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  1. That's a much better look. The other field looked too dingy.
  2. The perched raven, as it would be in the poem.
  3. Probably go the Denver route with a letter B and the Raven sitting inside it. Make it so you can flip the bird in either direction.
  4. Mustang is facing the wrong way on basketball shorts
  5. That's better than New England's current uniforms.
  6. ESPN also doesn't seem to know what they want at times. Granted that applies to most of the sports networks in the US. I believe that they get decent numbers for some "niche sports" but they also relegate other sports like Aussie rules football, MLL lacrosse and other sports to odd hours or ESPN+ that would be better served getting exposure on ESPN2 or ESPN Classic and ESPNU.
  7. People who want to see something that requires actual athletic capability rather than backyard games.
  8. It should still get more eyes than cornhole championships which have been running since football season.
  9. If you have only one team in Florida go tropical. If you have more I'd go with Disney first, then Space
  10. People are watching marbles roll down a hill. If they do it right, handball could take off. I mean for crying out loud ESPN shows Cornhole Championships and that requires significantly less athleticism. The only time I've ever seen handball was when I traveled through Europe. The most important thing about introducing new leagues is making sure your announcers can explain the action in a way that makes sense.
  11. They've also moved to blue as their primary color over red in their last rebrand.
  12. Each state had different color facings as well to identify what state was which. That ended up carrying over as branch colors for Army units after the war. Branch colors are still worn by officers on their dress uniforms but not by enlisted soldiers outside of the infantry who add a blue disk around their branch insignia. https://historyofmassachusetts.org/uniforms-revolutionary-war-soldiers/ Each state regiment in the Continental army had different colors for the linings, buttons and facings: New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts soldiers wore white facings, linings and buttons. New York and New Jersey soldiers wore buff facings with white linings and buttons. Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia soldiers wore red facings with white linings and buttons. North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia soldiers wore blue facings with white linings and buttons. Light Dragoons wore blue coats with white facings. According to an article titled “Guide to Military Uniforms” on military.com, the reason blue was chosen for the Continental Army uniforms was because it was in direct contrast to the British Army’s red uniforms. In addition to the blue coats, the Continental army also wore white, off-white or beige waistcoats, breeches and long-sleeved hunting shirts, black tricorne hats, white stockings and black or dark shoes with buckles. The reason that the Patriots wore red to begin with though, was that in an 8 team league, there would have been 5 teams in blue jerseys if they didn't wear red (New York Titans, Buffalo, Houston and San Diego). Instead two teams wore red and four teams had blue until the Titans changed to the Jets and wore green.
  13. Or listening to Jets fans boo every pick they make.
  14. Were they up the entire time or only up long enough to show them to the players, then put away? Orange pants are way better than the brown pants. Especially since there's no stripes on this set.