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  1. With incredibly strict social distancing guidance and adherence to those rules. We've still got people on beaches, playing pick-up basketball and going to church. We've got a ways to go.
  2. I'd be all-in for ties too. 14-inning games used to be quaint, but now I just want to go home.
  3. Check out that belt he's wearing; I never realized football players wore proper belts like baseball players do. That looks like it could be really uncomfortable with all the movement they do, especially for linemen. On the other hand, it does lend a certain element of business to an otherwise casual uniform.
  4. Or Ohio State with the tint out of whack. Which might not be the worst idea for the Browns.
  5. Remember how excited this board was for the last time they unveiled a new logo, and it was just a different shade of orange on the same helmet clipart? That was funny. It was even less than a new hat for Malibu Stacy.
  6. This raises a question -- are NFL teams able to see other NFL teams' proposed logos and uniforms before they're unveiled?
  7. It's not unlike a hockey or soccer shootout or Elam Rule equivalent. I'd be into it.
  8. Yeah, but they got a prime Deion Sanders, which makes it a fair trade in my book.
  9. Cameo is a great way to give celebrities (A through E list) money ($10-$$$$) to film generally poorly-lit, poorly-framed shoutouts to friends and loved ones to celebrate occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and fantasy football wins. The Soup Nazi! YouTube dogs! Randos from TLC and Bravo reality shows! Message board legends! Biz Markie! I bought my older brother a Cameo from Hacksaw Jim Duggan and it was awesome. It was also $75.
  10. True. The Washington DC franchise is essentially dead.
  11. If those are the colors of your childhood, then yes. If this is the first NFL game you ever saw your fandom is skewed forever:
  12. Maybe it's because, to me, the new Rams head logo evokes this.. But I can't help but get a Houston Texans vibe.
  13. I was browsing Cameo and thought their "featured in football" was a hoot: Featured in baseball is a real mind:censored:.