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  1. I’ve never had an issue with the Bengals’ “B” logo. I have long had an issue with its placement below the collar, though.
  2. From the Blue Jackets' press release when the logo was introduced as part of an alternate in 2003: "The alternate is inspired by the state flag of Ohio and is displayed in the shape of the letter 'C.' That image overlays the familiar Blue Jackets’ star, which signifies Columbus as the state’s capital." And again from the press release of the 20th season logo: "The logo features a large number 20 that is white with red trim, outlined in blue and silver. Overlaying the bottom of the 20 is the club's primary logo, which is inspired by the state flag of Ohio with its pennant shape, red, white & blue colors and white stars in the shape of the letter C wrapped around the Blue Jackets star."
  3. Midnight Green ≠ teal ≠ aqua ≠ Panther Blue
  4. If Tulane didn’t already have one of the best color palettes in college sports, I’d be all for the Green Wave having purple and gold accents to play up the Mardi Gras theme.
  5. Fair enough. They just have great SEO
  6. Though I know the Tar Heels’ blue is much lighter, Team Color Codes actually lists the Panthers’ blue as “Carolina blue,” as well. Not saying it’s correct, just sharing why I responded the way I did initially.
  7. It’s actually PMS Process Blue C, whereas the Jaguars are PMS 3155 C, but we call that teal, right?
  8. Carolina blue, which is considerably different than teal.
  9. *Spongebob narrator voice* “Two days later...”
  10. I felt the same way about the College Football Playoff National Championship being held there in 2017. That and Jacksonville, which hosted Super Bowl XXXIX, just feel like second-tier stadiums that only get used for second-tier bowl games, not the premier stadiums that get to hold the Super Bowl and CFP, such as Arlington, Glendale, Miami, New Orleans, etc.
  11. Your point was that you don’t like the font, the side panel or the colors (specifically the base color) and claimed the whole uniform wasn’t well thought-out, though there was clear inspiration for all of those things, whether the font is entirely accurate or not. It would have just been easier to say it’s not pleasing to your eye.
  12. What font do you think would be more appropriate for the Blazers' city edition uniform than a sign that is one of the most recognizable parts of the skyline? I would have considered using "Portland" from the same sign instead of "Oregon," but that doesn't really take away from the intent, which feels extremely well thought-out.
  13. You’re spot on. I feel this way about many alternate uniforms, actually. They’re not Blazers, per se, but they’re great in a vacuum.