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  1. *Sigh* I actually like some of the recent city-edition uniforms and the leaks from earlier... but good lord these uniforms are getting exhausting. There's just so many, and it's so obvious it's all a cash grab. Some of these could be actual full-time looks, others are just bad. When everyone tries to be unique by having 5, 6, 7, 8 uniforms each year, then no one is unique. At what point do these extra uniforms begin to dilute the teams' brands? IMO, I think we've crossed that threshold.
  2. Here's the previous design/packaging: I definitely think they should've kept the outline. Also, he's bald now, so there's that.
  3. Pringles has unveiled a new logo and packaging on Twitter: The new branding seems to coincide with the release of Pringles Scorchin':
  4. A lot of these are really nice. Vegas, Minnesota, New Jersey, Montreal, Arizona, and Anaheim are my favorites of the bunch. Dallas needs to go in the trash. I like idea behind Detroit's, but the execution is just not there. Also, Florida's would be a perfect third if they use their current alternate Panther logo:
  5. Greg Ives, Bowman's current crew chief, will be moving to the 48 as well. This makes me think the 88 is simply getting rebranded to the 48, similar to how the 24 became the 9 and the 5 became the 24 when Byron moved into the Cup Series. With the rumors of Kyle Larson being picked up by Hendrick picking up in recent days and weeks, I could see a return of the 5, 25, or the old Busch Series 57 Hendrick used to run with Brian Vickers in the Busch Series: The 57 also has significance with Larson as that is his dirt number:
  6. The logos (and the name itself, for that matter) are a bit amateur, but it's the IFL, so they're par for the course. With that said I do like the logo and color scheme. But the uniforms... Good Lord...
  7. This is gonna be a fun time, I can already feel it.
  8. Personally, I think these changes are much needed, although they may take a little time getting used to for those of us who have been around awhile. The line between Sports Logos News and Discussion has become so blurred that every time I open the NFL Changes 2020 thread, I'm greeted with discussions about "wouldn't it be great if Team X had this look (posts concept)" or "Players at this position should wear this number set or this number", etc. It became so diluted that whenever a team was about to introduce something new, that thread would blow up over the most random of things unrelated to the topic at hand. It got to the point in that and other "news" threads where I hated opening that part of the forum because I knew nothing of value was being added. I mention the NFL Changes thread specifically but I've noticed it in the other major league's respective threads as well. I'm fine with the minor league and college news, discussions, and others being lumped into a megathread. Not a lot of discussion takes place in those threads and nothing seems to get lost that way. In my opinion, I think the SportsLogos.Net News Bot needs to be addressed. Personally, I don't recall a situation in which the bot has added anything of value. Sometimes the discussion on that topic has been ongoing for several weeks or more before the bot posts in another separate thread, only to be seen by maybe a dozen people. I understand that those threads may end up being merged in the larger threads later, but it seems like it adds a lot of clutter to the News section. Merging them into the larger threads seems redundant at times as well as the source of the news has, in more times than not, been posted already. That's not to say I don't understand the bot's purpose, because I do. It just comes across as redundant and unnecessary at times, but perhaps that's for another time/thread. I know some may not be big fans of splitting News/Discussion in the first place, but I think it has helped keep the Sports Logos section clear of unnecessary clutter. Doing this will help alleviate even more clutter, in my opinion, and maybe bring more people to the Sports Logos General Discussion section.
  9. These look like a movie couldn't get the rights to using the Rams' identity so instead they create... These.