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  1. Explorers include every nation under the sun, including indigenous people but I can see why it could be contentious.
  2. We do. They just happen to be called Red Bull now. PSV Eindhoven is actually named after Phillips, who used to own the team. You still see it in Asia.
  3. I like Elite, Explorers and Elks. Extreme and Evolution sound like they're trying to create a wrestling team on NXT.
  4. Week 13 schedule Las Vegas vs. NY Jets Jacksonville vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Miami Detroit vs. Chicago Indianapolis vs. Houston New Orleans vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. Tennessee NY Giants vs. Seattle LA Rams vs. Arizona Philadelphia vs. Green Bay New England vs. LA Chargers Denver vs. Kansas City Washington vs. Pittsburgh Buffalo vs. San Francisco Dallas vs. Baltimore
  5. These are the people that yell at the Jets and Giants for calling themselves New York.
  6. Cleveland could have gone with the Guardians or something else other than their "serial killer ransom note" jerseys. Only the Knicks are worse than these.
  7. But when I hear Olympians, am I referencing Olympic athletes or the Olympian gods? Then again, that team's logo would aldo have to omit the Olympic rings and probably any type of torch. Like so: I wonder if teams would also consider starting to use something like San Antonians or or Arizonans as a team name instead of simply using the city name and another word attached to it. Or even the city's best known nickname. Montreal has a few nickname that would be great for soccer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Name_of_Montreal I really like Saint City, Festival City or La Metropole.
  8. I believe that was the reason for St. Louis going with their newly chosen name when entering the league. Personally, I'd say Olympians are not just athletes that competed at the Olympics nor the word Olympic belongs solely to the IOC. I think it's BS, and if it were challenged in a US court it wouldn't stand. It's the same thing as O'Neill's being able to use three stripes on hurling jerseys in Ireland. But there's no team that wants to deal with the amount of money involved just over a name.
  9. I'd say it's expedient, but not good because it's boring compared to the previous name. I also wonder if this is an attempt to ward off CPL competition in the area and they decided that switching to a more commonly used name for a soccer team was needed to do that. Montreal Olympique or Olympic Montreal would sound better, but unless they were playing in Olympic Stadium full time I wouldn't use it.
  10. The helmets need way less, . . . "marbling" and a logo on the sides of the helmet. Only thing I don't like about the Army jerseys is the "spray painting" on the right shoulder. I know it has a story to it but it's adding one element too many there.
  11. At least not any that weren't part of a name the team contest. And do we really want modern fans nicknames for some of these teams?
  12. Montreal Impact sounds way better than Montreal FC, Montreal City or Montreal United. They should have kept it and maybe gone back to something resembling their older logos.
  13. The seven they had were before the last game. They're probably still going to be out in addition to the one new case they've gotten.