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  1. While that was their first Super Bowl win, the Eagles were NFL champions in 1948, 1949 and 1960.
  2. Did not know about those VERY minor league team names. It was worse than I thought.
  3. I am assuming you and he are aware that the NFL has ALWAYS ONLY given Super Bowls to markets which already host NFL teams, which is why Los Angeles did not host one in those 21 years.
  4. As we are all aware, in the mid to late 1990s there was this weird thing going in Utah with their team names. The area already had the NBA Jazz, then in 1994 acquired an AAA baseball franchise which was named the Buzz (referencing an earlier Salt Lake Bees PCL team, itself an homage to Utah being The Beehive State and the bee's symbolic importance in the Mormon faith). A year later the IHL Denver Grizzlies moved there as a result of the Nordiques moving to Colorado, and thus the state now had the Utah Grizzlies. And just a few years later in 1997 the WNBA Utah Starzz began play, bringing the "ZZ" trifecta to a foursome. But before we could see the inevitable addition of the Utah Blizzard in some form of football (with ZZ Top appearing at their first game), several of the "ZZ" names fell by the wayside. First to go was the Salt Lake Buzz, who changed their name to the Stingers in 2001, but this was because of a trademark dilution lawsuit from Georgia Tech, who had a yellow jacket mascot named Buzz. The WNBA Starzz then left for San Antonio in 2003, leaving just the Jazz and Grizzlies as the ZZ teams. The selection of the incongruous Europhilic nomenclature "Real Salt Lake" for their MLS franchise in 2005 essentially put the brakes on the "ZZ" trend, which was completely stopped dead in it tracks when the area's new Arena Football team was dubbed the single "Z" Utah Blaze (instead of continuing the trend with "Blazze"). The 'ZZ" trend was not only dead, but buried for sure earlier this year with the AAF Salt Lake Stallions. Which is a shame, because late last week on Jeopardy!, one of the categories was "Words with 'ZZ' in them". The clues gave me some great way-out ideas for bringing back some slightly off-kilter ZZ names that Utah could have gone with. Here are six, graphically presented for your enjoyment: FEEL FREE TO ADD YOUR OWN...
  5. Dude, I have been to Tropicana Field four times in the last 15 years, always driving as a side trip from Walt Disney World or Universal Studios. NOT ONCE was either the trip there (or back) even CLOSE to 3 or 4 hours. Always about an hour and a half via I-4; the half hour was usually getting from downtown Tampa to the stadium in St. Pete on I-275. Not sure what kind of unusual traffic situation you might have had (accident?, construction?) but there's no way that trip should have been 4 hours. Did you take a detour to Sebring or Ocala? Were you driving this?:
  6. Which is why I've always found this logo to be kind of weird. Why did they feel the need to make the Alligator GREEN, and not just green, but pretty much a standard Crayola, almost kelly green? In reality, alligators are much darker, almost a brown/green/black kind of color. Compare the color of the green grass to the color of the alligator in this photo: Plus it's a CARTOON of an alligator. It really doesn't matter what color it is, you're obviously not going for realism. There are beaucoup other college cartoon (and outline/sihouette) logos are actual team colors and not "realistic" colors. A couple of examples: a blue horse? a purple and gold tiger?
  7. from Dictionary.com, for the future reference of all on the board: You may have heard coworkers or acquaintances refer to an inconsequential or irrelevant point as a moot point, or maybe you’ve heard mute point instead. Fans of the TV show "Friends" may have heard a third variation: moo point (because, according to Joey, a cow’s opinion doesn’t matter). But which expression is correct, and what exactly does it mean? The correct phrase is moot point. A moot point can be either an issue open for debate, or a matter of no practical value or importance because it’s hypothetical. The latter is more common in modern American English. The term comes from British law where it describes a hypothetical point of discussion used as teaching exercise for law students. This finds its roots in an early noun sense of moot: “an assembly of the people in early England exercising political, administrative, and judicial powers.” The word mute means “silent; refraining from speech or utterance,” and the pairing mute point has no canonized meaning in standard English. However, it’s easy to imagine how this mistake might make sense in some contexts, and perhaps that’s why it’s so frequently confused with moot point. In a book of wordplay called "Wordbirds: An Irreverent Lexicon for the 21st Century", Liesl Schillinger humorously defines a mute point as follows: “When somebody in a group makes a good suggestion, but somehow nobody hears it.” In a similar vein, Urban Dictionary defines it as “addressing the participants of a conference call while your phone is on mute.” As for moo point, Joey may be waiting until the cows come home for this creative coinage to catch on.
