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  1. I’ll believe the Chargers-to-St. Louis or Chargers-back-to-San Diego rumors when I see more reports on it, but it’s a nice thing to think about. San Diego is much more preferable than St. Louis for the Chargers (if the Spanoseseses aren’t involved, obviously), though neither city is any worse than playing second fiddle to an MLS team, the Rams, and the visiting team.
  2. Agreed. I don’t mind the whites either...but the pink and light blue are too much.
  3. I don’t ever see it coming any closer to reality than this (especially with Portland and Las Vegas our there), but a few MLB fans in Utah have started the hashtag #MLBtoSLC and one local graphic designer made a quick mock-up of what the “Salt Lake Athletics” would look like: And for the fun of it, he also made a mock-up of the “Salt Lake A’zz.” His thoughts—and those who responded to him—are exactly as you would think: Again, I don’t ever see it happening, but fun to think about nonetheless.
  4. Week 6 Thursday NY Giants at New England Sunday Carolina “at” Tampa Bay Washington at Miami Houston at Kansas City Seattle at Cleveland Cincinnati at Baltimore New Orleans at Jacksonville Philadelphia at Minnesota San Francisco at LA Rams Atlanta at Arizona Tennessee at Denver Dallas at NY Jets Pittsburgh at LA Chargers Monday Detroit at Green Bay
  5. Wouldn’t that also apply to Las Vegas as well?
  6. Sunday NY Jets at Philadelphia Atlanta at Houston New England at Washington Arizona at Cincinnati Baltimore at Pittsburgh Chicago at Oakland Minnesota at NY Giants Jacksonville at Carolina Tampa Bay at New Orleans Denver at LA Chargers Green Bay at Dallas Indianapolis at Kansas City Monday Cleveland at San Francisco
  7. I didn’t think it could’ve been done, but you managed to make Bucco Bruce intimidating. Well done sir. (Am I crazy to think that if the NFL were to ever drop the one-helmet rule that the Bucs could pull both of these off with something like the 1997-2013 set?)
  8. You spelled “relocate” wrong.
  9. Week 4 Cont’d Sunday Cleveland at Baltimore Oakland at Indianapolis Carolina at Houston Washington at NY Giants Tennessee at Atlanta LA Chargers at Miami Kansas City at Detroit New England at Buffalo Tampa Bay at LA Rams Seattle at Arizona Jacksonville at Denver Minnesota at Chicago Dallas at New Orleans Monday Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
  10. The name’s a mouthful (Huntsville Trash Pandas or Rocket City Raccoons would’ve done just fine) and I can’t see any other reason for the head-tail logo to exist other than to see how close the designers could get to making a logo that resembled a sperm cell, but the rest of the package works well for what it represents.
  11. Week 4 Thursday Philadelphia at Green Bay The rest to come later...
  12. Week 2 Thursday Tennessee at Jacksonville (missed) Sunday Oakland at Minnesota Cincinnati at Buffalo NY Jets at New England Detroit at Philadelphia Baltimore at Kansas City Miami at Dallas Atlanta at Indianapolis Denver at Green Bay NY Giants at Tampa Bay Carolina at Arizona New Orleans at Seattle Houston at LA Chargers Pittsburgh at San Francisco LA Rams at Cleveland Monday Chicago at Washington
  13. “CANES” doesn’t look as bad as it manages to fall nearly into a Venn diagram with self-aggrandizement, gimmick, and self-parody IMO. That said, I’d actually have nothing against it if it said “CAROLINA” instead, as it fits with the “neo-retro-ish” feel that the Hurricanes are aiming for (black sweater notwithstanding).
  14. I prefer the flag the Bucs went with from 1997-2013, I think the plain old Jolly Roger on one of those darker pewter helmets and a uniform set based on the 1997-2013 set (with primary pants that are said darker pewter) would look fantastic. While I really liked the previous Bucs set, I feel that it could have looked even better with a less warm (read: yellow-ish) pewter, something like a gunmetal gray, not unlike this shade of helmet Old Dominion used to wear around 2012, 2013 or so: Pairing that neutral (or even slightly bluish) darker silver with the Bucs’ red and orange (maybe the slightly darker red with the current shade of creamsicle orange) would look gorgeous (if done right) and avoid any possible comparison to San Francisco’s late 1990s-early 2010s look IMO.