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  1. It definitely does not work as well as the repeating stars. I'd also like to see them replace the red with their teal but that's a sponsorship thing. The red last year was darker and didn't stand out as much. I thought the move to black was pretty cool last season, but I still prefer the feel of the initial 2020 livery over the direction they're going in now. They could probably relegate pink to the back of the rear wing and it wouldn't really affect the look of the car. Huski Chocolate's red clashes with McLaren's orange and blue but it's fine on the rear wing.
  2. Underwhelmed by the new Mercedes livery. Was really hoping they would go back to a predominantly silver car with white racing suits this season. Alpine looks fantastic. Might be the best looking car on the grid although it's a shame we lose Renault's yellow for yet another blue car.
  3. It's like people saying Tom Brady is done for when he strings together two bad games in a row in October and we see how that's worked out.
  4. I'd rather have whatever haul Seattle can get for Russell Wilson than Russell Wilson. The Seahawks should know because of Russell Wilson that a good QB on a rookie deal is, with few exceptions, better than paying a guy $35 million.
  5. I don't know, but the talking heads, the pollsters, and the committee all love Georgia. Presumably it's the expectation they should be good because they're regularly top-2 in recruiting (they spend twice what other schools do in that area). A few years ago when they got trounced by LSU in the SEC Championship game for their second loss -- the first to a crappy South Carolina team -- there were still people arguing that Georgia deserved the fourth playoff spot. Jamie Newman transferred because he wasn't going to win the starting job at Wake Forest and immediately got Heisman hype. It's lunacy!
  6. NASCAR screwed Chase Elliott with the completely unnecessary rain caution but at least Joey logano didn't win on top of that. Christopher Bell makes it back-to-back first time winners.
  7. One interesting thing about this is that Tatis is part of Big League Advance, which is a group that gives promising minor leaguers an advance in exchange for a cut of future MLB earnings, so some minor league players are making out pretty well here too.
  8. Not at all surprised that all of Bauer's blustering was projection. I guess it all worked out pretty well for him but according to renowned spin rate expert Trevor Bauer, the only way Trevor Bauer could have improved his spin rate the way he has is by cheating.
  9. Mahomes could've had two of the greatest plays in Super Bowl history -- if not league history for this particular one -- and instead they're just drops. Wish the game was close so Mahomes would get more credit for his effort.
  10. No, I put the wrong one. It was Rams-Titans. As @PittsburghSucks pointed out, Rams-Patriots was U2.
  11. Yeah, I thought about it after I posted since I remember all the names behind U2 and corrected to Rams-Titans. I'd say Prince was the best ever for me (and I'm not even a huge Prince fan). U2 was fine, but I think there were probably better options for the first post-9/11 halftime show. Also, having just watched it again, it's kind of weird to me to hear people cheering and waving their glowsticks as the names of people who died in the 9/11 attacks are scrolling behind U2.