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  1. You are closer to Jacksonville and the Atlantic at the Texas/Louisiana state line than you are to the Texas/New Mexico state line near El Paso. You are closer to San Diego and the Pacific at the Texas/New Mexico state line near El Paso than you are to the Texas/Louisiana state line. Reminds me of when I went to Trinity University in San Antonio for my freshman year in 1982. Roomed with my best friend, also from suburban New Orleans. After about a month there I mentioned that one weekend we should take my car and drive over to the west coast, to Los Angeles. He laughed and proceeded to show me on a map how far it actually was, and that El Paso was as far away from us (about 9 hours) as New Orleans had been. In my mind's eye I guess it was sort of like the classic cover picture from the New Yorker: 'oh, it's just a little further to the west' :
  2. What Wichita did: "The Class AA affiliate will switch from Pensacola, Fla., to Wichita. According to the Wichita Eagle, the announcement will be met with disappointment in a city that raised taxes to help pay for $75 million Riverfront Stadium to try and lure a Class AAA team. But the Wind Surge will leave the Pacific Coast League without ever having played a AAA game — it was based in New Orleans before 2020, and the past minor league season was wiped out by the pandemic. Wichita hasn’t had a Class AAA team for nearly 40 years."
  3. is in the house....