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  1. I haven’t found anything about any lawsuits with Disney, but I read an article stating that around 1992 that Cleveland considered renaming themselves the Spiders back then. The article does mention that there would be some connection to Marvel/Disney given that some Spider-Man movies were filmed in the area, but little (if anything) else. Still, it wouldn’t surprise me if The Mouse held some kind of legal threat over Cleveland’s baseball team.
  2. Oh yea, that’s right. I forgot about them for a moment.
  3. Of course my mind goes over what all 6 of those cities would be. The only 2 Canadian cities without a team that I would think are viable are Montreal or Vancouver. In the States, we know that Nashville and Portland have been mentioned, so there’s 4 total. What could possibly be the other two?
  4. Agreed. As the news that the Athletics were open to exploring relocation emerged in May, and with the links to the articles above pitching Salt Lake for swirling around in my mind, I thought that sending the Athletics to Salt Lake and splitting them and the Jazz in Utah from the Knights and Raiders in Las Vegas while cross-promoting all 4 between both cities would be more feasible than giving a 3rd—and possibly 4th—team in a market that has just 2.5 million residents (which, IIRC, is roughly the same population along the Wasatch Front, if you count Provo and Ogden—correct me if I’m wrong.) Again, I know the businessmen making the decisions probably aren’t going to go with that, but it’s a fun little thought experiment to see if two relatively close cities could pull off. Yes, Las Vegas is a tourist town, and that works for the first team there (the Knights) and the Raiders (who are an NFL team, really aren’t too far from their historical fanbases anyways, and are the Raiders), but I just don’t see it translating to all 4 big leagues.
  5. If they're trying to escape the (worst of) the heat, the Athletics could always temporarily set up shop in Salt Lake with this backdrop while waiting for a new ballpark in Las Vegas to be built: I know that some local sports radio talking heads (among them former Lions great Scott Mitchell ) that made a pitch for the Raiders to temporarily set up shop in Utah last year (as silly as the concept of the "Utah Raiders" sounds) did something similar with the A's once they announced their intention to explore relocation back in May. Oh well, a man can dream. It's ultimately little more than an article to spur talk, given the logistics of pulling that off (chief among them is where the AAA Bees go), but it's always fun to think about. It's just crazy to me how quickly Las Vegas is going from 0 to possibly 3 teams in under a decade, previous gambling issues or not. Anyways, the temporary Las Vegas Ballpark setup talk does spur another question if the A's do move to Vegas: What happens to the what, 2-, 3-year-old ballpark when an even newer big league park opens (as it inevitably will)? What happens to the AAA Aviators if the Athletics come to town--where do they go? Could there be the possibility of doing some kind of switcheroo, with the MLB team going to Las Vegas and the AAA team going to Oakland?
  6. Hopefully decades from now, I might want to ask this Jazz team to be pallbearers at my funeral so they can let me down just one last time. Lame joke, I know, but this staff needs take a long look at themselves and make adjustments to their scheme for next season and learn how to adapt, because how they handled this series isn't going to cut it if they ever want to even sniff the Finals, let alone the conference finals, like what coaches and players say. Congrats to the Clippers. Suns-Clippers should be an entertaining WCF.
  7. As someone who lives in a small market, I hope things go well long-term in Oklahoma City, but if I could go back and change things, it would be the original Hornets franchise that became the Oklahoma Whatevers while the Sonics stayed put in Seattle. How ironic it would be if the Pelicans end up moving to Seattle, thus leaving Oklahoma with what should be Seattle’s team and Seattle with what should’ve been Oklahoma’s team in the first place?
  8. Liked for the sleeved jersey comment and liking the Red Rock jerseys (as an alternate), but I do like the note, despite its relative blandness. Ideally, we'd see some amalgamation of the 1985-95 purple jerseys, the early 1980s green jerseys, and the 1997-99 mountain set, as a few on here have done, but I feel that the red rock unis may win out if the Jazz manage to win it all. As I've said before, my wish is if they'd go back to Purple/Kelly Green/Gold, as it manages to tie into the franchise's New Orleans beginnings while also tying into the "Purple Mountains Majesty" of Utah, while taking some cues from the mountain script and font. I also find the idea of doing the red rock gradient in place of gold intriguing, if it can be done right.
  9. Nah. I see Cleveland Browns v1.0 becoming the Jacksonville Jaguars, with the Baltimore Ravens (or Bombers) being a true AFC expansion franchise in 1995. Cleveland Browns v2.0 would still start up in 1999.
  10. That works for the NFL, given the low number of games in a season, that most Raiders fans still hail from nearby California, and that, except for the first month or so of the season, the NFL season plays during the cooler months. The Golden Knights, being the first team in town, have also carved out their spot on the market and have at least 41 home games to fill during the coolest time of the year. I’m not sure that MLB, with at least 81 home games during the heat of the summer, would be the ideal Vegas getaway for baseball fans.
  11. Plus, the name “Athletics” would literally fit anywhere.
  12. I was worried that this was like a Michigan State-Rocket Mortgage deal, but I’m glad that it’s not. Plenty of colleges have associated themselves with food before.
  13. I really hope not, because if any of these reports about the Canucks moving their team to Abbotsford/thereabouts/Boise, Salt Lake would likely be SOL for an ECHL/AHL team for the foreseeable future.
  14. I’m really finding myself liking the Tucson Roadrunners’ Kachina jersey, at least as far as the colors are concerned. They’ve counter-intuitively paired Copper and Purple with Brick Red—albeit on separate jerseys—and come out looking quite nice. Now the color balance could use some tweaking, but it does match the balance of the Coyotes’ Kachina jerseys; what’s Green on the Yotes is brick red on the Roadrunners, and what’s brick red on the Coyotes is purple on the Roadrunners. Now to bring my post full circle—Given how good Arizona’s Reverse Retro looks in purple, I wouldn’t mind the Coyotes trying to own purple (as long as they’re around, anyways). I could see them swap out the green on the Kachina jerseys, both home and away, and promote the Reverse Retro to full-time alternate status, though I don’t think it’s likely. I don’t think it happens (a full return to the 1996-2003 set is what feels most likely), but I wouldn’t mind seeing it, either. (As an aside, there are few jerseys that were as under-appreciated as the Coyotes’ Kachina set when in use.)
  15. I’m kind of surprised that using 0 and 00 aren’t being brought up, though I feel as though it’s only a matter of time before players can wear 0 and/or 00. My guess is that if/when wearing 0/00 is permitted, 0 gets use from the general K/P/QB crowd and 00 getting use from the OL/DL/LB/TE group. Also, is it me, or have any NFL TEs worn anything in the 90-99 range, or is that more of a college thing, if anything at all?
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