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  1. I read a few articles following the recent passing of Hank Aaron (RIP) suggesting that the Atlanta Braves should take the opportunity to follow the lead of the Washington Football Team and soon-to-be-former Cleveland Indians and rebrand their franchise, and name themselves the Atlanta Hammers after the legendary player. I like the sound of the name and do think it would be a fitting tribute to him, and did my best to come up with a concept that would honor the past history of the Braves while doing the tribute justice. I hope I at least came close. I wasn't looking to reinvent the wheel here, so I kept the font from the Braves identity, and in reference to Hank Aaron's home run record added versions of the 'A' secondary logo with home plate integrated in the background. I also did the more overt '715' logo in the same vein. In the wordmark I replaced the Tomahawk from the Braves wordmark logo with a blended baseball bat-hammer, with the roman numerals for 715 written along the end of the bat. I hope you all enjoy!
  2. Here is the complete logo set for the entire AUA. One of the things I'm glad with about this series is that the logos all feel like they can fit in the same league, although I did diverge some from the overt Ultimate references when it came to the Southern team designs. I'd like to think the sports profile is high enough by the time those teams arrived that it wouldn't be as necessary though, lol. Again, thanks for the feedback and for your time in viewing and following this series! I may be back with more, but nothing more is planned right now (again, open to ideas).
  3. We're back with the (at least for now) final team in the AUA, the Houston Orions! This name ties in multiple ways to NASA's presence in Houston. Aside from the Orion star constellation, Orion is also the name for NASA's new manned spacecraft they are developing for future missions to the Moon and Mars. I'm going to be up front and say that the AAF Orlando Apollos were a major inspiration to this design (one of my favorite sports logo designs), but I did my best to make this my own. I don't want to come off as trying to hide the influence though. Anyways, I angled the bow in a way to make it fit the letter well, which is giving it something sort of resembling a recurve bow. The colors were sampled from a sheet I found about prominent colors in the Houston area. The light-orange look is used on their streets and sidewalks; the blues representing space and the Caribbean nearby. The three stars are representing Orion's Belt from the constellation. The uniforms make a lot of use of the Orion's Belt stars portion of the logo; by itself it serves as a simple but nice secondary logo. They can be found on in the sleeve stripes, on the shorts left thigh, and next to the wordmark on the chest. An oversized minimalist logo wraps around the right shorts leg. I incorporated a light gradient shifting to the dark blue on the jerseys; thinking about nebulas in space led to the use of it here. It shows up more on the away jersey than the home, but neither was meant to be overpowering. I'll be posting a league-wide sheet to get all the logos together on one graphic, but this is the last planned team for now. C&C is always enjoyed and If anyone wants to see more I'm open to ideas about new team locations, etc. I may also revisit some designs if I think of a good tweek or rebrand. Thanks for those who have commented and followed along!
  4. Good morning everyone! I hope the New Orleans Quarters look is enjoyed, but I'll move forward with the next team on my list. It's time to get weird as we head to Texas to meet the Austin Oddities! I based this identity off the town's unofficial slogan of Keep Austin Weird, and a street mural I found a picture of in Austin. The colors were pulled partially from that mural. The mural just had a weird quality that I felt would work here and decided to run with it. I considered naming them the Weird or the Weirdos, but just didn't like the feel of it as much as Oddities which basically means the same thing. The uniforms, I decided to break the AUA tradition of 1 shorts design to work with both jerseys, and let Austin be the league weirdo by having a 2nd pair of shorts. I gave the uniforms asymmetric sleeves and side panels based off the shadowing of the logo (gray on the right side, dark green on the left). I put the large wordmark just a bit off-level on the chest, with a little frog logo sitting on it. The sleeves have the eyes from the logo as the main graphic, along with a logo on the shorts. Overall this was one of the more fun uniforms to design, as the identity begged for doing something that is not traditional, and the logo gave some fun elements to work with. I hope you all enjoyed! All that's left for the this run is Houston. I'm open to ideas where I should go from here with this series next (if anywhere).
