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  1. Looks like the Pioneer League is going to be a Partner League as well, though it looks like the Orem Owlz are moving to Colorado after all—just Northern Colorado, not Pueblo. https://www.mlb.com/amp/press-release/press-release-pioneer-league-designated-mlb-partner-league.html
  2. Houston @ Detroit IMO is a pretty decent matchup--the only thing holding it back is that the Texans are wearing navy socks with their navy pants. Love that the Lions seem to make an effort to wear their throwbacks on Thanksgiving.
  3. Week 12 Thursday Houston at Detroit Washington at Dallas Sunday Tennessee at Indianapolis Las Vegas at Atlanta Cleveland at Jacksonville NY Giants at Cincinnati Miami at NY Jets LA Chargers at Buffalo Arizona at New England Carolina at Minnesota San Francisco at LA Rams New Orleans at Denver Kansas City at Tampa Bay Baltimore at Pittsburgh Chicago at Green Bay Monday Seattle at Philadelphia
  4. @kimball I grew up in southern Utah (smack in the middle of red rock country)—and now living in Salt Lake—and while I like this look, I’m bummed that the letters/numbers aren’t gradient. I’ll have to see them on a court before issuing a final verdict, however. That, and even I am almost ready for the Jazz to move on to something new that ties into northern Utah (mountains, salt flats, etc). EDIT: I also love the red rock sunset theme, but regarding it, I’m also looking forward to the day if (when?) a minor league team were to set up shop in southern Utah to own something similar to this pattern.
  5. I’m really hoping that the gradient pattern will be on the wordmark/numbers, though having them in yellow wouldn’t be so bad, either. Can anyone confirm either one?
  6. Between this and Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox (and subsequent rebrand to 20th Century Studios), who had the Fox name being completely wiped out from virtually all media? Not me.
  7. Well, the helmets and the updated logo are nice, but that’s just about it. (and depending on who you ask, that might not be considered the uniform anyways).
  8. Finally! An update!

  9. realizes that he is not the best at everything.