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  1. As a kid, I was struck by how much the Electronic Arts games stuck out from standard Genesis games, both in box art and cartridge design. NHLPA 93, for example, looked pretty nice, but the EA Sports rebranding was really elegant in its simplicity: And while I wasn't a huge fan of sports games in the 90s, I did appreciate how well EA branded itself as the cool video game sports brand. "It's in the game" was really just icing on the cake. Related to Street Fighter, the Japanese art was sweet, but I liked the sweaty American look of the USA games: In hindsight, it's kind of crazy Capcom allowed series hero Ryu to look like a chump on the box cover, but it kind of shows a disconnect between who the box artist assumed would be the most popular character (obviously the big green dude with the wild hair!). Of the mainline SF2 games, I think SF2:SCE had the best art. Guile looks sweet, even if he's getting his ass kicked.
  2. Isn't Cage struggling to pay alimony or something like that?
  3. Oh, come on. McConaughey may not be the best actor of all time, but let's not pretend he's not a really big deal. If you win an Oscar for lead actor and you lead big-budget Christopher Nolan films, you graduate from "B-level." Let's not pretend he's Lou Diamond Phillips.
  4. Chris Paul should have been the MVP, but Kawhi is a decent choice too.
  5. Best All Star Game of any sport ever. Just incredible.
  6. Not really a shame for the rest of the league, but Kawhi/AD/LeBron would have been something to see.
  7. This has been a fun game. The NBA did a good job with the format change this year.
  8. I really like 65th & Ingleside, Work Out and Wala Cam and I enjoyed what I saw tonight. But apparently Twitter hates Chance. Why?
  9. Sometimes (lol just sometimes) the NBA is too far up its own ass. Can't we just watch basketball? Do we need this...whatever this is? Ode to Chicago players/interpretive poem? It's cool and all, but I want to see loose defense, too-long three pointers, and botched alley oops.
  10. Lol at the replay official -- "what the hell's going on with this thing?" The televised replay reviews are simply incredible. Get ready NCAA, VAR and everyone else. People are going to want to see this in other sports. EDIT: Late-game XFL seems to routinely be pretty fun.
  11. Which would be a great outcome for everyone involved.
  12. As an erector set stadium, what they've done is pretty impressive. Given that Miami built that in about 20 minutes and it looks mostly serviceable, it kind of begs the question of what level of stadium investment is really needed for successful game operations. I think Allianz in Minnesota is incredible...but is it worth the extra $$$$ millions over Miami's temporary (yeah right) stadium?
  13. Be interesting to see if the NBA outlawed dudes jumping over other dudes. Cause it's kind of boring at this point.
  14. Yeah. 40k for most games, up to 60+ for the few times a year they open the full stadium (Timbers, Galaxy, some other games).