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  1. Oh, they've been a consistent lolcow (I don't like using that term, especially after a few nauseating visits to KiwiFarms) since 1991, when Wayne Huizenga commanded the bid. It's just that the post-Joe Robbie Stadium period has been such a disaster. You also forgot to mention that their one Cuban player, a guy that a team based in Little Havana should have kept around, died as the result of coked-up boating and wound up killing a few of his friends as well. Yeah, the bar is pretty low. I'd have loved for the Marlins to move or fold in the mid-'00s and for Miami to embrace footy over that mistake of an expansion club known as the Marlins.
  2. My point was if Ft. Lauderdale was an option, why not start there a few years ago? Bear the brunt of other fans making jokes and try to navigate the messiness of Miami politics. I'm sure there are reasons why they waited this long on it (renovations and such). I wasn't paying close attention to footy during the time when Beckham came into MLS. If his presence helped the league out of a big jam and turned it into what it is now, then I'm glad it transpired the way it did. Even at an advanced age in his career, his name still carries clout and brand recognition. It's not like it was Joey Barton or some clod like that. Frankly, given Miami politics, I'd imagine that any other group would have the same difficulties. It just so happens to be the group with Beckham. Heck, if Miami-Dade County/Miami had to do it all over again, they should have told the Marlins to GTFO or fold and allowed the building of an SSS on the Marlins Park site. Inter Miami has the potential to not be the disaster that the Marlins have been.
  3. So, it's like the old NASL and Pele, but it worked instead? That's good. If it was good for the league to have Beckham, then I guess its an OK price to pay. I still wish they'd just played in Fort Lauderdale from an earlier start, worrying about a stadium later. That way, the whole thing would be less of a joke (like what @Red Wolf and I do).
  4. It’s like, I know I should hate it. It’s awful, no doubt - but I just kind of... love it. It’s like listening to John Daly’s multiple albums.
  5. You could have just avoided the discussion entirely. No Wahoo, no problem! Of course, I want one of those 1921 uniforms.
  6. Ugh, I'm trying to get the Saint Seiya OP out of my head. Pegasasu fantaji so sa yume dake wa / Dare mo ubaenai kokoro no tsubasa dakara... Either way, Radom made the best of an awful name and ownership's demands.
  7. The issue is that it took forever for them and their position in MLS never had a threat. No "if you don't get the team on the pitch, we're pulling the bid." Yes, they have a solid ownership group. That doesn't take away from the long delays in setting up a team, the many botched plans, and, oh yes, the fact that just wound up at a renovated version of the Miami Fusion in Fort Lauderdale (if that was an option, why not do that first?). That is why I think it was a bad idea.
  8. Sure, but I’m more talking about giving an expansion bid away without any vetting for a stadium or the other issues that have plagued Inter Miami. If MLS had to do it over, I suspect that they would wait for a more established group of investors who had a ready-to-go stadium plan for Miami with no hiccups. Those provisions wouldn’t be in Beckham’s contact, I would assume if MLS knew that they’d be forced to keep his expansion group alive while other groups like Sacramento and St. Louis we’re trying to get off of the ground.
  9. What I mean is that they would have turned Beckham away or tried to get that part of the deal taken out in negotiations. It's stupid that MLS never objected to that bit in his deal.
  10. I’d rather they just throw back to uniforms from the pre-Wahoo days. We need more pre-WWII uniforms, damn it!
  11. I’m just expecting the stadium to fall apart a la this .gif. Beckham would be Buster Keaton. If MLS had to do it over, Beckham would have been told to GTFO.
  12. He’s describing 2017. The Astros are quickly becoming one of my least favorite Big Four organizations.
  13. Trying to develop a new alternate for the Indians is like break-dancing in a mine field. Whatever you do, there’s a 75% chance there’ll be a fatal explosion.
  14. I know I should hate it, but I don't.