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  1. Kids? Most of the adults don't know/don't care the difference in the players. I've worked in MiLB and independent baseball part-time on and off since 2012 - I'd imagine somewhere around 90% of people attending an MiLB/indy baseball game couldn't give a hoot if the team is A or AAA. The majority couldn't tell you what level the team was, maybe half can tell you what MLB team they're affiliated with, even fewer could tell you the MiLB team's relative position in the standings. I'm not saying this to complain or be elitist about who should be attending an MiLB game - any paying customer (well, almost) is a good paying customer. You've got your dozen or so dudes (almost always the exact same guys) with binders full of cards hounding for autos (unless a star player is there for a rehab assignment, it's much more), but otherwise it's: families looking for cheap entertainment Little League teams coming as a group twentysomethings looking to get ripped on Thirsty Thursday and/or Instagram themselves people using their company's free corporate tickets/suites people just looking for something to do that evening Those people don't care whether the team is A or AAA. Even your couple hundred season ticket holders would've still bought them no matter the level.
  2. I really, really don't get the hate for Joe Buck. I don't think he's great or anything, but listening to him call a game doesn't make my ears bleed. He's fine. People just like to complain.
  3. Bally is one of those weird companies that I kind of forget exists (mainly because I'm not into gambling) but just seems to pop up every decade or so involved in completely different businesses. Pinball machines, arcade games (which I guess aren't that disjointed from gambling), theme parks, fitness clubs, and now regional sports networks? It's like Yamaha or Virgin. Should we make keyboards or motorcycles? Yes! Mobile phones or airlines? Sure! I know, conglomerates and such, but it's just so weird to me to use the same branding for everything. Berkshire Hathaway doesn't have Dairy Queen-branded batteries or GEICO-branded underwear. Actually... nevermind, that last one probably does exist.
  4. Eastern Kentucky (OVC), Jacksonville State (OVC), and Central Arkansas (Southland) look to be heading to the ASun for 2021-22. Remember ASun's harebrained scheme to expand to 20 members by way of annexing some swimming & diving association and then mitosis itself into two conferences? Looks like this is one of the steps. Word on the street is that Liberty is orche$trating thi$.
  5. Indianapolis has manufactured a cottage industry out of hosting large championship events - and not by accident, it was a focal point of their urban planning goals beginning in the 1970s-80s, and a big reason the NCAA moved its headquarters there. Super Bowl XLVI, 7 NCAA Final Fours, FIBA World Championships, more Big Ten football/basketball championship events than I could count, and as someone else mentioned, the Indy 500. Indianapolis Motor Speedway has the highest permanent seating capacity of any sports venue in the world - 250,000 spectators is a "down year." Finding somewhere for 65 basketball teams to stay will be the least of their worries.
  6. hello, just came by to say I live in the Salem in Oregon



  7. I replied please check inbox I love it!

  8. I'm on east coast time keep me posted please. Est 

  9. Can I buy the Rosie brown now? Id love to get it thanks .

  10. Can you tell me by next Friday or before if you found it?

  11. Like I said I'm a die hard giants fan hope this shows you how much this would mean. To me if I can get since being a fan since 5.


  12. Do you have the Rosie brown for sale?

  13. Any luck on finding the jersey?

  14. Just wondering if any luck? I'm ready when you are  thanks again.