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  1. If the Saints insist on staying with black pants, I would much rather what you have here. Nice update with the striping. I think the gold pants could use white with the black stipe as well. You've definitely improved the sleeve pattern, I can see the inspiration now. I'm still not sure it works for me....but that's more of a matter of personal opinion. Font is MUCH better too. Nice work.
  2. I’ve personally never been a fan of the black monochrome look for the Saints, and this really hasn’t changed my mind. I’ll leave it at that. I understand what your intent is with the sleeve pattern, but wrought ironwork in New Orleans is typically more intricate than what you’ve got here. I think that needs revisiting. I don’t look at that and think about wrought iron at all. I think that design needs to scream “wrought iron” to be effective. I like the white stormtrooper set and would like to see the same pant striping carried over to the black and gold sets of pants instead of just a single stripe like you have now. Finally, I think the number font is just too basic. I’d like to see something closer to what they use on their color rush unis.
  3. Exactly. And let’s not act like they haven’t been good offensively for a number of years. The personnel he had this year is vastly superior to what he’s inheriting in Austin.
  4. Ok, so I watched the video in the press release, and it mentioned that the logo colors are purple, green & gold. Maybe it’s just my device, but the logo posted looks more orange, navy and greenish to me. Does it look that way to anyone else?? I agree that the diamonds don’t really seem to fit in. I also don’t really like the stripes under the text - maybe it’s intended to be a motion line? The crescent in the basketball is a nice touch.
  5. I’m hopeful that they only used the gold box because it’s part of the CFP. What bothers me the most is the minuscule arrow below the score to indicate possession.
  6. Thinking back to new identities I remember being unveiled in my lifetime, none struck me more than the Florida Marlins. I loved everything about their look from the logo to the uniforms. As a 13-year old casual Cubs fan, I bought a couple Marlins hats and even a Marlins lamp for my nightstand in my bedroom. It’s a shame what that brand has become now.
  7. I actually LOVE the mustard yellow color in sports. What doesn’t work for me with that Ravens look is that the helmet, jersey and pants are each different main colors. I’ve never liked seeing that except maybe with white being one of the base colors (i.e. red helmet, white jersey, blue pants).
  8. Standardization makes sense, but the proposed design was poorly executed.
  9. That’s’s such a bad, generic look.
  10. I really like the Spiderweb C in the charcoal and red. The only issue I see here is that the "C" is so similar to the one used by the Cubs.
  11. Interesting....just looking at the fonts for Louisiana, I really don’t see where the inspiration for the names comes from. MAAAAYYYBE the “New Orleans” font has a slight local feeling to me, but not much.