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  1. We almost lost the Crew for this twee trash.
  2. Vocal support of sedition is pretty heinous. Calling for the lynching of journalists is also kind of nasty.
  3. Curt Schilling seems to be rage-quitting the whole process, especially in light of certain things he supported (e.g., something that violates board rules). Character clause comes into play when you talk about your desire to lynch journalists.
  4. All of this subjective, that’s the beauty of it. “Objectively good” and “objectively bad” do not belong in these discussions.
  5. Note the key word here being "vintage." Put it on a modern set, like the Rams, and it looks terrible. I'd say the opposite, as it just looks filthy and brings down the uniform set a lot. Just eliminating bone would go a long way into making it better. The '00s Bills never did true monochrome (always had red socks) nor did they engage in gradients. The Alarm Clock Bucs are much worse, I'll give you that. The current Cardinals at least use real white and didn't mess too with the only "classic" part of their set (the helmet). I'd take the Reebok Cardinals over the Bone Rams any day.
  6. The latter, I'll give you. It was a hack job meant to tide things over before the new stadium. It has excuses. The former? It doesn't feature the ugly bone color, has normal-looking number material, and doesn't try to go crazy with gradients or "bone." It's absolutely "cleaner." Heck, look at what it was in the "right" combinations. The only areas where the new set is better are the yellow shade/pants, blue shade, helmet color, and single-layer numbers. Otherwise, I'd argue they downgraded.
  7. That was the worst part of it. Truly hideous. Bone is a gimmick and the yellow on the jersey is the opposite of clean. In general, the whole thing seems more muddy and clean. Heck, the throwback and the St. Louis set was more "clean" than what they have now.
  8. I do. Sometimes, different isn’t the answer. It was the answer for the Broncos, Seahawks, Jets, Falcons, and others. It absolutely wasn’t the answer for the Rams. “Different” more often than not means garbage. The Rams seem to fit into this group just fine.
  9. It’s not that I don’t like “different” looks. I maintain that the Broncos have a top-ten look. The Titans’ old uniforms were unfairly maligned. It’s just that the Rams’ look fails on so many levels and simply doesn’t live up to its potential. Bone, blue pants, gradients, and segmenting the horn were all bad ideas that get us further away from the potential. That’s beautiful. No bone, no segments, and only yellow pants. The Chargers did it, the Bucs did it, and the Browns did it. Why shouldn't the Rams do it?
  10. It's you, I think. Bone puts them ahead of all the ugly looks. It looked like crap at retail and it looks like crap on the field. The only time it looks good is when it's a pale imitation of what people ACTUALLY WANTED. It's not "ok, boomer." It's "ok, person with taste." If that's the case, then bone is the problem. It's got to go. Also, the horn segmentation needs to go. The new shape is fantastic, but the segmentation murders it. Nope. The blue pants make it too bottom-heavy. I'll give you all of that. Those are good assessments, but I'd side on ditching the gradient. That's invariably hideous. It's why this board hates the Saints and Seahawks so much. The all-black looks trashy, as does the all-navy.
  11. Jacksonville only got a team because St. Louis and Baltimore bungled the heck out of their bids.
  12. I'm thinking it's more Jackie Chun vs. Goku. The old pro (because Chun is really the Turtle Hermit/Roshi) vs. the upstart, trying to teach the upstart a lesson about how "there's always somebody better than you" and "keep improving upon your craft." Also, the song they play in the original version is amazing.
  13. You changed your screen name. BucFan56 was the name of the bad Bucs, with their fortunes changing when you switched monikers. Please bring back BucFan56, for our sakes. Also, how fitting is it that Aaron Rodgers gets to go home to Danica Patrick?