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  1. The idea of a group or consortium buying a franchise is a non-starter in the NFL. Although their own bylaws now allow for plurality owners to own as little as 30% with no more than 24 (non-related, non-family) partners, you know how many have that low of percentage? NONE. You know how many have less than a 50% majority? NONE. You know how many teams have owners (individuals or related families) who don't own their team OUTRIGHT? FIVE. And one of those is of course grandfathered-in Green Bay. Unless one member of this group has the cheese to tote over 50% of a multibillion investment, not going to happen. NFL likes a "face" or ("family faces") to go with their franchises; always have, always will.
  2. Sort of on track with this topic; wife is watching the US/Nigeria women's friendly which is formally opening up the new Austin MLS stadium. Sat down to watch a bit myself, and I have to say that is one nice looking SSS.
  3. The minute they announced Van Gundy as coach, I said, "WTF? Bad move!" Thankfully he was on a short leash and his tenure only lasted a VERY short time. I like the idea of Jason Kidd as coach, actually.
  4. Another thing to think of is the nature of the LEAGUES in regards to the teams named "Oakland". When Oakland's first major league team (the Oakland Raiders) came about, it was in a different LEAGUE, the AFL, which had its own TV contract. TV markets being what they were (and are) this meant that the AFL had a foothold in the major Bay Area TV market, just as they did in NYC (and originally, LA). With the merger, for many years you still had the two basic TV network contracts (AFC/NFC) plus the ABC Monday Night Football contract. Today, in the realm of cable, NFL Network, Sunday Ticket, flex scheduling and such, having two team in this major market is not as important. Similarly, when the A's moved from Kansas City to Oakland, it was when the leagues were still much more separate entities who only played each other in exhibition games and the World Series. In a major market like the Bay Area, it made sense to have a team in each city ( just as it did in NY, Chicago, and LA, and if you want to stretch this factor, that's why Texas, Missouri, Ohio, and later Florida worked so well with a team in both the NL and AL ). Not just for broadcast factors, but because the local sports fans (of which there were many) could ostensibly see ALL of the teams (and star players) of both leagues over the course of a season. With interleague play and unheralded media coverage of all games, these factors are no longer important. To me, the Bay Area (specifically San Francisco/Oakland) has always been less a New York/LA type of place that merited two franchises in football and baseball, but more like a Tampa/St. Pete, or Minneapolis/St. Paul, and probably most like a Dallas/Ft. Worth "twin city" kind of situation. I think that the Bay Area is just "right-sizing" in terms of sports franchises: one each in all the five major sports. It is kind of interesting, though, that the result in terms of NAME will be two with "San Jose" (Sharks and Earthquakes), two with "San Francisco" (Giants and 49ers) and one regional (Golden State), but in terms of physical location/home stadium/arena it will be two in San Francisco (Giants and Warriors) but THREE in the south bay (Earthquakes, 49ers and Sharks).
  5. I'll say it before and say it again (and this is especially relevant to me regarding Southern Miss, which about half my family went to school over the last 70 years)-- if you are going to have a name like GOLDEN Eagles, RED Raiders, GREEN wave, etc., for goodness sake, play up THAT color in your logos and particular uniforms. I like the yellow (gold) pants as an option and love the yellow (gold ) jerseys, too. I wish there was some way to make the yellow/gold a more common and visible element, such as making it the permanent helmet color and maybe pants color. I could live with the black jerseys if that were the case.
  6. One of the key things that led to early "success" of the USFL as a spring/summer league was their placement of teams not just in non-NFL cities at the time (Phoenix, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Memphis, San Antonio, Tulsa, even Oakland; and for the last year relocations to Orlando, Baltimore and Portland) but also their placement of teams in NFL cities WITHOUT MLB teams, whose season they almost overlapped: (Washington, Denver, Tampa Bay, New Orleans). It was "something to do" at that time in those places, and support was pretty strong in three of those 4 (Washington being the outlier, but they sucked terribly on the field and that didn't help). With expansion and relocation in sports over the last 35 years, that particular situation has changed tremendously. IMHO, Tampa Bay, Washington, Denver, Baltimore, and Phoenix are definite no-gos. Back in those days before the explosion of cable options and now internet streaming, you also wanted to get "major (TV) markets" which is why both the WFL and USFL had franchises in not only the really big markets (L.A., NY/NJ, Chicago) but also Philadelphia, Detroit, and Houston (note: the WFL originally tried and failed to get major market franchises in Boston and Washington, but the USFL did). Today, having teams in those non-"Big Three" markets doesn't make as much financial sense as it did in the 70s and 80s. So what are we left with for possible team locations? NFL formers and the usual list of NFL wanna-bees/maybes: Oakland San Diego St. Louis Memphis Birmingham San Antonio Maybe some other big-league US cities without MLB baseball or MLS soccer in the summer: Raleigh-Durham Sacramento New Orleans Oklahoma City Jacksonville Maybe a couple of other wild cards: Louisville Virginia/Tidewater That's about all I see, along with MAYBE a ubiquitous NY/NJ franchise. And that's not even getting into stadium availability issues, though WideRight did a pretty good analysis of that above. Speaking of that guy: Bulls anywhere in the Raleigh-Durham region is too close to the AAA Durham Bulls. Similarly, you can't have the Carolina Panthers in there, either. Would be great to use the old Michigan Panthers livery and logos and call them the Carolina Cougars, though (slight nod to the old ABA). Outlaws seems way out of place in San Diego; not so much a wild west town and great fit like Arizona and Oklahoma were. Maybe Express, but change the LA speed mark logo to "SD" (hey, they did a similar treatment for the Atlanta/Calgary Flames and it worked well for the last 40 years or so) Why is Seattle even in the conversation as a franchise site?
