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  1. I feel the same way about UCLA's gold facemask as I did about USC's cardinal facemask from 1988-2000. Is it a bad look? No. Do I prefer gray (or gray/gold in USC's sake)? Absolutely. I also wouldn't mind seeing a light blue facemask for a game or two just for the sake of trying it out. Have a feeling it would really pop, though.
  2. The difference is that big-time schools have apparel contracts with Nike where the company pays them a significant amount of money and provides them with a certain number of uniforms per year while smaller schools have to purchase their uniforms from the company through the Nike catalog. That’s why we’ve seen some schools even roll out a new home, road or alternate uniform by itself. They simply can’t afford them all at once.
  3. I think the key part of the memo was that they either had to be accurate throwback designs (which the Ravens likely can't use because of the lawsuit that forced them to move away from their original logo) or the alternate has to feature a logo already used by the club, so they're pretty restricted in terms of what they could do moving forward. I guess they could do the shield or front-facing raven if they really wanted to. I'm also sure the franchise currently in Indianapolis would take issue with anything remotely Colts-like.
  4. I could see the Ravens doing a color-shifting black and purple chrome helmet, mimicking the bird’s iridescent wings. Would solve the Vikings dilemma given the finish of their helmets, too.
  5. Former running back Robert Smith claims to have started it in the mid-90s. Said people in the program really made a point around that time to emphasize that it was the official name of the university. I first remember hearing it during the player intros during Monday Night Football in the early 2000s. Can’t say I’ve ever noticed fans if any other teams using it with a negative connotation, though, at least not until the university tried to trademark “THE” last year. Most Ohio State fans see it as a point of pride, honestly.
  6. To be fair, my degree says “The Ohio State University.” Whether or not the extra emphasis is needed is up for debate, though.
  7. I was speaking specifically about the Browns. The 49ers are throwing back to 1994. I guess the Packers *could*, but all signs point to them throwing back to a year with gold helmets.
  8. We've known about the Browns, Packers and 49ers for a while. Only one of those could presumably come with an alternate helmet.
  9. I don't think there's anything to it, especially since the Rams design team was very upfront about their desire to take the branding to a digital space (see my interview following the unveiling). It's very similar to ESPN's three-dimensional team logos that you'll see during game broadcasts (particularly in the NBA).
  10. The same thing would be said about the Giants, Mets and Yankees' monograms if they were introduced today, though. They're only "iconic" because they've been around forever.
  11. I've long viewed the Jets as New Jersey's team thanks to Madden 92 on SEGA, which was the first football video game I remember playing.
  12. Trying to keep a full list on the mothership: https://news.sportslogos.net/2021/05/25/a-look-at-which-nfl-players-have-changed-their-uniform-numbers-this-offseason/football/ Just added Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Zay Jones switching from No. 12 to No. 7.
  13. It's a little too busy for my taste, and then we're basically back to where we started anyway.
  14. If you put that logo on the helmet, there would be even more reason (in my opinion) to keep the current sleeve stripes. Just fits well together.
  15. I think the NY in the football-shaped oval is much better than having NY, Jets and a football inside an oval, especially since the NY got lost from any sort of distance. I guess you could always compromise and put that Jets logo inside of the football-shaped oval like such:
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