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  1. I'd honestly like to see them paired with the Reverse Retro jerseys. My biggest thing is the chrome effect--make those more of a traditional metallic flake sheen such as on a football helmet (to match the gold on their jerseys) and they're really onto something.
  2. I don't know if it quite fits here, but the Winnipeg Jets' (v2.0) overall identity has really grown on me. The logo seemed underwhelming when it first came out, but it, along with the home, road, and alternate sets, by and large was designed (intentional or not) with a certain level of staying power, which is especially ironic given how quickly everything was apparently put together.
  3. Such an awesome melding of fictional teams (and universes)! I can bet that the next relocation is the Tampa Bay/Montreal Rays?
  4. It’s a shame that the Ravens’ original Winged B-Shield logo (and likely the full-bodied Raven and prototype head) are effectively locked away due to the lawsuit that they had with the fan who designed the Winged B-Shield. (Then again, that was under Art Modell’s ownership, so maybe the sentiment has changed.) I even think that their current Maryland shield or full-bodied Raven would look good on the helmet. And finally, I totally agree on the black pants—they badly need stripes.
  5. I know this topic (0, 00, and triple digit numbers) has come up more than few times, but it’s one I always seem to enjoy. I haven’t had the time to listen to the podcast yet, but I’ll continue to say it: the NFL and NHL really need to allow the use of 0 and 00; everyone else—NCAA Football now included—allows it. I can’t think of better-fitting numbers for a hockey goalie to wear. In the NFL, 0 can be for players in the 1-19 position group while 00 can be for any player in the 90-99 position group to wear. At least that’s what I’m thinking.
  6. These really should be Vegas’ full-time alternates. Not that I mind the gold alternates, mind you. Despite being an overused color (red), the jersey pattern and gold really make these pop.
  7. A couple thoughts: Given that Hat Club has done some “What if?” ideas, such as the Toronto Giants and Washington Stars (relocated Padres), would you ever consider working with them on some of these concepts? It also looks like you’re not going to get to the potential “Twins-to-Salt Lake” concept, as you’re looking to soon wrap up the series. Both are understandable if negative on both of those, given that we all have a life outside of these forums.
  8. About the only thing to do here is to get black helmets. These should be full-time alternates IMO.
  9. At the risk of going into reel-line-mint territory, one conclusion I’ve come to if a western city like San Diego or Portland were to land the Jaguars: The Chiefs and Jaguars would swap divisions.
  10. Pretty much. I think Broncos-Raiders would be a perfect matchup, given that both teams have had pretty big followings here even before the Raiders moved to Las Vegas.
  11. There’s no state law, but attending sporting/entertainment/etc. events on Sundays is generally frowned upon within the LDS church, though there are exceptions, including many players, coaches, staff, etc. who are involved in the NFL or other professional sports. Working on Sunday where it’s unavoidable is seen as understandable. I know the Jazz and Real Salt Lake in the past have generally avoided regular season home Sunday games due to this reluctance, but I’m not sure if that will change with the recent sale of the Jazz (and upcoming sale of RSL). An NFL team in Salt Lake is an interesting thought (one that passed through my head a few times), but given all the other hurdles in getting a team (relative rarity of potential relocating franchises, funding a stadium, etc.), it’s far, far more likely that Salt Lake becomes a neutral-site preseason or Week 18 game than to land a team permanently.
  12. That, or as some posters have said before, become the Oilers in all but name (if the Titans aren’t going to utilize/emphasize much Luv Ya Blue).