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  1. Alternates, yes. Except the A’s road caps are awful. OK [MOD EDIT: Board Code of Conduct clearly states no discussion of Native American team name controversies.]
  2. Well, the Reds, black Mets, Braves, A's all have very unnecessary road caps (the Reds and A's especially, since they don't even use matching batting helmets for road headwear). The Orioles and Nats have unneeded home caps. The Mariners should redesign to make teal far more prominent in their look (i.e., teal lettering with navy outlines). I've always hated the idea that teams have to "darken" their caps and accessories for road uniforms. They should distribute colors on their greys better to give them some "life," you know? Well, that has little bearing on the block "M." [MOD EDIT: Board Code of Conduct clearly states no discussion of Native American team name controversies.]
  3. I like that the Brewers do everything in their power to ignore their one season as the Seattle Pilots. It's a nice way of saying that they should have been included in the 1969 expansion in the first place (also that the Braves were to blame for the move, not the market) and that it was a mistake to give an expansion team to that woefully unprepared group (thanks, Stuart Symington).
  4. *Rabid screaming while biting into a phonebook and clawing at the wallpaper*
  5. @MattMill, do you happen to like anything? Almost every post of yours is just whining.
  6. Astros win the pennant, cementing a Yankee-free decade of the Fall Classic!! It was also nice to see two domestic violence perpetrators blow it in the 9th.
  7. Osuna blows the save! I like seeing domestic violence perpetrators blow it in big spots.
  8. At least the Niners don’t have black alts anymore.
  9. Those Twins may be the worst 100+ win team, though. They got to feast on the Tigers and Royals for 38 games.
  10. Yeah, just because he doesn’t like a city and explains himself doesn’t make him “self-important” or means that he “treats people terribly” or “acts like a child.” If anything, you’re the one projecting onto his posts.
  11. How did folks in Cincinnati react when Marge Schott kicked the bucket? When Vince Naimoli died earlier this year, I think the news would have gotten a mixed reaction from fans. Yeah, he got you the team, but he also ran it pretty horribly and maybe prevented the market from ever being a success. His lease agreement does prevent the team from relocating right now, so there's that.
  12. The one helmet rule isn't ridiculous, it's to save teams from themselves. No full-on "stormtrooper" looks, no chrome monstrosities, and no random alternate designs. It keeps the teams from getting too experimental, while also cementing how the helmet is so important to each team's identity. It makes me wish MLB implemented the one-cap rule, with only two exceptions (the Tigers and Cardinals - maybe on the Cardinals, if the navy set had a red bill) and throwback allowances (requiring matching batting helmets). Anything to get rid of pointless road caps: Home caps that aren't as good as their road versions and alt caps worn way too often: Promoting caps that should be primaries: Here's to hoping that the Padres limit themselves to one primary cap. Keep the camo as the only alternate, with maybe a Taco Bell or 1998 throwback.
  13. I'm sure a local buyer will emerge or the lease will be re-upped at some point. ...which is why I doubt Baltimore lets it happen again. That's ultimately the argument for why the Clippers will never leave Greater Los Angeles. When you're in a top 5 media market, it's hard to leave.
  14. I don't think the Orioles will be in any true danger of moving, which also applies to the White Sox. The Trop's lease will prevent a move for some time, sadly.
  15. Yellow pants outside of the vest style, yes. Yellow jerseys, heck no.