  8. WTF? While this may be true in your immediate area, "most Catholic Schools" nationwide are NOT typically named those names. Metro New Orleans/ South Louisiana area alone: Holy Cross Tigers Jesuit Bluejays Brother Martin Crusaders St. Augustine Purple Knights Archbishop Rummel Raiders Archbishop Shaw Eagles De La Salle Cavaliers St. Paul's Wolves Archbishop Hannan Hawks Pope John Paul II Jaguars St. Charles Catholic Comets Vandebilt Catholic Terriers Catholic High (Baton Rouge) Bears Others I've encountered: Jesuit (Dallas) Rangers Jesuit (Beaverton) Crusaders Jesuit (Tampa) Tigers Marist (Atlanta) War Eagles Central Catholic (San Antonio) Buttons
  9. Those turf sections are about the only thing related to Tulane that is truly "olive green"...
  10. Such as something like this: HAROLDS? Given the time-frame, was this their logo?: (for the uninitiated, the correct name was the Detroit Heralds. And that bespectacled guy is the great silent film star Harold Lloyd, in the movie The Freshman)
  11. Not I, for a couple of reasons: 1. The team name is the GREEN Wave, not the BLUE Wave. It's the same way I feel when I see the Texas Tech Red Raiders in mostly black or all-black, or the Southern Miss Golden Eagles in mostly black or all-black. If your color is in your nickname, OWN IT and WEAR IT. 2. It seems that Tulane has swung the pendulum way too far in the other direction. Back in the day (70s, 80s, 90s, almost up to about 5-10 years ago), their unis-- football, basketball and baseball-- were focused primarily on green and white, and sky blue was an afterthought. MAYBE you might see a stripe of sky blue on a sleeve stripe, maybe a helmet stripe or a sock stripe, sometimes a number outline stripe. But proportionately, it was barely there. 1979: 1989: 1998: 2006: Now that the school has 'rediscovered' their second color, they have gone overboard with it (sky blue jerseys, helmets, caps in baseball, and this-- the whole shebang is sky blue, with green accents). Doesn't work for me. And incidentally, I've said it before and I'll say it again-- their is a disconnect between Tulane's stated colors and the actual shade of green used. Officials colors are Olive Green and Sky Blue; what they use is a much darker pine green or forest green. Olive green, according to Pantone and just about anyone out there involved in color, is essentially army fatigues color.
  12. Um, you do realize their future hall of fame QB went out with a serious hand injury during the 2nd offensive series, right? Surprised they stayed in it as long as they did. Bridgewater shouldn't even be in as backup, Taysom Hill should. Regardless, this is a good look at a Brees-less Saints team. And as expected, it ain't pretty.
  13. All GREAT stuff, but I'm with Big Red; Packers should probably be more of a butcher/meat packer. And without the almost hipster-looking long hair and beard; this is a franchise going back to the 1920s; I think a facial look more in tune with those times would be more on-point.
  14. Nope. Don't like this gimmickry. It's pretty simple-- gold helmet, white jersey, gold pants as much as possible. Only change is purple jersey for the non-home opener OOC "creampuff" games. White pants, white helmets, purple helmets, gold jerseys, and purple pants are all anathema to the look of LSU football . Stick with the classic look that works.