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  1. I think Florida locked themselves in with a win against LSU. Following them this year, it's still a little unbelievable they're in considering their record against the top 25 this season and, really, their record in general. But Ken Pom has them ranked 28th and they've had chances to beat a lot of really good teams late but can't close.
  2. That seems like pretty clear proof of the effect weather has on attendance, as much as you want to poo-poo people blaming some of the poor attendance on the weather. Birmingham had pretty consistent crowds through their first two games. That's not to say they don't need to figure out how to get people to come despite the weather, though.
  3. Yay... two threads overrun by people who just want to talk about how the league is going to fail.
  4. Nope. It's less a problem of different templates, really. It's more because the team's President said they only had white uniforms a few weeks ago and then tonight they come out in really cheap looking uniforms, completely lacking some of the unique elements the league's other uniforms have (namely the side panel and pant stripes). Also that, despite a completely unique number font, they have one that looks like it's directly out of a catalog. This is also the second time a team has come out in uniforms we didn't know they have that look like they were put together at the last second. Even on Reddit I've seen a few people comment that they (and the Express uniforms from week one) look cheap and rushed and you can't say anything bad about the league over there. Yeah, the lack of attendance isn't that great but I sure wouldn't expect anybody to show up in this weather for a team they have little connection to.
  5. If they want to keep one uniform, they could have avoided this if they gave Orlando orange primary uniforms. Week two against the Commanders might've been an issue but I think if they had blue pants it would've been fine. The blue uniform looking nothing like the white jersey looks cheap and makes the league look unprepared for something they had to have known was going to happen. edit: Especially not a great look when the giant number on your helmets is different from the uniform numbers.
  6. I take this back. What the hell, Denard? Atlanta still should've changed QBs by now, though.
  7. That's every team's WRs, though. Birmingham's drop as many as anybody from what I've seen so far and their YouTube QB still moves them downfield.
  8. Yeah, I don't get it. Simms is clearly terrible -- why not start the kid who played at Georgia?
  9. There has to be something next week. The Apollos (white uniform) play Salt Lake (basically a white uniform).
  10. I like that you can watch an all-22 feed of the game on the AAF website. They should put their technology to good use and show who's subbing in and out of the game on the game broadcast. They could also show where skill position players are lined up pre-snap.
  11. I agree. It's sad seeing him hobble around. With that said, I love his offense. Crowd doesn't look too great early (editL it's not terrible, though — should be better). It's amazing how bad this league is at getting people to show up.
  12. If the Apollo's attendance is bad, that'll be a problem. It's 80 degrees and they're the best and most exciting team in the league. Spurrier alone should be enough to get local Florida fans to show up.
  13. The crowd wasn't great but it was definitely better than that picture when I watched the second half. But not 10k people better. The cold weather seems like a legitimate excuse to me. If I'm planning on going to a game I know won't sell out, I'm not going to buy early and I'm sure as hell not going if it's 37 degrees out or raining, especially for a team that the best praise you can give them is "they're probably not as bad as their winless record looks" and I have no real attachment to. They still need to figure out a way to put asses in seats, though.