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  1. I can’t believe their tweet has been up for eight-plus hours, though I appreciated the opportunity to point out the difference between anniversaries and seasons in the article on the front page.
  2. I think NFL teams would tend to be more conservative than the attention-seeking college football teams to which you’re referring. And by limiting the number of helmets to two per team, you’re much more likely to get tasteful alternate helmets than you are to get off-the-wall designs. Again, that’s not to say one or two teams won’t try it. But the majority won’t stray far from throwback or complementary designs.
  3. I mean, they could claim it was inspired by their 1955 set, which they threw back to in 2010 (though that was obviously a darker shade of blue and featured two horseshoes on the back). Personally, I wouldn’t mind a relaxed helmet rule. If you allow just one more helmet than is currently permitted, most teams will go for a throwback design. Others who have worn the same colored helmet for most or all of their history would either stick with one helmet or go for a black or white version of their current design, and I wouldn’t be against a team like the Raiders wearing a black helmet once in a while. Sure, maybe a team or two gets wild (I’m looking at you Jaguars with teal or Dolphins with aqua). But it’s not like the Chiefs and Vikings are going to be suddenly wearing yellow helmets or the Bears wearing orange helmets or a team like the Seahawks passing up the opportunity to wear their gray throwback helmets for action green.
  4. And then it’ll fit Paul Lukas’ exact description of the Buccaneers’ new uniforms.
  5. They’re going to use removable/washable paint on the turf, just like they do at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Ford Field, Gillette Stadium and CenturyLink Field. I asked the Rams creative team about this, as well, because it wasn’t clear if they were going to use the same turf, have different sections of removable turf (like the Giants and Jets do with the end zones, though the 50-yard line is just the NFL shield) or if they’d have an entire field of turf dedicated to each team (similar to how the Cowboys use a different turf than the Cotton Bowl, which is just rolled up and stored for most of the year).
  6. Not sure if Arians is saying the creamsicles are the best uniforms in the league period or if they’re simply the best throwbacks in the league, but that combined with his comments during the combine about having no input in the design of the new set would lead me to believe they might have gone in a different direction altogether if he did.
  7. Want to feel old? Marvin Harrison’s son (same name) is currently committed to Ohio State.
  8. But what makes any of those a "football" logo, aside from the fact that you're familiar with them and have long associated those logos with professional sports teams?
  9. I mean, the same can be said about every sports logo that doesn’t include equipment.
  10. I find it interesting how the Rams have been building to this for years, purposely not rebranding upon their return to LA to save it for the opening of the new stadium. The Chargers just spring it on everybody, meanwhile, and the overall response to their changes couldn’t be more different. As if the buildup of one led to “this is what they came up with?!” while the suddeness of the other led to “they’ve perfected their brand,” when — in reality — they both still have issues.
  11. I’ve been told those (and the associated white jerseys you can see on any secondary jersey website) are just photoshops based on Paul’s description.
  12. They told me during an interview this afternoon, which will be posted on the main site soon, that neither logo is designated as primary because (paraphrasing) one might resonate with a different age group or culture than the other — though the LA will probably be considered primary by other agencies (like our own archives). And they’ve actually created stencils for both logos to be painted at midfield depending on if it’s an afternoon or primetime game or depending on the uniforms they wear, etc., not to just choose one and stick with it. We went very, very in-depth during our interview, so I hope you all enjoy it once it’s posted!
  13. From the press release: “As for the new logotype, just because you're a 60-year old franchise doesn't mean you have to act like it. With words becoming increasingly interchangeable with emojis and acronyms, the team decided to build a bolt emoji into its new logotype. Also a new touch, the bold, italicized font along with its stylized, angled ticks mimics the edges and details of the updated mark.”