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  1. I've seen mockups of the Ravens' logo without the B and it just leaves negative space. Something would have to go there, maybe some abstract lines that represent feathers? I give the Bears a pass mostly because their logo is in the shape of an oval, which is symmetrical (even if the C itself is not). Logos like the Broncos throwback D for example, look odd on the right side of the helmet because there is no symmetry.
  2. A little surprised at the praise for the logo; I was expecting the opposite. I don't know what to say about it. For me, it's closer to "meh" rather than "ugh."
  3. This might arguably be the best Alabama team in the Saban era. So many stars on offense. We also had this season happen through COVID, just for them to win another title.
  4. There still feels like too much black and white on most of them. Making the away numbers teal would be a step up.
  5. Cleveland is gonna have an epic collapse and Juju will get away with being a total jackass.
  6. I almost didn't watch because I thought of the inevitable. This is good stuff.
  7. Simply switching to purple caps alone would be a tremendous move.
  8. I didn't read KIA at first. That itself is a flaw in design.
  9. I'm glad Miami missed the playoffs; It just would've been an extra L to the season. Expectations have already been passed, though they need better offensive weapons. It's also weird seeing the WFT's logo on the NBC scorebug.
  10. Imagine losing to a winless team at home. Good job, Rams.
  11. I actually dig the Nets court, though the Heat are my favorite.
  12. A rookie QB going against the defending champs. I can't really be upset, given Miami was in it till the end (somewhat). If we get the last WC, we might have to play Kansas City again.
  13. Why is there so much negative space? It's the same thing with MNF and FOX's score bug.
  14. Pittsburgh was gonna lose eventually. I thought it would've been to Buffalo next week, but I still see this as no surprise. "Playing down to your competition" is bound to blow up in your face.
  15. Are they gonna flex DEN-KC out of SNF or are we just going to be subjected to a complete Chiefs annihilation?
  16. I love seeing the Texans' Battle Red. It gives their identity a bit of a refresh because honestly, the navy-heavy set is kinda boring me.
  17. So the Broncos have no QB for Sunday.
  18. I feel like that's gonna be too much blue. Black kinda helped keep the other two colors balanced, while not overtaking the color scheme.
  19. What is this about Wrigley Field becoming a federal landmark?
  20. If he never brought in Peyton Manning when he did, his whole tenure in the Broncos FO would arguably be a dud.
  21. I like Arizona and New Jersey a lot. Detroit is the most underwhelming.
  22. Tua looked good. There were multiple times I got nervous when he was on the move or pressured, but he showed star potential. Very exciting.