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  1. I entered this into the design contest run by Adam. The intent was to utilize the DC flag on the sleeves and the P-51 Mustang. I also didn't change the original numbers too much since I don't think the new design in real life will change from that either. LOGOS The three W's are for each team championship. HOME AWAY
  2. I think that it's a fan jersey since the numbers are standard block rather than Georgia's team specific number font.
  3. I actually like that helmet. I think putting numbers on the shoulder would make the home uniforms that much better. I'm still not sold on the chest patches that don't match.
  4. Black numbers will probably be the standard since the league is moving to a league wide font this year.
  5. Each kit has the city name at the lower back where the alternate logos were placed last year.
  6. https://twitter.com/MacronSports/status/1288911136293871621?s=20
  7. Back of the Juve kit shown, no stripes is a bit of a bummer.
  8. Had this been a normal season they'd be wearing these in the US or China. Chelsea's been wearing the new unis for a month, so not surprised. I think most Arsenal fans were surprised it took this long to start wearing them. As bad as this number looks, I'm sure the rest we'll be even worse. Also noticed since NHS is at the back that means they'll have their traditional FA Cup branding in the center of the shirt. https://twitter.com/Arsenal/status/1288867087243452416?s=20
  9. Not bad. If Nike made a regular polo with this pattern I'd probably buy a few of them.
  10. I like the update. Some folks were complaining about it being inside a roundel but it was originally as well. Less about the logo and more of the trend towards circular badges. https://twitter.com/phildelves/status/1288409562278699009?s=20
  11. I'm guessing Phenom Elite was involved in the uniform design. The heads stuck to the sleeves could have looked better but if they use the same design they used in AFL, they would look bad regardless.
  12. https://greatmidwestsports.com/news/2020/7/28/general-great-midwest-delays-fall-competition-until-september-24.aspx Great Midwest starting practices August 28 with the earliest games can be played as September 24th.
  13. Wolves release. That cuff is way too big. Makes the sleeves look like they were designed to be half grey/half amber rather than a grey sleeve.
  14. This popped up in my Instagram feed yesterday. I'm guessing someone is buying up the IP. Columbus was supposed to announce a new name but that's now been delayed.