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  1. That Athletico kits sleeves are pinched up for some reason. They'll look better on a person.
  2. I'm actually surprised none of the teams took the designs used here for their own. Thank goodness the large logo on the front didn't happen. That's why you don't move a game unless the stadium has an issue that can't be corrected immediately. The cameramen have gotten pretty good at avoiding showing empty seats this year, just go ahead with the game in Las Vegas and call it a day. They needed to trust the fans to be willing to make the trip. Now the championship game will look like the NFL Europe games that used extremely small stadiums to look better on TV. The draft is in Nashville this year, so no reason for that to affect this game.
  3. With the entirety of the FA Cup so far not on regular TV, I'm glad they didn't get it. They'd have the same setup as Bleacher Report/TNT and charge even more.
  4. It can't look any worse than gator skin, but it will still look horrible.
  5. The Giants did their numbers the same way with block numbers for a time. You probably mixed them both together.
  6. Glad to seed them finally make a decision. Having a backup leave probably made it easier to grant. ESPN posted a college football field of 64 that was laughable because it used their FPI index which has a lot of bias.
  7. UK teams limit how many uniforms they have so flag waving kits don't usually exist.
  8. Haslem suffers from that as well. He wanted orange to overtake the team's look because he's a Tennessee alum.
  9. So now adidas is finally putting out team specific fonts! Took them long enough! Too bad the ladies aren't using these, at least the ones who've shown numbers so far.
  10. More than likely. At least it's not getting used at a World Cup.