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  1. “Why’d we switch back to no silver? Well, you know Art Schlichter and his little problem. Imagine waking up to find that the jerseys and pants were all gone to cover that bust’s gambling debts!”
  2. The best Ravens concept logo, IMO, is the '60s-style design developed by @oldschoolvikings. Heck, @HailGoldPants made an excellent purple helmet off of it (with gold and grey facemasks). It does inherit the "flipped B" problem, but its placement on the bird's helmet makes it far less of a pain stylistically.
  3. Fixed. Art Schlichter is a must-have for “silver Colts” photos. I am not saying this because he ripped off anybody I know to fuel his gambling addiction. Or am I?
  4. I was going to replace it with this: Youngmarcusparks.jpg is much more beautiful.
  5. Have you ever heard the tale of his boxing career and his role in Tim “Doc” Anderson’s battle against “Elvis” Parker? http://thedollop.net/wp/episode-83-dollop/
  6. I’m a listener of Crime in Sports. Nearly half the athletes they cover (within 201 episodes) are “Juniors” or name their kids after themselves.
  7. Supposedly. That exact quote isn't in the thread. It's our "beam me up, Scotty."
  8. The wordmark looks fantastic, as does the simplified bolt. As long as Agency is gone, I'm happy with their direction. Also, @FormerLurker, what says you of the "purple-like" jersey?
  9. Also, the Canucks fans on here are often prone to fighting over the smallest stuff.
  10. Next I’m going to figure out a way to work my interest in obscure music into it. “This design is the Music for Pleasure of sports designs! It’s very rushed, with some squandered good ideas wasted on a poor package.” If you got that, I love you.
  11. CCSLC Drinking Game: Have a shot of Everclear every time that picture gets posted. Still though, I find myself liking it more than I should. The logos have solid concepts behind them, but the execution could use a little work. The font really should be Futura Display instead of the Microgramma/Eurostile modified. Of course, the colors really save this identity. I'll have to wait for uniforms to get my full thoughts, but I'm liking the logo side. So, he's at a 59% accuracy point.
  12. Dick Pound - if John Holmes didn't get too far down coke hole and participate in one of the most brutal murders in Hollywood history. Wondery's The Wonderland Murders is fantastic, highly recommended for your listening queue!
  13. I believe MLB's style guide still uses it. It's like the defacto "modern" font after everybody got tired of Microgramma/Eurostile before nostalgia brought Microgramma/Eurostile back.