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  1. Pretty big score today, all authentics: -white Larry Fitzgerald Cardinals, 2004 style he only wore his rookie season -black Mike Williams Lions -red Antrel Rolle Cardinals -orange Earl Little Browns -red Derrick Johnson Chiefs -gray Kenyon Martin Nets
  2. This is something only time will tell. Things tend to tire quickly.
  3. "Trash Pandas" is literally named after a meme. It's a meme that got an extra boost thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy, but it's still a meme. Memes are almost universally short-term phenomena. That's kind of the point. It'll last 10 years, max. How long would have teams called the LOLcats or Dancing Babies or All Your Base Are Belong To Uses lasted? Not long. This isn't too different. That said, they did a great job with the logos.
  4. I scored a Tiki Barber red Giants alternate replica for $4, an adidas Philadelphia Union track jacket for $5, and a copy of NCAA Football 14 for Xbox 360 for $1.
  5. The 49ers wore 1980s/90s throwbacks in 2002 (vs. Philadelphia on MNF), 2005 (vs. Tampa Bay), 2006 (vs. Minnesota and Arizona), and 2007 (vs. Arizona and St. Louis). In 2002, the only players left over that wore the pre-1996 style were J.J. Stokes, Derrick Deese, Bryant Young, and Dana Stubblefield. In 2005, Bryant Young was around long enough to wear them for the third time. And then again in 2006... and again in 2007.
  6. The only real things geographically "wrong" with the NFL alignment are the Cowboys in the NFC East, the Dolphins in the AFC East, and the fact that the AFC West spans 3 time zones. All 3 get an easy pass due to historical rivalries - breaking any of those up would be a bad move. Geography is least important to NFL divisions because games are only played once a week. It's not like the Cowboys are having to go to New York or the Bills to Miami 10 times a season.
  7. How would that have even worked? If an NCAA field goal hits the inner poles but doesn't go through, it's good? What about the horizontal ones where they connect to the outer poles - a judgment call on the officials as to whether it would've gone through cleanly?
  8. I gotta disagree on QBs in the 20s. Kosar/Flutie/Lorenzen/Shuler (I'm sure there are probably more) wearing those always seemed amateurish to me. Fine for college, high school, and youth football... but professional quarterbacks wear 1-19. That's how I always saw it. Does it make sense? No, but when we're talking about something as arbitrary as uniform numbers, it doesn't always have to.
  9. I'm torn on this as well. It's odd for me to see a QB throw a touchdown to a player with a number lower than his. The rule allowing WRs to wear 10-19 wasn't implemented until about 10 years after I started following football, so it was solidly ingrained for me that WRs wore 80s and nothing else. I'm on board with 10-19 WRs though, just out of necessity. Just because, here's my optimal numbering system: 0-9: QB, K, P - no real surprise here, other than I think 0 should be allowed. Similarly, 00-09 if there isn't already someone with that single number. Basically, 03 or 3, but not both. You'd have to be a real oddball to try this, but I like odd, so go for it. 10-19: QB, K, P, WR - like I said, I'm on board with WRs in the teens but it still seems strange. If I were a WR, I'd only wear a number in this range if nothing in the 80s was available. I realize WRs wearing 10-19 was normal before 1973, but this is my opinion. 20-29: RB, DB - Optimally, 20s would be reserved for smaller running backs (no fullbacks) and corners (no safeties). However, because of scheme and formation differences, there really isn't any way to enforce this, just a preference. 30-39: RB, DB - This is a "transition zone" between the 20s and the 40s. Larger running backs and smaller safeties are most appropriately in the 30s. 40-49: RB, DB, TE - Fullbacks and safeties belong in the 40s. Tight ends are also optimally in the 80s, but just like WRs, I understand the need to open up a second set of numbers for them. Tight ends in the 40s are a "last resort" kind of option. I'm not a big fan of linebackers in the 40s - there should be enough 50s and 90s numbers to go around. 50-59: LB, OL - Linebackers first, then offensive linemen. I realize edge rushers are a hybrid DE/LB depending on scheme, but 50s are linebacker numbers, not lineman numbers. 60-69: OL, DL - Offensive and defensive linemen, in that order. 70-79: OL, DL - Same as the 60s. 80-89: WR, TE - As mentioned before, the preferable number options for these positions. 90-99: DL, LB - 90s should be preferred for defensive linemen, with similar concessions for hybrid DE/LB type players depending on scheme. Linebackers in the 90s are preferable to linebackers in the 40s.
  10. I don't even want to know how much you paid for this, or how much you're flipping it for. This is a lie. I do.
  11. Agreed. I don't know how many times it needs to be said that Charlotte: -just built a new MiLB stadium that is not expandable to MLB standards. No way, no how. -given how difficult it was to get funding for the downtown basketball arena, it is extremely unlikely that $500 million (absolute bare minimum) of public funding will be approved for a baseball stadium. If it happens in the next 15 years, it'll be privately funded. Good luck with that.
  12. Because Charlotte doesn't have a MLB-sized stadium and isn't getting one until 2035.
  13. South Carolina... is relaxed... about alcohol laws? It's been within the decade that alcohol sales were legal in restaurants on Sunday, at least in the county I lived in. I still don't think it's possible anywhere in the state to buy hard liquor (and only available at liquor stores) on Sunday, and it varies county-to-county and/or city-to-city whether beer and wine are available on Sunday. Unless you work in Charleston (or possibly Columbia) where things are a little more relaxed, I wholeheartedly disagree.