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  1. Their medical staff has always been operating at the Zoidberg level. Heck, Dr. John Zoidberg himself would be an improvement over the Chargers’ medical staff.
  2. I’d go with the dog from The Lost Boys. Man, I really enjoyed that movie.
  3. Wasn’t it a Yakuza group that founded the Bolts? Also, we have to take into account the early ‘80s Cavs for worst-run organizations. The NBA had to enforce changes to trading rules because owner Ted Stepien traded away five consecutive years’ worth of first-round draft picks.
  4. Agreed. Kelly/Royal is hard to get right. The Mavs screwed it up, the Timberwolves looked bland/had to use double outlines, the Whalers never nailed the jerseys, and the Seahawks looked just OK (I like the more modern designs). The Canucks are the only team that’s really nailed it. The Whalers were close to nailing it initially, but fumbled it with the jerseys.
  5. The perfect template is already there. Restore the updated 2D logo on it (and a new Peace Tower patch), use the current block font, and you're set. Heck, Binghamton showed that the pattern worked well on white/reduced in size! Either go full Roman (as seen here) or full Silver Seven (like the old alternates). Trying to have both doesn't work for me.
  6. I have to agree to an extent. It's just too much color for me. The white pants are a nice, neutral break from the brown jersey. Heck, white jerseys/white pants should be the standard on the road (with brown or white socks, I could go either way). Still, the orange pants aren't too offensively ugly and are a semi-traditional look. At least there's no wordmark on them anymore!
  7. They should have done that back in 2011 or 2012, when they first introduced the retro jersey. I know plenty of people want to defend the Flames using black (heck, I think it could work as subtle trim to separate white and yellow), but I think this baby needs to leave with the bathwater it's in.
  8. This is the Melnyk Sens. The Yashin-era look would fit them perfectly.
  9. I like both, but grey has the slightest edge for me. They’ve used white masks since 1974, but the grey works just as well with the set, if not a little better.
  10. Quite frankly, I’d prefer if the Broncos stuck with what they have now forever. It’s a modern classic, associated with the high points of the franchise. Also, finally winning a Super Bowl in the first season of the “new” set helps their legacy (thanks to not wearing “blowout loss orange” jerseys).
  11. A new Stars cup will hopefully shut up the “Bring Back the All-Star Template” crowd. Seriously, that template blows.
  12. I really don’t like the red helmet, because it forced the logo to have a keyline. The fewer keylines a logo has, the better.
  13. Well, I've got something better. It's kid-friendly mescaline!
  14. My solution was Indy Pacers and Indy Colts. "Indy" is one of the most recognized city abbreviations (due to the Indy 500) and it's only four letters compared to the mouthful of Indianapolis.
  15. Ah, that makes sense. I knew there was a lot of book cooking (like in all sports), but I'm glad that the clubs individually turn a profit. It's just that after all the "ponzi scheme" comments and realizing that the league loses money/has undergone rapid expansion with exorbitant fees, I got to thinking it was a financial scam. I'm glad to see I was wrong. More people should have been like Payne/listened to Payne.