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  1. What's wrong with doing something with that bright turquoise color?
  2. I like concept for the Español name and the snake costume idea, but the rest stinks big-time. What a missed opportunity, which fits for a team that wasted talent like Paul Goldschmidt.
  3. This is a fantastic historical overview about why LOLSENS has been around since day one of the expansion club. Reject Romanity, return to stripey.
  4. Eh, Montréal took a bottom-five sports name and somehow moved up a spot in the bottom five. Honestly, they should be demoted to the CPL for failing to come up with a better replacement for “Impact.” It’s not that hard to improve upon a name that’s that awful.
  5. You know what they're gonna for: ...or, if we wanna go cross-sport: I gotta admit, some classic Marquette styles would work well with the Brewers.
  6. It’s a new strategy for moving the Jags. If London flops, do Germany! Or La Ciudad de México. Or Toronto. Basically anywhere but Jacksonville for the NFL.
  7. All aboard the scandal express! rabid screaming at media and mouth-frothing
  8. Well, I know where to find a Jaguar in Jacksonville. Gotta get that warranty and mind the stiff depreciation!
  9. I know, I made it and I’m getting back to it very soon. The San José Athletics post is just so damn daunting to me. Not the concept, but trying to tell that story coherently and without spreading misinformation.
  10. My solution: let them move to Seattle in the '60s, where they change their name a bit faster. Cleveland gets an expansion team not named "Indians" in 1977 and they don't switch to "Indians" when the former Cleveland club abandon it. We would've had 40+ years of Cleveland AL without the name, while Seattle would've gotten to do their own local spin on their team eventually (think Oilers-to-Titans).
  11. Well, Squires could fall victim to that, depending on which "Squire" is picked. Then again, he's not in that crummy museum.
  12. I still want Dan Gilbert to buy the team to bring the world the Cleveland (Baseball) Cavaliers! Just dump every terrible Cavs design from the second Lebron era into one identity.
  13. You know, maybe Spiders is the appropriate name for this lolclub.
  14. That bullpen will need an overhaul. Like, a big one. I expect they’ll finish with 80+ wins, but probably lose out on a wild card sport to Milwaukee or LA. I’m just as surprised that they’re this good so early into the rebuild. With the last of the Bobby Evans contracts coming off of the books, things are gonna get exciting (in what way? Idk yet).
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