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  1. Oof. From a distance, that white Rangers script on the powder blue looks pretty bright.
  2. It's like the most common upsets in sports come from the 12th seeds. Being 5th is too dangerous now.
  3. All they really need to do is update their logo/uniforms. The name has a good enough connection to the area and going with something else just feels like change for change sakes.
  4. From what it looks like, they're going to be using the W from their script as their "logo."
  5. It's arguable to say that you "choose" your favorite teams. For my teams, I either had connections via family or I simply grew to like them. I can't tell you who to root for, so honestly, I would just see what happens. You may grow to like the Kraken, you may lose interest in the others, or you may like all of them. Though considering the expected rivalry between Vancouver and Seattle, you might have to side with only one of them idk. Like what was mentioned in the above post, if it feels right to you then go with it.
  6. This is what happens when I don't do research before making a claim. Not sure if that was the primary reason for the name, but at least there's some significance?
  7. What folklore is in Seattle? It sure isn't a giant mythical cephalopod. The North Atlantic Ocean and the Puget Sound are two different places. SMH.
  8. The NFL is the last major league that should be looking at expansion.
  9. Did they release a logo placeholder or did I miss it?
  10. Every Wednesday will be Clash of the Titans night.
  11. Simply using "Albany" would fix the issue; I don't know what they were thinking when keeping the U in there. The logo package is solid though.
  12. It's pretty average. I know they're trying to form a connection with the Panthers, but I don't think we need another light blue or blue and black team in the league. The name is even more of a buzzkill.
  13. In a vacuum, these are actually really nice (or at least the red and white). The Hawks never struck me as a traditional team so it feels a little weird seeing them rock something so simplistic. Unfortunately knowing this franchise, I wouldn't be shocked if they change it up again and unveil another look within the decade. They can never just stick to one identity for the long run.
  14. Cleveland could always just switch their colors around, being red-dominant. Although, I do like the notion of Ohio having red vs. blue with Cincinnati in the mix. I consider replacing the block C a win either way, anyway.