Sincerely, Spider-Knight Jerseys