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  1. I'm not going to defend other Lightning fans because even I find a lot of them to be an insufferable bunch but I think any Lightning fans are pretty justified in being upset. The NHL assigns Chris Lee, who has zero business still officiating games in these playoffs, to this game and he proceeds to no-call a blatant cheapshot that happens three feet in front of him which results in the playoff point leader playing a single shift. Then, because there's no consequences, the same player crosschecks Stamkos head first into the boards to end the second.
  2. That game sucked. That goon Mayfield, who ran off Kucherov and tried to run off Stamkos, scoring the tying goal was just an extra kick in the nuts. Oh well, back to Tampa.
  3. Habs look great... still hard to believe this is the Vegas team that won four straight against Colorado, though.
  4. Regarding Barzal -- Rutta didn't return to the game. If he was genuinely hurt as opposed to it being precautionary, I'd say a suspension is warranted. Sitting 20 minutes of a then 6-0 game isn't much of a punishment considering he cross-checked Lazar in the face in the Bruins series. Edit: $5k fine for Barzal. I bet if Rutta did it to Barzal and left him laying on the ice to not return, it'd be a suspension.
  5. Eh, 2020 ECF vs NYI was 3-2 and that worked out pretty well. Tonight's game was a lot of fun. I needed one of these stress-free games.
  6. What an ending! Lightning's effort through two was unacceptable, though. And the call on Hedman late was awful. Oh well, back to TB.
  7. I should not get this stressed out watching a Habs team I have zero connection to. The officiating is bull :censored:, though. The missed high stick to Perry is somehow more egregious than Point's goalie interference call the other day. Same ref too.
  8. Vegas wasn't called for a single penalty tonight. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but their only penalties in game 5 and 6 vs. Colorado were delay of games. They've had two penalties for something other than putting the puck over the glass in their last 4 games. It's not possible. Completely ridiculous. edit: And one user on Reddit said they had six penalties in seven games vs. Minnesota. double edit: The idea that a team that employs Ryan Reaves just doesn't commit penalties is just patently absurd.
  9. Kevin Harvick running a Grave Digger scheme, which is amazing.
  10. Second time this postseason it's been called that way on Tampa. Tonight's was way worse, though. That said, Tampa Bay just scored with six men on the ice.
  11. This is an all-time garbage call -- penalty on the guy being cross-checked into the goalie. Naturally, the Islanders scored on the PP. Why do I watch this league? https://streamable.com/4wazah
  12. And that's not even mentioning the future HOF (and one of the best scorers of his generation) Stamkos. I'd add Point too, but maybe he doesn't resonate much outside of Tampa despite how good he is. Regarding Kuch, it's also worth pointing out he's one of the bigger storylines in the league this postseason.
  13. I know it's one of their colors but a red Valvoline car seems strange to me. That said, I llke it.
  14. I mean, the defending champs are still playing and they're stacked with big names, one of the funnest teams to watch, and now among the league villians because everybody's pissed about Kucherov.
  15. Colorado looked unbeatable through six games. Vegas is legit!
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