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  1. Tony LaRussa was old when he had a Sega Genesis-branded game in 1995. It's 2020! (Coach K also had a Sega Genesis-branded game. Like most aging people, I measure time in distance from key nostalgia touchpoints.)
  2. Ditto. Again, there's the new team bump, but the only local team I see more gear for is the Seahawks. Otherwise, it's Kraken stuff everywhere. Costco, drug store, gas stations, etc. The brand has been a big hit! This may be helpful to you: https://www.nordicmuseum.org/
  3. You mean Rockets? He was just announced there. I don't know him at all, but good for Houston I guess. Probably good for Harden too; if I'm him I'm thinking about demanding a trade about now.
  4. Difference, of course, is Morey wanted to win and Hinkie wanted to lose. Matching Morey and Doc can't possibly go wrong.
  5. They've got to cool it with the Boogie stuff. Maybe they change their focus to Coney Island for a few years and have some hot dog-inspired jerseys. Or roller coasters. Anything to continue to mine Brooklyn for the most basic, obvious references to center sport jersey design. In the entirety of the City program, there is far more forgettable than having been worth pursuing. 20/21 is likely to be a short season; perhaps we could have shelved bad City jerseys for a year too.
  6. Jesus did baseball dodge a bullet tonight.
  7. I like the Dodgers, their stadium, their uniforms and it's not fair they got cheated out of a title by the dickhead Astros. Feels a little hollow when their payroll is 5 times their opponents', but that's baseball for you!
  8. But not really, given how much they've bounced around. Cleveland to LA to St. Louis to LA is a lot of franchise movement, especially given how dramatically different they looked in St. Louis compared to LA. And, maybe it's the perpetual 9-year-old in me, but like the Bengals, I've always thought of the Rams as a "fun" team given their helmets.
  9. I imagine it would be linked to MLK day, but is Nike planning any kind of BLM program for the 2020/21 season?
  10. Kyle Orton was pretty good in Buffalo.
  11. I feel like they're always wearing this. Or maybe it's because they have so many jerseys with a circle logo in the middle that I get confused.
  12. I was a big defender of the Rams in the offseason, but now after seeing them trot out their worst combos week after week -- monochrome -- I'm less so. I think the bone looks good contrasted to blue pants, and the blue looks contrasted to yellow pants, but they continually do neither. By Reebok-designed, I meant with all that superfluous piping. The Vikings, Falcons and Cardinals all unveiled pretty similar looks around the same time, but only the Cardinals remain. It can't be much longer? The Bengals probably deserve to be in that category as well. The Texans and 49ers do not, however. Texans went traditional and it's holding up just fine, and the 49ers reverted to their classic 80s look with minor template changes.