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  1. It's definitely the lighting:
  2. It's not a great design, but it's the exact look I associate with Rutgers, especially with Schiano back on the sidelines. I highly doubt he finds the same success the second time around, though.
  3. The contrasting collar is still there. It's just really small compared to what they previously wore (especially in the front) thanks to adidas' template.
  4. I've been told numerous planned uniform updates were put on hold due to production issues associated with the pandemic, particularly schools that were supposed to be switching to the Vapor Fusion template this year. It's possible Florida State was forced to make the number changes in-house as a result, thus the Mach Speed template still being in use.
  5. The Columbus Zoo and The Wilds are a big point of pride here, so I'm happy they went with something unique instead of rekindling the Destroyers nickname for a third run or using a generic aviation or capital city nickname. I like the primary logo, so I'll probably get a shirt when Homage undoubtedly drops some gear, while the uniforms are pretty much what I'd expect from an indoor football team that is trying catch people's attention.
  6. Everyone on my high school football team (2004-07) called their cold gear "Under Armour," even if it was the generic Walmart brand.
  7. Washington's creative team is typically very good at what they do, but those concept feel like someone in a position of power said at the last minute that they wanted to see a full-body mockup and someone else threw those together really quick with the most basic details. I imagine the photoshopped photos included in their announcement more accurately depict what they'll wear.
  8. I already can't stand the Europeanization of American soccer franchises, let alone American football.
  9. They apparently take a lot of pride in the UAlbany moniker. We received an email from their communications department this evening letting us know that UAlbany is the informal name for the school, not Albany. “Albany is the city, the high school and the county.” I respect the desire to uphold the brand standards, even if it comes off a little pompous.
  10. The Raiders wore a 60th season patch last year:
  11. That's my bad. I did not realize they wore that helmet in most of their games last fall. They had three nationally televised games last fall and only wore it once during those games (black vs Temple, white vs UCF). The chrome helmet didn't make an appearance, which is odd considering it was worn during their uniform unveiling last summer.
  12. USF has been wearing a chrome helmet for six years now, but it looks like this one actually has a black outline around logo rather than the typical white. They have switched the decals around in the past. Might be a black facemask, too. Hard to tell in that lighting, though. I miss the greenish-gold helmets, if I’m being honest. I used to hate them and I always wondered why they didn’t color match the rest of the uniform. Then they went away until they reappeared in the Wisconsin game last year, which made me wish they still existed. Not the best look from an aesthetic standpoint, but it was uniquely USF.
  13. It's difficult to gather any information based on 2K because of the game's customization options.
  14. Would love to see former Ohio State quarterback Dwayne Haskins lead the Washington Sentinels to the playoffs just like former Ohio State quarterback Shane Falco did 20 years ago. (sarcasm, of course) I’m actually all-in on the Redtails. Can keep the colors and HTTR fight song, while actually honoring a group of people.
  15. It appears they're allowing teams to use their home courts for practice: