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  1. Superdome, too. When it was was completed in 1975, the interior designers went so far as to not only alternate seat colors, but also include seat colors with designs (stripes): The resulting "patchwork" effect made it difficult to determine (from standard-distance TV shots at least) how relatively full or empty the stadium was for any event (such as Tulane football games):  Perhaps the designers had the Saints and Tulane's perennially bad records in mind (and foresaw their upcoming futility as well) in laying out the seat design as such. Of course, with recent renovations, the two lower levels' upholstered seats are now either black or gold, while the upper-most level's seats remain harder plastic and shades of gray.
  2. You know, I hadn't really noticed that (the later-year Vancouver Grizzlies were sort of forgettable) but it turns out you're right (for those later years): Appears they dropped all aspects of "bronze" from the unis and replaced it with black. THAT is what transitioned to Memphis. In the early days, the away unis were turquoise, and still had a good amount of bronze:
  3. Yes, this brings up a tangential topic-- how re-branding and re-coloring dilute the differentiation. A few cases in point (all from the NBA) Raptors had a very original purple, red, black, and silver scheme (with purple being the predominate color and "away" jersey). Now they are down to red, black with silver as a far third tertiary, which puts them essentially in the same appearance as the Bulls and Trail Blazers. Grizzlies had that original turquoise, bronze and red, moved to Memphis then added BFBS, moved to Memphis, then switched to a two-tone blue and yellow look that was essentially the same as Denver Nuggets' look. Old '70s Cleveland Cavaliers had their original wine and gold look, unique to the NBA, then changed to a blue and orange that was essentially the same as the Knicks. I think the last sentence is more spot on-- it's what fits their story-- and what sells, not so much that as the ability to find an original color scheme... a while back, I did a run on just 2 color scheme sets, and using relatively basic colors (no magenta, pewter, copper, or special shade of Cowboys metallic 'blue' or 'green') you can get 85 different two-color combos...
  4. Something I was thinking about the other day... something that I took as given back when I was a kid in the 70s. Any time a new sports team is added to a league (during expansion, particularly, but also sometimes as part of a joint relocation/rebranding) that team would almost ALWAYS have a new original color scheme that was not used in the league yet. At the time, I almost thought ( in my 12 year old head) that it was a kind of unwritten rule, as who wants to have the same color scheme as another team in the league? I sure know that when I was designing logos for whole leagues when I was a kid, it was KEY that no team shared the same color scheme. Of course, back in the those days, most teams only had a two-color scheme (with white, of course, as an understood uni color option) Looking back on it, it's amazing to me how far back this trend goes, and how far it generally continued and continues to this day. A brief recap and rewind, only using new expansion teams and relocation rebrands (no "rebrands in place"): NFL: 2002 - Houston Texans - Navy Blue and Red -- very similar to Patriots, but without silver. Only sort of original to NFL. 1997 - Tennessee Titans - Two-tone blue with red and gray -- Original to NFL and major league sports.. 1996 - Baltimore Ravens - Purple, Black and old gold -- Original to NFL and major league sports 1995 - Carolina Panthers - Black, Silver and Carolina Blue - Original to NFL; very close to Orlando Magic and Tampa Bay Lightning. 1995 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Teal, Black and Old Gold - Original to NFL and major league sports. 1976 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Orange, white and red - Original to NFL and major league sports. 1976 - Seattle Seahawks - Blue, Green and Silver - Original to NFL, addition of silver made it slightly different from Vancouver Canucks at the time. 1968 - Cincinnati Bengals - Black and Orange -- Original to NFL; used of course before by Orioles and MLB Giants. 1967 - New Orleans Saints - Black and Old Gold -- Original to NFL and major league sports. 1966 - Miami Dolphins - Aqua and Coral -- Original to NFL and major league sports. 1966 - Atlanta Falcons - Red, black (and at the time hint of old gold) -- Slight similarity to NFL St. Louis Cardinals, who only had a hint of black and for the most part back then were a red and white team. So, Original to NFL ( especially with the trace of gold). 1960 - Minnesota Vikings -- Purple and gold/yellow - Original to NFL. 1960 - Dallas Cowboys - Royal Blue and white (at the time) - NOT original to NFL. NBA: 2008 - Oklahoma City Thunder -- Two tones of blue, orange and yellow - Original to NBA and major league sports (though sort of close to NHL Atlanta Thrashers) 2004 - Charlotte Bobcats -- Orange, two tones of blue, gray - Original to NBA and major league sports. 1995 - Vancouver Grizzlies - Turquoise, bronze, red - Original to NBA and major league sports. 1995 - Toronto Raptors - Purple, Red, Black, & Silver - Original to NBA and major league sports 1989 - Orlando Magic - Blue, Black and Silver - Original to NBA and major league sports (at the time, same color scheme was essentially taken up by Tamp Bay Lightning a few years later). 1989 - Minnesota Timberwolves - Blue, Green and Silver - Original to NBA (Seattle Seahawks had same color scheme in NFL at the time). 1988 - Miami Heat - Black, Red, Orange, Yellow - Original to NBA 1988 - Charlotte Hornets - Teal, Purple (and a few other trace colors) - Original to NBA and major league sports. 1980 - Dallas Mavericks - Green and Blue - Original to NBA. 1978 - San Diego Clippers - Sky blue and burnt orange - Original to NBA and major league sports. 1974 - New Orleans Jazz - Purple, Gold and Green - Original to NBA. NHL: 2018 - Vegas Golden Knights - Steel gray, gold, red, black -Original to NBA and major league sports 2011 - Winnipeg Jets II -Two shades of blue, red, silver - Original to NHL (very similar to NHL Tennessee Titans) 2000 - Columbus Blue Jackets - Blue, Red, Silver, Electric Green - Original to NHL (Electric Green was the difference) 2000 - Minnesota Wild - Forest Green, Red, Gold, Wheat - Original to NHL and major league sports. 1999 - Atlanta Thrashers - Navy, Light Blue, Red, Copper, Gold, White - Original to NHL and major league sports. 1998 - Nashville Predators - Dark Blue, Gold, Silver - Original to NHL and major league sports. 1997 - Carolina Hurricanes - Red, Black, Silver - NOT original to NHL. Pretty much same colors as Buffalo Sabres (at the time). 1996 - Phoenix Coyotes - Black, Brick Red, Hunter Green, Sand Sienna, Purple. Original to NHL and major league sports. 1995 - Colorado Avalanche - Burgundy, Light (steel) blue, Silver - Original to NHL and major league sports. 1993 - Florida Panthers - Red, Navy, Metallic Gold & Yellow - Original to NHL and major league sports. 1993 - Anaheim Mighty Ducks - eggplant, Jade, Sliver and White - Original to NHL and major league sports. 1992 - Tampa Bay Lightning - Black, Blue and Silver - Original to the NHL. 1992 - Ottawa Senators - Red, Black and Metallic Gold - Original to NHL. 1991 - San Jose Sharks - Teal, Gray, Black - Original to NHL and major league sports. MLB: 2005 - Washington Nationals - Red, Blue, hint of gold - Sort of original to MLB, just because of the presence of the gold. 1995 - Tampa Bay Devil Rays - Black, Purple, with traces of yellow and green (spectrum) - - Original to MLB and major league sports 1995 - Arizona Diamond Backs - Purple,Turquoise, Copper, Black - Original to MLB and major league sports 1993 - Colorado Rockies - Black, Purple, Silver - Original to MLB and major league sports. 1993 - Florida Marlins - Teal, Black, Silver - Original to MLB, but very similar to San Jose Sharks from a few years earlier. 1977 - Toronto Blue Jays - Royal Blue and Light blue with a hint of red. Original to MLB 1977 - Seattle Mariners - Blue and Gold/Yellow - NOT original to MLB. 1972 - Texas Rangers - Red & Blue -- NOT original to MLB. 1969 - San Diego Padres - Brown and gold/yellow - - Original to MLB and major league sports. 1969 - Montreal Expos - Red & Blue - NOT original to MLB. 1969 - Kansas City Royals - Royal Blue & White - NOT original to MLB. 1969 - Seattle Pilots - Blue and Yellow - Original to MLB (at the time) Not surprisingly, baseball with its traditionalist nature seems to be the least to adhere to the "new team, new colors" viewpoint. Comments, observations and discussion welcomed.
  5. When the NBA went to its current alignment, I really thought that Memphis and New Orleans would become a rivalry. Both were in the Southwest Division, both are the only non-Texas teams in that division, both are similar cities (Mississippi River, music, similar socio-economic make-up, etc.). However, it has never panned out. Neither team has been good or even decent at the same time; they've never fought for a playoff berth against each other; never had a playoff series against each other (New Orleans has had two intra-division series; one against Dallas and one against San Antonio). Just didn't happen.
