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  1. Ableist language isn’t really necessary, ever. This is not 4chan or KiwiFarms.
  2. That sounds like a perfect way to implement their identity that sadly won’t happen. Simple, but unique in the big four and very appropriate.
  3. Giddey must never know a moment’s peace or rest until he’s out of the NBA.
  4. Klay on the Magic might be the most hilarious proposed move. He’s utterly washed and will probably derail the good thing they have going. It’s the way of teams who want to rush into the upper tier of playoff participants.
  5. I’m going to have to agree here.
  6. It’s a definite improvement over the original and doesn’t lose the spirit of the classic design. I’m a fan of it. Also, rot in piss old display font and “edgy” crown.
  7. Hope Solo was kind of similar, wasn’t she? They were both hyped and hetero (Solo having awful taste in men), but Solo was always unhinged to a degree.
  8. She’s over-hyped and/or annoying to the current league roster, who weren’t treated like royalty by the basketball press? Or more complicated reasons, ones which require deft handling on a message board? Caitlin really is in a no-win situation, as she can’t really fight back without compounding the problem.
  9. I guess it’s different when you’re watching ladies repeatedly hit Bull Nakano with kendo sticks, because she knew what she was getting into. Clark’s continued hazing just feels weird and “mean girl-y.”
  10. I hope the Lakers pick up Klay in the off-season and learn about how far he’s fallen into the “Westbrick brain zone.”* Or Draymond, because I would wish him upon a fanbase like theirs. *My term for aging guys who can’t accept that they’re not perennial MVP contenders anymore.
  11. He’s also absent from the NBA talk this year. What gives?
  12. If it wasn’t going to be this year, it wasn’t gonna happen with this Boston core. Congrats are due and now I have to worry about my team keeping a massive liability in the organization.
  13. If we're talking rats, I have a comment to make: Is there a giant rat that makes all of the rules?
  14. Besides, wouldn’t it be good if the Texans had a Lombardi before the Titans/Snatit did?
  15. Could the contract just transfer over to AEW? The guy already looks like the secret inbred third member of The Young Bucks.
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