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  1. I’m beginning to think that, if (and right now it’s more of a big if than not) the NBA and/or NHL get back to playing after about 30 days, they’ll do an abridged season with something like 70-75 regular season games. That way, it gets each team to the same number of games played by tacking on the first 10-15-ish postponed games onto the regularly-scheduled end of the regular season, then go with the playoffs from there. It would minimize the impact to the playoff and offseason schedules with both leagues ending no later than about mid-July at the absolute latest. At least that’s what I would do.
  2. If this is confirmed true, there’s the possibility of a connection between him and Gobert, as Detroit played Utah last Saturday.
  3. As a Jazz fan, that’s where I’m at. It was stupid of Rudy to do that, even if he didn’t know that he was infected at the time. I’m just about positive that he wasn’t the first player to actually get the virus, given how subtle it seems to be to most people—professional athletes included—but you just can’t goof around like that with such a contagious illness that can adversely affect even a small portion of the population. My gut says that the NBA (and possibly other leagues) will suspend games for about 2-ish weeks, then maybe do a slow rollout after that (maybe a week or 2 without fans, then allow them back) in time for the playoffs. Ideally, what I hope comes out of this is that this becomes a tough learning experience for everyone involved: the leagues, the players, the fans, networks, and sponsors. I’m not sure that will quite be the case, especially in the case of the latter two, but only time will tell.
  4. How this was just brushed aside is beyond me.
  5. I wouldn’t put this past Jimmy Haslam III, given his connections to the Steelers organization. (Are we sure that he really isn’t some kind of mole? )
  6. Wow. I did not see this one coming.
  7. This one’s intriguing, though I believe that MLB would do what they can to keep the Diamondbacks in Arizona should thing get any more serious.
  8. Calgary Flames at it again? Apparently the Stockton Heat could be moving to Colorado Springs soon.
  9. I stumbled upon something along those lines, though it looks like someone took the decal from the red AMP mini helmet and put it on the current mini helmet (hence the size). Other than that size, and with a splash of red and a black or flat pewter facemask, I really like this idea.
  10. If the XFL lasts long enough, I like the idea of Columbus for a catch-all Ohio team of sorts. San Antonio should also be a good place to put a team, given how well they supported the AAF’s Commanders, but it’s a matter of time as well IMO.
  11. You’ve got a point here, though I’m still a little surprised that there hasn’t been more of a push to put teams in the other former NFL markets. I don’t think San Diego has been officially mentioned as a future location for an XFL team yet. (Well, I do, given that the AAF beat them there first, but we all know what happened there.)
  12. If true, not a fan of the helmet logo staying, but I’m a fan of the word mark and its font.
  13. For what it’s worth, the Palm Spring arena groundbreaking set for tomorrow (18 Feb.) has been delayed due to “extenuating circumstances.” It probably means little, if anything, but IMO worth mentioning here.