  5. I decided to share what I have working for a modernized Eagle Fang Karate logo (I'm not sure I'll get around to Koala Kai, lol). I made the black a little lighter, and the white a little darker to reflect the "gray areas" philosophy that make Eagle Fang different from Cobra Kai. Other colors I kept the same. Hope you all like!
  6. Thanks! I have the next Southern team ready to go. Welcome the New Orleans Quarters! I recycled this concept from a series I did a few years ago on this site just in case it sounds familiar. The names is of course inspired by New Orleans' famous French Quarter. I just really like it. I refined the logo concepts from what I did then, but kept a core idea of the fleur-de-lis with one corner colored differently from the rest of it. I framed it within a wrought-iron frame based on wrought-iron designs found around New Orleans. The uniforms ended up with a more symmetrical design. I experimented with an asymmetrical look feeling it should fit with the name, logo and general league motif, but just didn't get anything that felt right compared to this. The sleeve stripes are meant to represent mardigras beads bordered by the green and purple stripes. I also put beads in three rings around the collars. Large logos fill up both sleeves, and the side panels are based on the wrought-iron frame from the logo compressed together (I can't remember the name of the poster, but I saw someone a while back post concepts for the New Orleans Pelicans that inspired that idea). \ Hope you all enjoy! I should have the final two teams- Austin and Houston- ready to share next week. From there I am not sure. C & C is always appreciated, thanks!
  7. Good morning all! Today I have a slight revision to the uniforms of the Chicago Elevation. A couple people suggested taking a second look at the socks, and I liked the idea of putting the flag stripes on them so I changed those. I think it helps bring the whole package together.
  8. Now that you've mentioned it I've actually been working on a concept for the "All-Valley Eagle Fangs" that if I can get it well-developed enough I plan to submit to the Geeky Jerseys website to see if they'll use it and give me a commission. It's still a work in progress though.
  9. So I decided to do a thing that arguably should never be done... try to modernize (the logo of) Cobra Kai! Just because the show is based largely on nostalgia doesn't mean we can't explore what the logo could look like if it'd been given a chance to evolve over time, rather than the dojo in-universe shutting down then restarting with basically the exact same look. I'm hoping I did it justice and people like it.
  10. Good morning everyone! Here's the first entry in the new Southern Division, the Atlanta Ospreys! I felt like it would be good to continue in the Atlanta sports tradition of naming teams after birds, like the Hawks, Falcons and the former Thrashers. This logo, like others in this division kind of moves away from trying to make an explicit Ultimate reference, as by this point I'd imagine the league has begun to establish itself a bit more and doesn't need to do it as much to build up an identity as a league. The color scheme is something that I feel works well, and is fairly unique in the AUA as no other team features a similar shade of purple as a primary color. It is admittedly similar to the AAF Atlanta team that existed, but hey it works and they aren't around anymore. The #WEOWNTHESKIES slogan is a dual reference with the sport of Ultimate, as a sky is a term for jumping up high to grab the disc out of the air. \ I brought back the oversized shoulder logo concept for these uniforms while having the logo also extend into one of the sleeves below the shoulder. The wordmark takes up the other sleeve under the shoulder. The front wing is the source of the stripe design on the shorts. I think I'll be going East to West again, so the next new team up should be New Orleans, however I may be able to drop some revisions to Midwest division teams before then.Hope you all enjoy; C & C is of course appreciated. Thanks for viewing!
  11. While I work on some tweaks to the Elevation's uniform, here's the last Midwest team ready to share: The Minnesota Miners! This identity is inspired by the mining industry which is prominent throughout Minnesota, which is why two of the colors are copper, and shade of gray I sampled from a nickel. The pickaxes, which I did my best to make them different from those in the Golden City logo, are obviously making an M shape above a copper/nickel ingot. This is another logo which I designed to be able to separate into multiple secondary logos: the ingot on its own, the pickaxe M on its own, and the outlining around the M (seen in the wordmark). The ingot logo are seen on opposing short/jersey sleeves with the pickaxe logo on the opposing jersey sleeve. The pickaxe M logo is integrated into the piping to separate the shoulders from the chest/back of the jersey. There is also a nickel colored side panel running down one side of the uniform with the HITTINPAYDIRT slogan written vertically along the panels. Aside from some possible revisions and touch-ups, next will be the expansion into the Southern division. I have that division pretty well locked down now, so here's a graphic showing what to expect for the last 4 teams: Thanks for the C & C on the concepts I've shared this far, it's always appreciated! I hope you all like what I came up with for Minnesota and where we're going next.
