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  1. Another good one is that if Frank Gore hangs on for four or five more years, he could conceivably be in the league the same time as his son, Frank Gore Jr. Granted, his son is only a 3* recruit who didn't get much interest from major programs and ended up at Southern Miss, so who knows if he even makes the League, let alone enters the draft early.
  2. And Thaddeus Moss, son of Randy, will be in the NFL next season.
  3. I could live with the one-color, yellow logo on royal blue or blue on yellow backgrounds shown in the graphic above -- what we actually got is terrible, though. I also don't see any of the appeal with the Rams head logo. Did we know the Chargers were going to release their updates today or did they just see the Rams getting crapped on and decide it was a good time to show their welcomed changes?
  4. The Rams head is the only halfway decent part and even that I think is bad.
  5. I thought this whole event was really done and I'll keep watching it every week. It's a neat answer to the current situation. They even had the invocation and some country star singing the national anthem from in front of his garage door. The one thing I'd like to see them do in the future races is to play some of the audio from the driver's chat -- since that's something that's unique. I'd love to hear if Jr. and Hamlin are talking to each other during the final lap.
  6. I'm usually not much into watching people play video games competitively, but if you're itching for some "live sports", NASCAR is doing The first-ever eNASCAR iRacing Pro Invitational Series, where real drivers will take to the video game iRacing and race at virtual Homestead Speedway (where this weeks cancelled race was supposed to be held). The race will be on FS1 with commentary by Mike Joy, Jeff Gordon, and Clint Bowyer. It's a pretty neat answer to having to cancel live events. Some of the drivers have pretty sweet setups.
  7. A reddit user (u/taubut) shared a mockup of Brady in a current Bucs uniform right after it was announced and didn't change the facemask color. I don't hate it.
  8. They still have to televise the games so I suspect they would need the arenas for the camera angles alone.
  9. A brand out of Miami called Custom Outfitters, I think.
  10. Per a statement from Roush Racing read by Steve O'Donnell just now, he's in serious condition but the injuries are non-life threatening.
  11. The video shows a blue hat with the modern F on it, but they actually went white hat/blue bill, which is unfortunate. Looked better with the blue helmet. What it really needs is a blue hat with the old block F or block UF logo.
  12. FWIW, at the team's facility they fly tattered flags with just the skull and crossed swords on it, no flag on flag.
  13. Yeah, they were given Trestman as head coach. How did this guy win three Grey Cups? The attendance in Tampa next week is going to be bad. Hopefully people were too busy watching the Lightning to see how bad the Vipers are.