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  1. I was thinking a wordmark based on their original helmet could work.
  2. When did they wear this? I looked it up and it says 1955, but I didn’t find any pictures of players wearing it.
  3. Guess I should go back a few pages next time I make my obvious joke lol. Anyways I really don't like the Falcons wearing red pants. If I had my way they'd wear only white, but black would work too (with red socks and not with the black jersey).
  4. My ideal Twins set is an updated version of what they wore their first decade in Minnesota, so I really like your third concept. I like the Senators script tail and want the Twins to use it. Have you ever thought about using the Senators sock stripes for the Twins? I think it would look good and would go well with embracing a little bit of their time in Washington like the script tail.
  5. Green Bay Buffalo New England Minnesota Kansas City Cleveland New Orleans Tampa Bay Indianapolis Philadelphia LA Rams Baltimore Houston Oakland Dallas Seattle
  6. Houston New England San Francisco Pittsburgh New Orleans Indianapolis Miami Baltimore Atlanta Washington Denver Oakland Seattle Philadelphia Kansas City Minnesota
  7. Baltimore Green Bay New England Seattle Houston NY Giants Philadelphia Kansas City Tampa Bay Cleveland Oakland Minnesota LA Rams San Francisco Buffalo New Orleans
  8. Dallas Indianapolis Baltimore Minnesota Green Bay Houston New Orleans Cleveland Atlanta NY Jets LA Chargers New England Oakland Pittsburgh Seattle Philadelphia
  9. Detroit Dallas New Orleans Pittsburgh Green Bay Carolina Tampa Bay NY Jets Tennessee Philadelphia Baltimore LA Rams LA Chargers Kansas City New England Seattle
  10. Houston Cleveland Detroit Oakland Chicago New Orleans Seattle Atlanta Buffalo Pittsburgh Tennessee New England San Francisco Baltimore