  7. Back in 2012, when Pensacola got their AA southern league team, they had a name-the-team poll/contest, and as most of us know the name Blue Wahoos was selected. By all accounts, it has been received rather well and done well in merchandising. In 2016, they had a one-off promotion of "What If?", with the team gearing up in the runner-up name, the MULLETS. Last night I was flipping through the channels and came across the Pensacola/Birmingham AA game, and Pensacola was once again sporting the Mullets look, so I looked it up. Apparently, this year EVERY Thursday home game will be Mullet night, with special Mullet features in addition to the Mullet unis: as per the team owner: "On Thursdays, we’re going to get rid of the ceremonial first pitch and replace it with a mullet toss…the ceremonial first fish! We’ll have a barber giving free mullet haircuts on the concourse. Mullet-eating contests. Each Thursday will be about cheap drinks, good times, and holding a party in the stands.” The name refers to not only the fish, but also the haircut. The team logo is a mullet in sunglasses, sporting a mullet. My favorite little thing, though, are the jerseys, complete with a brown splotch extending down from the back color indicating mullet hair:
  8. Back in 1987, I moved to Atlanta to attend graduate school at Georgia Tech. In addition to becoming a life-long Yellow Jackets fan in all sports, being a follower of pro sports, I also became a fan/follower of both the Braves and the Hawks. The LA Dodgers had been 'my' baseball team since I was a kid, but I switched to the Braves as they were now my hometown team. Similar thing with basketball-- the Jazz were dead to me once they left New Orleans in 1979; I had a brief interest in following the Spurs when I went to Trinity University for my freshman year in college, but moving to Atlanta in 1987 at the height of Dominique Wilkins, Spud Webb, Doc Rivers, Kevin Willis et als, they quickly became my team. Being from New Orleans, there was NO WAY I was becoming a Falcons fan. I was content to go to the one Saints/Falcons game in Atlanta every year. I moved back to New Orleans in the early 1990s, but kept those Atlanta fandoms for awhile. I quit following the Hawks when we got an NBA team back in New Orleans in 2002, but followed the Braves as 'my team' until they moved out to the 'burbs in Cobb County.
  9. Good call. I thought this was would have been a good name for the Oilers franchise around the time they announced that their place name would be "Tennessee" and not "Nashville": Tennessee Generals. Had the same idea of multiple generals in the state's history as you (particularly Nash and Jackson), but I also included the idea of the generals involved in the various battles in the state during the Civil War. Of course, there was a civil war Battle of Nashville, and multiple battles in nearby (basically now suburban) Franklin and Murfreesboro, so the Civil War generals reference is still pertinent.
  10. Quite right, Skycast. More on that in this post (with pics) from this thread from a little over a year ago (shameless plug) : Top 16 Pop-Culture Derived Team Nicknames
  11. B-Rich

    USFL Tweaks

    Although not ocean waves, the breakers of Lake Pontchartrain say hello...
  12. This is generally acknowledged as all the Saints need to do. You are spot on. ONLY thing I would change is the removal of uni set # 3 (black jersey/white pants) and #4 ( white jersey/black pants). Three uni sets are enough in my book, but then again I'm a curmudgeonly old man....
  13. Brings to my mind a song lyric from Public Enemy back in 1990, shortly after the change: "For what they play Aunt Jemima is the perfect termEven if now she got a perm"
  14. Checked out their field/stadium when I passed through Pittsburgh a few years ago:
  15. And while it's not officially official, Drew Brees will be retired.
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