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  1. Lou Schechheimer, owner of the former New Orleans Baby Cakes / nascent Wichita Wind Surge, has died of COVID 19 complications. - Wind Surge Owner Lou Schwechheimer Dies - Lou Schwechheimer, owner of the then-New Orleans Baby Cakes, dies from coronavirus
  2. 1. Pardon my lack of knowledge, but what team is that? 2. That color is a perfect match between the Hornets' more blue-ish teal and the mint green suggested by SC49erfan15. And that whole scheme is fantastic.
  3. Quite right about the distance thing. Also, Jets rhymed with the brand new (1962) team that shared Shea, the New York Mets. And while probably not a direct intent, it name dropped this New York gang, which was famous already from the Broadway play and the movie: One thing that WAS a direct intent was the new color scheme of green and white, which matched the colors in the gas station logo of the new owner's (Leon Hess's) company:
  4. I would HIGHLY recommend reading this book. A modern picaresque novel, laugh-out-loud funny, and a Pulitzer Prize winner to boot. Really conveys so many of the different aspects of New Orleans culture (or in some cases, sub-culture). Focuses more on the outsiders, working/lower classes of society. Then you could go the other extreme and read The Moviegoer by Walker Percy, similarly lauded (winner of the US Book award) but it deals with the upper class in New Orleans and the south, and while it has a few humorous lines, is completely existential in nature. Had to read both of them in my freshman year of college in, of all places, San Antonio Texas (Trinity University) and have loved them ever since.
  5. Very correct. Commonly called the 'Yat' accent (after the New Orleans greeting, "Where Y'at?"). -- Lots of loss of the "th" sound -- dese, dose, dem, dey, and of course, dat. -- dropping of the r at the end of words (dat cost me fifty dollas!) -- weird transpositioning of the "oi" and "er" sounds (dat goil named Poil puts a little olive earl in her watuh when she berls her crawfish) -- emphasis on the second syllable of a two syllable name (Ke-VIN!! Wan-DA! Get ovah heah!) Not to mention lots of little grammatical idiosyncracies such as "making groceries" (from the French faire marche or "make market"), "stay by" instead of "live at" (I ain't got my own place, I stay by my mama's), etc. With the influence of television, effects of compulsory secondary education, and an influx of outsiders back during the 60s and 70s oil boom, and hipsters today, the yat accent IS disappearing, though.
  6. my man Buc is SO correct on this. Perfect view on this:
  7. Am I missing something, or did you?
  8. Sorry, but this: is not "pretty close to their original look", and it does in fact "deviate too much from their original look". Which was this, throughout the life of the ORIGINAL NASL Rowdies: Those unis were classic and beautiful and fun and as '70s as the movie "Dazed and Confused". What you are showing appears to be a variation on the current unis of the SECOND incarnation of the team, which also played in the the SECOND incarnation of the NASL (and currently play in the USL Championship League): Those unis are hideous, and an affront to the legacy of the original NASL original Rowdies. Even more baffling is that when they returned the name with the new NASL, the team DID wear nicely updated unis that honored the heritage in their first few years:
  9. Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005. Super Bowl XLIV was in 2010. I guess it took five years for that gift to come in....
  10. Hmmm... it is because unless someone has a specific font or "one piece" nameplate trademarked, there is nothing illegal with using a name in an arch, or a straight line, or with a swoosh underline, or in a certain color scheme, or with a certain placket or sleeve stripe. Different aspects of these are common in baseball jerseys from the minors to colleges to high schools down to little leagues. This is why on their website you see NO "Atlanta" white, gray, red or navy jerseys-- because the Braves jerseys have the trademarked tomahawk ON their jersey front. Nor do you see any "New York" jerseys because the Mets' script wordmark is trademarked, as is the Yankees' interlocking NY on their home jersey. Not sure why they don't have a gray "New York" style for the Yankees away, though...
  11. This: BO-RING! That S on the cap was just a basic text font with a little shadow dropping. Not a dam thing in the whole package to reference the name of the team-- no sea, no sailors, no trident, no ship, no navigation reference. And the whole forced notions of trying to call them the "M's", like the A's--- who came up with that?
  12. Me, too. Until the Rowdies come back.... (yeah, that's me on the right, summer 1980)
  13. If there were any 'bush" to be had anymore.... seeing that is about as common as seeing an afro or a typewriter...
  14. And, just for reference sake, with the Raiders now in Las Vegas at Allegiant, there are no longer ANY NFL teams sharing field time with MLB teams (or vice-versa).