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  1. That's the Tigres pattern I believe. I agree on the sublimation. Looking at these here's what I've got: New England/FC Dallas - Better off as a plain jersey than using a 2 year old pattern that was supposed to be used by teams in international competitions last year. Portland - The darker green stands out too much and that's before you realize that's the color of the entire back of the shirt. Making the right sleeve match or making the sleeves both white would have been a better choice. LA Galaxy - Should have used their new away shirt last year, not this year. NYCFC - Add more navy and orange on the cuffs and collar. Columbus - the shirt should be yellow! The pattern is okay, it actually mimics part of the stadium, but it doesn't really stand out. San Jose - They should have gone with white sleeves and a look similar to the shirt they won MLS Cup in. Vancouver - Good look. Seattle - It looks ok, but does it really contrast enough from Portland? It really doesn't. Atlanta United - Calling themselves 5 stripes, but it looks more like 5 strings which would work better for Nashville. Nashville, NYCFC, - Nice pattern, hard to see on the field though Inter Miami - Just wear pink! P/B/P and W/B/W should be the primary looks for a team in Florida. It a Nike vs adidas thing, they don't like using the same colors.
  2. Only reason I bought the new Crew jersey was the silver league patches and the two stars. Otherwise I would've waited for 2 years or bought off Poshmark. The most annoying bit about replicas are all of the details and even colors in the Columbus shirt's case, that they omit.
  3. Crappy numbers look crappy regardless of clarity.
  4. I think Nike is trying o have everyone switch over to Nike specific templates. Vapor Fusion is supposed to be coming into the league next year. That might be a good template for Cincinnati to use with the new design.
  5. If it's not on the helmet I don't think it meets the standard of redundant. I also think they can have the tiger stripe and the tiger leaping. They had it before. Even if they take the current shoulder/sleeve cap and keep it but get rid of shoulder numbers I think they'll be improved as long as the side stripes go away.
  6. The new Rams and Chargers uniforms prove you don't need to have TV numbers anymore. Just push the tiger stripes up a tad bit and have the tiger on the sleeves.
  7. They do, they just prefer to buy established club teams instead of building up the leagues they have at home. And looking at how China's Super League is imploding, they'll probably keep buying mid to low level teams and throwing money into them. Even FC Barcelona may have to bite that bullet to survive if their debts are as high as stated in some reports.
  8. Last month I learned my Samsung TV has blue, red and green channels in case this happens again. Probably not the sole reason, but it's there. Sunderland and Newcastle United would do this too, the main differnece would be one team wearing black shorts. AC Milan and Inter Milan do this too.
  9. The numbers would be a pain to read.
  10. I would replace the helmets at the 25's with the sponsor logos if you're using helmets in the end zone. I'd also add an outline to helmets in teh end zone so they don't fade into end zones with the same colors and have the CFP logo stand by itself rather than inside a helmet, especially with Michigan's.
  11. I would love this to be true. Especially if you're making the Crew look like a reverse Colombia the next two years. Also, adidas, WTF!?!?!?!?!?!? "Let's add gold, but only on the authentics, Step 2 - Profit!" Not really surprised, more like I'm disappointed. Replica Authentic
  12. As far as the branding being similar, I can see that. They'll probably have logos that look less like they were designed in Paint.com like these do.
  13. Aren't these socks the same from last year? I'd rather they wear black shorts and socks instead of yellow, but I'll probably still buy the authentic jersey because it has the two stars and silver league patches. MLS teams are not in complete control of their jersey design. Under the league’s contract with Adidas, the popular sports apparel company has some say on what the kit will look like. It has been reported that Adidas will begin to exert more of its influence on the actual finished product beginning in 2022. So how does adidas having more say, help the teams? Also, why is FC Dallas using Advocare on both sleeves, aren't they supposed to go back to having only one sleeve sponsor? I know it's the same one, but it should only be on one sleeve.
  14. and South Dakota beaten by North Dakota. Unfortunately we had crap like this: https://fansided.com/2021/02/27/youngstown-state-trips-quan-hampton/