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  1. Honestly looks like a logo I've seen other brands use. Nothing special.
  2. Do we have anything on the new cans? The RR is something they can continue to build around, but I preferred the old font more.
  3. Wentz doesn't exactly have the rust Rivers had, but given that injury history...
  4. I'd really like them to make the away numbers teal, though if they're going to be allowed to make a change, I think I'd rather them just do a small rebrand, one that isn't close to boring.
  5. The Appy League identities are all looking better than what has mostly rolled into the main minor leagues in the last few years (I won't say who's responsible for that mainly because I bash them enough).
  6. I'm guessing anything to do with knights/medieval times is out of the question?
  7. Just gonna point out that this "sorry-ass franchise" now has the most titles in their own division. Bucs fans deserve this moment.
  8. Seriously? A big-named player is going to a team in big market LA? I'm speechless. At least he stays in the NL, if you're one of those people who root for the leagues (ASG, etc.).
  9. Glad the Bucs decided on sparing us red overload. Why is the SB patch yellow when it looks more orange in graphics?
  10. The Bucs went from Jameis Winston, to being in the Super Bowl.
  11. Hopefully he goes somewhere that's well run and won't waste the rest of his career.
  12. I never thought Mike Brown would let it happen. I don't know what they mean by "minor changes" because that could revolve around any of their elements.
  13. I've seen mockups of the Ravens' logo without the B and it just leaves negative space. Something would have to go there, maybe some abstract lines that represent feathers? I give the Bears a pass mostly because their logo is in the shape of an oval, which is symmetrical (even if the C itself is not). Logos like the Broncos throwback D for example, look odd on the right side of the helmet because there is no symmetry.