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  1. Right about now, I'd be welcoming the 2020 NCAA champion Winthrop Eagles back to the Coliseum.
  2. You're close. The superhero is clearly GZA.
  3. Absolutely not. With a few exceptions (click here for a rabbit hole), all land on Earth falls under the claimed jurisdiction of a recognized national government. However... that's not to say that a small island country wouldn't allow a UFC fight on a "private island" in exchange for a couple million bucks. There are plenty of countries (many of them small islands) that allow people to become full citizens in a few months for as low as $100,000.
  4. I saw this in a commercial, but can't find anything online about it. New: Old: Old: Not sure if they're rolling out a new version of that too, since the wordmark was only shown in the commercial. The old logo isn't too far removed from the original location that opened in Charlotte in 1977: There have been some small updates regarding the spacing of the letters over the years... ...but this is a much bigger update. I think I prefer the old one, but I'll wait until I see it in its various uses. One significant upgrade: they removed the apostrophe. Now you don't have to guess whether it's Bojangle's or Bojangles' (it's the latter)... it's just Bojangles.
  5. Rock Hill isn't that far from Charlotte when compared to the Braves move to Cobb County or the Giants/Jets moves to NJ, but it's far enough (~25 minutes from the current stadium) for it to be a bad idea. I haven't lived in Rock Hill in 10 years, but most of my friends and family still live in the area. Charlotte traffic isn't as bad as Atlanta (yet), but there's still a significant rush hour (assuming game day traffic would be similar) and there's no light rail from Charlotte to Fort Mill/Rock Hill. There are talks of it being extended south along with the Panthers' training facility (and possible stadium), but we're talking 2030 at the absolute earliest. To compare, the proposed site for the stadium is about 5-6 miles further away from Charlotte than the Knights old ballpark - which is now demolished and is now home to... absolutely nothing. It's an empty field. The "original plan" for the Panthers stadium was to have it in both states with the 50 yard line as the border (which would've been simultaneously awesome and cheesy), the proposed new site is about 9 miles south. It would be a terrible idea and it's probably not going to happen - unless there's going to be another pendulum swing back to stadiums/arenas in the suburbs.
  6. My hometown could end up as home to an NFL franchise. 2020 is weird, man.
  7. Whether or not cornhole "should" be featured on ESPN isn't my decision to make. ESPN has aired programming that hasn't required what many consider "actual athletic capability" since its inception. Point is, if there was a demand to watch team handball, I'm pretty sure ESPN (or FS1, or NBC Sports, or whatever) would air it. And I think the only demand for watching team handball is in situations like the present where there isn't anything else.
  8. Normative claim. Should, according to who?
  9. You left out a key point here - people are watching marbles roll down a hill because there is literally nothing else in terms of live sports right now. I've watched the marble runs and I think they're great... but let's not pretend this many people would be watching them if the NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, and various soccer leagues were still operating. If team handball (or insert sport here) were somehow operating right now with the other bigger sports leagues down - then sure, it might gain a following that could continue once the other leagues start back up. Otherwise? Not happening.
  10. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have somewhat officially been postponed.
  11. Checkmarks on Twitter reporting that D1 spring sport athletes will receive an extra year of eligibility. Still lots of very valid baseball-specific questions to be addressed. Will "juniors" still be "juniors" for draft purposes (i.e., are they able to return and be re-drafted? do they have that leverage?) Will roster sizes increase? Will scholarship amounts be increased?
  12. Tournaments that finished have champions. Conferences with tournaments that never started or were cancelled before they finished will likely crown their regular season winners as champions (e.g., ACC crowning Florida State men's champions). As for seasons that never really got off the ground... who knows? Conferences may proceed with events with the remainder of their seasons (though many are cancelling at least through March), but there won't be any national championships. What'll be interesting to see is if athletes in spring sports whose seasons never really got started will be granted an extra year of eligibility. Also... this is a chance to explore interests beyond sports. Will it suck without sports? Sure, but it's not like there aren't other things to do.
  13. On the sports side of things, it sucks for senior student-athletes that their careers were collectively cut short. A way of looking at NCAA spring sport/tournament cancellation more positively: thousands of athletes just walked off the court/field for the last time as winners. Not something this many athletes usually get to feel.
  14. NCAA has cancelled all remaining winter and spring championships. It's the right move and I'm surprised it took them this long to do it.