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  1. I appear to be in the minority who prefers the current look over the previous. It's a couple tweaks away from being really good. The navy helmet could use some work, but IMHO it's better than the white helmet. Give it a slightly thicker stripe and ditch the extra outline and boom, you've got a decent look. A white or powder blue helmet would've been preferred, but neither really seem to fit the brand. The numbers either need to be thicker or ditch the outline completely, with my preference leaning towards the former rather than the latter. I think the current outline, especially on the white jersey, makes the digits appear thinner than they really are. I even think the new number font is better than the previous 90s/2000s rounded robotic looking font that really only suits the Arizona Wildcats, in my perfect world. The shoulder design doesn't bother me that much so it gets a pass, same with the underarm area. In fact, I don't even realize it's there half the time. While the pants stripe leaves much to be desired, it's at least consistent with the striping pattern on the helmet and jersey. Meanwhile, in the last set, you had three different patterns with very little resemblance between them. And with the socks, at this point, socks don't really bother me much with the way teams seem to ignore them and how they fit with the rest of the uniform each week. Frustrating for some, I know, but it's a mute point when looking at the main aspects of the uniform these days.
  2. Completely forgot they were a Jordan school. Which means they did it this year vs. LSU as well:
  3. I mean, Florida and Michigan are Jordan schools which is just a Nike uniform with the Air Jordan logo slapped on the chest. If they were to make the CFP they'd probably have a Crystal Jordan instead of the Crystal Swoosh.
  4. I had never heard of the Streets before but based on their Wikipedia page, I'm not surprised they're not coming back: So by the NAL's logic, not having proper security and having players/cheerleaders getting robbed in the middle of the game is less detrimental to the league's image than said team not coming back on the field after literally being robbed. Looks like personal belongings weren't the only thing the Cobras were robbed of. The league stole a victory from them.
  5. This is more of an offer than it is a request, but I created a Nike Vapor football template earlier this year for the Uniform Madness tournament and I figured I'd share it with you all as well. AI Download link PSD Download link
  6. Cowboys wearing blue jerseys over their alternate white pants vs the Rams in white over navy
  7. OK but why did I read that with Gru's voice from Despicable Me.
  8. LOL I remember requesting that design when he was doing his redesign thread awhile back. I was going to school at the Ohio University - Zanesville campus for a year when he made it. I like how they didn't even crop the design itself.
  9. Hey all! It's been a minute since I've posted anything around here. Awhile back, I released a 2D Photoshop template of Nike's Vapor Untouchable uniform complete with three helmet views, two sock variations, and three pants options. That was about three years ago (!) and I figured it was time for the next step and bring the template to Illustrator. Below is an example of the new template in action, recreating the 2019 Oregon State Beavers home uniform. I've also included previews on what the templates look like once you open them. The Illustrator is based on Nike's uniform presentation on their website, while the Photoshop template remains relatively unchanged with the jersey being 'flat' and based on several older, similar templates. You can download either the Illustrator or Photoshop templates at the links. Feel free to open them, explore the layers, and let me know what you think as this is my first-time creating an Illustrator template. Illustrator Template Preview: Photoshop Template Preview
  10. Just down the street from my apartment, Tennessee Tech revealed their new uniforms today: Below is the Golden Eagles's look from last year. Personally, I'm not a fan of the change. The last set wasn't too fancy, but it worked. The new set already looks dated by comparison, the #WingsUp on the bumper is tacky (At least just put WINGS UP and be done with it), the small sleeve stripes are useless
  11. And as a Muskingum alum, I have to add GO MUSKIES. Gotta agree on the JCU update. The old one wasn't great by any means, but could've easily been refreshed like this: (shameless plug)