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  1. Piggybacking off Simpsons references, allow me to share my thoughts on the name “Seattle Kraken”: I might be in the minority when I say this, but I don’t think that the Kraken name is terrible. It doesn’t have a “timeless” feeling to it like a name such as “Sockeyes” or “Evergreens” has—it feels like it could go back to a late 1990s/2000s expansion team or a fictional team in a comic-book universe, if anything—but anything the name was holding back is more than made up for by the logo package and uniforms. I love the old-timey monogram S as the crest, which does have a timeless vibe to it, and the Space Anchor secondary logo is very clever. I'd probably swap out the Ice Blue for more of a sea-foam green, but that’s about all I’d do.
  2. I just had one thought pop into my head, and I doubt anyone considers it, but what about the Washington Redhogs, given the often-used association used by fans? Either that, or something else pig-related?
  3. Also from SB 43: What if Kurt Warner's fumble (which Pittsburgh recovered) was reviewed and overturned, with Arizona managing to miraculously score? We would have had the Super Bowl Champion Arizona Cardinals. Let that sink in--it still sounds odd to this day. Since The Last Dance is still fresh in people's minds: Game 6 of the 1998 NBA Finals. I'm barely touching the event that is infamous in Utah Jazz fandom known only as "The Push Off." What if Howard Eisley's 3-pointer (which was out of his hands by a second) had not been waived off, or that Ron Harper's jumper (which was allowed but may have been after the shot clock expired) was waived off? "The Push Off" and "The Shot" never happen, as it's a potential 5-point swing in what was a 1-point game. With Jordan being Jordan and the 1990s Bulls being the 1990s Bulls, Chicago could still have won Game 6, and who knows what would've happened in Game 7, but the point is: We'd at least have a Game 7. Also: 2011 World Series, Game 6 (what is it with these Game 6's?). Neftali Feliz strikes out David Freese. No miraculous comeback for St. Louis as the Texas Rangers put an end to the St. Louis Cardinals' "Devil Magic" and win the title. And now, finally: Not sure if it quite what we're looking for, but Super Bowl 50 (or to this Panthers fan, Super Bowl L). Cam Newton actually dives on the fumbled ball. Would Carolina have actually made it a closer game or won? What would have Cam Newton's legacy be like now?
  4. In honor of Jerry Sloan, I figured that this would be as good a tribute as any to post:
  5. That sucks. I know Karl Malone was saying that Sloan wasn’t doing so well, but I didn’t think he’d pass so soon. I knew Jerry was dealing with Parkinson’s in the last few years, but I haven’t heard much else since then.
  6. Huh? This doesn’t make a lot of sense.
  7. Oh, no, I do not hate the Cardiac Kids-era orange pants for the Browns; they’re easily my second option behind the white pants. I was just trying to say that if push comes to shove, I’d rather have the pre-2015 set (stripeless brown pants and all) if it means that we at least get full stripes on the white pants than to have stripeless white, orange, and brown pants. Of course I’d prefer to have striped orange pants over any brown pants, though if all three options have stripes, I like that idea, too.
  8. That’s my biggest fear, though by all other indications, just about everything else (so far) looks pretty solid. I can live without the Cardiac Kids-era orange pants, even though in my mind they should be the optimal non-white pants option. I can even live with stripeless brown pants (sans orange pants), so long as the white pants have stripes on them. But I don’t think that I can live with all pants not having stripes. Ideally? Brown, White, and Orange tops, just like the early 2000s set. White pants with O/W/O stripes as the primary pants option, orange pants with B/W/B stripes as the #2 option, and brown pants with stripes (either way) as an occasional road or alternate option. I like the idea of using gray/silver pants as a Color Rush/alternate look.
  9. Every now and again, in a similar vein, I’ve been tempted to get a Ray Lewis Browns jersey.
  10. I’m beginning to think that, if (and right now it’s more of a big if than not) the NBA and/or NHL get back to playing after about 30 days, they’ll do an abridged season with something like 70-75 regular season games. That way, it gets each team to the same number of games played by tacking on the first 10-15-ish postponed games onto the regularly-scheduled end of the regular season, then go with the playoffs from there. It would minimize the impact to the playoff and offseason schedules with both leagues ending no later than about mid-July at the absolute latest. At least that’s what I would do.
  11. If this is confirmed true, there’s the possibility of a connection between him and Gobert, as Detroit played Utah last Saturday.
  12. As a Jazz fan, that’s where I’m at. It was stupid of Rudy to do that, even if he didn’t know that he was infected at the time. I’m just about positive that he wasn’t the first player to actually get the virus, given how subtle it seems to be to most people—professional athletes included—but you just can’t goof around like that with such a contagious illness that can adversely affect even a small portion of the population. My gut says that the NBA (and possibly other leagues) will suspend games for about 2-ish weeks, then maybe do a slow rollout after that (maybe a week or 2 without fans, then allow them back) in time for the playoffs. Ideally, what I hope comes out of this is that this becomes a tough learning experience for everyone involved: the leagues, the players, the fans, networks, and sponsors. I’m not sure that will quite be the case, especially in the case of the latter two, but only time will tell.
  13. How this was just brushed aside is beyond me.
  14. I wouldn’t put this past Jimmy Haslam III, given his connections to the Steelers organization. (Are we sure that he really isn’t some kind of mole? )