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  1. Kansas City San Francisco Houston Jacksonville Buffalo Green Bay NY Giants Minnesota LA Rams LA Chargers New Orleans Seattle Philadelphia New England
  2. New England Carolina Washington Kansas City Seattle Baltimore New Orleans Minnesota LA Rams Atlanta Tennessee Dallas LA Chargers Green Bay
  3. Seattle Philadelphia Houston Baltimore New England Buffalo Arizona Chicago Minnesota Carolina New Orleans LA Chargers Green Bay Kansas City San Francisco
  4. So with the Brewers-Nationals game tonight it marks the second time that there was a playoff meeting between two teams from the same expansion class (granted there is relocation and league swapping in this case). The only other time was the 1986 NLCS between the Mets and Astros.
  5. Green Bay Baltimore Indianapolis Houston NY Giants Atlanta LA Chargers Kansas City New England LA Rams Seattle Jacksonville Minnesota Dallas Pittsburgh
  6. Tennessee Minnesota Buffalo New England Philadelphia Kansas City Dallas Atlanta Green Bay Tampa Bay Carolina Seattle Houston San Francisco LA Rams Chicago
  7. Great list infrared. Chiefs-Raiders and Vikings-Packers are both two of the best matchups in the league no matter where they play. Dallas-Washington harkens back to a time when the only time you’d see both of their colored jerseys is when they played road games against each other.
  8. Carolina Minnesota Pittsburgh Tennessee Baltimore Buffalo LA Chargers Dallas Houston Cincinnati New England Kansas City Chicago LA Rams Philadelphia Cleveland
  9. The Raiders and Saints used to wear silver/gold numbers on both black and white jerseys.
  10. Chicago Kansas City Minnesota Cleveland NY Jets Baltimore Philadelphia LA Rams LA Chargers Seattle Dallas Tampa Bay Arizona New England New Orleans Denver
  11. This is more of a visiting team in the wrong stadium, but in 2004 the Montreal Expos final season before relocating coincided with the Phillies moving to Citizens Band Park. CBP is also the oldest stadium in the NL East and the only current one where the Expos played.
  12. I prefer the Reds and Yankees without white outlines, but I don’t mind them. I definitely prefer the Tigers without them though.
  13. Agreed. The closest NHL team comparison would be the sharks who use a black outline for their numbers and it looks fine.
  14. The Bruins had the right idea to match their sock stripes to their uniform stripes. The white socks got it right and the black socks are technically right, but they should have brought back the socks from the Bourque/Neely era.