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  1. The reasons for liking a team don't even have to be related to winning either. I grew up a Dolphins fan because I love their visual identity (the colors and their logo from the 2000's). Miami has been below average in the last twenty years, but I still get a kick out of seeing them on team because of how unique they look compared to the rest of the league. They would probably have to do a complete identity change in order for me to lose interest, but that's not something bound to happen. I became a Reds fan because my grandfather won a title with them back in 1990; I love the thought of him having a ring. I also like the atmosphere that surrounds the franchise, the old-timey feel and the ballpark (went to my first game in 2010 and it was hands down the best baseball experience I've ever had... and I've been to classics like Wrigley). If it makes you happy to root for someone because of this or that, I'm not going to cry foul. We all have reasons to following a team.
  2. LeBron is on the twilight of his career. LA is going to do what they can to get everything out of this before it's over. I'll say it would be nice to see Russ get a ring after Durant abandoned him and got two. Also LOL Kyle Kuzma.
  3. I don't think I could root any harder for San Diego and San Francisco.
  4. "With Oklahoma and Texas joining the SEC, the conference has decided to call themselves the SESC (South Eastern Super Conference)". Not an actual quote obviously, but these moves would make them by far the best in football. I don't believe in them acquire schools like Ohio State and Michigan, though if they do add more teams, it kind of feels like they should be in their own division of the NCAA (kinda joking, but also not...?).
  5. The name is okay. Although I was hoping they would've went with something unexpecting (though thinking it over now, it's probably best they didn't go that way). The logos are average, but I consider this all just a "starter package" and that they'll hopefully do some tweaks and edits down the road. To those that are bringing up the notion of people outside of Cleveland not getting the name, they don't have to... because it's not aimed at them. If Clevelanders are able to understand the reference of the name, then that's enough because it's their team and what the team was focusing on.
  6. I would've been fine with either victor, but I felt like the Bucks (or Giannis) needed this more because legacy and all. A good end to the season imo.
  7. The Knicks really screwed themselves over by falling victim to the 90's and adding black to their uniforms. The current ones are fine, but it'll never be the same.
  8. The NL Central went from being a three-way fight to the Brewers running away with it. It would be nice to see Cincy get a little further away from .500.
  9. Honestly thought those were Chargers jerseys. Why are there no blue sleeves?
  10. The best team doesn't win the title all the time (although in this league I guess it's most of the time, but moving past that...). The Nets and Lakers were considered arguably the best in the league before the season start, but injuries happen to everybody and they suffered for it (especially the Lakers). I don't think many are clamoring for the Suns to be labeled as the best team because I would assume everyone knows they aren't. They got help from the injury bug. But their title would still be real if they end up winning because they were able to take advantage of the misfortune plaguing other teams. Let Phoenix fans enjoy this. If it takes several injuries for small franchises like the Suns to claim a title instead of the big boys in LA and Golden State winning it on a yearly basis, so be it.
  11. Are all teams going to do this? It seems like they are slowly unveiling them one by one.
  12. I don't wanna say it's funny that he could possibly be busted for this because domestic abuse is never something to laugh about, but considering how much this guy talks and talks, something was bound to bite him back.
  13. It would be really out of character for the NBA Finals to not have LeBron, a dynasty in the making, or a big market team. I don't know if it's just an anomaly or what, but it's very refreshing to see.
  14. The only one I can think of is a white one to go with the "white tiger" look. Otherwise, they've gone their whole existence with an orange helmet so there shouldn't be anything holding them back from an old throwback.
  15. I can't believe both the Clippers AND Chris Paul are in the Conf Finals... finally! And to think one of them will even take it a step further.
  16. I was ecstatic to see them drop the Latin Kings abomination, until I remembered the logo before it. I miss the Florian cross and while this is an upgrade in it's own right, the only thing I can say about this is that it's solid and not much more. The colors are cool though.
  17. I'm convinced that this is as far as Milwaukee goes. Giannis will eventually leave and the Bucks will be reduced to the Pacers.
  18. I think fully healthy, the Nets are by far the best team left. Jesus Milwaukee... Count me in as being glad of having a franchise win it's first title ever or in a long time.
  19. It isn't men's baseball, but shoutout to James Madison's women's softball team. Regardless of the final outcome, they gave number one Oklahoma a series and made history as the first unranked team to make it to the semis.
  20. Clever, using the antlers on the helmets.
  21. I usually never agree with anything involving revision and changing history. It happened, so all you should really do is give out future punishments that impact them in some sort of way. I haven't been paying attention to the entire Astros scandal and what has gone down in the aftermath, but I'm well past the point on shunning them for some kind of death penalty.
  22. That rebuild didn't take too long for the Giants unless they're still in it. To think they'd be in the mix with the SoCal teams.
  23. I was originally going to point out the ineligibility of the forum tags, but that's the least of my concerns with the new setup now.
  24. My takeaways from this are... - Cowboys and Bears fans get to see their team on primetime too much. - The Giants get two MNF games at KC and TB? What did they do to piss off the league? - Vikings get two SNF games, but Arizona and Miami get none? - It's good to see the Bills get the respect they deserve with more primetime games.
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