  6. Ummm.. . The problem with royal blue in general is that you can't sell as much non-jersey merchandise as you can with a darker (navy) blue. Think polo shirts, jackets, hats etc. That's one reason why the relatively recently developed Houston Texans used a darker navy blue rather than the same blue that's on the Texas flag from which it is inspired... Think of all the teams that went from a royal blue to a different, often darker shade: Broncos, Patriots, Seahawks, Edmonton Oilers, Washington Bullets/Wizards, original Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Brewers, Pitt, BYU, Buffalo Sabres. Another one is the Indiana Pacers who were royal and yellow before they darkened their blue to navy: Old Mariners, both the original trident M and the late 80s/early 90s "M's" set were blue and yellow; they darkened the blue to navy and swapped seafoam green and silver for the yellow: Old Rochester Lancers, NASL 1970s: Still some colleges wear it-- University of Delaware Blue Hens: and the San Jose State Spartans:
  7. Always loved the Thirst Crusher; was so glad when he played for the Pels. Was really pissed to see him go-- his veteran leadership was the missing piece of the puzzle. IMHO, his presence was key to the team's success last year, a lot moreso than Boogie Cousins' presence.
  8. Just stop. New Orleans having an NBA franchise did little in regards to screwing with basketball in Charlotte (Shinn did that on his own); and as I have described before, nothing to do with "killing it in Seattle". What's next for you, New Orleans in the NBA is responsible for Trump's election? Where do you get this impression? Talking heads on sports blogs, or out of your own ass? Gayle Benson was the one who convinced her late husband Tom Benson to buy the Hornets franchise from the NBA. She was the prime factor in the re-brand to the Pelicans, and personally picked out the new color scheme. She is invested in this team as HER "baby" (Saints were clearly Tom's) and has publicly (and privately) given her commitment to the Pelicans franchise remaining in New Orleans.
  9. Or, like Texas A&M/LSU, the refs could just make the correct call at least ONCE, instead of messing up (or not making calls) a half dozen times.
  10. Las Vegas 51s (Pacific Coast League, AAA) (changing name this season to Aviators): Roswell Invaders (Pecos League, unaffliated):
  11. Went to the Pelicans-Pistons game last night. Pels lost by 4, 98-94. Jahlil Okafor went 1-5 at the free throw line, those 4 points being the margin of victory. Simple freaking free throws, man. This is not rocket science.
  12. That non-call was ridiculous, and would have been the game given the time left on the clock. 2nd time today that an obvious pass interference in a key play was not called against the Rams.
  13. Even the statue of Joan of Arc in the French Quarter is ready for the game Sunday...
  14. that, and what we had about 20-25 years ago with the minor keague hockey explosion: ice gators ice bats ice pilots ice dogs ice cats ice hogs ice bears ice hawks ice pirates I swear, I wanted to have a team called the ice monkeys.
  15. While "Baby Cakes" is certainly less 'clunky' than "King Cake Babies" (and there is no doubt, THAT is the prime focus of the imagery, a king cake baby), 'Baby Cakes' is just as 'clunky' as 'King Cakes'. You're basically agreeing to my point-- that the owners and Brandiose came up with this monstrosity to market not to the locals, but nationwide. There is nothing 'authentic' about the name whatsoever, no matter how much Mardi Gras imagery you stick on it; and the name is a slap in the face to locals. And while I agree that it is easy to draw the line from Baby Cakes to "Oh, they're talking about a king cake baby", you miss that the immediate extension of that line, from locals young and old is "what the f...? Why would they even DO that?" Oh, and re: crawfish and 'mudbugs', sure. That's a common nickname. Long time name of a Shreveport's hockey team. But 'swamp lobsters' would be seen as what it is, a completely made-up and original contrivance (though a better fit than Brandiose's "Red Eyes') Well, your impressions are wrong, and a little lackadaisical. "You get the crown and you're 'king for the day' or whatever". What's this crown crap?... Ain't no crowns involved in king cake, and no 'king of the day'. And while we Southerners (and particularly South Louisianans) ARE great hosts, the king cake routine is nothing like that-- cakes are typically brought into office break rooms for workers to nosh on all day, or kids bring them to school to share, etc. And whoever gets the piece with the baby gets the next one.... if a king cake is at any party, or on a folding table on the parade route, they have about as much attention as the cheese dip, Popeye's chicken or mini-muffaletta trays. And you are right about there being commemorative 'cake figurines', but those are different and separate from the king cake babies. King cake babies are cheap plastic things that are stuffed into (or under) a warm cake: The commemorative figurines, however, are porcelain, not plastic; are made by ONE bakery in town (Haydel's); come in their own separate Ziploc package OUTSIDE OF THE CAKE in addition to the baby inside the cake; always represent some aspect of Mardi Gras and New Orleans; and a different one is produced every year. And yeah, my family does have a collection of those commemorative figurines which we display and add to every year. Whenever you can come on down to New Orleans, give me a holler-- I'll show you what it's ALL about.