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  1. But they did allow this train-wreck to happen.
  2. There's more money in a unique design.
  3. The Portland Winterhawks unveiled a new alternate logo and third jersey designed by Adidas back on Feb 21. I fully expect this to become the team's full-time logo some day.
  4. Except they already basically wore that jersey recently with the Winter Classic in 2016 And in 2003-04
  5. When the Hamilton Bulldogs were MTL's affiliate in the AHL, they had two different versions of that blue jersey. One with an H for the crest, and one with the standard logo, except both had white centre stripes.
  6. Frank Seravalli is reporting the Florida and Carolina have AHL moves in the works. I thought the Charlotte/Carolina relationship was good?
  7. Did the browns ever wear the mono orange they teased tormented us with at the unveiling?
  8. Were the Marlins the only team to significantly overhaul their identity twice in the 2010s? Not talking about recolours, but completely original logos.
  9. Favourite: Teams that modernized old looks and got it right (Blue Jays, Astros, Padres, Brewers?) Least favourite: The rise of Brandiose and the ruining of minor league baseball.