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  1. The Arizona State 24/7 on HBO was pretty good. All three of them have been great, really. But I was wrong about Herm Edwards. I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen but he has ASU in a pretty good place right now.
  2. They've already both been wearing the 150 patches all season. Seems pretty half-assed to just turn the patch into a decal and slap it onto the helmet.
  3. Didn't see this mentioned, but for some reason Duke and Virginia are doing this half-assed tribute to 150 years of college football...
  4. Everybody's already decided Georgia is great because they played Alabama tough twice and buy better recruits than everybody else. So everyone will conveniently ignore that Kirby Smart doesn't appear to be a very good coach -- which, I'll admit, is masked by all of the five-stars -- and that, even before this week, they didn't look all that impressive.
  5. Braves - lost to red birds (St. Louis Cardinals) and knocked out of the playoffs Georgia - lost to red birds (South Carolina Gamecocks) as a 20+ point favorite Falcons - lost to red birds (Arizona Cardinals) on a missed XP. Falcons capped off a rough week for Georgia teams playing against teams with red birds as mascots/logos.
  6. New AP Top Ten is... 1. Alabama 2. LSU 3. Clemson 4. Ohio State 5. Oklahoma 6. Wisconsin 7. Penn State 8. Notre Dame 9. Florida 10. Georgia I think Georgia should've fallen to 13, behind Auburn, Oregon, and Utah. They not only loss a game in which they were 24.5 point favorites, they got bailed out on a blown call and missed FGs and still lost. I'd say Florida should be above Notre Dame since Notre Dame's resume consists of a "good loss" to a Georgia team that may not actually be all that good and not a whole lot else, but it doesn't matter much.
  7. I didn't expect Florida to win but I'm pretty happy with that game. Plus, Georgia lost.
  8. The whole ACC is a mess outside of Clemson. The conference is basically no better than the AAC per SP+, and Clemson's A&M win doesn't look all that great anymore. They'll get in the playoffs but Clemson won't deserve to any more than UCF has the last two years.
  9. Oh I love it. Georgia's looked unimpressive all season and everybody's been willing to ignore it and still put them right at the top with the contenders. Good thing Kirby can recruit because he got outcoached by Will freakin' Muschamp.
  10. For sure, we've worn it against LSU every season since 2012 outside of 2016, where we went all orange.
  11. It was a ruse. For this week, anyways.
  12. Yeah, the bottom ones appear to be black with a blue stripe on them.
  13. Oh damn, you're right. But crap, that's going to suck to have to make. For some reason when I first saw the video, I thought the uniform numbers had the same moon effect that the P on the helmet does. Anyone have a good shot of that patch?
  14. These are going to be a nightmare to recreate for my Big Ten uniform graphic...