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  1. I don't mind the orange as just that, an ALT. It completed their colour set, and stood out with the unique number placement. Besides, it looked INCREDIBLE with the royal blue. The one now just looks blah.
  2. Well, apparently Taylor Hall won't win the draft lottery this year.
  3. For what it's worth, the NAHL has the Minnesota Wilderness
  4. The guy managed to take the "The Tooth Fairy", and make it turn a $64-million profit.
  5. I'm thrilled by this announcement. It seems that lately, everything the Rock touches turns to gold. At this point, they've got a year to allow the virus to settle down and to make sure that they do it right this time.
  6. "Today we have a tantalizing triple header for you. Our first matchup is between Toronto FC and Charlotte FC. We'll follow that up with a match between FC Dallas and FC Cincinnati, and our final match will be between Austin FC and LAFC."
  7. There isn't one. Most people don't make it past the steel mills. The only real options that I can think of, aside from the Gore Park fountain, would be the Skyway Bridge (bridge is already used) or the Battlefield Monument, which is technically in Stoney Creek.
  8. Here it is in the 1870s I feel like Dundurn Castle would have been hard to render.
  9. The logos aren't terrible, and the helmets are unique. Everything else is hot garbage.
  10. Here is the fountain in question. As a Hamiltonian, I... kinda get it. The fountain has been there for a very long time (a form of it has been there since 1860), it's hardly the first thing that people think about when they think of Hamilton. They would have been much better to use something steel-related, and even if they wanted to keep the fire theme, they could have used a foundry bucket referencing the steel industry Or some of the steel flares that make up the skyline at night.
  11. Not sure if anything can inhabit the Potomac
  12. As terrible as the name is, I will likely buy this hat eventually.