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  1. This is the worst thing to happen in sports this year /s
  2. I... don't hate this? Honestly, if the helmet were similar to that of the Jets' - appearing navy in some light, royal in more light - then I wouldn't be opposed to it. Give the horns and helmet a metallic finish and you've got a pretty decent lid. But to try and show off each and every possible color in the logo would be stupid. Dark Royal and Athletic Gold would be my go-to look for the Rams, that way the above helmet would still work with a royal uniform and athletic gold pants.
  3. Yeah that's the tone I got from it as well (not sure why it didn't post a preview like the other link did, but it's whatever).
  5. If it's legit, looks like we're getting a new ram head. That looks like an updated eye and brow (old one for comparison): @Conrad. @canzman blink twice if the LA logo is an alternate for merchandise only
  6. Did the Rams not learn from the Chargers' mistake of abandoning logic and forcing an "LA" monogram logo on us?
  7. I think for a new logo, a nice in-between of the current and the Super Bowl flags would be great, like these: (Shameless plug from about four years ago): I also like this one from @mcrosby
  8. The last thing we need in the league is another white helmet, so I'm glad to hear it resembles the Super Bowl era uniforms.
  9. Cup Series Results from Las Vegas 1. Joey Logano 2. Matt DiBenedetto 3. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. 4. Austin Dillon 5. Jimmie Johnson 6. Bubba Wallace 7. Brad Keselowski 8. Kevin Harvick 9. Kyle Larson 10. Ty Dillon A late spin by Ross Chastain prevented what could've been an entertaining fight to the finish between Ryan Blaney and Alex Bowman. The two decided to come down pit road during the caution while Logano stayed out, getting a great restart and holding off DiBenedetto and Stenhouse for his second-consecutive spring Las Vegas win. Next week: Auto Club Speedway
  10. Bob Pockrass (FS1) tweeted earlier today that chatter within the industry has Ross Chastain in the seat, which I honestly couldn't imagine given how much Chevy and Ganassi have supported him. These are different circumstances, sure, but I would imagine someone in the Ford camp would step up before going across "enemy lines" (and I just saw jn8 mention this exact thing, so although my comment is half-pointless now, I stand by it). A few other names that I could see fill the seat: Matt Crafton and Paul Menard. Crafton is in Vegas for the Truck race this weekend, and he's filled in for Kyle Busch and, just last fall, Menard at Talladega. Speaking of Menard, he has supposedly stated that he would possibly be interested in racing a time or two in the future.
  11. I appear to be in the minority who prefers the current look over the previous. It's a couple tweaks away from being really good. The navy helmet could use some work, but IMHO it's better than the white helmet. Give it a slightly thicker stripe and ditch the extra outline and boom, you've got a decent look. A white or powder blue helmet would've been preferred, but neither really seem to fit the brand. The numbers either need to be thicker or ditch the outline completely, with my preference leaning towards the former rather than the latter. I think the current outline, especially on the white jersey, makes the digits appear thinner than they really are. I even think the new number font is better than the previous 90s/2000s rounded robotic looking font that really only suits the Arizona Wildcats, in my perfect world. The shoulder design doesn't bother me that much so it gets a pass, same with the underarm area. In fact, I don't even realize it's there half the time. While the pants stripe leaves much to be desired, it's at least consistent with the striping pattern on the helmet and jersey. Meanwhile, in the last set, you had three different patterns with very little resemblance between them. And with the socks, at this point, socks don't really bother me much with the way teams seem to ignore them and how they fit with the rest of the uniform each week. Frustrating for some, I know, but it's a mute point when looking at the main aspects of the uniform these days.
  12. Completely forgot they were a Jordan school. Which means they did it this year vs. LSU as well:
  13. I mean, Florida and Michigan are Jordan schools which is just a Nike uniform with the Air Jordan logo slapped on the chest. If they were to make the CFP they'd probably have a Crystal Jordan instead of the Crystal Swoosh.