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  1. That’s actually Mavericks Icon vs Blazers Statement.
  2. That’s why the numbers on the road jersey need to be (primarily, if not all the way) brown. I personally think the team looks best O-B-O and O-W-O, though I do like white pants on the road from time to time. Same with brown pants at home (both should be paired with orange socks).
  3. I’m curious what colors aren’t going to look darker at night and lighter in the sunlight, though.
  4. Give me a Carolina blue facemask, and I’m all for this.
  5. The colors aren’t the issue, and look better than they ever have. Not sure how anyone sees black, to be honest. Looks so much better flat rather than shimmery (like in the Garcia photos).
  6. This all should have been done four years ago, but if the Browns restricted the stripes solely to the sleeve, did not use the college-style name across the chest (instead making it a smaller wordmark just below the collar like several other NFL do), simplified the numbers (in addition to making them white at home and brown on the road), removed the team name from the pants (and completed the stripe along the pants), these would be timeless and there would be no need to update next year.
  7. Yawn. The brown is too light, there are too many stripes on the sleeves (particularly on the home set) and the orange gloss finish/white facemask combo looks plastic/feels especially late-80s/early-90’s. Not to mention the dazzle/shimmer fabric used throughout the uniform, too. I hate to use the phrase “dated,” but that’s exactly what comes to mind when I see these particular photos. This uniform looked much better toward the end (see Johnny Manziel’s rookie year), but that also had simpler sleeve stripes, a darker/flatter brown and a gray facemask. They’d be best served returning to that or something similar (see my thoughts on the Color Rush modifications on the last page), but keep the current orange and helmet finish/facemask combo.
  8. My biggest gripe with NFL uniforms is the opposite. I think teams would look better if they wore single-color socks — though that comes with the stipulation it has to contrast the pants/match the jersey color.
  9. Color Rush jersey with white numbers, white middle stripe and white Browns wordmark on the chest. Wear it with orange pants that match the helmet stripe. Perfect Browns uniform.
  10. Those look like they're from Macy's Mafia collection.
  11. It’s always fun to hear conspiracy theories, if you will, about hidden meanings, letters, etc. in a logo. Like the Eagles’ logo supposedly featuring an “E,” since it was not actually the intention of the design but rather a coincidence someone noticed after the fact. I guess the bottom of the “N” in “NY” symbolizes a plane’s tail, too...
  12. They should leave it up year-round since Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s other tenant doesn’t have a banner to display.
  13. Time of day, straight sunlight vs overcast skies, colors in the background/of the opposing team, angle of the cameras and camera settings are among the many different factors that would contribute to the same jersey looking two different colors.
  14. It only seems that way because nobody knows what ‘5 for the Fight’ is. There are a lot of advertisements that makes sense and aren’t particularly intrusive, including — by not limited to — Memphis (FedEx) and Orlando (Disney). I think Cleveland’s Goodyear patch is aesthetically pleasing, too, and should one day lead to the Cavaliers wearing an Akron Wingfoots jersey. There are certainly some cases where the advertisement feel out of place, but I’m generally okay with it if they match the team’s color pallete and/or promote/advertise for a local-owned business.