  12. Thanks! I'll defintely give those ideas a try. I'd been giving some thought on the Chicago socks and I like that idea.
  13. Looks like a good day to share the AUA's next expansion franchise- the Chicago Elevation! Elevation is meant as a reference both to a type of throw used in ultimate called an elevator pass, and the many skyscrapers making up Chicago's skyline. The logo is based off Willis Tower. Behind the tower is a 6-pointed star from Chicago's flag framed in a circle. Chicago's flag is front and center on the side of the skyscraper. The skyscraper and the circle behind it can both be separated to use as secondary logos. For the uniform, I decided to do something similar to what I've seen the Bears and Northwestern do with some alternate uniforms and put the horizontal stripes on the chest leading into the star logo. The flag is of course the basis for the stripe pattern on the chest and the sleeves. I put mirrored chevrons on the jerseys and shorts side panels. I also put the building logo on the socks, and the team slogan 'Rise Up' on the bottom of the left shorts sleeve. Next up I'll finish off the Midwest division with a trip to Minnesota, then get into the Southern Division teams.
  14. Here is my concept for the AUA's expansion into Indianapolis: the Indiana Disciples! Disciples is a pretty popular name for ultimate frisbee clubs given the pun, so I thought I would bring it to the professional level, and Indianapolis felt like a place where it would work well to me. The logo is meant to invoke the idea of a halo, but i widened it out a bit to make it also resemble a disc, with the streaks behind it forming a D shape. I kept the font for the wordmark pretty simple and straightforward to help it stand out even on a lighter background given that none of the colors are too terribly dark. That was an intentional choice to give the whole identity a light, dare I say angelic, feel without making it all too overtly religious or anything. I used elements of the logo, or the logo itself in several places on the uniforms. The shoulder stripes are a stretched out form of the streaks behind the disc in the logo, and similar streaks go out from the front jersey number and wrap around the player's side. The logo also appears in whole on the jersey sleeves, and a rotated version with the streaks extended is on the shorts to make the shorts stripes on the sides. I am worried that its just too much light colors and maybe too much yellow, but it's a look I hadn't used yet. My head is telling me I got real close to the 'too much' line but didn't cross it, so I'm hoping I wasn't wrong. Next on the docket will be our newest franchise in Chicago.
  15. Good dayI It's time to bring out the first of the next phase of the AUA's growth into the central United States. I think I'm going to start with the Eastern-most team and work my way West with this group. Say hello to the Grand Rapids Taps! The name is inspired by the craft beer scene in Grand Rapids, which is said to be one of the best in the country (haven't been there personally). The GR are all shaped to resemble a sort of tap system, with the tap itself and a glass forming the R. The colors are sourced from pictures of glasses of IPA, Amber Ale and a Stout respectively. The name felt like a throwback to me, almost the sort of thing an old baseball team would be called, so I tried to stick with that by using a more traditional font style, and a letter-based logo. Given my inspiration of seeing this as a sort of throwback, I decided to incorporate a feature popularized a long time ago on uniforms- pinstripes. I combined them with a modern twist though; the pinstripes work through a gradient from the yellow IPA to the dark stout colors, which both look pretty good on either the amber home or road white jerseys. A small version of the logo and the team slogan adorn the right leg of the shorts, and larger logos are placed on each arm sleeve along with a baseball-esque large wordmark and smaller number on the chest. The socks are based on the pint-glass part of the main logo. Next on deck is Indianapolis, which I should have ready to share in a day or two. Hope you like!
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