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  1. https://www.espn.com/nfl/recap?gameId=401220333 The answer in November was no.
  2. The Warriors really spanked the Lakers last night. It's really messing with my narrative that Steph is overrated.
  3. Not reading too much into it, but that Sounders kit isn't the worst thing I've ever seen.
  4. Did you see Mahomes barely get back up during the game? I'm not a doctor, absolutely, but I know when things look terrible. That looked terrible.
  5. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30736753/kansas-city-chiefs-coach-andy-reid-says-concussion-protocol-patrick-mahomes-returned Reid would have put him right back in if he could have.
  6. The more you know! I'm glad you got better.
  7. Just turned it on and, yep, to the casual viewer it would make no sense. Not only that, but the scorebugs show light blue for the Knicks -- who are in black and dark blue for the Magic -- who are in orange and white. This is dumb.
  8. That sounds like bull :censored: to me! We all saw him out on his feet last night. That's not a neck tweak; that's a brain not functioning correctly.
  9. Good point -- can you imagine the alarm clock Buccaneers hosting the Super Bowl and winning? Those uniforms would be locked in for the next decade.
  10. For fun, recent Bills/Packers matchups: I have to say that you would think it would be an appealing matchup, but it kind of isn't. At least not to me. That said, there isn't any recent photo evidence of what a road Bills would look like against a home Green Bay, so who knows.
  11. Don Shula coached the NFL Colts in Super Bowl before leading the AFC Dolphins to multiple conference title games.
  12. I suppose so, but wouldn't the Colts needed to have gone through the same process? They had new wordmarks too, which is a big part of the rebranding process.
  13. Did the Colts rebrand come out of the blue last year?
  14. I know QBs have ball preferences, but I've never seen a ball in play that is basically black. It may be completely benign, but I feel like this is something we would have noticed earlier in the season. I've seen the Tom Brady show before, and am happy to have put some money on the Bucs tonight. Bummer for Saints fans; Green Bay is going to carve this team up next week.
  15. I have no inside knowledge, but I can't imagine the Cardinals running back the Reebok set one more year, especially with Kyler Murray having a breakout year.